Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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January 2016

Genetic Mutations

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Happy New Year! During the past few months, the planetary body has been undergoing layers of subatomic shifting in the lower particle dimensions. As a result, many of us are experiencing dramatic changes happening in our physical body. If we can stay awake in the fields of chaos while these areas of dark matter are dissolving we have the opportunity to create diamonds from out of these pressurized forces.

Those of us participating with our Ascension and evolutionary development are enduring a very complex process of consciousness embodiment and Lightbody changes, as we bring new DNA imprints into the physical world at this time. This means that what was previously an instruction set written into the unmanifest blueprint, which was held as a genetic imprint in our Lightbody, is translating itself into the manifest and becoming physical. The first Ascending groups, primarily the spiritual families of Starseed and Indigos that incarnated for this purpose, are enduring challenges that greatly impact the function and operation of their physical body for this reason. These new DNA configurations are specifically related to sections that code protein chains. Protein coding genes communicate messages that are sent to the body in order to control its functioning. The coding region of a gene, also known as the coding sequence, is made up of exons. Exons are coding sections of an RNA transcript, or the DNA encoding it, that is translated into proteins.

As humans embody more of their higher consciousness, this is re-stringing the DNA configurations.  As these new protein-coding sequences are recorded, they update morphogenetic imprints in the collective human race mind. This means new blueprints for protein coding are being translated into the collective consciousness field. To counter this, the NAA strategy is to flood known chemicals and toxins into the human population, in order to suppress human DNA from opening these new instruction sets. This Starseed mission is referred to as Ascension Genetic Pathcutter prototyping, whose purpose is to stimulate the clearing of ancestral miasma and heal DNA patterns in order to build new protein coding sequences that assemble DNA. This occurs through the process of consciousness expansion and is directly related to the energetic synthesis between the forces of polarity that exist within a spectrum of frequency. This spiritual alchemy is only possible while incarnated in an ascending human body. When we embody our higher spiritual bodies, it has an impact on our physical body’s metabolic pathways. Specifically, we experience changes in how the body synthesizes proteins and transfers energy into the mitochondria of the cell. (See Citric Acid Cycle or Krebs Cycle)

What is transpiring at the physical levels of human bodily evolution, is expanding into new human race DNA configurations or Genetic Mutations, during this timeline. The higher level of DNA becoming activated now through new protein coded genes is unprecedented on the earth plane. Proteins are assembled from amino acids using information encoded in genes. Proteins perform a vast array of functions within our body. This includes catalyzing metabolic reactions, DNA activation and replication, responding to stimuli, and transporting molecules from one location to another. This change impacts the planetary cellular record and further changes the configuration of particle matter composition and how that is arranged in the raw material of the human body. Proteins are the principal performers within the cell, and carry out the duties specified by the information encoded in the genes. Hence, many of us are undergoing drastic changes within our physical body functioning during this phase.

In a few short years, groups will study what is occurring to sections of the population now, with these genetic anomalies that are evolving into the human body. This will provide direct evidence for evolution of the human species, which will become an indisputable fact in the science and spiritual communities.  Essentially, what is occurring is the process of Genetic Mutation through protein coded chains which stimulate great evolutionary change over time. These changes impact human DNA, which alter consciousness and this greatly impacts the future evolution of humanity.

Changing Context of Evolution

Generally, the term Genetic Mutation has been considered detrimental to the evolution of an organism or species. We must change the context and discussion around Genetic Mutations to open dialogues to better understand how they impact the human race (or other species) in both positive and negative ways. Genetic Mutations are not always harmful.  One glaring problem is that some declare genetic changes and activation of dormant DNA impossible beyond a certain point. This is fundamentally wrong and does not fully comprehend the function and purpose of DNA assembly, which is inherently responsible for activating higher consciousness intelligence. We cannot fear evolution and the correct knowledge of how our own body, DNA and consciousness work. Many world religions have used this fear of self-knowledge to control humanity. All evolution and consciousness development of a species is based on genetic changes through DNA activation, of what was previously nonexistent, undiscovered or dormant. Evolution is change and the primary mechanism behind evolution is activating DNA and thus, activating higher consciousness. The DNA subjected to change determines the nature of the organism, and this change would appear as a Genetic Mutation for those observing it.  This is the natural process of ascending human consciousness on the earth, the organic nature of the spirit having a physical experience, and evolving throughout multidimensional reality.

