Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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January 2015

Divine Infinite Calculus

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

There are Universal Laws governing structure (architecture) which exist at both energetic levels (pre-matter) and physical levels (matter) for absolutely everything in existence. The Law exists both at the pre-matter level of the energetic-spiritual blueprint, as well as the manifested result of the structural form in matter. Consciousness energy vibrates and manifests in accordance to a higher law, and the principles governing the structure or body. The architecture plus intention determines the consciousness content and frequency pattern within that structure or form. The Divine Infinite Calculus is the Universal Law that applies to human bodies, spiritual bodies, planetary bodies and any kind of structure one could imagine.

Calculus is the mathematical study of rates of change in the quantity and quality of the very small and very large. It refers to any system of calculation guided by symbols and the influence of mathematical expressions. Spirit Intelligence manifests itself through any form or structure projecting itself through the same math, symbols or archetypal expressions. Calculus is a process of calculating or reasoning through the use of symbols and their application to solving equations. Nature wants to return to energetic balance and that occurs through the process of solving equations with the Divine Infinite Calculus.  The symbols that we use to represent the ideas of God, operating in their divine order and system, are part of consciousness. Every spiritual student intent on understanding the meaning of life or the relationships of the terms synonymous with God, is engaged with the Divine Infinite Calculus. We identify ideas of God and compute their combinations and relationships which give deeper meaning to the mysteries of life. We calculate the specific divine ideas that apply to the human experience to resolve the supposed material calculus of false belief systems and false ego identities. (Who are we really?)

With the recent return of Mother's Cosmic Aether, we are seeing increased potential for true healing at all levels.  With it, the Divine Infinite Calculus is being applied and reorganization is happening at every level, from the micro to the macro.  As this happens, we get to ask anew, who are we really?

The material substances and their resident forms built upon the science of human calculus, or NAA (see Negative Alien Agenda) machinery, will naturally deconstruct themselves to be returned to their original nature. This natural process breaks down the material substances that have made the original spirit essence impure, through the continual process of purification. In some stages, this will feel like decay or even death. The process of purification brings deconstruction and chaos to the earth surface, which is challenging to bear witness to.  The truth that Divine Infinite Calculus governs earthly structures is revealing itself for those with the eyes to see. For those who do not recognize the necessity of the false ego identities being destroyed, this is a painful and confusing time.

Moving through the recent Sagittarian energies, many of us are enduring forms of spiritual healing crisis. This is similar to the spiritual bonfire of the lower self, burning away old attachments and energy parasites. Once the higher Divine Infinite Calculus and Mother's Cosmic Aether are introduced and connected into the planetary body, a massive healing crisis begins. This burns away old negative forms and false ego identities, reducing their debris into ashes to be reformed. Our consciousness has to be moved into more productive ways of expressing our highest spiritual purpose. Sometimes, one can sense the death energy in the blackened state from burning away the debris and fragments. This may mean the death of things or the end of certain ways of living, being or relating. This may end or transform relationships. Yet, this ushers in stages of great renewal and resurrection into the ascending consciousness which aligns us with the Divine Infinite Calculus of Gods Eternal Spirit.

This new architectural "eternal life foundation" has recently connected from the Universal macrocosm to the planetary microcosm, anchoring into the earth core from the Universal Prototype. These are four massive sound wave pillars that are connected from the Universal Gate of the Gods that resonate into the planetary core. These may also be referred to as the Four Living Creatures, or The Guardians of the Pillars. The Four Living Creatures express the first act of creation while also defining the Divine Infinite Calculus that requires the accurate foundation on which to build the eternal spiritual form.  In Universal Law, raw material built without the Four Living Creatures in God's expression, built without the Divine Infinite Calculus, is false and impermanent.   

This is the time cycle where the False God creators finally get to meet their maker.

