Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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April 2010

The Mother Arc

Lisa Renee


Dear Family,

For those of us participating with the 2012 Ascension Timeline as awakened Starseeds or Indigos, this last cycle of the Galactic Underworld has been intensely transformative in bringing the next level of awareness into perceptible knowledge.
Since last November the Inner Revelations abound with information surfacing that is continually testing our personal discernment in every way. Most of us have been feeling overloaded or overwhelmed with some major life lesson attempting to integrate us more fully into accepting the incoming transformational energies. These incoming energies are above and beyond the evolutionary frequency waves that our planet and human beings have ever been exposed to. This sequential series of Magnetic Propulsion Waves are of such magnitude it is forcing us as a species to transform, adapt and evolve in order to change from within.

Since Mid December's life changing event, which changed the structures on the earth forever as we have known it, we began the sequential collapse of the 4D false white light webbing and its false umbilicus structure. This was the inorganic reincarnation structure attached to the group human soul layer of light-body, the opening portal accessed in Giza, Egypt. This last quarter has been challenging for us on the Astral Plane Cleanup crew. This has meant that a container of Underworld energies, aberrant Astral plane entities and related debris have been consistently spilling out into the larger planetary 3D consciousness reality fields.

Which means many people are either feeling these energies and are unconsciously acting them out or consciously choosing to clear them, by not allowing negative energies to govern them. The good news is the new forces are powerful so when they consciously interact with them, they can clear a  tremendous amount of negativity with greater ease than in the past. However, in the external world many are not acting on their best behavior, from the onset of tremendous internal pressure these energies create. Since most of the population does not have a context for what is happening on the planet or how to effectively deal with their stress, it creates a large group of persons acting out in unconscious destructive ways. Addiction, thought obsession, and possession programs have accelerated for those that have not yet learned how to cope with these mechanisms. These energies will bring to the surface fragmentation and distortions in the masses and it is necessary to surface what is real rather than denying the problem exists, in order to begin to face the integrative healing process. This is a shifting energetic complexity that is happening at the individual field and collective field levels.

As more of us prepare to be the embodied being that is the calm that walks into the center of the storm, we realize this is a wakeup call to have dominion over our self, which is a critical lesson in self energetic mastery. We are being called to bring Harmony into the Seed of Conflict in these external circumstances. The love and peace we hold will enable the Source Field to re-harmonize the external environment though our very physical being. Do not take anything personally.

Planetary 9D Merkaba Buffer Field

We are at the midpoint cycle of the Sixth night of the Galactic Underworld, which shifts into the next cycle of the Seventh day in November 2010. A new platform architecture for our planet has been required and prepared meticulously to be reconnected to the planetary light body by Interdimensional Guardian groups.

(Note: Guardian groups are of all levels of consciousness and agreeing to hold their life force at ONE level of focused consciousness agreement, Ascension Liberation For ALL. This is carried out in accordance to the free will choices of each being, respectfully, although each being answers to the consequence of their choices. Genetic rehabilitation and re-education of the laws in order to live in Harmony with the Universe are freely shared with all sincere seekers. Guardians are embodied as physical humans, as well as other species and races that are all a part of the covenant to serve The Law of One. These are the Natural Laws of God and the Mechanics of Creation, and are the mathematical physics that govern the time space fields in our Universe, not a manmade mental belief system of judgment.) 

This was in order for the planetary body to handle these new forces being reconnected to our access, at this density level. It also has SPECIFIC purpose to buffer the cosmic energies as they filter in, so they create a minimal amount of stress in the tectonic plates and the surface crust of the earth. It is no surprise as we have been aware for a long time that when the magnetic fields shift into another proportionate scale, it creates many weather patterns and climatic anomalies. Our planet has seen an accelerated increase of weather in the form of floods, hail, volcanic and earthquake changes, quite rapidly in the past quarter leading up to this event.

Some of us with the job of planetary gridworker have been acting as energy placement holders like an acupuncture point for the planetary body, for this 9D merkabic system until it was stabilized in the planetary body merkabic structure through the earth core. This is like understanding a higher octave Merkabic Structure, the 9D Quadra Merkabic Architecture has been overlaid into and DNA bonded into our planetary light body or its energy blueprint architecture.

