Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

June 2006

Lisa Renee

As we hit this midyear point for 2006, I must say the amount of lifetimes we have experienced in the last six months is just too many to count. What an amazing time we are living in. This past May was chock full of activations and many large gateways are opening now as a result. Please see the end of this newsletter for more detail about how these activations are impacting us.

There is one gateway in particular that is very important to discuss at this time. Going back to our January article, it was brought to us that 2006 had a theme relating to the tarot card The Star. This influence meant that many of us in agreement to embody the New Energy Female, would be delving even deeper into the healing and restructuring of our female roles. We would be integrating our masculine and feminine energies into greater balance.

Over the past months an extreme look into those core issues of healing our feminine aspects had us crying uncle. Much of this was mirrored in the platform of our beliefs around romantic relationships, giving us a hard look at what is working and what is not working. We are breaking through the old female paradigms and learning to create a new empowered female template. This very old wound is coming up to heal and we can feel this in our cells. We are experimenting and learning what this New Energy Female role will look like for us personally. Soon we will share this with the world.

In paying special attention to our theme this month, it is fascinating to witness the controversy with the recent Da Vinci Code movie release. This drama is playing out externally all around us as the macrocosm reflects our inner microcosm. If we pay attention to the clues around us, we can really begin to not just feel, but to SEE what is emerging right now.

What is very exciting is that this mass media attention is provoking a great deal of new thought around a patriarchal system that purposely denigrates the female principle for power and control over the populace and more importantly, perpetrates this through the convictions of the sacred in the world's primary world religions and belief systems. The light has been turned on in this very dark room. As a society we are beginning to peer into what has always been there, hidden in the dark and now seen by the light. These images can be frightening to those really holding on to their old beliefs of reality. In our lifetime we are witnessing the beginning of the dismantling of power within the old religious paradigms. The lack of integrity and the incongruence of these systems are no longer able to sustain themselves in this New Energy field on the planet.

As a collective female group we are embarking into new levels of being a woman on the planet at this time. We are walking through a gateway of Feminine Transcendence and Feminine Transfiguration. We are leaving behind the old archetypal energies of the female Wounded Warrior and shifting into the new empowered female prototype through the Goddess Gateway.

The Wounded Warrior

Many women became the wounded warrior because they felt they had to, in order to function in a masculine dominated world. Over time we numbed the sensitivity of our inherent connection to the divine forces as a coping mechanism. The social programs in which we were raised, only reinforced that our powerful connection to the divine be continually suppressed or distorted. For many of us our female creativity, intuition and personal power were not encouraged. Unrecognized, unheard and sometimes abused we internally rebelled against the system. This was an ancient conflict of the denigration of the divine feminine principals activated within our cellular memory.

We vowed to be free of it and to not need anyone or anything to depend on except ourselves. We worked hard, we rose on the corporate ladder and we were proud of this achievement. We would be powerful again. In our fervor to refuse to be dominated by a patriarchal system, we simultaneously closed our hearts to who we really were. Out of alignment with our true nature, we no longer could receive the natural flow of abundance. Life became more of a struggle and we could not figure out why.

This wounded warrior woman emerged very independent, successful, self reliant and many times single. Having taken on great responsibility she became polarized or more developed in masculine traits. As her female energies were depleted she became more confused about the source of her true power. Resentful attitudes towards men, toward society and even towards other women began to surface. The mounting obligations balancing all of the roles and hats, became a cross to bear. The burden of that weight became unbearable.

You are tired of fighting. You are tired of struggling. You long for the ancient memory of the Goddess within you to be activated, yet you are not sure if SHE will be protected or even recognized. Can you allow her to reveal herself? It is TIME. Welcome to the incredible power of your Goddess.

The Goddess 

The word Goddess has been thrown around quite a bit over the last few years as we have known of this cycle coming to reveal the new age of feminine power. However, there is another level of meaning for us in our experience at this time. We are moving from the concept to the actual experience at the cellular level of knowing. We are moving fully into the Goddess power that exists within the Divine Female.

The Heart of all Universal Creation, the Cosmic Heart, is held within the Heart of the Goddess. These are the Divine Feminine principals of the Godhead itself. The Power of all Creative intelligence is held in the Heart of the Goddess and born from the forces of Pure Love. The Gateway of that infinite power is accessed within your own heart center. This Cosmic Heart Matrix is the main access gateway to all of the higher dimensions and dimensional frequencies. As you integrate and heal your wounded feminine energies, your heart chakra will expand into the Heart of the Goddess.

This provides a key to the goddess gateway leading to the Cosmic Heart Matrix and this greater reality becomes One with you. The harmony of perfect creation born from perfect love, merges into human potential and human possibility. All of its resonances will begin to manifest its perfection into your life and into the world. You are the effortless creator of your highest purposes and fulfillment, as you are One with them.

Divine Union Patterning

Much of the emotional clearing we have been working with over the past months has been designed to heal the female energies within us. We are integrating into the wholeness of our masculine and feminine energies, as a part of our Ascension process. Little did we know that this was a preparation leading us to truly embody the power of the Goddess energies in order to transmit them through our bodies and into the World.

As we complete our Planetary Ascension, our chakra column becomes unified as ONE column of Light. It is then that we are activated into yet another level. It was shown to me that this is a Heart Chakra activation in which the individual heart center is linked into the Cosmic Heart of the Universal Matrix. It is a process that begins when we complete inner union within the masculine and feminine energies and heal their roles within our belief structure. We are then freed to experience and embody relationships in a completely new way. The DIVINE way.

We have been healing the wounded feminine parts of ourselves so that we can merge with the divine masculine and create this spiritual partnership, or Divine Union in the physical world.

