Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world. When the collective fields shift in this way, it means there has been a frequency shift in the collective agreement that impacts the overall consciousness evolution on the planet, therefore, the Timelines Shift.
We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth. As we clear false and inorganic architecture from suppressing and impairing our consciousness, we are extracting the alien enslavement programming, AI Implants and Mind Control in order to embody our true inner Christos spirit and return to the Zero Point Field, the heart of the God Gateway leading into the Seven Higher Heavens.
Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.

Waterfall columbia120February 2010
by Lisa Renee

Dear Family,

We are moving through a three month cycle as a result of the massive influx of frequency introduced into our Planet's energy field last November.
Whenever we go through a major planetary shift such as this one you will notice that there is a pattern of energy assimilation that we all undergo at some level. This is the Spiritual Ascension pattern of Download, Process, Integrate. Download is to be initiated into new frequency, Processing is to assimilate these energies and rearrange or delete obsolete patterns in your aura blueprint, and Integrate is to anchor in these updated patterns and to experience a different perception of reality. These energies work in Triads or patterns of three. You will note 90 days after major energy events you will be dealing with the results of those energies, by having to make changes or adjust to circumstances that impact your external physical world. This last cycle of energies are starting to radically impact our personal lives bringing much needed change into our physical reality now. We are all impacted by these energies whether we participate with them or do not. What is transpiring during these times is a planetary evolutionary event that impacts every level of our relationship to the Universe.

Synthesize Polarity to Unity

When we have a specific event such as November's Stellar Frequency Exchange, that is our planet's initiation into another cycle and moves us into a higher vibrational octave of energetic Intelligence. We then have a choice to participate with these new energies or not. The paradox of these energies is that some of us will seem to grow more Intelligent, advancing with these frequencies and others will not, in fact they will shut down quite rapidly. When this frequency change creates confusion in a fear based individual the danger is their mind locks down and fear becomes the pervasive thought.

The term Intelligent is defined here as Choosing to live in Harmony with Oneself so one can live in Harmony with the Universe. The less harmony we create, the more pain and anguish we bring into our lives. This act of choice is not an evolved act of a species seeking to grow, evolve and expand itself.

This paradox is caused by the structure of polarity in our holographic reality, which amplifies the opposite forces with incredible pressure. The pressure increases relative to the scale between the frequencies and the higher the octave of frequency goes. As these high frequencies in many cases have no outlet to conduit through, as so few humans have been prepared for their Ascension, they release incredible forces of distortion, which can appear confusing at a linear level of perception. This is similar to a back exhaust of density, like thick black smoke and Astral debris, that has to be transmuted in the personal and mass consciousness fields. These energies create a surreal intensity. Especially now as we are undergoing a layer of Collective Emotional Body Initiation, which is changing our 4D Astral Plane, along with the Ley Line axis points in Giza, Egypt. These times are a Rite Of Passage for humanity. 

The more we participate consciously with our personal evolution the easier it is. Some of us will go first and connect to those new energies as the way showers for the rest of humanity. Others receive these transmissions in subsequent waves at the time they become open to receive them. Because the nature of this holographic reality is polarized into a dual charged system of Electric-Male and Magnetic-Female forces, we will perceive these events from this consciousness level as duality, until we are able to understand what we are actually interacting with. We are embodied here to heal the polarity charge and split, which is also its own field of energetic intelligence, mainly of separation.

Humanity is evolving from an electromagnetic field of embodied consciousness by synthesizing these forces of opposite into a Neutral energy intelligence field. This Neutral field intelligence is not only the source of our Genesis it is a crystal matrix network forming the Universal Avatar of Ascension.

This is where the Guardian term Polarity Integrator for the Indigo Family stems from. This neutral energy field is the Unity intelligence field emanating from the Universal Core as projected from our God Source Creator. When we heal our inner polarity energies and repair the damage it created in our Aura, we then are able to actually embody the neutral energy field in our formerly polarized physical forms. We also heal the genetic material and DNA, and heal the Ancestral timelines of the past, present and future. In many languages, some of which have distortions, this act of Unity Intelligence embodiment is also referred to as the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

The Reappearance of the Christ on Earth is a phrase related to the direct comprehension of the destiny blueprint for the 3D human evolutionary process during this Ascension Cycle. It is not one individual being, it is a group consciousness intelligence field. This is a phrase that many of us have heard before. What is a new revelation for humanity is that we are beginning to understand that the origins, conflicts and hidden histories of the Christ Consciousness or Unity Intelligence, extends way beyond this planet into the Multiverses. Which begins to open our minds to understand that the Christ Consciousness as an Intelligence, did not originate from this Earth, and this Unity Intelligence is healing the human forms, in order to hold that Intelligence. Further, that Extraterrestrials have always had direct interaction, influence and interference with this Planet's history of evolution or in some cases destruction. Nobody told us that Jesus Christ as an intelligence field was actually Extraterrestrial in Origin. That all of Us are Extraterrestrial in Origin. These are the revelations forthcoming in the Galactic Consciousness Cycle, underway at this time. Possibly the riddle of the Sphinx will begin to be solved this year….