City Four Square

Previously, this has been referenced as the "City Four Square" of the Cosmic Cube Matrix. This is the blueprint plus intention (Geometric) access into the Krystal Cathedral.  The imprint of Geometric Tesseract is the Cosmic Cube Matrix of God's 144,000, or the Mark of the Lamb. This represents the Universal Laws of Four planes of matter in the four quadrants of our Universe that make up the Four Living Creatures. Each of the sides of the City Four Square represent the Divine Infinite Calculus in which the Seven Spirits of Christ dwell. The Seven Spirits of Christ, are synonymous terms for the qualities of God expression which operate within the four planes of Universal Reality. The Divine Infinite Calculus is expressed as the Universal Prototype of Four in the Law of Structure, and there are many aspects of its creation; The Four Worlds, The Four Elements, The Four Cardinal Directions, The Four Living Creatures, etc. It is through the study of these systems of calculation, which are guided by the symbolic influence of the divine idea expression, that God's Eternal Spirit is transmitted to us.  As we connect with Gods Eternal Spirit through the symbolic expressions of the Divine Infinite Calculus, we access the God Worlds. These are the eternal spaces of Infinity.

Embodied Pillar Guardians

The Aurora and Krystal Star luminaries from the next Universes have returned to help reclaim these pieces (and bodies) to be reanimated in the New Universal Cycle. The Christos people are their physical conduit on the Earth, purposed to reanimate the grids of the "Four Living Creatures" that make up our collective human consciousness and emotional-elemental body. The physical conduit of the Divine Infinite Calculus was anchored in the planetary core during the last days of December 2014 and into early January 2015. The Four Living Creatures (Lion, Eagle, Ox, Man) are God Force Guardian Consciousness Networks of the Planetary Grid Networks. They also resonate with the Four Royal Stars in the heavens and connect the stellar consciousness they are a part of in the Precession of Equinoxes.

The Guardians of the Pillar protect the creation by embodying connections (walking into an identity) in every dimensional station of time. As we awaken from the inanimate clay of human flesh - we ignite the Solar Fire of God to animate our flesh into the Eternal Body. We then become the Reborn Children of the Sun, The Embodied Diamond Sun Guardians of the Creation.

The new eternal life foundation (based on the Seven Sacred Suns, KA RA YA SA TA AA LA) is necessary in order to focus the Divine Wholeness of the Mind of God to transmit Living Cosmic Consciousness. This is a dispensation given at the end of the Ascension cycle. The City Four Square is the mathematical base of the 12 Pillars of the Krystal Cathedral. This is represented as the "Golden City" archetype that returns God's Universal Laws and Cosmic Christos code back to this creation. This is the framework within which the Eternal God Source down steps the Cosmic Krystal Mind of God. This is how the blueprint to form transmits into mathematical code, the interrelationships which impact all manifestation.

All intermediary lenses of the NAA False Gods "Mind Control" (i.e. Eye of Yahweh, Eye of Jehovah, Eye of Horus and other religious control mechanisms requiring salvation or redemption) must be broken away in order to see the Krystal Mind of One God. The Eye in the Krystal Mind of God is coming to reside as the Living Eternal Presence in our re-wired brain to prepare for the Christos embodiment and expressions.

The Four Royal Stars

The Four Royal Stars also called Archangel Stars are; Aldebaran (Michael), Regulus (Raphael), Antares (Uriel), and Fomalhaut (Gabriel).  They are the brightest stars in their constellations and are considered the four guardians of the heavens. They mark seasonal changes of the year at the equinoxes and solstices. Aldebaran watches the Eastern sky and is the dominant star in the Taurus constellation. Regulus watches the North and is the dominant star in the Leo constellation. Antares watches the West and is the alpha star in Scorpio. Fomalhaut watches the Southern sky as the brightest star in Piscis Austrinus.