The Golden Chalice

That means for April we should get a break from the high level intensity of shadow clearings and should start to feel the new energy platform supporting our foundation, so this group of us is not feeling such an energy burden in our personal bodies. The 9D chakra has been referred to as the Mouth of God and its opening is exactly at the back of the neck, where the skull lays on top of the spine. It connects to the medulla oblongata and the reticular formation of the brain and spinal cord. This area esoterically has been called the Golden Chalice for it is the Occipital Cup that holds the Cosmic Intelligence or Wisdom. It is a literal brain rewiring spiritual body activation, in order to hold and be receptive to the Golden Chalice of Universal Knowledge.

Many of us are becoming aware that we are being connected to another language, another octave and another dimensional layer of accessing knowledge. There are waves of us accelerated into this spiritual body development of accessing Universal Knowledge from the Golden Chalice as it activates processes in the base of our brain. We may not comprehend it quite yet, as it involves a language of code, syntax or archetype. However, our sensory faculties are aware of something that is changing the field and our relationships to everything in it.

Knowledge and the wisdom required to be responsible for that knowledge, comes with the great purification of Fire. This purification fire has been rearranging the cells and for some of us it manifested into symptoms of head and sinus infection, throat and lung congestion and other physical ailments. Some of this has been felt deeply with the new consciousness children as they are more deeply connected to the changes on the earth. The dropping density requirement has been feeling very intense to prepare our bodies to hold what is coming next.

Many of us have been isolated, sequestered and sleeping a lot over the last quarter. Quite busily building this structure, as well as step down fields that act as circuit boards to transduce and moderate high frequencies in these various energetic circulatory complexes. Also, this is the same 9D portal area of Guardian projects rehabilitating the mental body fragments of the male Michael consciousness grids. A tremendous amount of change is underway now.

The Mother Arc

This has also been evidenced lately as the planetary body is shaking and quaking to reposition itself for an entirely new Magnetic Field Grid Network System to power up new levels of the 13th Pillar or The Mother Arc.

The Guardians are calling this aspect of Mother Aquamarine Ray energy a Magnetic force powering up in our Earth Core through the newly reconnected levels of the 9D Quadra Merkabic structure, The Mother Arc. The awareness and systematic dismantling of several obsolete controlled architectures in the planetary field have allowed this to come online. It is similar to understanding we have poked a hole in the mind controlled frequency fence, and reconnected our handshake hub to reconnect with the Mother Arc. It is through the Mother's Perfect Proton Seed or Cosmic Egg that Creation can Heal Itself to its Original Divine Blueprint.

A new Mother language, vibration and seed codes, began transmission from the planet's newly activated Australian portal network and its reconnected portions of the horizontal Golden Eagle grid system. From this vantage point of human reality the seed codes are being called the Universal Grandmother Turtle Codes. These codes have been embodied, protected and hidden by the Aboriginal and Indigenous cultures of the earth for eons of time. These are like a God Inoculation and a surprise revelation of what is beginning to transpire in consciousness fields, an event that has never transpired before in the history of creation. It cannot be emphasized enough that God consciousness has some surprises up its sleeve, transmitted through our bodies as the countdown to the final conflict continues.

The Eastern Australian Seaboard from Brisbane to Uluru, and Ayer's Rock is acting as one of the main portal magnetic battery generators, which is gaining charge in its main magnetic hub located by the monument of Uluru. The Guardians explain Uluru is similar to many other pyramidal structures as it is being used to mark a major portal system gateway on the planet. Just as the pyramids were not just tributes to dead Pharaohs, they were specific gateways marking access to other dimensions and visible from outer space, Uluru is a power point for a Global Network of dormant or inactive ancient gateways, systems or hubs and was placed there as a marker by the God creators of this system. The Architects of Creation and Guardians of the Universal Time Matrix were known as the King Dragon lineages and are where many of the Aurora lattice fields are coming from, which are esoterically known as the Dragon lines. They say Uluru was placed on earth by the Dragon races of the next Universe, not to be confused with Orion Draconis or the Reptilian races. This is primarily being utilized to begin to power up a new level of the Arc Gate Systems on the planet. This ignition has specific relevance to the Mother Arc, 13th Pillar Mother Magnetic Aqua Flame igniting the Giza Pyramid and its related circulatory systems. It appears the timeline for activation is geared for this June Solstice.

The Magnetic Field of the Mother Arc, the beginning and end of creation back into the zero point, is connecting to magnetically charge up Uluru to power up the Giza Pyramidal dipole activity located in Egypt. This activity is similar to switching on a generator that is to POWER UP these dormant vortexes and grid points.