Right Aligned Thinking

Most of us completely misunderstand what we see or interpret as the reality. These frequency activations increase the perception of amplified polarity, which when misunderstood creates a misperception of right or wrong. This is erroneous thinking, stemming from the judgment of the 3D ego intelligence programs. This creates mental suffering and amplifies the pain body, otherwise known as the Astral Emotional Body. Suffering and pain will be relieved as soon as you begin to practice unconditional love and acceptance, and forgiveness of all circumstances.

One cannot be effective in sustaining the Inner Source Light and thus expressing the Truth Vibration unless this spiritual test is mastered. The Mental Body and the Pain Body, or The Self Image, will keep getting in the way of the true Essence. The Mental Body and Astral Pain body create glamorized and selfish thinking and will generally keep you in the same repetitive patterns, destined to repeat them like a dog chasing its tail over and over. To break the destructive patterns one must break through into right thinking.

Another way to say this is to dedicate yourself to upgrade your thought processes to a higher octave resonance in your mental body. This is what it means to leave the 3D mental body or Solar Plexus Intelligence, as a fixed state of identity perception.

Over the past few months the firm message from the Guardians is that humanity has two years to leave the 3D mental body and its way of thinking. If not the amplified polarity will bring that group incredible suffering, not as punishment from an unseen God, but the planetary energies will simply not support this way of thinking any longer without drastic consequence. This is what it means to leave the 3D mental body or Solar Plexus station of Identity and move to a higher pattern. Open the mind locks by clearing fear programs and be open and flexible to change and new ideas. This has been a detailed and ongoing discussed in the ES community and over the past 4 monthly newsletters and monthly Tele-classes. (It is highly suggested to study Ascension Class One which is available in the ES Community or in the ES Shop. Go to the website to read all the articles in order since November 2009)

The Truth Vibration is expressed when the Core God Essence Illuminates throughout the Body and emanates outwardly. As the Aura grows in the power of its Eternal Essence, the sphere of influence upon the external environment also grows. The entire environment is re-harmonized through the power of this Living Light Source.

Personal Aspiration Vs. Divine Inspiration

It is also important to understand the power of seduction through personal charisma, as it's often projected from people and this is a completely different force then the Truth Vibration. Seduction, charisma, is a second chakra force and stems from the lower astral body intelligence. It is entirely possible to discern this energy when you understand where it's sourcing from. This force is one of the most important controlled forces that limit humanity's freedom and increase suffering in a myriad of ways.

Over the course of history we have seen many charismatic spiritual leaders and healers misinterpret impulses of Personal Aspiration as Divine Inspiration. This is stemming from misaligned thinking and perceptions made by the distorted ego consciousness. That is why a consciousness model describing the levels of intelligence are critical to one attempting to master their thought impulses. Without this mastery, especially if a public person, one is destined to fall as the ego will place a ceiling on expanded spiritual growth. Personal Aspiration is stemming from the Ego 3D intelligence of personal will. It is a large part driving the New Age phenomena, such as products that encourage manifestation of personal desires through physical objects. Divine Inspiration is divine will and not a superimposition of your will on another. It always allows sovereignty and defers all choice back to the individual. That means manipulation marketing, sales pressure and deception are not aligned to divine inspiration. One must walk their talk and align themselves to be congruent with what they outwardly represent. Not an easy job to figure out, so have compassion for the courage it takes to do so. This is why cultivating personal discernment through accepting personal choices as completely your responsibility, is key to avoid this spiritual initiation pitfall. Or to use these experiences as learning opportunities to heal, transcend and evolve to a higher octave of intelligence. We are ALL learning and it is a tool for compassionate communication if you remember this in your interactions with others.

Additionally the 2nd Chakra is the desire body or instinctual body program, that when left unchecked and undisciplined, develops addiction programs. This is why Right Thinking is crucial. Addiction program means that the identity is dependent on an action or belief and in some cases, controlled substances, in order to relieve a perception of anxiety or perceived emotional pressure to reinforce that identity. When an action defines you and you must repeat it continually to reinforce your identity, you are in danger of creating and perpetuating addiction programs. When engaged in these behaviors to the point of self destruction, this invites many layers of astral and parasitic entities that start to destroy the Aura and etheric bodies. As your body weakens, it will need an energetic source and will generally become emotionally vampiric to those around you. If you continually refuse to command your space and be in your personal power, you will experience vampiric behavior to the point where it breaks down your Aura. Once the Aura is sick, the body becomes sick and I am sure you can follow the linear progression. That is why it's critical to use spiritual housecleaning, like the 12 D shield to support and strengthen you lightbody, as well as build energetic discernment to that which supports and enhances your personal inner God Power and sovereignty.

