Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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February 2012

Self Definition 

Lisa Renee

How can I go forward if I don’t know which way I am facing? How can I go forward if I don’t know which way to turn? How can I have feelings if I don’t know what I am feeling? – John Lennon

Dear Ascension Family,

During these last months and leading into 2012, our life circumstances have been pushing us to pay attention to participate with our inner selves and those closest to us, especially those that are sharing our living or working space. Unfinished or unresolved family dynamics and their ancestral patterns have been coming out of the woodworks left, right and center. Every direction leads you back to squarely face that hidden place where you start getting squirmy. It is okay to get squirmy or not know where you are going, despite the declaration of insanity by some of those around you. Personal resonance and inner alignment are where it has got to be right now, no matter how eccentric, odd or unavailable you may appear to others. This is an incredibly potent time that will define the foundation of the longer term in the years to come. Regain your personal power and some sanity by admitting the squirm factor is quite high right now and it’s all going to end up okay. Really. All of that pressure has been to push to the surface some pretty unpleasant issues that brought us to this next stage of Self Definition. We are moving into a completely new Chapter of Life, without having the actual death of the physical body.

In previous cycles we would drop the body and reincarnate to continue the genetic ancestral patterns until we could learn to expand past them. This was how the soul could re-establish itself in a completely new life identity. In life cycles there is truth in the adage, The Sins of the Fathers are Inherited by the Sons. The word sin is not an intended punishment by an angry god, it is the ignorance of repeating destructive acts that continue to cause one’s suffering, and to pass that pain on to the offspring. We are here during the Ascension cycle to end this painful ancestral inheritance. The fear of death has massively impacted humanity’s version of social behavior and cultural beliefs for eons of time. It is time to address this issue inside ourselves. In this cycle we may feel like we are dying or experiencing a phantom death, however we are transfiguring ourselves into a completely new identity to be freed of the past. This stage of growth is where we begin to learn about the New Chapter of You. The commencement of a new curriculum for the eternal Self Definition 101 class begins Now.

Who are you if you never really die? How would you live right now?

Acting is Over

We have been so many different things over so many lifetimes. Like the best actors and actresses, we have lived as many identity archetypes and lived in so many cultures with many different variations of language. We have worn the hats made from many other people’s definition and expectation of us, such as the roles of mother, father, sister, brother, etc. When we are playing out these identity roles so convincingly, we believe life has a beginning and an end, a birth and a death. So as the actor’s play is ending as it is now, humanity is literally scared to death of its own annihilation. The actors that did not know they were play acting in these chosen roles, are getting the cattle prod to awaken to the new version of self definition. This new self can consciously choose to interact freely with its creative expressions without being suppressed or automatically run by others mind enslavement agendas.

The degree of inner imbalance that has been accepted as a normal life pattern, reflects the energetic pressure or dismantling that one is experiencing now. The further away one is from the real inner self, the harder it is becoming to maintain that normal life. The acting is over and one must get to the real content, not the mask or psychological defense mechanism they had been wearing. Taking that mask off in its many layers is a process that can feel raw, vulnerable and well, squirmy. However, the reinforcement of those layers of the mask are peeling away with a new sense of freedom. This gives another level of clarity about Self-Definition so that we are able to freely express the next chapter in our lives. This is the real hidden gift inside.

