Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Flower Arrangement

Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

December 2006

Lisa Renee

As we end 2006 many of us recognize what an intensely transformative year this has been in our own personal spiritual evolution. We really are witnessing a critical mass in the tipping point of consciousness, which has been extremely exciting and inspiring for most. No matter where we are in our personal evolution, no matter where we are on this planet, everyone can feel the changes deep within our cells that a cosmic wake up call has occurred. The Deployment of the Light Family. This can have some waiting on pins and needles anticipating these changes with great excitement where others may have dredged up some of the old human fears and dramas related to facing the unknown. The degree to which we have surrendered our fear, to Trust the Forces of Transformation, will be relative to our personal experience in the coming months. However, most of us are so beyond the energy it takes to resist these changes and have been in a full surrender mode, just allowing. Our new motto sprung forth from the last few months is "What will be Will Be". 

Neutral Associations

This year was an unsurpassed phase of clearing density from our bodies, as we were letting go of our old reality and many of its energetic structures. This process of disconnection from our old reality systems had us swinging between states of emotional crisis and feeling apathetic or numb. The numbness was confusing at first, however this is what has led us to a new level of emotional mastery in maintaining neutrality to outcomes. This new proficiency of our mastery with Neutral Association has been especially noticeable when coming across what had previously been very emotionally charged themes in our behavioral patterns. Many of us have risen to new levels of transcending old emotional patterns and are experiencing greater freedom in life without attachments. This level of emotionally perceived neutrality is at times disorienting as we are learning to trust the divine timing and its flow in our lives, implicitly.

We have better learned how to offer ourselves up to the Divine Forces through Surrender. And that to remain in the Divine Flow, just requires us to be relaxed and to just show up in the present moment. Discerning the level of extraneous details that distract us from our true purpose is becoming much clearer to us as we move forward in these New Energies.

This discernment is now seeing the juxtaposition between our old 3D identity's addictive needs and attachments, versus the balanced preferences of the higher functioning emotional body's desire to express our inherent creativity. This is a phase of learning to just BE in our life experience without any of the strings of attachment or judgment. Since our instinctual desire body is primarily governed by our subconscious layers, most of our unconscious needs, limiting behaviors or attachments were lodged there as patterns. Lately the New Energy supporting neutrality feels quite liberating and this is a pretty new experience for most of us.

Divine Upgrades

The radical clearing many of us have undergone this year, has greatly supported our ability to unmask and discipline our subconscious reactions, to instead be governed by the Super-Conscious or Higher Self. Our disconnection from the old reality fields has upgraded our personal energy fields to release much more of the 3D mass negative consciousness fields. Additionally, much of the patterning we have held and have been pathcutting to clear these last months, is a part of the human species collective unconscious mind fields. As a group we could feel there was a definite weight to the degree of clearing we have processed recently. We have been clearing the many layers of our subconscious where there are implants of ancestral, social, immediate family of origin and the mass belief programming that runs through our genetic codes and species memory. This was quite a tall order for our Light Family. The great news is that much of the old overlays of these codes and memory in our personal fields are being superseded to fifth dimensional and above patterning.

These processes are leading us to new states of Divine Fulfillment. This includes a state of being that is no longer holding any previous judgments or attachments to experiences, that previously influenced us based on our past memories.

The higher functioning emotional body is a part of our spiritual layers and is directly designed to catalyze our soul purpose into action. So as the instinctual body has been releasing stored memory of our addiction from the mass consciousness grid programs, it gives us much more freedom to more easily express our higher nature. This includes more freedom to experience our higher self and therefore align with greater levels of our soul realization and higher purposes. This process simultaneously weaves the framework of our personal truth as we align to be soul infused personalities.

We have definitely graduated to new levels of self mastery in the physical world and it supports our greater confidence in living authentically. We will come to know and understand that in this New Universe, in this New Energetic System, our Soul Truth in any of its possibilities is completely supported by the Divine forces.

So as we move forward, we are being greatly empowered and supported by the Divine forces in our own self and soul actualization, to embody that truth. This phase is also beginning a demarcation point of our personal truth being revealed to us so that we can begin to share it with the world. We have been in a gestation period this year and are just about ready to give birth to our new selves. As we remain in our truth without bargaining ourselves away, we will feel increasingly supported in all ways as this truth is being born within us. This is the time many of us will begin to enter an age of Divine Fulfillment, in ways we have not previously experienced before.

The Pause Continues

As described in last month's newsletter, we are still experiencing a type of holding pattern or pause button in many areas of our lives.

Recently however, there has been much information being revealed to us that had been previously hidden in our lives. As this new truth reveals, we are being made privy to loads of new information that is surfacing in a variety of ways. This is getting us to look deeper and go deeper into what we really want to create as authentic beings in this next time cycle. Our lens of perception is being focused in entirely new ways, to see with much greater clarity and empower us in making personal decisions when we are called upon to do so. Apparently, this is bringing to the surface information we need to be made aware of in regards to maintaining levels of our own truth and integrity, in the associations we are making now. The interesting note is that much of this new information seems to surface for our review and yet there is a distinct sensation and knowing, that it is Not the time to make definite decisions based on that information just yet. It feels like we are getting several pieces to our personal puzzle and all the pieces are not in yet, to catalyze us into action.