The East-West Axis of Aldebaran (Taurus) and Antares (Scorpio) as a pair, form the demarcation points of East and West that make the circuit through the Precession of Equinoxes. This point is measured through the alignments made between these two stars and the Sun's path, at their axis of rotation made around the Galactic Center. When these two stars are paired in the rotational measurement of equal axis alignment, this event marks the opening of the cosmic time cycle. When the Golden Gate activated recently, this reversed the positional movement of the East –West axis as per directed in the Divine Infinite Calculus. This is saying that these stars have changed their positions in the Galaxy from their previous time cycle, from the perspective of Cosmic Time. These stars form the Four Cardinal Directions (N-S-E-W) measured in the Cosmic Time Cycle, which are being adjusted to the Cosmic Compass designed by Divine Infinite Calculus.  The new celestial direction in the cosmic time cycle form the Crown of the Magi, which is a type of Cosmic Celestial Time Calendar that opens Infinity. This is why they are referred to as the Royal Stars.  At the end of the Precession of Equinoxes, they adjust position and form the Crown of the Magi. Those that wear this Celestial Crown are able to contact infinity, however, they must be embodied Christ Consciousness.

Capricornian Fermentation

As we move into the 11th stage of Capricorn, the main alchemical themes are fermentation of the flesh with the source energy inside our cells, which excite themselves causing divine illumination. The inner mitochondrial membrane is sorted into numerous cristae, which expand the surface area of the inner mitochondrial membrane, enhancing its ability to produce ATP. It is this area of the mitochondrion, once functioning properly, that increases the ATP energy and generates light into the cells and tissues of the body. Synchronically, the name "cristae" has been given through scientific discovery when its direct implication is related to the activation of the crystal gene.

Fermentation is the spiritual alchemical process, which shifts the production and source of energy that is required for the body functions. This stage begins to change how the ATP is produced in the mitochondria of the cell and how that energy is distributed to cellular tissues. New requirements of vital energies are manufactured by increasing the ATP pump, which increases available energy needed to continue the life processes. There is an increase of ATP measured in the cells as the person is able to hold more light in their physical cells, increasing their consciousness. This also relates to increasing the size and quality of the auric light body.

The body is physically much stronger now even if vitality feels low. Also, the fermentation process is used to produce different levels of enzymatic substances, which the physical body uses to support a variety of shifting hormonal and chemical reactions. During the ascension stages of symptoms, this is commonly experienced as a highly physical shift in the digestive, immune, cellular and brain processing.

Salt and Sulphur in Alchemy

As we more deeply understand the spiritual alchemy of our bodies that are unified with the earth plane, we may note the elemental body is comprised of many salts. The Body of Christ contains the blood plasma, which is a part of the natural elements of the red earth core. The inner red core of our earth contains the salt-sulphur compounds, which when mixed with the Divine Fire Water of Mother, undergo the process of alchemy to transfigure these substances into Gold. As we move into the Capricornian influences, the earth element activates the fermentation of these inner compounds to mix, which lead us to the potential transfiguration of our consciousness body.

The natural salt and natural sulphur mix of the earth, is the symbolism of the unification of the Solar Fire with the Salt body which animate through Mother's Holy Spirit to transfigure into the Gold Body (Solar Body). In order to do so we must prepare our body to purify the inner water, inner salt-sulphur, and our blood, through communion with Mother's Holy Spirit and Father's Solar Fire.  This dissolves the lower shadow bodies, and impurities to be consumed by the Solar Body of the Christos Diamond Sun Spirit.

As the Annunaki came to this earth to mine for Gold, they entered deep into the earth core to strip it of its elements. They were aware of the metallurgic process of alchemy that allowed these earthly elements to be transfigured into Gold. There is irony in realizing that what they came to steal from earth, the human being can obtain naturally through the inner spirit. This is in the spiritual form of the Magnum Opus, laying out the ascending stages to resurrect the Christos Eternal Spirit within his/her own body.

