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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Quick Practice Steps

Subconscious Mind Krystic Bonfire


Prepare for meditation.

We call upon our Krystal Star and Aurora Families, the Mother Arc amplifier. Beloveds, we welcome you and thank you for your support, protection and foundation, for each and every being representing our Group field.

As we dial up.

Beloved God in pure love, open all channels of Light. Clear all Light fibers to be connected and resonant with the Living Light code.

As we call upon our Group Avatar God Selves, the Guardian Mentor Band, Krystal Star Matrix aligned to the Law of One Mission. Beloveds, may we work together in the highest capacity of exchange of God’s infinite Light, Love and Power in Divine right order and harmony.

We command this space as sacred in the name of God, and consecrated to the service of the One Source Light.

Now let us connect to our inner spiritual core: My declaration is to serve my Source. I commit to serve my highest power fully, completely and totally.

Activate your inner spirit and core 12th dimensional shield. Intend now to connect directly with Unity Intelligence of the Krystal Star.

As you bring your focus in your heart, prepare your boundary test in your personal home space. Commanding your space with: I am God. I am Sovereign. And I am Free.

As you place your attention on your personal platinum pillar of Light. Stay contained in your own personal shield. Intend to amplify your personal shield of liquid plasmic Light. Spend a few moments focusing on that feeling as the plasmic Light fills your body.

As we open the Group field. Beloveds, may we grid this space entirely in the Eternal God Light. Holy Mother please amplify our Transharmonic Pillar to manifest, anchoring down, extending, encompassing to protect our entire Group Krystal field.

May the grace and essence of our pure divine presence re-weave our bodies into unified, pure white Light.

Beloved Guardians of God Force, please assist each being’s integration process in Divine perfection and the sequence of God’s perfect will for each and every being.

Our intention this evening is to break the bondage of the subconscious mind and its control over the body, to free the core spirit to unite with God’s Holy Spirits and the Spirit of Christ in love, peace and harmony.

Focus on your heart and chest to ignite the Christos heart flame within your being. Intend to release and clear the subconscious mind aspects which inflict negative ego, inflict mental bondage in some part of your spiritual and energetic being.

We will first take three deep breaths. As you say inwardly to yourself, “Relax now.” Taking a deep inhale. Stay focused on your breath. As you exhale say to yourself, “I am relaxed now.”

Taking another deep inhale. Staying focused on your breath. As you exhale, using your first name say, “Lisa is relaxed now.”

Taking your last deep inhale. Staying focused on your breath. As you exhale say to yourself now in third-party, “He or she is relaxed now.”

Totally relaxed. Begin imagining you are reclining and relaxing your body, relaxing your mind in a beautiful place, a special place of beauty, in a natural and quiet setting. Such as the mountains, a grassy meadow, a beautiful forest of redwood trees. Bring to mind your special, peaceful and serene place, in a natural and quiet setting. Imagine that you are actually experiencing this natural setting. See yourself there, feel yourself there, be there now.

Imagine and feel yourself as perfectly healthy, vitally alive, strong. Use all of your inner and outer senses. Imagine this scene in your mind. Smell it. Touch it. Taste it and feel it. Try to make it as real as that you feel you are actually there right now.

As you imagine yourself alone in this beautiful place, in this quiet space, feel very powerful. Feel that you are in command of yourself and your energies. Imagine how it would feel to be the captain of a ship, to be a pilot of an aircraft, to be the president of your own life. Imagine being the chief executive of a major organization or the conductor of the major symphony orchestra.

Feel the experience of personal power and the authority that you have. Realize that you are the captain, you are the queen and king, the executive director, the commander, the orchestra leader of your thoughts, of your feelings, of your behavior, of your body and the environment. Feel and imagine being the master of all of these things. Instead of letting them be your master.

In this moment recognize that you do not need to be afraid of your personal power, because you are committing to use your personal power in a loving, peaceful and spiritual manner. Notice how good this feels to have personal power and personal authority over yourself.

Rather than letting anything else outside of you be your master. As you feel this personal power, imagine now there is a power symbol, an image that automatically appears in your presence, as you feel this personal power. Allow a symbol to come to you now that represents your personal, spiritual power. It may be a piece of jewelry, a special ring, a crown. Experience your personal power and self-mastery, while being aware of the presence of your power symbol.