(See wiki reference: Piezo electricity. Like a Piezo electric conductor, it's been clarified that is what is happening on the planet is the squeeze effect from the compression that is required to ignite and propel the magnetic charge transduction. This effect creates all these earthquakes in the field as the shifting of the tectonic plates rearrange to accommodate these new charges and the fields they create.)

The phase beginning now is like a New Year as we are entering an elevated space available from the additional Underworld clearing since November. Hallelujah for She has Risen!

Michael and Male Principle Consciousness Healing Continues

As we are well aware, the old energy architecture that impedes the new consciousness structures from connecting are in the process of being demolished. As a result, the soul fragments and the cellular memories are also being cleared from the planetary matrix. This is not an invisible process of a God figure waving his wand in the sky, it is the agreed upon mission and life work of the collective awakened Starseed or Indigo. It is through embodied polarity integration and the rehabilitation of the dark forces, absent of light and ignorant of the law, that this process can actually happen. That is why we must face the darkness and conquer our fears as we commit to serve as the embodied representative of God Source, in order to be the ultimate Alchemist. Polarity Integration is Alchemy. This is one of the most confused aspects of belief in the New Age awareness, that we deny that darkness exists. Denial breeds deception and then manipulation, by the very forces you deny exist. 

Most of this is transpiring at the holographic blueprint level within the anti-particle fields. We will see more of these changes manifested in the material world over the next two years specifically. There never exists any judgment in what structure is demolished or rehabilitated in order to exist within a higher integrity of harmony with the Natural Laws of God. Only that which holds the integrity of the organic living light of the Eternal Supply of Source is left standing as the Truth.

Given the information this month on the necessity of a new 9D Planetary Merkabic structure being built, it is the same portal and dimensional area of Guardian projects rehabilitating the mental body fragments of the Male AA Michael consciousness described last month. This clearly is ongoing to integrate and merge the Unity consciousness fields where there has been Patriarchal Domination propagated through distorted or controlled holographic programs. Remember that controlled means inorganic, it means another consciousness outside of the reality decided to interfere with and manipulate the organic and natural evolution of a species. 

We have been witnessing systematic Male bloodline clearing through the 12 Tribes of Genetic Seeding of the Human Race, since the AA Michael Matrix began dismantling and clearing genetic memory in the 3-6-9 dimensional fields. As mentioned last month, Males in these bloodlines or energetically named have the most radical symptoms for Ancestral and Pathcutting clearing. These bloodline histories are being repatterned and cleared in Triads, as stemming from the Family of Michael Consciousness as the Patriarchal or Grandfather Lineage of the Masculine. The House of Kings starting with King David most recently, has been especially prominent in clearing the cellular memory fields existing within the planetary history. The House of David is especially important now to the Guardians as the Three Kings in the House of David. Saul, David and Solomon, are the last bloodline that hold the rightful Priest-King of Benevolence. They are the last line of the embodied Kings that held the Rods of God Source. It ended with Solomon and it will open again with Solomon, as the Shield of Solomon is the hosting shield of our source code embodiment work for this planet, The Avatar of Ascension.

The Avatar of Ascension Ignites

We are a Universal Group Consciousness experiment of genetic Unity in Diversity relearning how to reconnect into our Source origins. Some of us act as energy placement holders, some of us do the ancestral pathcutting and transmuting for the mass consciousness fields, some of us are the midwives of the birthing or passing souls, some of us are teachers or healers, some of us birth the new consciousness children, some of us are the architects, and some of us are the Galactic polarity integrators. There is an incredibly diverse amount of genetic material and unique energy signatures embodied in this Living Light Library of Planet Earth. There is no value difference given although we should learn to respect each unique role as a part of the One. We are a group consciousness of Unity in Diversity.

Once you have committed to embody the Guardian Consciousness or it is your blueprint, you may be required to play all of the roles if your destiny path is one of Stewardship. Stewardship and Leadership roles in the new consciousness fields are now required to be a path of energetic self-mastery. This newsletter is serving that smaller niche of Human Guardian Consciousness through informed awareness and by cultivating the energetic integration necessary to be an embodied container of the Truth Vibration and God Spark. This is a frequency requirement to participate as a Steward with the Host Shields through the Avatar of Ascension. One must have mastered the Self to a degree that Inner Source Sustainability is embodied in the physical reality. Obviously the more embodied Stewards we have the easier this process is for ALL of US.

Polarity integration through life experience is the Soul Transmutation Alchemy that is required to physically embody total Inner Source Sustainability. One must transcend judgment through neutrality, not ignore the polarity of forces. Ignorance of these forces breeds spiritual righteousness, false glamour and its demonic delusion to take hold of the consciousness.