This also activates our ability to conduct these higher frequencies from the Universe and to transmit them into this dimension. The symbolism of this energetic transference is that we, as embodied Ascended Females or Goddess will become an activated Staff holder. The Ascended Males or God, will be activated into being a Rod holder.

The Rod and Staff, the male and female polarities in Ascended divine union holders, will meet and Be in Love. When together in this divine union a third energy is created. This Trinity is a force that signifies the Birth of a New Energy for this realm. The old energy humans would recall this Trinity as the miracle of child birth. This energy is similar, yet not needed for the divine union partnerships. This Trinity is to be utilized here to anchor in the Ascension Template. It also anchors this divine union patterning into the planetary grids, which allows others to access this opportunity. This divine union partner is directly coded to work with you at this level. Many of these divine union couples will travel to direct Stargate portals and planetary Ley Lines, to anchor or transmit their light codes as guided.

This year we begin to bring in this Ascended Divine Union patterning. It was offered to me that many Starseeds and Indigos may have had intense or abruptly ended karmic relationships in PART 1 of their lives, to clear up their old soulmate agreements and to work on their healing skills. As we emerge into embodying the Goddess, our divine union template is activated.

As I mentioned earlier these are amazing times. The fullness of love I feel, the excitement of our transformation feels more tangible than ever. To witness us moving into this as a state of being has completely inspired me. Allow it in to inspire you. We are seeing some incredible results from our pathcutting, clearing, healing and unity of Light. We did this together.

Continue below to the latest update. This will assist you in navigating the next few months as we dig deep to heal our feminine and finally emerge into our Goddess.

Update: Latest Planetary Activation

Recently there has been a lot of intense Astrological and energetic activity impacting many of us. We began the Ascension Cycle activations on May 13th's full moon in Taurus. For some of us getting this wake up call has been a crash course in change and transformation. Just 13 days after the Ascension portal opening on May 13th, another cycle known as the Starburst Cycle began. Here is some of what is currently being experienced and some of the changes happening at the planetary energy levels.

This cycle began on Friday, May 26, 2006. This particular Pillar of energy is relating to the realignment of our meridians within our Sacral or 2nd chakra into higher octaves of frequency. This means that especially during this period of time, our personal energetic fields are getting upgrades to be reconnected to higher dimensional fields via the 2nd Chakra.

As this activation of frequency occurs for us at the individual level, this means we will be purged of issues or conflicts residing at the 2nd chakra level. Most of us know what the process of emotional clearing is and so it is time to focus on healing and clearing all of our 2nd chakra unresolved issues. This will create a much easier navigation through this cycle.

As many of us are aware, most of the 3D human population is polarized and stuck in the human experience of the 2nd chakra. This is where human enslavement has been focused by the counter evolutionary forces, through stimulating the 2nd chakra imbalances of power, greed, addiction and sex. These negative emotions emanate from the lower nature of the desire body residing in the 2nd chakra.

There is a type of toxic release that is surfacing and it is very much needed. Many of us are feeling this run through our physical cells and bodies. Please be aware that our urinary and genital systems may have a sympathetic reaction. Kidney, bladder and our reproductive organs are a part of this system. Pay attention and give your body what it needs with love and self care. All methods of focused healing on these more vulnerable areas like kidney and bladder detoxification, using herbs or homeopathy, may be especially helpful at this time.

It is suggested we spend some time clearing and asking the Guardians for support in this healing of all crystallized patterns in our 2nd chakra that we are to release for clearing, in this Pillar Two Starburst Cycle. This is an incredible amount of frequency and it will be aimed at second chakra issues and imbalances.

This may include patterns and symptoms of the following:

  • Our Relationships to Others, including family, friends, lovers, partners
  • Boundaries in our personal relationships
  • Our relationship to our Inner Child. Are we a loving parent to our inner child?
  • Subconscious programs or archetypes we carry related to the ego's beliefs and identity
  • Desire body and instinctual body processes, like addiction and reactionary emotions
  • Creative intelligence flow, our true passion and purpose
  • Female empowerment and the true power of defining the Goddess energy within
  • Beliefs around reproduction and our reproductive glands and organs

More about the 2nd Chakra: The second layer is the Subconscious Instinctual Body and relates to the Sacral Chakra located about two inches below the navel. They are both related to the emotional and feeling aspects of life experiences. Our sense of abundance, well being and sexuality is related to this chakra. Most experiential traumas that have not been resolved or released will create energetic blockage that lodge in this area. It tends to be the most difficult energy body and chakra for the human being to master in this plane of reality, where low expressions of duality such as suffering and brutality exist.

Pay attention to your own inner guidance that will emerge to support this clearing. Follow that intuition. Allow yourself play time, safe time, sleep time and heal time. Do not take anything personally.

Stay In the Luminosity of Your Heart and soul path, we are here as One.

2006 Lisa Renee,

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Tiamat Logos

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

The Blue Rainbow Bridge seated in Holy Mountain architecture discussed last month, has continued to unfold. This architecture has supplied the corrected crystal key activations for the Universal Melchizedek Ankh Body, which functions as the gatekeeper entrance into several intermediary portal systems hosted by the eternal Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders. This upgrade has generated an Emerald Order Melchizedek Solar Templar shield for realigning original Sun-Star networks and Capstone Codes, which allow access into the timelines of pre-fall Nibiru and pre-fall Tiamat. Currently, Emerald Guardians are inspecting, repairing and reconfiguring the reclaimed Tiamat Logos morphogenetic fields, which directly impact the 10D Solar Star and the Shara Complex.

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