Now with the power of your mind, within your 12th dimensional shield, see that it extends outward from about two or three feet. Feel the protective bubble of your 12th dimensional shield. Intend to make it strong. Intend to amplify and thicken its power. Imagine that this shield is semi-permeable in nature. Program your shield to keep out negative energy and lower density, while you allow positive, loving, peaceful and spiritual energy of your inner Christos is allowed through it.

As you bring your focus inside of your personal 12th dimensional shield, feel you also amplifying inside your shield, your personal power with unconditional self-love, unconditional self-acceptance, unconditional self-worth. See yourself, your body, your shield, your aura filled with personal power, emotional stability, an unchanging harmonious self-love and self-worth.

Now imagine that someone enters this natural setting in your mind’s eye, and tries to pick a fight with you by making a negative comment. See that negative energy sliding off of you, like water off a duck’s back and then send unconditional love to that person.

Now see yourself at your work or your job. Imagine one of your coworkers being irritable or uptight with you. Now see that negative energy sliding off of you and away.

You see your boss coming towards you in a bad man and you hear him snap at you. See that negative energy sliding off from you.

Now see yourself at home with a family member, such as your spouse, partner or other family member. See that family member having a bad day or being in a bad mood, and that energy slides right off of your 12th dimensional shield. See the negative energy sliding away and off of you.

Follow the same procedure with any person you may have conflicts with. Anyone else with whom this is appropriate, see that negative or dark energy dissolving and sliding away from you. If so, see it transmuted into pure Light.

And when you have finished, let's go back to our beautiful and natural space, to the natural peaceful setting, you have created.

Now feel any areas where your subconscious mind brings up negative or painful mental programs. Now see yourself with the strength and the personal power to push it out of your mind and to deny it entrance into your shield, into your body, or deny its entrance into your mind.

Experience how good it feels to maintain mental and emotional discipline. Experience how good it feels to have your subconscious mind listening to you, following your every order as a faithful friend would.

Imagine yourself in any different situation that has been troubling you. Now intend to take command, to take personal power over your thoughts, over your emotions, over your behaviors, and over your body. Do not let the content of your subconscious mind run you. Experience how good it feels to be the master of your life, in service to your spiritual purpose and self-mastery.

Continue to strengthen yourself, seeing yourself powerful, loving, peaceful, causal in every manifestation in your life, as an example, as an inspiration to others around you. See yourself as a Light in the world and being the Light in your strength, your self-love, your love of others, being emotionally clear, emotionally stable, emotionally invulnerable to negativity.

Everywhere you go people are being uplifted, elevated, by your presence. See yourself fulfilling your spiritual purpose, increasing good energy, happiness, joy, cooperation, forgiveness, harmony, peace and love. See yourself being this inspiration everywhere that you go.

Bringing yourself back to the natural setting, visualize that you are building a gigantic bonfire. See yourself taking all of the negative thoughts, egotistical or narcissistic thoughts, painful or negative emotions, and their experiences, bad habits or behaviors, and any physical ailment you have. See this as an energy and throw them into the bonfire. See them all being purified and burned up through this bonfire.

Now as we continue with our clearing process, with any issues that arise, any visualizations or structures that come to the surface of your awareness, any subconscious mental programs, which need to be purified, cleansed and dissolved – immediately send them to the bonfire. Whatever you sense or feel in that moment that needs to be cleansed or released from your subconscious mind and body, send all negative emotions, send all negative energies, send all negative entities and their implants, negative cellular memories, negative ancestral miasma - send it all to the cleansing bonfire.

Now focus on listening to the sound of the bonfire.

Know that you are sending and feeling this bonfire as the cleansing and purifying heart flame of the inner Spirit of Christ. All that is being sent to this bonfire is being purified and cleansed in the heart flame of the Christos – the Christos Spirit inner fire, the inner heart flame.

Know that all you are sending to the heart flame of this bonfire right now is sending your energetic burden to the Spirit of Christ, which will determine the highest expression, the highest fulfillment of the spiritual purpose of your energetic and multidimensional God being. This aspect of your inner Christos is your highest spiritual self, who has direct experience with God Source. The one who will choose your highest path and is with you at all times to keep your best interest at heart. To guide you in every moment, to choose safety and protection as you are One with your inner Spirit.

