Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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May 2013

Reconciling Ancestral Memories

Lisa Renee


Dear Ascending Family,

Through a variety of unique cosmological events partnered with new collective consciousness templates on the Earth, many humans are being shaken, awakened and penetrated to the core with new self-realizations or horrifying discoveries of the truth. Intrinsic to spiritual awakening is to clearly see the false identity and false beliefs that have operated, which previously led us into misaligned thinking and therefore a misaligned pathway. Some of us have operated these masks of identities and beliefs for many, many lifetimes which embed energy blockages even more deeply into one’s cellular memory. We can mistake these identity masks as our own body because we, along with our ancestors, have lived with them for so long.

The more we are masked from the inner spiritual light the more confused, fearful and chaotic our thought processes. The more disconnected we are from our spirit the more distorted our external behaviors and reactions become. These distorted behaviors create energy blockages and they are inherited generationally. Additionally, when we are disconnected we are like an actor in a play following a script someone else has written. As an actor we are not living truthfully, therefore our identity mask becomes the deceiver of its own projected images. We may have manipulated these masked images that we show others from a variety of our own insecurities and self-deceptions. When we reach a point where we remove blockages and no longer require wearing a mask, we can see clearly when others are wearing them. This is acutely obvious in the global scape now as many masked identities have an agenda to carry out.

When we realize that the consequences of our actions today were the result of inauthentic decisions made in the past, when we were projecting a mask of deception, that moment of realization can be painful. Every little event is connecting throughout the golden threads woven in the fabric of all time for us to see. Some of us may play out these memories or events, consciously or unconsciously. At this time, we are being required to Reconcile Ancestral Memories in some kind of format as it surfaces to present us with a task or conflict. Many of us are reconciling the past or future timelines, as well as issues presented at the individual self, the ancestral self, the karmic self or the collective planetary self and so forth. We may have the Come to Jesus moment in our life and be forced to see the pain and harm we have caused, or our ancestors caused, to ourselves and others. We may have allowed another person or thing that we love to have authority in our life direction and recently learned they have misrepresented themselves. No matter how this deception has occurred, if we have based our life on a foundation of self-deception, masking identities, that deception is crumbling away beneath our feet and this can feel scary. Administering compassion and offering kind understanding to support those in this situation is greatly needed today.

Removing the Masks of Deception

This is a time when the life foundation is crumbling away if it is not really solid and aligned to our core. This crumbling is positive in that it may also crumble internal energy blocks. However, this crumbling can look like the deterioration or decay of our reality and may be exceedingly disruptive, chaotic and painful when focused externally. In the macrocosm many people are struggling to understand what is happening to them and how to make sense of their world perception. Has the whole world gone crazy? The conflict lies in removing the mask of deception, removing its blockages and finding the authentic truth for each being. This intense conflict brings the deception to the surface so we can stop perpetuating and feeding the lie. This process brings us to live in our own authentic truth by reconciling our conflicts through finding inner peace. As we find greater inner peace, we are capable of clearing and releasing energy blockages and ancestral memories.

Dead Light Miasma

Many of these conflicts and trauma have been carried for eons of time, buried in our bodies as Ancestral Memories from other timelines. When these memory traumas remain unseen and unhealed, they turn into dead light, black energy, frozen or static fields. This dead light creates energy blockages and distortion, which is also called miasma. When discussing the reconciliation of ancestral memories this is also referencing the dead energy blockages of recorded ancestral miasma. This dead light energy miasma is recorded in the planetary body, as well as in our own individual bodies. When we clear miasma and their imprints from our individual body, we are helping to clear the larger macrocosm.

Because our true galactic history has been hidden from us, we have been greatly deceived, therefore our own bodies may deceive us with cellular memories we do not understand. The deception is in what we have been told about how our bodies work, which is largely not true. Until we understand our body as a multidimensional energetic being and have Ascension context, we will be confused by the cellular memory messages of pain or disease. The body is intelligent and our communication with our body has been largely blocked or damaged by implants. These unresolved memories can lodge hidden pain that create energy blockages throughout our bodies. Most people do not recognize the pain they feel in their body as being created from energy blockages, many of which result from unresolved ancestral memories and ancestral miasma. The ancestral miasma is used by dark attachments to manipulate the person who is unconscious these are buried in their body. This is one reason the real human history is hidden from us, so we cannot get to the bottom of the trauma we have in our ancestral memories. The internal violence of humanity along with the ancestral issues, deceptions, reptilian overlays and hidden histories, is surfacing in waves to reconcile back into energetic balance and peace. Hence, there is a lot of death and rebirth happening in this cycle simultaneously.