Genetic Mutations are the main area of disagreement in competing theories of humanities origins, evolution and DNA potential. In biology, a mutation is a permanent alteration of the nucleotide sequence of the genome of an organism, virus or DNA. Mutations can occur as a natural process or unnatural process that makes changes to a DNA sequence. For our purposes, the unnatural process of mutation would include exposures to certain artificial intelligence, chemicals, laboratory made viruses, or toxic elements that alter or damage DNA sequences, to repel the spirit. Additionally, our planet has a history with extradimensional species competing to write DNA sequence coding into the planetary mind, Stargates and morphogenetic fields, in order to evolve their preferred bloodlines or tribes, while suppressing the DNA of genetic undesirables. Harmful mutations are designed to reject the original or organic function of the higher DNA sequencing that should function to activate consciousness expansion.   Any alteration made in a gene from its natural state may create diseases, distortions and impact the health and development of that species. As an example, splicing the human genome with artificial intelligence machines or animal DNA, promoted in the Transhumanist agenda, is an unnatural mutation that distorts and blocks the higher spiritual consciousness of the human being. This agenda promotes inner disconnection, shuts down the heart complex, trapping the person in a separative reality with destructive consciousness experiences. As we come to understand more about genetic mutations, we must recognize that the natural process of ascending consciousness within a human body is made possible through DNA activation. This is very positive for evolving the human race to achieve higher consciousness through allowing the natural process of DNA assembly.

Faulty Proteins

Some changes made to the DNA can mean the instructions are incorrect or harmful to the cells, so that a control switch is flipped and faulty proteins are being generated. A variation in a DNA site that creates faulty protein is also referred to as a Genetic Mutation. When a DNA change results in faulty proteins in the cells that need that protein to function correctly, this usually results in disease states, low immunity or symptoms that are recognized as a genetic condition. There is a direct link between plugged in and activated DNA working correctly, and the consciousness abilities and intelligence capacity that a person has available to them. When DNA is coding for faulty protein generation to the cells, it directly erodes the health and suppresses the higher consciousness of that person. Thus, artificial forms of genetic engineering and mind control are carried out by the Controllers, aimed at the genetic manipulation of proteins responsible for sending instruction sets to the cells. This type of genetic modification directly manipulates the organism's DNA using technology to change the makeup of the cells. Any organism that is generated through genetic engineering is a genetically modified organism or GMO. It is accurate to say that all humans on the earth at this time have been genetically modified through artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, used on the planet for horizontal gene transfer. Horizontal gene transfer is the transfer of genes between organisms that does not include the biological process of procreation. One common way this happens on earth today, is the genetic alteration made from the exposure to, or injection of, foreign genetic material. This is achieved when the DNA/RNA of another species or animal is introduced into the bloodstream through many kinds of vaccinations. This is also achieved through programmable virus elements that act as gene transfer agents to encode a new DNA pattern in its host.  Sometimes we can see this visibly by watching chemtrails in the sky.  It is never advisable to inject another species DNA directly into your bloodstream.

This information is not to create fear, it is to accurately comprehend the complex means through which human DNA is being manipulated and genetically modified on this earth. This has destructive effects for some humans in the future timelines, and we are attempting to re-educate those willing to listen. The original God Spirit of every person has the power to alter and remove all damage made to the DNA through the abuse of these technologies. Once we focus our full attention on serving our inner spirit, we will receive the guidance and support we need during this challenging time on earth. These artificial technologies are designed to suppress consciousness. They are mostly used to disconnect humanity from communicating with their inner spiritual source and recognizing their true self.