The Universe’s Benevolent Bat

If we pause too long with completing our task, however, the Universe may bring about its nifty tool, the energetic two by four. Understanding that this is a benevolent process so we don’t fall asleep at the wheel, is helpful so that when facing the inner and outer shadow it does not feel like it’s consuming or permanent. It’s temporary. So many times, we do not understand why things happen and it hurts our feelings. We can feel frustrated and it can traumatize us if we let it. This does not need to happen when you believe in holding your personal power, and have a context to assess and choose in the situation. Even if you do not think you have a choice about some pressurized situation in your life, ask your inner self to show you where you do actually have choice. One always has a choice in the perceptions they have. This process is leading us to the good stuff, a time on this planet where the external support can happen organically and for people to be the authentic self they always wanted to be. No matter how weird you may think you are, the Universe will support authenticity proportionate to the way a person is congruent and accepting of the real self. This self-acceptance is always reflected in how we love and treat others. This is why the mind has got to stay away from analyzing these experiences, as it must be felt internally. If you are feeling pain or getting squirmy, you are feeling something. And feeling something deeply and going deeper to recognize the content is very positive. This deep feeling process is the only way to get know the real self again and to remember the right questions to ask.

How much influence do other people have on your self-definition? This inquiry is necessitated in the self-definition process. We can be beyond other's opinions of us, but what about influences of cultural perception, ancestral perception, language perception, religious perception? What if there are no more of these influences or boundaries to define you any longer as a person, who are you now? Can you be comfortable with that?

Controlling vs. Dependent

Most of humanity has major issues with being bi-polar and oscillating between the states of aggression and passivity. If you are too aggressive and controlling you are getting the two by four to sit this out and learn to be passive. If you are too passive and dependent, you are getting circumstances to light a fire under your rear to get it going. In this way we learn how to come into energetic balance with the application of right action and right will, to go beyond personality preferences. Our personality weakness can get in the way to block our higher spiritual identity from embodying. As anyone on the Ascension pathway knows, none of this process is about the preferences of our personality. It makes our life easier if we can get the personality self out of the way.

Once the Universal benevolent bat has got our interest through smacking us around enough, we can start paying sole, or soul attention to the real self. Try not to mistake these difficulties as becoming the unwanted red-headed step-child of the Universe. All that discomfort is to raise you beyond your comfort zone, as the only way to reach for the stars is to actually do it. We leave the limitation of what we have known as the benchmark for who we think we are, in order to be stretched beyond any current parameters of self-recognition. When we are stretched beyond limitation, we can find our inner genius.

Many of us as recovering egos in a world run by automated mind control programs are trying to find our bearings in this new energetic terrain. We can free our mind to experience energetic freedom that exists outside of the bondage run by automated ego machinery. The choice to experience other identities and frequencies is possible whenever there is a shift in mental focus to experience feeling consciousness. Once we can perceive what is running programs inside of us, we can be freed of their constructs and their vampiric drain. As the Defenders of the Law of One have returned to restore freedom to this planet, these are the opportunities made available to every human being.

This brings another big question to the forefront for our self-inquiry. Who is Running You and What do you Run Away From?

Stabilizing the Earth Core Rod

Recently the planet entered into a portion of the sequence in the future time field that was a part of the original organic 5D Ascension timeline of the 3D planetary body. The Original Ascension plan during this end cycle was based on the natural creational mechanics of the earth body and its evolving consciousness field. This process included that in 2012, the 5D Blue Flame Staff of the 5D parallel earth would lock into the 2D Orange Rod in the 3D earth core and merge to create a union between the two earth bodies.

This is one level of comprehending why 2D orange is interrelated directly to the 5D blue throat chakra and that these areas may exhibit frequency and chakra color changes. Also, higher tones of the 8D monadic body gold frequency are being directed to change geometries within the lower chakra layers, such as turning the orange layer to golden, as well as initiate other light-body activations. This is regenerating and freeing the body from the implanted constructs that exist at the 2D orange frequency, as well as supporting the planetary body. 

With the original ascension plan, the inner stargates of the planetary body known as the Halls of Amenti would link into the 5D core of 5D earth to merge directly with the 3D core of this current timeline. Ascending to exist in higher frequency planes at the end of evolution cycles is a normal and natural process of consciousness evolution for any species, in agreement to be on an ascending planet. As this 5D merge transpired gradually in the ascension cycle this would activate a massive shift of frequency into the 3D earth body transforming it to skip into future time fields, thereby also transforming the planetary race consciousness. Many variations of this 5D timeline are distorted, as partial truths in religion or other external control mechanisms used to manipulate the public for the Reptilian agenda. All types of division and elitism tactics are used to promote this false ascension plan. This original 5D plan is now obsolete and not possible in the current energetic terrain on 3D earth, and was upgraded to a plan referred to as Ascension Plan B, quite a few years ago by Guardian groups.

