Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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January 2010

The Year of the Indigo

Lisa Renee

Dear Family,

Happy 2010 and Welcome to the Year of the Indigo. Last November brought in a powerful new energy cycle, one which has left us staggering in its wake attempting to establish the personal inner and outer balance required to navigate this new terrain. What is happening right now in the multidimensional fields is such a humongous transition to our consciousness that any words to describe this event are entirely inadequate.

This year will be the first cycle in which this planet will begin to build and house the energy architecture that supports the Indigo Race consciousness and its group ascension mission. The Indigo races have been building braid by braid, brick by brick, the foundation that allows transduction and exchange of the 6D Indigo Light spectrums, that also include the higher octaves of the Blue Ray consciousness. The Blue Ray consciousness are also known as the Oraphim and are the cosmic parents of the Indigo races, and are now accessible and able to support the incarnated Indigo races. These Unity Field Blue Ray Races have been recently introduced via 13th gate circuits reconnected into our planetary grid and its holographic matrix field. On December 9th we were actually able to see what a Stargate with a pulsing Blue Ray projecting outwards from its black hole center actually looks like in photograph and video captured over Norway. This Norway Spiral was hastily blamed on a failed Russian missile test, however my personal experience with the Turquoise Ray or Blue Light is of a completely different nature. (For details be sure to listen to the BBS Radio show "As you Wish" on 12/19/09 where James Gilliland and myself shared our direct personal experience and Guardian perspective on the Norway Spiral.)

These Stargates are access points, like wormholes in the time space fields and have never been opened as they are now. These are a part of the sequences of activation during the Galactic Consciousness Cycle that make available to this plane; frequency, dimensions, and entities that are beyond the seven solar planes of our 3D planet Earth. The Guardian perspective is that these galactic levels and where we are going have never been connected to this density before. We stand at the Threshold of the Unknown and are the courageous souls that are here to bring the unknown into physical embodiment. More phenomena will continue to occur and be documented this year, as the invisible is being made visible to us with increasing clarity. These open wormholes allow easy connection points between the human races in this 3D density and the multitude of races that exist in other dimensions. It will not be surprising to see increasing levels of credible extraterrestrial contact, finally being allowed or reported in the mass media. It is just a matter of time.


Additionally, this last shift brought another powerful crank forward on the frequency dial which has drastically changed our relationship to the space time field. This last cycle radically collapsed a series of decrepit or obsolete timeline architectures, which gives us a real sense of losing time or existing in some strange in-between time state. This state is similar to being within the hypnagogic state, a different brain wave state which places our conscious awareness in the dimensional space between being awake and being asleep. This is why it is suggested before you go to sleep at night, that you do the 12D shielding technique. Then pay attention to that space where you are just about to fall asleep into unconsciousness, as your body is deeply relaxed you will feel warmth spreading in your body and a low tone ring in your ear. Sometimes if you leave the light on you will see the light flicker in your peripheral vision or an object in your periphery. This is the entry to the hypnagogic state, which is also the state where astral projection is practiced.

From the Guardian perspective this state has been outside of our waking visible light spectrum and is being reintroduced to us while in our waking state now. This state is when you are just beginning to see the layers of the hologram’s architectural matrix. It is also the entry to the 4D astral plane, so 12D shielding and fear control is highly suggested before intentionally entering it. Over the course of history philosophers and scientists both have documented many theories about this consciousness state, however, their final conclusions were usually chocked up to some illusory hallucinations from the observer. In actuality, these objects in view while in hypnagogia or lucid dreaming states may be encodement symbols, geometries and math that are used in the language of the holographic matrix field that create our perception of reality. The brain neurochemistry will organize these holographic bits into colors and shapes that move or fit together. These holographic matrix fields are set up as a hierarchal system of celestial management structures, that define and govern each dimensional plane of existence. Each plane has a gatekeeper consciousness or species that exists within its dimensional space. Science refers to these moving objects commonly observed within hypnagogia as the Tetris Effect,  which has spawned a video game that many of us have played on our cell phones or computer.

This brings us to the realization that the next series of these incredibly high octaves of galactic frequency are being sequentially downloaded to our planet and into our bodies. It is changing our brain wave state and its related neurochemical functions. It is changing our DNA Structure. We are feeling this energetic impact as a deep foundational cellular shift in our bodies. Everything we thought we are is moving away rapidly. We are beginning to see the patterns of the matrix and the structures that define its architecture. Who Are We without the Matrix to define us? We are about to find out.

The Factory Reset

During the last few weeks similar to an old computer system being updated we are undergoing a process similar to a systematic factory reset. This is akin to the reformatting of our hard drive via the wiping away of all data archives and the replacement of our motherboard circuitry. The hard drive is the storage space of all of our data, or cellular memories and brain file storage, while the motherboard is the centralized circuit board, which designates all the memory and associated impulses be routed and checked against the appropriate belief system, program or installed software. This installed software is likened to the personality program and the autonomic functions of the body like; breathing, sleeping, eating, hormonal distribution, and energy management functions. Those electrical impulses are powered and managed by the multiple instruction sets received and directed by the motherboard. Needless to say, if the foundational structure which manages our every bodily function and its personality program is being replaced, we are going to feel very odd, disoriented and at times in a state of total nervous system exhaustion. This will be a recurring theme in the ascension process, and the incoming waves throughout this year as more and more people undergo this factory reset.