Clearing Impact to Ancestral DNA

Gene mutations range in size, from impacting a single DNA base pairing, to a larger segment of chromosomal activity that includes multiple genes. Currently, it is believed that only certain mutations, such as those classified as hereditary mutations inherited from a parent, are passed on to offspring. It is important to know that as Genetic Pathcutters, all genetic imprints are passed through to the next generation and recorded in the DNA historical record, in the physical body. All humans at birth receive the consciousness imprint of genetic records passed on from their parents, including any kind of genetic mutation, whether it is hereditary or had been acquired later. If inherited issues are not yet visible, it does not mean that they are not there. Our etheric body is the physical body double and also holds the DNA record of all of our combined ancestors, including our family of origin. When this fact is comprehended, it becomes clear why we chose to incarnate into certain family lines. During the Ascension Cycle, we are increasingly aware of how important it is to be involved with consistent clearings of our gene pool, in order to shift the bloodline into accessing higher consciousness records. As we clear our bodies of psycho-emotional debris, we clear the energies located in the ancestral record, and this allows an opening for new DNA configurations or mutations to occur that impact the entire gene pool. Effectively, we are capable of changing the DNA record of our ancestors, passed on or alive, through the consciousness work we do to clear our inherited destructive patterns, false identities, artificial software and emotional conflicts. As we clear our body and heal our consciousness, we elevate our DNA pattern into new potentials, which simultaneously elevates the DNA pattern recorded for our ancestors and family of origin located throughout the timelines. It does not matter at what location in time or space they are. This is why we may feel deeply compelled to research more of our ancestry, return to birthplaces of previous generations, communicate with distant relatives, organize old family pictures, forgive those who may have hurt us, or find ourselves catapulted into visiting new lands or spaces. It is certain we have genetic relationships to these land masses and we are able to reveal and discover the hidden histories recorded there. We also may perform soul retrievals, transits and help to heal the family DNA patterns through compassionate witnessing of certain events we discover in time.  Comprehending the basic spiritual function of DNA, related to clearing of one’s Ancestral records, may be helpful to know.

  • DNA provides the instruction set for the cells that make up our entire body.
  • DNA provides the instruction set for the body to access higher consciousness through communicating with our spiritual bodies and other forces.
  • When we communicate with our spiritual bodies, we can activate and heal our crystalline DNA.
  • We repair or activate dormant DNA from building protein-coded genes through the natural process of spiritual ascension or consciousness expansion.
  • Every person’s DNA is somewhat different; these variations make us unique in our genetic expressions, which impact the function of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Each of these spiritual bodies are connected to a different Ray color spectrum based on your DNA history.
  • Our DNA’s entire historical record from all lifetimes and planets is also recorded in our blood, skin and bones.
  • The original DNA that created planet earth is from the Silicate Matrix, therefore coded into all lifeforms on the planet, no matter what their species.
  • DNA variations that do affect the function of the protein made from a gene are called mutations. Mutations can potentially change historical records in timelines through their ripple effect made in the morphogenetic field.

Losing the Lower Chakras

Some of us have noted for many years now our lower energy centers were shifting. Through the reconfiguration of these lower energy centers, known as the 1D-2D-3D Chakras, we could feel their color wave spectrum changing frequency. Some perceive this as embodying higher dimensional chakras with different frequency colors. This usually begins with Aurora coloring, perceiving the re-encryption process in the lower body which is making repairs to the etheric double and lower energy center functioning. The root or perineum area for many Star people is no longer red, but changes to lighter hues of violet, pink and once rolled up to the higher energy centers, it becomes shades of blue-green or light pastels. When we have embodied this frequency change, we do not have survival fears any more. We can clearly see when the False King of Tyranny, from the red wave spectrum, is manipulating victim archetypes in the public to incite fear. This frequency elevation process has been happening for some time, however it is now happening progressively to more people.  The lower Chakras used to be etheric cones that were non-physical membranes, located in the top layer of our Lightbody. The main energy centers are still present, yet are being elevated to run vital forces throughout our lower body glands, organs and meridians. The chakra cones will eventually become absorbed into the higher consciousness aspects of the body and reconfigured completely.