This obsolete time field has been kept open by the Regressives for their access to manipulate outcomes, as well as the hijacked Spiritual Leadership who believe this 5D timeline is the highest expression we can achieve on this planet. This is not accurate. It is very easy to see the false ascension and dead light structures, when there is comprehension of these self-serving agendas. Negative ego separation behaviors and their ideologies will be highly apparent and very amplified in these scenarios. Many of us that are Galactic emissaries have been made aware that our ground crews have received mission upgrades to override the destructive timelines, that this merge with the 5D core would manifest on the 3D earth surface.

Subsequently many more of us have been activated and brought to stand at attention now. We are being asked wherever we are, to be present and participate with stabilization of the inner and outer self, micro to macro level awareness, to help balance the magnetic instability. YOU may be getting messages that feel urgent or pressing, like a pressure on your person to go here, focus there, stay isolated, etc. This generates more awareness of certain things that were not as acute in your awareness before, like the reversal 55 grid or the NRG in the UK. When called to be somewhere you may be correcting geometric codes, overriding orange frequency to higher gold tone frequency, and supporting other demographic areas that may benefit from stability or consciousness focus to harmonize discordant fields. Or you may be waiting for the next action you need to take, which is coming soon.

Magnetic Instability

The recent high magnitude of solar flares and coronal mass ejections pushed a massive amount of solar wind into our atmosphere and magnetosphere, adding to the magnetic instability. There is also an incredible amount of information we have been integrating into the DNA code from the Solar consciousness. These impacts as well as the many beings who are attempting to keep this potential obsolete 5D timeline manifested in the earth body, have created some challenges with the earth core and the magnetic field stability. This magnetic instability manifests problems with the equator line constricting which applies pressure within the ridges of the major tectonic plates. Guardian teams are working to help deflect destructive events happening in these ridges by buffering fields, such as with the Solomon Shield for Rod Stabilization where needed. This results in some unusual and chaotic energies in the environment, making more people mentally confused, as effecting animals as their migration routes are changing. Some of the magnetic messaging of the global brain is going haywire.

Because of the nature of climatic cataclysm that could not be prevented if 3D earth were to continue on the 5D timeline, that timeline was aborted by Guardian Groups. The closing of the Inner Gate or Halls of Amenti that link this 3D reality to the 5D reality of the future earth were sealed off. Our Ascension mission directive was then updated to reflect an inner ascension process that involved the sequential buffering of the 3D planetary fields to accept a massive skipping forward through the timelines, in order to access and anchor the opening of Inner-dimensional Ancient Arc Hub gateways. These are the gateways of Mother Arc, trans-harmonic superhighways that have intersections at multiple crossroads of timelines, which allow for multiple transit levels for more variations of DNA frequency levels. The goal is to support as many people to achieve their highest DNA frequency possible and to have better alternatives in their next evolutionary journey. This is an active mission with deadlines to meet windows of opportunity in the field, which many of us are working towards as a group, in whatever piece of the divine mission we carry.

Portal Jumpers

This inner ascension process is the inner stargate and orb building process, embodied Rod & Staff prototypes, which some of us have been learning to navigate as a type of portal jumper. Guardian Portal jumpers are assigned as a Sentinel or Defender to make sure as many persons or soul bodies can cross through the frequency fence structures, to be supported into the next options available for the consciousness evolution journey. And for some of us the skipping through timelines and working in bi-location of consciousness in time fields, leaves the physical body experiencing a heavy, dense grogginess similar to bad jet lag. Night time adventures and what we call dream cycles are highly unusual now for many of us. We are moving extremely fast through time fields now, for various purposes, to complete and collapse obsolete parallel lives and their potentials, as well as learn the way out through the maze of timelines. Depending on the role you agreed to on the earth, to assist her and humanity through the ascension turnstile, will be the level you are aware of this situation, as it is at crisis level for some of us to go act as stabilizers or grid repair teams.