Trinity Rebirthing

Through the recent planetary anchoring of divine mathematical formulas which bring the trinity architecture into matter, we begin a threefold rebirth in collective consciousness. The process of Spiritual Ascension is the great work of consciousness alchemy, which occurs simultaneously in all three worlds of humanity. These are the nine dimensions of three harmonic universes. In the First World, we are in the lower, dark world of the physical matter dimensions. The great work in the First World is dissolution; to cleanse our lower bodies of the darkness, to discern the dark forces and transmute the blackness. In the Second World, we are in the middle worlds, the watery field of dreaming dimensions on the Astral plane.  These dimensions are the intermediary planes that connect the physical body to the Soul. When that connection is complete, connection to the eternal spirit in the higher heavens can then begin.

The great work in the Second World is the reclaiming of the Soul body, to retrieve her parts and repair her into the triad of wholeness. The Soul must dissolve its dark shadows and negative forms through constant purification of discerning her quality of light.  When the Soul is retrieved into her trinity parts by dissolving the shadows which separate her, she can begin to receive the Mother's Holy Spirit from the higher heavens. This allows the Soul body to begin to ignite her own inner sustaining white light to repair her colors. The great work of the Soul is to transform the astral shadows into intelligent spirit that naturally connect with the higher Monadic plane.

In the Third World, we are in the higher realms of Monad, where the great work of unification between all of the trinity bodies in all three worlds begins. When the Monad is healed to be united with its trinity parts, it is able to call on its eternal light and Cosmic Christos nature. That call is answered by the androgynous original Aeonic pair, Christos-Sophia, the son and daughter of God. The son and daughter are that which embody within the Monad and begin their descent back into matter from the heavenly light realms. The descending of the eternal spirit body is the Spiritual Ascension, Magnum Opus, or rebirthing the trinity principle within a human being. This same process is also occurring in the macrocosm, at planetary and Universal levels.  Otherwise, this is called the reclamation of the Christos Spirit on earth.

The Soul and Monadic bodies exist for every person who does not choose to completely ignore their existence, or allow themselves to be swindled away from their birthright. The Kingdom of the Soul and Monad, when they are not developed or communicated with, will appear to be chaotic, fragmented and nebulous. The Soul body communicates through pictures, sensations, dreams, feelings and moods.  The causal events surrounding humanities hidden history, negative alien and dark force manipulation, as well as the astral body fragmentation, are all factors which stunt spiritual-emotional growth. Without an Ascension Model to support the reeducation of people to care for and heal their Soul and Spiritual bodies, this event will not take place. All things will naturally grow, take shape and blossom when they are given proper nourishment, attention and a model to support expansion.  When a person does not cultivate their Soul wisely, but from ignorance allows it to grow wild and animalistic, it will never rise out from the depths of the chaos of the dark worlds.

Soul and Spirit Body

The Soul body is the threefold principle of creative imagination, receptivity and feeling perception. Without the Soul body whole or connected, all of these functions will either become distorted or non-existent, as qualities of experience inside the body. The Soul is the higher sensory body, which allows higher emotional states and feelings to be experienced, along with continually developing sensory abilities. The Soul allows our heart to deeply feel the Love of God as a unifying force. It acts as the bridge between the Soul and Monad body that is united with the Holy Spirit, when ignited in the Higher Heart (thymus area).

The Spirit Body of the Monad is the higher mind function of the observer, watching and aware of forming concepts and making assessments. It is the higher mind principle consciousness that comes to neutral conclusions and decisions based on accumulated experiences. When the spirit is in control of the nervous system of the body, it makes consciousness action possible. A human being is responsible for their actions and must choose with a clear consciousness, as it is the higher spirit intelligence that gives its decisive consent. When the spirit is not connected, it allows consent with dark forces, who many times take advantage of that person. When we are not self-aware nor discerning, we can become consubstantial to dark forces that overpower our consent. This is why building one's intent, consent and authority correctly is crucially important. This action will build the spirit body and align consent to the higher realms of consciousness.

The Spirit body of the Monad is only consciously aware of the contents of the Soul when it is connected to the Soul. This is the same as when the physical body is disconnected from the Soul, the conscious mind does not remember her (cannot feel the soul). When the Spirit body is disconnected from the Soul, the spirit consciousness can no longer remember the Soul, and becomes unconscious of the Souls memory of existence.