The best way to understand this is that Chakras are an aspect of consciousness that run a type of software, that is directed from a template held inside a primary planetary body in the Solar System. The lower chakras of humans have been severely abused through negative mind control being directed to harm these chakras and their respective glands from functioning correctly. The Chakra program was running overlays onto the endocrine glands, instead of the endocrine glands being free to function as they were designed. The lower aspects of consciousness related to these Chakra programs are frequencies of survival, fear, instinctual drives, disconnection, sexual and gender confusion, selfishness (STS) and material power. Much of these low frequency programs are amplified from influences sourcing from the planet’s Saturn, Neptune and Mars. When these lower aspects of consciousness programming are not present anymore, within our thoughts or state of being, they cease to exist. When we focus our being on spiritual service and the Love of God, eventually these lower aspects of consciousness are dissolved into higher frequency. Our Lightbody reconfigures itself to reflect the new higher frequencies that we have focused our attention upon, and the new consciousness system is built in the body to house the higher consciousness.

A shift in consciousness creates a shift in the configuration of the energy field, and this always happens before there is visible change made in the physical body. All manifestation is from the state of consciousness directing itself through the energy field (Lightbody), and then into the physical body.

Each Chakra wheel is responsible for interacting with the physical body through the stimulation of the respective endocrine gland and nerve plexus that runs its messaging. Each Chakra generally has had governance over the area of the body where it’s located and runs archetypal programs or patterns of expression.  As the false identity programming eventually dissolves, through expanding consciousness, the responsibility of the new functioning is given directly to the endocrine gland, and the body grows new nerve plexus in order to handle the circulation of connections into the bodily systems. This stimulates a reconnection of internal systems to communicate with the body parts, so the body parts can communicate with the expanding consciousness. The endocrine gland becomes awakened with new purpose and new frequency, and with potentially new functions.  

Awakening the Endocrine System

The Endocrine glands are responsible for producing, distributing and helping the body to assimilate hormones. Hormones act as chemical messengers in the bloodstream that communicate to organs and body parts, which maintain the body's functioning in a state of balanced health or homeostasis. Hormones are the chemical messengers that are required to transmit to the brain and nervous system that which allows higher perception of multidimensional realities, translate Universal Languages, and activate ranges of higher sensory abilities. We should have the true spiritual understanding and realize that our glands and hormones are directly related to expressions of consciousness, and their function is intrinsic to our ability to achieve higher consciousness.

Currently, we may be undergoing drastic changes in body, as the shift of governance is returned directly to the endocrine gland itself. The endocrine glands are being freed from the governance of the lower aspect of consciousness that was running mainly the 1st and 2nd Chakra programs from Saturn. Additionally, be aware that the physical toxins and chemicals found in water, food and air are designed to directly attack our endocrine system. To help the glands awaken and be freed, with this extra support in the planetary field, we may be guided to purify and detoxify our bodies, with an emphasis on glandular health. The pancreas and digestive organs are the main detoxifiers for the body. Once these organs are congested and malfunction, our other glands easily become toxic. It is important to keep our glands in good health through a pure diet, mindfulness, meditations, and consistent spiritual practices and prayer. Spiritual practices and prayer harmonize and stimulate hormone production, relative to the attention we place on expanding consciousness. Certain meditations and clearings have a profound effect on glandular health and induce the release and promotion of the proper balance of hormones.

The main endocrine glands and organs impacted for most ascending people are the changes occurring in the root and sacral areas: adrenals, kidneys, bladder, sexual organs, ovaries and testes and colon. Changes in the Solar Plexus include the spleen, and the exocrine glands, such as the pancreas and liver that secrete by way of ducts. (The ducts are what carry bodily fluids to an area, such as bile, enzymes, tears, saliva and semen.) These areas may need extra support or attention now, such as herbs, essences, dietary changes, or communicating with these areas while focusing healing energy to them.

1st and 2nd Human Tribes

During this time, we have been alerted that the 1st and 2nd Human tribes that have genetic relationship to the related planetary Stargate system, are more vulnerable to descending timelines and getting blasted with accumulative black force genetic miasma. One reason is that many of the humans on the earth belonging to these original Human Tribes are key coded as grail keepers or DNA code keepers to protect power vortices. Also, this exposure is due to the fact that the accumulated energetic blockages and entities in the planetary body are surfacing into the horizontal Ley Lines that run into these particular Stargates. This means these massive black force gestalts of consciousness (Shadow Creatures, Fallen Angelics, and Disincarnated Lost Souls) are travelling on the east-west moving lines on the surface of planet, in much larger quantities because they have been released out of the earth.