Beloved Aurora Fire Element, we ask you to re-encrypt all aspects of our subconscious mind and elemental body to reflect the sacred fire of internal Christos flame and the sacred Fire Element of Aurora to purify and cleanse our body and being, in every way that grows our inner spirit and deepens our connection to God Source.

Feel now your connection to the Aurora Fire Element. The Elemental's presence, Feel how the Aurora fire element has its own communication and its own presence to connect deeply with you. Feel its warmth. Feel its support. Feel its heat. Feel its tempering, purifying of your soul. It is here with you as your friend, as your partner in evolution. It is bringing the gift of inner alchemy through its love and connection with you.

Send appreciation and gratitude to be Aurora Fire Elementals. Your respect and love towards them for their sacred service in alchemy.

Now as you hear the bonfire moving further away from you in the distance, know as you are walking away from this bonfire, it is still active purifying, cleansing, dissolving and burning up all imbalances or distortions, which need to be purified throughout your multidimensional bodies.

Feel yourself moving away, walking away from the bonfire. Allow the bonfire to be in your periphery in the distance. Feel the bonfire moving further away now.

Now bring your focus to your first chakra at the perineum level. Sense and bring to the surface of your awareness the feeling, the sensation of the red-orange wave spectrum. The reddish orange colors that may be present in this lower area of your body.

Now intend to go deeper and deeper into these layers and sense the orange wave or the most dense colors that exist in this lower area of your physical body, your energetic body, between your legs. Follow the ribbon of energy, the ribbon of red-orange or other dark colors in between your legs. As you sense they merge with the movement of the kundalini energies in your tailbone area. Sense their movement in and out your lower chakra, root chakra and sacral chakra center. Keep your focus in this area of your lower chakras.

Now ask the red-orange energies of your lower chakra to take you to the subconscious mind matrix control panel. The areas of the instructions set of your subconscious mind. In any way you can sense this as a feeling, as a vision, as a picture, ask to sense or see your subconscious mind instructional programs. Ask to go to the hard drive for the ego programming at the subconscious layer now.

Ask that you identify and locate the following issues. Once you locate them, intentionally send them to the bonfire - exactly when you sense these issues, send it to the bonfire for alchemical purification.

Identify and locate attachments.
Identify and locate fragments.
Identify and locate painful energies.

As you identify any of these issues, intentionally send them to the bonfire.

Identify and locate spiritual injury or blockages.
Identify and locate any entity or ancestral cords.

Once you locate them intentionally send them to the purifying bonfire for alchemical purification. Feel the bonfire bringing its warmth, its heat, its process of alchemy.

Continue to send all issues where they're located to the bonfire.

Now we are going to go deeper. Intend to go even deeper into the subconscious layer, into the memory storage layer. In any way that you can sense the memory storage as a feeling, vision or picture – ask to see your subconscious mind instructional program. Ask to go to the hard drive of memory storage for the ego at the subconscious layer now.

And as you identify any of these issues, locate them and intentionally send them to the bonfire. Exactly when you sense these issues send it to the bonfire for alchemical purification.

Identify and locate abuse.
Identify and locate trauma memories.
Identify and locate shock memories.
Identify and locate devastation memories.

Feel the bonfire bringing its warmth, its heat, its protection, its process of alchemy.

Now ask to identify and locate any identity, personality that is attached or connected to the victim or victimizer archetypes of these memories.

Beloved, we ask any identities of victim to be released from the subconscious mind now.

Beloved, we ask any identities of sabotage or saboteur to be released from the subconscious mind now.

Beloved we ask any identities of the tyrant to be released from the subconscious mind now.

Holy Mother we ask you to please comfort the inner child and body in all ways to remove and to clear these obsolete or negative identities now from controlling mental programs in the subconscious layers, as God would have it be.

Please set free the inner child to connect with its true spiritual parent. Reconnect the subconscious layers with the spiritual parent of the inner Christos now.