This unconsciousness has the impact of Soul fragmentation. How this manifests in the First World the lowest plane on earth is insanity, schizophrenia, catatonia, psychotic break and all other forms of split consciousness. How this manifests in the Second world is chaotic dream states of astral delusions, holographic bits of fragmented pictures of millions of storylines. These pictures intersect without coherence or cohesion, just jumbled messages of dreamy, disconnected fantasy images and impressions.  This manifests in the Third World in much the same way as an anesthetic puts the consciousness to sleep, similar to hypnotic like trance or sleepwalking. When the consciousness layers are split apart, it results in a sleepwalking or amnesiac type trance in all Three Worlds. Conversely, when we awaken our consciousness and start to desire communication with our Soul and Spirit, this starts the awakening process in all Three Worlds.

Soul Split enters the Underworld

When aspects of the Soul fragment and sink into the lowest layers of perception, they enter a danger zone. Some of these distorted aspects are from our fallen history and the astral body damage that ensued with the 2D/4D Split. The 2D-schism split the instinctual body into separate functions, creating a collection of fragmented astral sub-personalities and a repository for collective chaotic forces. The 4D-schism placed a barrier that separates the astral body/heart chakra from merging with the 3D solar plexus mental body. This created a Soul Split that subjects the person to underworld energies and lower astral traveling.

When the Soul is separated from its higher spirit body and continually sinks into the lowest dimension, it will merge at the areas where the personal and collective unconsciousness start to flow together. When this merge with collective unconscious occurs, dark, chaotic, shadow bodies start to emerge and multiply. The Soul aspect enters the realm of the Underworlds, which are the spheres of collective unconsciousness. This is the chaotic realm of demonic hierarchies, animalistic, vulgar and grotesque creations. If this soul-spirit consciousness split remains at the death of the body, the human being enters this Underworld of darkness and demonism.

Over many Solar System cycles, fallen entities attempted to perform the cosmic sacred alchemy to save themselves, misusing the Divine Fire Water (Azoth). The Divine Fire Water is androgynous and split into the upper Spirit Realms of Solar Fire and the descending lunar water of the Soul and lower astral planes. These many Soul chains over several Solar System cycles, were absorbed into the Lunar forces and became known as the Moon Chain Lineages.

It is this fact at the end of the Ascension Cycle that has brought the return of the Omniversal Christos families that bring with them the power of the Infinite God Spirit. The rebirthing of the trinity principle for the resurrection of the human being, in order to join and finally merge the body, soul and spirit as one inseparable and eternal being, is transpiring with urgency now.  When the Trinity Rebirth transpires, even during the death of the body, the separation of these three bodies in all Three Worlds, cannot take place.

It is important to remember that the Trinity Rebirth and Resurrection happens in a living human being and not in death. It is a severe error to believe that after the death of this physical body, that the Soul and Spirit bodies connect automatically and come into wholeness on their own. The half material layers of the lower astral bodies are a doppelganger/double of the physical self. The lower Astral body which is located in the intermediary spaces of the Animal-Soul, 2D lower dimensions and the Earth body, take nourishment (consumption) out of the earthly forces. If we allow ourselves to be lowered to the activities of animalistic and feral behavior, we descend this astral body to enmesh itself with the earthly realm. This is the sad path the NAA has employed to mind controlled the masses.  They create for themselves in death, by trapping the Soul to be consubstantial with lower realms of animalistic and demonic hierarchies of earthly forces.

It is up to each of us to work on the process of our lower astral body transfiguration through the dedication and focus made upon growing our Soul and connecting her to our higher spirit body. All psychic debris, negative forms, and predator mind constructs must be cast off, so that the Soul can transfigure herself.  Through our process of purification, each unique human, no matter what genetic material or ancestry, has the potential to become a totally new creation in the Christ Consciousness.