Stargates within the planet hold massive bowls of consciousness energy underground in the earth body. This is a chalice structure holding the contents of the instruction set for that particular Stargate and the DNA history for that human tribe. The bowl of consciousness holds sound and color waves that we could refer to as sections of the Cathar body in the earth. The bowl of consciousness intelligence held in that area of the planetary macrocosm, is dissolving into higher dimensional frequencies, exactly in the same way our Lower Chakras are being dissolved at the individual microcosm level.  As these energies surface from inside the earth and onto the surface grid, the original function is to return these sound waves, colors and forces, back to the original Stargate of planet earth. The original point where consciousness intelligence entered into this realm to create the planetary body is called the Graal point or Grual point within the 2D Stargate. The collective energies and collective consciousness connected to that bowl of energy is having problems dissipating the miasmatic accumulation in the color waves. These forces running in some places on the grid network are being redirected to other spaces they should not by alien machinery or grid damage. This is causing an array of problems on the earth surface like; entity displacement, descension, capture of souls through fallen angelic attachments and a slew of chaotic forces building momentum primarily from the slag in 1D-2D planetary energies.

Star people or earth seeds with 2nd Stargate key codes (and those disincarnates that are stuck in lower fields from 2D-4D soul split) are getting specifically targeted for entity superimposition and related harassment. This is because these groups have a natural predisposition for accumulating an overwhelming amount of 2D miasma that leads to potential disease problems (energetic blockages) in their body. The Controllers do not want key coded Grail Keepers to wake up and understand what is happening to the Grail points on earth.  To help relieve these blockages building up in the field, what needs to occur is Transiting to help release this accumulating pressure in the human body and the planet. This means that these forces must be moved into another time-space continuum or out of this Solar System completely, and the Krystal Star Guardian Host must be contacted in order to accomplish the protocol for that relocation. (For more information see Transits, Transit Gate Vortex and Release into Aqua Portal in the Ascension Glossary)

Grail Keeper and Spiritual Community

During the Ascension cycle, the New Age material became increasingly infiltrated by the Controlling factions of extradimensionals that are in competition to write their DNA coding into the earth. Many of the New Age spiritual communities that have been organized on the earth over the last 20 years were established by an off planet ET group with an agenda to harvest or control DNA. (We must remember that DNA is a form of currency traded in many off planet societies that are not controlled by Orion’s money black magic as the earth is). That ET group contacts one of its human representatives on the earth, meaning that contactee or abductee has the same DNA history from other lifetimes or shares the same social complex memories. Many times, the ET groups target a person with world service contracts that are to make karmic restitution or amends, such as a human that had their memories erased but were in high positions of power in other timelines. These are Galactic Ambassadors, Ship Captains, Public Leaders, Pharaohs, Freedom Fighters, Popes; people that had high recognition level and power given to them from the people. Recruiting these Leaders from previous lifetimes, would make it easier for the other people of earth to be stimulated to follow them in an organized group without questioning their motives. Because they had followed that person before in another timeline, they recognize them at a soul level and the consciousness memories can be manipulated easily into sensory feelings that are hard to discern. As an example, we may recognize our killer from another lifetime and feel our soul pulling towards them, and this energetic compulsion is not happening for the reasons we think it is. When humans are not given context for Ascension, spiritual healing and multidimensional reality, it is very hard for most people to discern between darkness and light, deceit and truth on the earth plane. Often the people that blindly follow the leader and easily give away their authority have been traumatized through many lifetimes in the Master-Slave or Guru-Disciple archetypes. Most of these recruitments for spiritual communities use a similar template that can be immediately recognized, and that would be the power interplay between the Guru-Disciple archetypes. The Guru is given levels of Absolute power and worship from the devotee, in order for the disciple to believe she/he is blessed with eternal salvation through the grace being dispensed.  Many groups still believe this to be the pathway to find God rather than finding the God within.

Because this topic of the 2D Human tribe has opened up, the Vairagi Masters are related to 2D Stargate fallen bloodlines in the 2nd Tribe and have recruited for spiritual communities on the earth. They are a faction of Universal lineages connected to the Fallen Melchizedeks.