Now see yourself on your own personal timeline. Go back to the time you were born. Observe yourself growing from a baby, to a child, to a teenager and then to adulthood. Now see all aspects of yourself at every age, safe, powerful and strong. At every age, right now visualize yourself as strong, powerful, positive, loving, balanced and spiritually connected.

Sense all of that weight you have carried as being lifted from your back. Lifted off and away from your shoulders. All of the burdens you have carried from the past are being released from you. As a heavy load taken off your back. Taken away from you. You do not have to carry any of these burdens anymore.

You are returning to your true self. You are freed from faulty thinking. You are freed from illusions and misperceptions. You can now see the real self, the true self, the powerful spiritual being you really are.

In your mind, see the bonfire again. The bonfire of Christos Holy Spirit having transmuted all past negativity and burdens that you have brought to the surface. All that is left now is ashes from the purification fire.

As you look closer to the ashes, notice a glimmer of golden Light. Notice that you see a chunk of gold. Feel appreciation at your alchemy process that you have undergone throughout your life. That you have shifted all of those challenging things, that you thought were painful and negative. You have shifted all of those hard and painful circumstances to purer gold. By gaining wisdom of all of your collective experiences, gaining wisdom from all mistakes or challenges, you have changed these experiences into gold.

Take a moment to breathe in the knowing that everything you have ever experienced can be utilized for positive, spiritual growth because you have learned from these experiences. You are choosing now to learn from everything that has happened to you.

Now bring back your focus to your first chakra at the perineum level. Now see golden Light emanating from the Golden Nugget now replacing the colors in these areas. See gold existing in this lower area of your physical body, your energetic body between your legs.

Follow the ribbon of golden energy in between your legs, as you sense they merge with the movements of kundalini energies in your tailbone area. Sense their movement in and out through your lower chakras, root chakra and sacral chakra center. Now see all of your sexual organs being merged, saturated with golden Light, as if your reproductive organs are being gold plated. See your sexual organs as gold.

As you focus in these areas of your lower chakras, completely saturated, covered and plated with gold, now follow the golden stream, moving back up to your body’s central vertical current. Follow the golden Light moving up from your lower root, to your sacral chakra. Moving up towards and through your solar plexus and upwards into your heart. See the golden Light ignite and amplify in your heart chakra. At the same time, it amplifies the golden Light throughout your entire body.

Now see your entire body, every cell every pore, every energetic layer, filled up with this golden Light, this golden color.

Beloved Aurora, we ask for all Aurora upgrades as needed and necessary to fulfill the repair and upgrades of all systems of the body. To be returned to the organic matrix of Divine Spirit. Please perform all Aurora encryption to the Elementals, as needed and necessary to maximize our spiritual growth, and bring peace and harmony to our bodies, in all ways.

I am on the power, master and cause of my mind, emotions and body. I am safe, protected and supported by God, in every way in my life.

I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free.

I dedicate my body, mind, Spirit, personalities and all essences of being to the service of God and the power of the Living Spirit of Christos.

Holy Mother. Holy Father. Holy Christ. May the sacred Trinity ignite your powerful healing Spirits within my heart, within my body, to propel me to purity and perfection in the Eternal Light of God.

Beloveds, we request one God’s Spirit to reconnect all body parts and body intelligence matrices to the control of our original God’s Spirit now, as God would have it be.

As we bring our focus back to the present moment. Feeling yourself reconnecting with your physical body in this now time. Feel yourself strengthened, powerful, as the spiritual being you are.

As we hold this strength in One Spirit. As we hold the strength as one heart. May we hold our loving prayer for all human beings on this Earth, to be a knower of their Soul and to release their burdens of servitude. We pray for humanity and this planet to know peace, to know love, to know compassion, mercy and forgiveness. May all beings find their way home to the Eternal Living Light.

As we harmonize and hold our space in the name of One Self, God Self, in witness of Oneness, we seal this into the Light of Union and Wholeness. Seal our bodies, mind and Spirit consecrated to the Eternal Light and to the Family of Oneness.

Beloved Family, thank you for this opportunity. It is with great joy; we are home in the Light. As our infinite stream of love is with you.

As we seal our session, we seal our communication this evening in the Light of Wholeness and Union.

And so it is, Beloveds. Thank you.