The transmogrification required during this last frequency download and its factory reset has been especially potent and powerful, to downright debilitating. For many of us the ability to have an average accepted level of functioning that is generally required of our 3D physical body and the personality attached to it, has been severely compromised. We have had to slow down our movement tremendously. This means we cannot continue in whatever foundational lifestyle patterns or old energy patterns we had been, and must find new creative resolutions in supplying our newly soul infused body with what it needs to be nourished. Additionally, the energetic platforms that supported our old lifestyle are officially now nonexistent, so if we persist in the old way we will find ourselves suffering greatly. Many times, it just requires letting go of how things appear to be on the surface, such as an insurmountable problem and the mental analysis paralysis that comes with our old way of strategic problem solving. Strategic problem solving has flown out of the window and only the now moment presence remains. Anyone still working with a mental preplanned strategy or micromanaging their life will continually run into obstacle after obstacle, like two steps backward and no steps forward. We have been given a new control panel for our life and we are now learning how to use it, by giving up control.

In order to create inner harmony we can no longer ignore the places we have neglected or abused within ourselves. Every last vulnerability, limitation belief, sore spot, emotionally hurt area or physical issue is blaring to the surface and demanding our attention. Many times, we have been physically leveled to make sure we sit inside it and do not run away from it by creating distraction. There is no running away from what we have to face inside ourselves at this time. It has been incredibly uncomfortable for many. We are truly walking the path of forced self mastery these days.

This self mastery requires another applied level of a multidimensional lifestyle approach. How do I serve my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves in an integrated and balanced way? Many of these intense recent changes are occurring within our foundational life structures, which have included radical dietary changes, changes in biorhythm and biochemistry, sleeping and napping patterns, physical or emotional distress, changed working and social interaction patterns, and a radical turnstile of abrupt changes moving within relationships, residence and jobs. It’s very surreal every day with everything happening in the exact now moment or at the 11.9999th hour, with only the flow of synchronicities to direct the way we move throughout our life.

Flat-lining or Freaking Out

Some of us undergoing this recent upgrade or those who have been a part of the recent planetary grid healing, have been in a state similar to hibernation since the week of Christmas. Like a bear sleeping in the winter, a conservation of personal energy has been directly enforced. There is no energy leakage or forays into external fields allowed, that compromise this new lightbody upgrade, along with the recovery and rest it requires to integrate. This hibernation state has a similar quality to flat-lining where you are almost ready to check your pulse to make sure your system is still online. I have found myself continually in deep meditation states, shallow breathing and perfect stillness. Generally during this hibernation phase there is no available energy for intense brain focus, conversation exchanges or initiating new projects. The physical body has needed to be very still while its coordinates are being moved through the time space fields to a platform of no time. The calm and depth are so vast it is almost a flatline of nonexistence and emptiness. It is a space way beyond any self introspection. We are being moved, our space time coordinates are being moved, which also includes our astrological imprints, into a completely new energy platform architecture, a space of no-time.

The other camp undergoing this shift is having a deep contrast in experience. Those not able to release the mental body enough to relax through this planetary transformation are having bouts of extreme anxiety, obsessive worry or old addiction patterns rearing up. During the last sixty days I have observed people experiencing panic and anxiety like never before. These negative thought patterns are being largely impulsed from the mental body and are a part of the required discipline and healing of that body in order to relax it into submission, to trust the higher source intelligence. The internal Armageddon experience happens when the mental body of the personality program or ego is undergoing a threat of submission or perceived annihilation, as enforced naturally when the higher soul bodies and source intelligence start to take over the flesh. At this point there is nothing but trust and surrender to this process, however many people undergoing their spiritual awakening do not have the tools or context to understand what is happening to them. When we are uninformed and confused it creates much more fear and resistance. As we know resistance makes the process much more difficult and the person undergoes a lot of suffering, otherwise known as the dark night of the soul. We continually go through the layers of the dark night until we have disciplined our ego mind from thinking and being in control of the bodies. Since we are going to see many more people feeling confused in this awakening process of the dark night, by understanding this you can hold the light that comforts and supports them, which is of paramount service to them and our planet.

To get beyond ego suffering we have been encouraged to raise the octave of our 3D Solar Plexus body or our 3D conscious mind matrix control panel, to the 5D Higher Mental Body. Several meditation treatments have been provided as a support in the ES Community. (Clear Mental Body Treatment, 5D Higher Mind Integration, Umbilicus Reset, Negative Form Removal, Physical Health Upgrade, Fear Removal programs.) During these intense days we will need a daily spiritual practice and the building of our spiritual muscle. Once we have mastered the negative ego and fear, inner peace is achieved in all circumstances. Some skill in this area will be imperative to maintain psycho-spiritual integration in the current and forthcoming changes. We have been given a target date to be fully removed from the 3D collective mental body within the next two years. Set your intention now to serve your soul and to be freed of the 3D mind control programming. Never give up and place your trust in God Source as your supply.