Fallen Melchizedek factions are in competition to control DNA, and have some history existing on the landmass of India, with those ancient tribes that migrated from around the 2nd Stargate of Jerusalem. Many world religions and spiritual teachings came out of Jerusalem, such as Buddhism, which returned to India and then went to the Far East to expand out into the Asian grids. Temple Mount is an extremely important power center for our planet, and Grail keepers will be attracted to be near this area or India, when they can. They also have a tendency to be involved in ashrams, or attracted to Spiritual Leaders from Hindu lineages, or people who return to India to live a communal life. The fallen aspects of this landmass are connected to people that have embodied into these soul groups, human tribes or Star Families. They are more vulnerable for consciousness manipulation by following the customs of the Hindu caste system. However, many of these soul groups are here to heal the archetypal pattern of primordial chaos or Tiamat. Tiamat is the aspect of Mother-Goddess ensouled in a planet, which descended into the chaotic fields, becoming trapped in the bowels of the earth, after the explosion of her consciousness.

The issues more specifically impacting Humanity Tribe One and Tribe Two will continue to be our focus because these Human Tribes are in need of transiting and rehabilitation. The descending tribes need to be moved out of false timelines and spaces with false identities. This means that spiritual communities that have gathered based upon these Human Tribe soul families are undergoing extreme pressures to reveal more of the truth of the karmic timelines around the Guru-Disciple traditions. Many must be freed from the hypnosis and mesmerism of astral glamour used to bind and attach cords to people’s light source. The path to sovereign freedom is to learn how to become inner sustained, and thus self-sourcing, which is a result of building one's inner light source directly with God. We cannot pay another money for our salvation, we must simply do the inner healing work required of our heart, soul and spirit.

Strength in Unity Consciousness

We must remember the darkness is before the dawn, knowing we can clear away the darkness from us, by building the power of our inner light through our spiritual practice. We cannot succumb to the feelings of powerlessness that are intentionally created to take advantage of our innocent heart or purity. We cannot succumb to the temptations pushing on us in daily interactions, the lack of ethics, nastiness, greed, or taking advantage of our fellow human, as our brother or sister. The harshness in the world can harden hearts, can weaken lesser souls, and can make the average person bitter and resentful. Our job is to stay spiritually strong, to stay on course, and to stay in alignment to the ethics of the Spirits of Christ. No matter what scheme, no matter what manipulation or game is being played against us by another human or alien, we must stay strong and not bargain our ethics.  If you feel you are being held hostage by some tentacle in the material world structure, you must stay strong and not bargain your ethics. This is a test of the spiritual emergency broadcast system!

When we feel overwhelmed in such harsh circumstances, when we see others we care for getting carried away by the pounding crash of the energetic tsunami in the world of forces it is normal to sense feelings of powerlessness. When we feel powerless in certain difficult situations, we may have challenges with hopelessness and disbelief. Our faith in ourselves is tested to the maximum and our true spiritual purpose is brought into questioning. Where our Spirit is true and pure this allows us to be in the flow with life. Where we must assert ourselves to be true to our heart, on the other hand this becomes a potential spiritual crisis. Where is the line between being true to our heart and living authentically, harmlessly and exerting our personal power to take control over situations through our own actions and impulses? What boundaries do we need to place in order to keep ourselves sane when other people may be trying to exert great force against us?  Recent difficult situations have come with gravity and finality. The deep gravity of life altering changes, and the internal changes being made inside our body while our relationships with other people change or end.

If we can stay awake and aware in this dark night of the soul phase, we can see it more clearly in order to call it out and cast it away. We can cast away our burdens to open new ways and new opportunities that are coming in this New Year. These current alignments are digging deep into the fields of chaos in order to birth the new, resurrected from the dark ashes of this debris in lower matter, to be transformed into better alignment with the new timelines that hold the potential of our highest expression. The shadow and death energy that exist in our past timelines in the lower matter fields, the dark matter templates, are being incinerated during this cycle. For some of us it means liberation in some area of our life, for others that refuse to adapt and be flexible to great changes, it may mean descending into madness. If we can work with these pressurized forces without resisting, it will burn away the shadow elements and take out the garbage. If we fight against the changes, it can burn us up quite badly in the process. Take great care to find the inner sanctum, stillness and communicate every day with your inner spirit.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker.

I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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