Consciousness Corridors have been supported for the impending transit of many souls on this earth who have been severely damaged in the dark cycle through the NAA mind control and related histories. However, this does not preclude the responsibility we each have to continue to devote ourselves to spiritual truth, spiritual dedication and growing our spiritual consciousness.

Whoever communes and walks in the darkness cannot see where he goes, this is true in life and in death.


The paranormal event of disincarnates seen on earth, is when the Soul aspect was unable to separate from the body clearly or purely at the death of the body. They are Souls that did not depart from the body with clarity and are disconnected from their higher spirit. The disincarnate Soul recognized nothing more than material desires or attachments when living. Generally, in this person nothing else appeared to be truth or real beyond their physical body and the earth plane.  Sometimes they have been subjected to severe abuse, trauma, addiction, mind control, implants or SRA. This may create additional bindings to satanic forces and NAA, of which they are unaware, and do not know how to free themselves. When a person in life is attached to their negative ego, and all they believe is the power of the material plane, the remnants of their Soul may stay attached roaming the earth. People that have habitual addictions, expressing hate and fear, will be clouded and confused, unable to separate from the body clearly. If the person was very negative and became merged with demonic forces, at death the consciousness of that demonic force will come to meet that Soul. They will be led by that same demonic consciousness to a location or realm. This will not feel foreign to them as they have expressed that same consciousness in life. So, it will appear as something familiar to them not grotesque. In other cases, they may be terrified and flee continuing to roam the earth.

These can be considered Soul Fragments, Aspects or an Impure Soul that became disincarnate. Sometimes the Soul energy will penetrate itself in the earthly forces trapping them in one area of the earth. The Soul may be condemned to roam graves, cemeteries, buildings, or other locations.

This is another important reason to pray for others in pain, alive and dead, to help them purify and release. We can always pray to God on others behalf for their reconnection to God, and for general release of pain and suffering. Those of us that are active in connecting our Soul and Spirit consciousness, to bring our focus to spiritual matters, are able to greatly help others that did not get spiritual clarity in life. When we pray to God, we can help them to be connected to God Spirit, which will go find them on behalf of our heartfelt prayers.

Truth Spirit

The actual truth cannot be discerned nor recognized by the lower mind or physical body that is clouded with perceptions of desire. Only through the higher spiritual intelligence can truth be recognized within, when we have withdrawn from everything material governing our desires. If we allow the material world to sink us into the mire of confusion, it deceives our sensory perception and we cannot reach our true being. The lower nature of inner darkness and inner demons of desire must be conquered and slayed. Through the voluntary death of the predator mind, we evict the dwelling demonic spirits in the Houses of Ego that yolk us to their addictions. This is the meaning of bondage to the negative ego thoughts, which force us to be in servitude to demonic desires. When we choose to be freed of negative ego bondage, we are guided to merge our Soul with her Spirit so that the higher divinity within us can unite and ascend. The higher divinity of Truth Spirit, is the son and daughter of God, the unified androgynous being or Christ Consciousness.

The Collective Human Soul is situated at the crossroads of planetary initiation, being invited to withdraw from belief systems that promote individual base desires, which then create tremendous chaos and upheaval. Each individual must choose between the demonic desires and values of the material world or the higher divine order and values of the eternal inner spirit world. When a person withdraws feelings that value upholding desires in the construct of material reality, new values start to open up into the inner world that replace the previous ones. The Heart and Soul function as one. They require loving care and nourishment to focus upon their inherent qualities so they can grow. When we focus on the heart, we are assigning value to the sustenance of the Heart and Soul over individual base desires. As we focus on our inner world and continue to deeply connect with our Soul and Spirit, we will be forced to give up our base desires.

Learning how to recognize the qualitative difference between base desire and divine inspiration, is the goal of every truth seeker. The heart and Soul are full of creative passion, and when a Soul is pure, that sensation is experienced in joyful divine inspiration. While base desires are the reverse of divine inspiration. They digress into sensations of unhealthy cravings, neediness, dependencies, addictions, jealousy and lust. Indulging oneself to act upon base desires without discernment of their quality, will digress a person's consciousness to little self-awareness where Lust, Vengeance, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Laziness, and Self-Importance multiply. All of these are predator forces and their qualities should be studied in order to stop them from destroying our mind, body and spirit.