The Masculine Rod Function

The monad connected males that are working with embodying this prototype are being greatly activated at this time, as many of them were previous Orange Flame Holders to help anchor the 5D Staff into the earth core. With that memory in the field for 2012 at high pitch in the bodily resonance, some symptoms and bodily changes are greatly impacting males and masculine energy at this time. As we can imagine if males on the planet were original designed to physically anchor the 2D Orange Rod into the earth core, to facilitate the organic ascension, the NRG and related sexual distortions propagated were designed to damage that 2D chakra from functioning. Clearly the reptiles were quite aggressive to destroy and damage healthy sexual and creative energies and were quite aggressive to dominate the male population of earth with specific misogyny attitudes or sexual slavery beliefs. That way there is no possibility of a true union or sexual merge occurring between the genders.

As with the need to stabilize the earth core rod 2D orange flame frequency, some of us have been tirelessly working to bring higher gold frequency to that 2D field. Running Rainbow rounds is the way we are able, to override distortions embedded with harmful geometries and alien machinery. Rainbow rounds are the Founder Guardian Frequencies with the Aurora Pillars anchored in, running sets of these rainbow frequency tones into the planetary grid.

Security Breaches with the Masculine

To an energetically imbalanced (3D) male body this time cycle will not be pleasant. Letting go of the 3D ego control is mandatory for personal sanity and survival when ascension has been activated. The 3D ego mind is dependent on the planetary magnetic structure and with the collapse of its main architecture, it feels like one is splitting their mind or losing their identity in time, and for the mentally unprepared that is terrifying. There are electron changes happening in the electrical field function that override frequency fences from being used at reversal 10:10 frequency. The primary use to broadcast these reversal 10D frequencies is from the Golden Eagle Grid in the Middle East. This grid’s heart is in Iran, the 10th gate which actively feeds these reversals, to keep the war machine and blood sacrifices operating. Conflict is being brewed in this area to accumulate an army of darkness to maintain its control over the area, and destroy grid repair work that has been recently successful.

The 12:12 field is a masculine electron field which means heightened impacts will be felt in men. Because most of this reversal technology involves manipulation of horizontal timelines, the masculine rod function which is heightened with certain individuals, brings this issue to a high tilt. When we are being activated into another level of awareness or consciousness operation, we know the drill by now, the dark attacks the person’s deepest fears or finds the place of vulnerability to create disruption and distraction. The good news is the masculine polarity is being forced to go to new frequency levels and gold consciousness, quickly.

There are some males that have successfully elevated their 2D Orange Rod to a Golden Rod. I am only aware of the Rod and Staff Prototypes making this possible for now. These first males are the lineages of the Families of Michael, and the Guardian contact said some of these Michael’s are getting their wings finally returned to them. These lightbody wings are the genetics of the Seraphim Founders that were impaled and became distorted as the Fallen Angelics that are used on the Golden Eagle Grid. It has been revealed some Guardian sponsored male bodies have taken on genetically regenerating these broken wings and their fallen angelic genetics in human males. They first were returned their monadic pieces and now we are learning of the wings returning, as the Michael Sword is not splitting them off any longer. This was done as a sleeper, where the person does not know himself as a Guardian and is hidden in the gene pool, to make a surprise appearance after he cannot be derailed from his purpose. Surprise! It’s happening now. However, to accomplish this they have to break through the fence at 2D collecting their sexual energy, using their male organs, or influencing them to be a sexual predator.