This recent round of intensity has increased our higher sensory perception and we are receiving more direct cognition in our awareness. With this new ability to listen to our body's wisdom, we can feel much more clearly when we ask our self a question. When paying attention to what our body feels like we will receive a distinct Yes, No or Hold type of answer in response. It has been emphasized to me that we are in this holding pattern now and it is important to wait for the dust to settle, while all this new information pours in or presents itself to us. Stay present and keep checking in to ask yourself the questions. Remember we are in now time and trust that you will know exactly what you need to do at the time you need to know. This is an attribute of the New Energy. When you need to know, is in the moment when you need to respond with a call to action. Until that time, we are experiencing a pause in our personal timeline.

Frequency Split

At this time we are at a critical point within the multidimensional timelines and the correlation to the vibrational match of what is aligning to our personal energetic field or what we manifest, and its new timeline emerging in 2007.

We are heading into a definitive Frequency Split between the dimensions and hence the timelines of human experience. Since the summer of 2006 we have been in a Particle Conversion period, a transition occurring between the dimensional reality fields that we are moving through and evolving towards. The vibrational octave has become so wide between the 3D reality fields and the Multidimensional fields, that we are experiencing a frequency split.

These New Energies and where we are being positioned in the grid timelines of next year, will not support anything hidden or incongruent within our being. We are anchoring our spiritual energetic truth and our multidimensionality with this new rewiring and upgrades in our energetic template. We are being Divinely upgraded.

During this phase many of us are being positioned to move into the next stage of our development in the Ascension plan. This includes aligning to the appropriate timeline which we are choosing to experience in the next stage of our evolution. The old ways of being and dealing with our life have come to an end and a new experience of living is on the horizon. Currently, many of us are being radically upgraded energetically and rewired etherically. This has become a necessity as many are being accelerated into our new reality fields and timelines in this coming year.

For the Genetic Pathcutter Family

I must also add that this year was one of the most physically uncomfortable times I have personally experienced on my evolutionary path and that sentiment is shared with quite a few members of our soul family. I received an incredible amount of emails requesting support and guidance on rather intense physical symptoms. Those of us with Genetic Pathcutting agreements had some rather long periods of discomfort during the summer, releasing ancestral levels of behavior and physical dysfunction in the genetic line. We felt stabilized physically for a few months, mostly during September through October, and were gaining more physical clarity and strength than we had for a very long time. We felt a new freedom emerging in our physicality. Then in November we had a group task assigned, intensified with the Scorpion full moon, that for many of us felt like a physical and mental set back.

Last month during the first few weeks of November, we had a planetary morphogenetic field clearing of some distorted genetic patterns in the human race field. This was perceived as a mounting pressure from the full moon on the 5th, that finally erupted on November 8th-9th and many of us felt pretty ill on those two days. It was like this cellular memory pattern in the matrices broke open, and was dissolved and dissipated through the planetary fields and then through our bodies. The Genetic Pathcutters had bouts of kundalini flu, glandular fever, intestinal and bowel complaints, feeling toxic and extremely fatigued. A resurgence of viral type symptoms seemed to be rampant. Much needed tender loving care and rest was and is required at this time. It is important to take the time to acknowledge your body's needs with self-care, self-love and self-appreciation. Thank you for your wonderful and profound service.

Divine Union Relationships

During this phase our romantic partnerships are either ending or expanding to new levels of union and intimacy. Nothing stagnate remains supported and our relationships are being tested by the forces of transformation. There is not much tolerance for individuals that are in relationships that are at a stand still or not empowering growth. Much information is gathering about our partnerships, so I do recognize we need a bit of patience and some humor at this time. However, I wanted to quickly acknowledge this piece as many of us are sensing that our relationships are changing. Our recent upgrades have ignited new creative energies that are rising through our second chakra and bringing sensations of a new sexuality and desire to creatively partner. We are exploring new depths of who we are and how we want to relate to a partner, indeed in the template of a sacred union. Those guided to understand more about the Sacred Union process may be interested to view the book Sacred Union by Suzanna Kennedy.

Clearly in this year of 2006, many of us feel like we have been catapulted on the fast track of evolution. Looking back at who you were a year ago, may feel like many lifetimes have passed since. As we move into this next year this is an exciting time for our Multidimensional family. I am deeply grateful for your love, support and contribution to the planet.

Until next time, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path. We are here as One.

2006 Lisa Renee,

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Ending Human Trafficking

November 2020

Ending Human Trafficking

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Foreword: The topic of Human Trafficking is highly polarizing and controversial and is the reason I’ve written a foreword to this month’s newsletter. It feels important to have a runway describing why this issue is so forbidden and extinguished from public discourse, and how successful the gaslighting is to distract humanity from connecting the dots and seeing it. The mainstream media mind control that is backed by the Power Elite and NAA forces aggressively use every psychological warfare tactic that they have at their disposal to attack and suppress the education of the public about this most dehumanizing and immoral crime against humanity – Human Trafficking. For a long while the Power Elite and their criminal cabal families have used compartmentalized government institutions and transnational business models to hide their illicit activities by framing their business operations as legitimate and lawful, while making obscene profits on the slavery, ritual abuse, sexual exploitation and sale of human beings. This is the inverted system of control that has been created by the Power Elite Controllers. In the external, the mainstream media’s mass psychological operations are intended to traumatize and infect our minds with powerful deceptions, gaslighting and bold face lies to emotionally trigger our pain body through the coordinated rhetoric that is being designed to demoralize and weaken the population. Deploying demoralization and dehumanization tactics against the masses generates mind control slaves, people that believe everything that is being said by the authorities and the mainstream media. Thus, people are groomed to do what they are told. Those that control the media, control the spin of the narrative in order to hide the many crimes of the elites.

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