Recent Starseed Projects

With the new November 8th Ascension cycle, a new controller technology of a mental body atomic harness was placed in the 3D holographic architecture. This exacerbates the mental body pressure clearly observed by the amounts of people experiencing crisis points of stress. Because males tend to be more mental body focused, many have undergone severe anxiety to anti-depression medication to heart attacks. It feels like a crushing weight to someone who does not realize what is happening to their mind or body. We have been given much support and help to raise the octave of the mental body to a 5D higher mind integration in order to avoid the impact of this mental body harness. Negative ego clearing and staying in the now moment is a simple and effective tool.

Gridworkers have been working to reroute new transit pathways that allow exit points for those that choose to pass their physical bodies within the next two years. This means that many will be able to transit all the way beyond the reincarnation state, freeing them from returning to this plane again. This is great news. This is largely because of the astral plane reorganization and the collapse and demolition of false ascension matrices existing previously in the 4D planes. These souls do not have to be caught up in the false umbilicus that was leading them to the Astral Plane. The false ascension matrices are the complex architecture that created white light webbing and holographic reality inserts like a double sided mirror, in the 4D astral Layers. These complex systems were feeding off of souls connecting to the white light at the 4D octave. This is an area where many planetary lightworkers were getting lost within the astral layers of delusion, creating complacency and a drunken type of bliss. This is called a comfort implant to keep one inert and ineffective. A massive false white light siphoning system was terminated by the Founder Guardians during the week of Christmas.

There was a systematic preparation leading up to this during 2009 through the Aquarian Project, which was healing the vulnerable Gallbladder meridian structures and merging the 2D and 4D layers, or emotional bodies of the human race in the astral plane. This allowed the Founders to get to this system and destroy it. Yes, they use the word destroy as this situation was not pretty. Since this was a 4D astral plane architecture, much Egyptian memory clearing, as well as energetic rubble clearing of this major structure dismantling has left a residue of toxicity and a felt sense trauma. It had many black magic systems attached to it and was connected to that collective thoughtform. The clearing of this toxicity is happening now and has resulted in a multitude of bizarre symptoms such as allergic type responses from the body. This is coming from an overload, so resting and detoxing yourself is mandatory. Remember energetic parasites create physical ones and the microorganisms in our physical self have reflected this change. Allergic symptoms are from inflammation, which is caused by infection or injury to the body. If you feel heat, swollen, bloated or allergic, using anti-inflammation therapies, staying alkaline, and possibly fasting or eating very little, along with proteolytic enzymes like pancreatin, bromelain, digestive enzymes, and wobenzyme help the body a lot. When the body is this overloaded there are not enough resources for complex digestion and the load is placed on the liver and kidneys. Be aware to care for your detoxification organs now.

Resurrection Prototyping Update

Additionally, the Resurrection template begun last April 12, 2009 for some of the Starseed prototypers has begun a new cycle of embodiment. The Aurora families are directing and working primarily with these new templates that call for re-encrypted raw material for the physical self. This means an elemental body structure upgrade to the raw material of the physical self, as it has been recorded in the chemical constituents of the 3D DNA program is happening. The Founders liken the elemental physical body in 3D to inanimate clay that has to be re-animated with God Source, the living light code. Once freed of the false umbilicus structure, the power management in the monadic atomic body that connects at the 1D level is changing what is known as the transduction sequence record. The transduction sequence is the exact moment of cellular record of incarnational birth into this physical body.

For those doing this project now, this means our body is being released of the cellular record of the physical birth imprint into 3D. With the power and energy management structure changing within the electromagnetic battery body, the etheric webbing that is closest to the physical body is growing a new skin. This new skin appearing on the etheric webbing is the process through which the cellular matrix in the etheric body is projecting its new skin into the cells of the physical body. Apparently, this is a step in how the re-encryption to the elemental structure of the physical body is being accomplished. They mention this process is a milestone that is breaking the hierarchal link between multidimensional systems that have been using a consumptive model. Consumptive model means that the entity needs to consume something external to itself in order to exist. The Resurrection Template is designed to break the link in the chain that creates the consumptive modeling in all dimensions. Consumptive modeling is another way to say consuming another life form or in extremes vampirism, parasitism and the feeding of phantom matrices. This re-encryption means the entity can sustain itself and exist from its inner source, without requiring an external energy source or battery source through which to continue its existence. Because of the change in our bodily energy conversion and management we may consume very little food. It’s really quite amazing.

We are in this adventure together and until next, say in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path. This year and forward, we should experience more energetic support and connection for our Indigo Family, more than ever.



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Lisa Renee

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Our Christmas present at the end of this challenging year is that the Universal Father Solar Rishi and the Cosmic Christos Consciousness families from the God World Source Domains have returned to this earth. We begin a new phase during the Ascension Cycle of which disclosure and meaningful access to truthful events in regard to crimes made against humanity will begin to be reported to the masses and will be enforced into accountability. The Solar Rishi will ultimately preside over the revelations of truth to the people of earth as well as holding interdimensional tribunals, as this is connected to the complete unpacking of the disclosure timeline which represents planetary ascension.

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