God Is The Architect of Cycles

If you learn to comprehend the patterns of creation, such as the energy architecture and the identity archetypes that spiritual forces utilize in order to embody into physical matter, you will be freed of the confusion and the delusion, that you as the ego mind are in control of this reality. This is comprehending the Mathematical Music that is the blueprint of our holographic reality structure, which in turn is the Natural Laws of God. That in itself creates a full release from suffering as you are able to relate to the external world without projecting your personal need. Our desire to achieve right thinking in order to be aligned to our inner spiritual source is a requirement, in order to be released from the suffering layers of the mental body and its pain body.

It is the mental body that produces the suffering and pain. Therefore control your thoughts and devote them to right alignment to your Source and you will ultimately be freed of pain.

In the cycle of the Harmonic Convergence to Divergence, from 1987-2007, the main focus of the evolutionary wayshower was to bring fundamental and basic understandings of our spiritual-energetic nature to pave the way for the Ascension process of humanity. Information was sugar coated and spoon fed to us so we would not psychologically shatter, which is an important key to our evolution process. The mind control in this reality has become so severe, that the mental body of the human being is extremely fragile and prone to fragmentation. If we are too fixed in our mental ideas of reality, a new paradigm of thinking can be extremely destructive to that consciousness without proper tempering or evolution tools. This planet has been under siege with mental controls which have resulted in many human beings on our planet enforcing themselves militantly upon others, into controlled limiting behaviors that are socially accepted. In some cases if you follow the format you are rewarded materially but raped spiritually. The source of conflict has been waged between the mind and the soul, and this has created incredible emotional damage and wounding to the group human soul. The pain and damage resulting from this, as a consequence to these actions are beyond expression.

Mastery of Pain Body in Spiritual Development

Not too many Teachers tell us of the pain involved in the spiritual healing process. We have become a society of pain avoidance and fear denial. The level of mastery over the pain body is a direct reflection of the level of spiritual maturity achieved within a being. However, the only way to heal and rehabilitate this emotional damage that creates pain is to have the courage to face it without judgment. It also requires that one have an accurate assessment of this reality so one can live in the world and not be impacted by it negatively. This is the path of the Polarity Integrator. What we hide from ourselves ultimately hurts us and we cannot indulge in negative escapism any longer, by perpetuating denial that this pain exists. This is not about one of us or an elite group of us, it's about All of Us on this planet. Even if you are personally living your Nirvana, the seven billion others on this planet are not, in fact they are quite deprived of their personal freedoms to live abundantly connected to their source. The next time you hear someone saying polarity does not exist and is meaning-less, remember to look at the global landscape. It is not meaningless to the millions that are in suffering still on this planet, at the hands of those that seek to perpetuate it as an enslavement tool. It is not wise to fight the system externally, it is not wise to fight or resist anything at all. The point of power is and always will be neutrality. With no emotional charge and with the ability to access accurately and observe what is energetically transpiring. The change begins within us through increased consciousness, and as we change ourselves from the inside to be holders of love and peace, and devote ourselves to service, we will live to witness miracles on this planet. This is the hard work and commitment the Lightworker, the Evolutionary Wayshower, the Indigo and Star Beings are working together in collaboration to build, and to bridge these new systems for humanity. Have Respect and Reverence for All Roles that Build the Bridge to One. Dedicate yourself to spiritual practice daily to fortify your body and inner connection, in order to have mastery over your pain body. We need each other more than ever now!

Briefing on Astral Gate

We are undergoing major changes in the structure of the Collective Human Emotional Body on this planet, otherwise known as the Astral Body. The main axis opening of this planetary consciousness field is in the area of Giza, Egypt. Because of the many cataclysmic and devastating memories for all of humanity that are held in the timelines of this area of the planet, this area from this year onward has an opportunity to heal, resolve and literally erase that which has kept humanity in the dark and suffering from unknowingness for eons of time. Many of us have been waiting for this timeline, The End of the Dark Aeon, and it will take the courage and heart of the Great White Lion, represented in the Sphinx, to uncover these mysteries of ourselves. This year will be like a pilgrimage to return to this part of our Galactic history, and many of us will be retrieving and re-living the memories of what happened in the Egyptian timelines. We must see what has been hidden. We will become more aware of the pathway of Spiritual Initiation and Ascension, traversing the dimensional doorways into higher octave gateways. The Eye of RA and The Eye of Horus that lead to the realms of the Blessed Ones. The He-Ru as One. If this is your role do not fear, it is a path that is necessary. We as a race will have to face what has been hidden from humanity for centuries, as this is the time of The Rite of Passage. 

As we go forward on this path, know you have a family that loves you, appreciates you, and protects you. Never give up and persist in your connection and devotion to serve God Source in the way that feels aligned for you, that's all you will ever need, no matter what it looks like externally. As we continue this year's Adventures, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! This year and forward, we should experience more energetic support and connection for our Evolutionary Family than ever before! 



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