The Problem of Base Desires

What we observe frequently among Starseeds is that many have very advanced areas of being, while also acting out unconsciously or working with some very un-evolved or digressed aspects. These digressed parts are from the lack of Negative Ego clearing which manifest primarily as the problem of uncleared Base Desire. Without the clarity of what base desires actually are and how they operate, they easily lead to all demonic Houses of Ego. All Houses of Ego are controlled by the predator mind of the NAA.  When we have little impulse control mixed with uncleared base desires, this invites consent with these same predator forces to wreak havoc in one's life.

As we spiritually mature, we start to understand that these levels of base desire are much more than just energetic thought forms. Thoughts are things and further, these base desires are the gatekeepers to every Satanic-field and Demonic hierarchy that exist in the earth field. If we cannot clear these demonic thoughts from controlling our mind, these forces are invited to enter our energetic structure. They then can potentially destroy us with mental misery and contaminate everything we create, even deeply infecting our body and relationships.

When we are used to base desire controlling us, we have a very low self-awareness, with even lower personal discernment. This can place us in a rather skewed trajectory or in dangerous situations on the spiritual path and in every area of life. The NAA has many organizations which they use as fronts to hide their satanic ritual abuse and to lure people that have not disciplined or understood how their base desires are controlled. These organizations can span the gamut of fronts of religious institutions to billionaire corporate boy's clubs, to prostitution brothels. This is a way to hijack unsuspecting people who are not aware of the dangerous and high risk activity of giving away personal consent, or allowing one's body to lose consciousness with influential substances. 

In the 3D world, the most common way this occurs in the masses is in every single area of the sexual trade, such as strip clubs, online pornography and supposed dating-sex hookup websites. These are used by the NAA to catch a "spider in their web" and it has serious consequences.  The easiest base desire to manipulate on the earth, to mind control human beings and force them into slavery, is through the sexual misery programming. These various store-fronts, whether online webcams or in house strip clubs, have implants, targeting, mind control and sexual energy siphons in every variety imaginable. These allow people using these sexual services to be tracked, monitored and hijacked by NAA forces for a variety of purposes.

In the accumulation of base desires and all the potential forces they can multiply into, it is most important to get clarity on the qualities of lust and learn to become healthier in ones' sexuality. If there is a problem of desire concerning lust, this is the most dangerous in the world today. It is suggested to deal with this as honestly and transparently as possible. One must stop deceiving, lying, cheating and hiding their sexual issues, getting hidden thrills, while lurking in shadows of shame. This perpetrates unhealthy sexual cycles that can be further manipulated by the shadows. In learning to become transparent loving human beings, we must be willing to choose and learn healthy, self-loving and deeply human connecting behaviors.

This also means not allowing guilt, shame and disgust to cloud our feelings relating to our body sexually, but to start loving and accepting our sexual organs. Treating our sexual organs as sacred and divine vessels, dedicated to the expression of our highest divinity, with the highest respect, moderation and cleanliness. It does not matter what happened in the past. Start today making a change to love yourself, love your sexual organs and protect them as sacred objects of respect. This is the first step in moving through the insidious infection of sexual slavery and sexual misery that is promoted by the NAA and their satanic hierarchies. Their agenda is to make every human sexually miserable, cowering in shame and degradation, while promoting lust, fetishes, disconnected, machined, misogynistic sex that everyone suffers for in the long term.

Extreme forms of Lust are stemming from mind control miasma that was programmed into levels of the human genetic material from many hidden histories of forced breeding with reptilian based races. This is related to both Blood Lust and Sexual Lust. These forced breeding programs initially were attempting to create attraction to have sexual relations with a species that was not desirable to one's own race. In the ancient days, on other planets, in many cases people were not sexually nor physically attracted to a being that was not of their specific race or genetic material. This was not necessarily discrimination, it was the natural energetic composition that existed (or differed) between the gene pool, which is a form of collective consciousness. The consciousness of specific genetic material was not designed to hybridize with other species and would naturally repel itself from the desire to do so. This is similar to understanding that a human being would not want to have sex with an animal species and procreate with that animal.