Many of the lineages of Michael were stuck deeply in this sexual trap, by the infiltrated Golden Eagle and its companion reversal network the NRG in the UK. The wings unite the 6D and 7D energies that the Michael flaming sword fence uses to splinter and break down, therefore the broken wings. This return of the wings to Seraphim lineages of males, allows union of the masculine and feminine energies within them and sacred marriage to be possible. This means this regeneration template is now in the planetary field and possible for all men. It also means there was a release of monadic energies that were feeding the Golden Eagle Grid, and those controllers want some bloodshed to capture some more males to feed it. With this new development, security breaches of aggression towards those supporting this project have been demonstrated by the usual methods of dark harassment.

The level of security breach to one’s energetic frequency field is made aware to us much faster now, especially those of us that shield, so pay attention and realize that these situations offer an opportunity to cut off and terminate power imbalances. Because this macrocosmic level of drama is being played out very aggressively, you will see these patterns showing up in your personal life. In some cases, you may have to terminate business or relations with people that had been hanging in the periphery, from being used to manipulate or distract you from your real self or your real work. Generally, how this appears is out of nowhere someone shows up with demands, obligations or accusations around something you did or did not do. The more you attempt to verbalize resolution, the angrier and more hostile they become. Do not get caught in this trap, see it for what it is, an energetic manipulation or possession. Your responsibility is to be clear and to take action on what you know in the moment your task at hand is, and what your priority of focus actually needs to be. Do not let ANYONE define that for you. You must define it yourself and lay it down in your sphere of influence as the letter of the law. Once you see it accurately, and hold neutrality, the situation energetically dissipates as there is nothing for the energy vampire to use to manipulate or distract you from your purpose.

Possession is Common

When coming across these individuals in work or family, do not fear them. Many of them are being used in ways they are not aware. When you encounter excessively disruptive or hostile persons, understand the larger picture so you are not offended or upset by these behaviors. It is a matter of fact that on this 3D planet, we have a possession problem, and it is a reason so many of us agreed to come here from other planets. We are here to help free this planet of possession and enslavement. Having this context will serve you well in these situations to apply more compassion and forgiveness.

Most people do not realize that we must take the steps to participate with our consciousness and energetic intelligence in order to experience the tangible support and presence of our guidance, mentors and Universal Intelligence. Many people from their veil of confusion have forgotten who they are and how to communicate with their inner spirit. This disconnection has made them vulnerable to a host of manipulating entities that desire to create anxiety, pain and fear in that individual in order to harvest those energies. When we are making decisions and guiding our life from the basis of fear, we become tormented and attract more of these dark forces. We may also be unaware of the lifeless or dead energy flow in our physical body and develop disease or chronic pain as a result of that blocked energy flow. From this perspective I have personally viewed many unconscious human beings totally unaware they are carrying dead energy, displaced entities, negative alien implants, are soul disconnected and mind controlled to limit further consciousness expansion. In other terms, this is enslavement of their person without their consent.

If this combined with continued destructive behavior to the self and others are repeated as life patterns, the person becomes sucked into a density of painfully low self-esteem, phobias, fears and addictions. Most of the time that will include layers of astral debris, displaced entities, impersonal elemental forces to even full blown demonic form possession. Being possessed does not generally mean you are levitating off the bed or acting demonic. There is absolutely no shame or guilt applied to this state unless the suffering person applies it from their own state of fragmented confusion. It is in the possession of one’s body through which the suffering and pain is greatly increased, until this possession is removed and cleared from your person. There are a million different variations of possible possessions, however the only possibility to evict these possessions is to get clear within yourself and learn that you have the power to heal yourself and claim your energetic sovereignty and freedom.

To achieve this clarity one has to stop allowing external programs and other people’s expectations to run their life. When one learns to create the space inside to communicate clearly and embody one’s spiritual source, one can begin the road to personal freedom and permanent release of suffering.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path. Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.

Love Always, Lisa


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