Inner Source Sustainability means you have no need to create attachment cords, control circumstantial outcomes or engage in karmic relationships that energetically feed off of something external to yourself.

This means you commit to not being emotionally or energetically parasitic or vampiric to anything external to yourself, and that you self contain your personal energies and attempt to be completely responsible for them.

Our group planetary consciousness has been traversing another in depth sensing of the Underworld energies through the portal of the Astral Plane, in order to heal and unify the collective emotional body of the planet. Reconnecting and healing the human being's group soul and its heart center.

In order to heal one must be able to feel. This is clarified by having an ability to access the soul matrix function of Higher Sensory Perception, which distinguishes the Cellular Knowing impulses from the Linear Analytics that characterize the 3D mental body functions. Emotional distortions of 2D and 4D Astral Plane Damage need to be first realized, then witnessed in order to be synthesized into a higher frequency and harmonic alignment. This is how individual and planetary DNA is recoded and healed through the energy blueprinting architecture, through higher light sound frequency arranged in tones of scalar wave arrangements. This is the God composition known as the Music of the Spheres. Our God parent has returned to show us how to create beautifully harmonically arranged music that allows us to merge with the Higher Kingdoms of God. This way we become in harmony with the Universal Laws and in harmony with ourselves. (See: Musica_universalis).

This is the Avatar of Ascension Unity Field, it harmonizes conflict by holding the Power of One in the Core Being as the Ultimate Truth. It is a group consciousness field that will support many of us to move to higher levels of consciousness that have been limited through genetic or ancestral patterns buried in our flesh. It is the beginning of a group field re-encryption process at the elemental vehicle level, the physical body level, the level of planetary raw material that makes our physical flesh. It is to begin bringing the possibility of freedom to the flesh from the genetic manipulation that has been controlling the elementals on this planet, which is being supported by ES community projects and by the Ascension Hosts of Crystal Matrix and Aurora.


In the closing of our lengthy transmission, we choose the archetypal principle of Temperance to meditate upon and to serve as a reminder for our concluding timeline theme. Much skill at neutrally applying Temperance is required through this current planetary Rite of Passage. Temperance is the Law of Verification that stands at the pinnacle, the crux of making a personal major choice in order to integrate fully what has been learned on the life journey. It forces us to make hard decisions based on what we now know to be our personal truth. Through the tempering of Soul through its many challenges, we become increasingly able to embody Soul God Essence. We have a choice to forfeit that knowledge through fear and if so, we will continue to undergo more of the same static patterns of life experience until the learning is complete. It is that completion through polarity integration, that alchemically molds us into the embodiment of the true nature of our God Essence. This is the task at hand.

Some questions to ponder this month: Can you remain on the pathway despite challenges to your faith? What have you learned spiritually that you can integrate neutrally and apply practically to your life? Are you willing to accept that in order to serve God, you will be continually purified?

More on Temperance

As a personal note it is my inspiration to serve what is true humanity, that which is our birthright of sovereignty through Unity consciousness. That which has happened to this earth is not human. I continually challenge and provoke the reader's belief systems by sharing direct experiences from the Guardian consciousness perspective, which is through the human lens of attempting to live in Harmony with the Universe. My human being dislikes conflict and yet I have learned that in order to answer to Stewardship and Service, it is inevitable. I do not like to be in a controversial position, but I feel a moral, ethical and spiritual obligation to my brothers and sisters to share all that I have been given. This is in order to break free from the constraints and controls that may be limiting the God Spark from embodying. I do not have an Oath for everyone to Love me or agree with me, I have an Oath to Love and Serve God. As a result, beings that choose this are controversial figures, provoking both great Love and Hate in the amplified polarity of this distorted hologram. Please take that which supports your resonance to Own your Personal Truth and discard the rest.

For those of you who are new to this material, I cannot tell you what you want to hear and lull you to sleep in complacent dreams. This is non-negotiable spirituality and you must rise to your internal and spiritual responsibility, to live your spirit in every way or you will have great consequences. With all of my heart and might, I choose to empower you in the pathway of integration so that the brilliance of your internal light can be fed upon no more, and each can contain the divine birthright of infinite and eternal God Supply. Please read the entire Newsletter Series from its inception if you are looking to answer questions around this material.

Thank you to our growing and expanding Guardian Family, willing to be disciplined and self contained in order to embody the Power of the One for the All.

We are in this together and until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path. Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.



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