It is similar to say that the Royal Lines of Humans from the times of Lyra did not have any attraction or desire to have sex or children with invading reptilian races.  Timelines of this related trauma around breeding programs, forced sexual relations and the problems with hybridization, are all entangled in the sexual misery programming. This posed a severe problem on earth with moon chain lineages, the creatures that digressed into the energetic fields of lusting entities in the earth, and the demonic hierarchies that feed upon them. These multiple hierarchies are used by the NAA off planet to enforce, promote and spread the NRG (see Nephilim Reversal Grid) sexual distortions. This manifests in forms of deviant, disconnected, violent, sexual relations connected to lust, which leads to sexual addiction. Any person who is controlled by lust will be a hand puppet for the NAA.

Other forms of Lust are offshoots of seduction, sexual fantasy, charisma, enchantment, luring and glamour. Remember, all of these are the problems of base desire or "maya" which are used like a fish-hook to bait you by the NAA, reel you in to their mind control games on the astral plane, putting you on the path of misery.  Do not give them this power over your consciousness or body.

As it has been said many times on the ancient wisdom path of Buddhism, untamed base desire is the source of all unhappiness, corruption and problems that disconnect us from accessing our inner truth spirit.

Guidelines in Accessing Truth Spirit

Our Goal in ES is to learn the path of Polarity Integration, which allows for an energetically balanced, spiritually integrated and whole being. Without self-judgment, the following may be useful as a tool for self -assessment. One can apply mental focus upon areas of self-development in order to more fully embody the inner light and access the clarity required to know true spiritual expression of purpose.

This is the first triad of Spiritual Awakening, in which life lessons are the Tests of Personal Self Mastery, of where one places their attention and focus in directing one's Consciousness. These are intended to support harmony as one develops and expands Consciousness.

  • Ask and Inquire on the Way of your Soul and its purposes.
  • Listen, learn the language of the Heart, which is the Soul's Higher Sensory Perception and take action on the guidance of your Soul.
  • Develop your Inner Connection to Soul that supersedes all reliance on the External Connections or perceptions of reality, release fears of being judged by others.
  • Live a Life congruent to your Soul and its purposes, that serves as an example to others. Practice the 12D Shield, Law of One, GSF Behaviors and Transparency to build trust.
  • Clear Negative Ego, Fears and Emotional Pain in the lower Chakra centers, become aware of the Unconscious Mind, Instinctual Mind and Conscious Mind functioning.
  • Practice giving Unconditional Love and Compassion to others and learn to love oneself.
  • Educate yourself about Ascension, Kundalini and the spiritual process of awakening one's Consciousness to help clear Ego/Personality fears that create pain and confusion around this natural process.

As we move into 2015, our theme is increasing our transparency and building trust with ourselves and with other people throughout our life.

Trustworthy people know that trust is gained more by stable and consistent ethical conduct, than just thoughts and words. Their daily conduct provides evidence of their intent to be honest, reliable, loyal, unbiased, humble, accountable, cooperative, just and communicative. Our conduct must be motivated by trusting others, in addition to our preference to be trusted by them. Building trust and transparency in our interactions is a two-way collaboration or mutual exchange.

Strengthen your resolve to get the comfort you need to transcend impure thoughts and lower base desires from overwhelming you and corrupting inner and outer trust. The most direct path to find inner peace while feeling "unmet desires" - is through self-connection to one's inner spiritual source and cultivating greater acceptance. Transform these painful lower expressions into higher expressions that are consecrated to serve your Soul-Spirit to unite with and bless your mind and body.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker.

I am the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made Manifest. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. May you and your loved ones be blessed in this coming New Year. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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