The Power to Forgive and Forget

Through this intensity new creations are being born, that we have come to witness, during this incredible time of human history and planetary evolution. Yet this timeline will require all we can muster to focus on the positive and upon the goodness inside human beings, the real spark of life that exists beyond all these painful events and ancestral memories. These conflicts are playing out in the confused people that still believe using bombs, wars and discriminate killing is the way to find God. This cycle requires a tremendous focus of inner strength to call upon unconditional forgiveness and forgetfulness for the past pain, the past timelines. The ancestral past, which exists in our blood is haunting us now and it lingers for reconciliation and resurrection. The reconciliation of ancestral memories has many intersecting layers and is impacting many other dimensions of time. Multiple dimensions containing millions of beings are lining up to comprehend what has happened to the earth, and transit out from their specific time continuum. Many of us may be attending to that process to help as portal jumpers, gatekeepers and interdimensional chaperons. For during this intense phase, we will see and observe a lot of pain in this world, pain from the past, pain from seeing lies, pain in the planet, painful death, and the pangs of a great spiritual birthing. We must reconcile the past which seeded its memories in our fleshly body and spiritual being to apply the power of love, which is the transformation required to resurrect our true eternal being. Once we can see and forgive this pathway from the past of our true histories, we become open to the future experience of spiritual freedom and inner joy.

Parallel Time Merge

An intersection which merges time fields throughout the parallel timelines, parallel realities and parallel Universes are happening simultaneously during this phase of the Ascension Cycle. The original construct of the Universal Time Fields has three main parallels, which form the basis of the created Triune of the Universes. The Triune of Universes exist together to form as a complete Universal construct within the exact same principles of the Trinity Source of the Godhead. The Three Universes are all One, yet they are distinct constructs with different consciousness units and rotational spin governing their spaces throughout time. Together the substance of the Triune consciousness units and their mathematical relationships, are that which ultimately make up all form manifestation throughout the Universes.

The first section of the Triune is the Particle Universal Scale of Time. This is the external reality we experience in physical matter on 3D Earth, including the nature of timelines that exist at the Particle Universe level. We can call these the particle timelines. The second section of the Triune is the Anti-Particle Universal Scale of Time. This is the Parallel Universe, which contains an antiparticle mirror or double of our Particle Universe. The parallel or anti-particle earth holds the exact mirror opposite to the time cycles we have on particle earth. We can call these anti-particle timelines or Parallel Universe timelines. The third section of the Triune is the Universal Inner Worlds Scale of Time or the In-between Spaces. This is the domain of the Inner Worlds which intersect between the Particle Universe and the Anti-Particle Universe. The Universal Inner Worlds Scale of Time holds both the architecture of the particle timelines and anti-particle timelines. This means both timelines can be accessed from the Inner Worlds, such as the Inner Earth Domains. At certain points in the time cycle when merges occur new architecture can be created, which impacts the particle and antiparticle time field. That time is now. The Inner Worlds are the access key to creating the Universal Ascension timeline known as Ascension Plan B.

Each section of the Triune of Universes intersects at a 45 degree angle of respective particle spin which moves diagonally. This usually creates a buffer between them which keeps spaces closed off. However, that buffer is dissolving and during this phase the Triune of Universes and their timelines are merging. This creates entry points at several layers of the time field or dimensional plane, which can be intersected for our interest, to create Krystal Host handshake hubs in previously closed off spaces. A handshake hub is a communication link and specific living geometry that connects to the Krystal Host. This is a phenomenon that only occurs during a certain phase of the timeline within the Ascension Cycle. For those of us as energy gridworkers, this merge provides an advantage to create some vast changes and corrections in the energy architecture, which impacts timelines. This is a window of opportunity.

There are interdimensional pillars or spires placed in the planetary instruction sets, which are adjusting our particle timeline to stabilize merge with the other timelines. This timeline merge has created access into other realities and allowed access from other realities into our 3D world of matter. This has allowed an access into spaces that were not previously available for both positive and negative entities. Some of these spaces opening contain much higher frequency, with shorter wave lengths, which when exposed to our reality are starting to change the lower atmosphere of Earth. 

Lower Atmospheric Shifts

The surface planetary architecture which defines the physical laws that govern time and space are being upgraded into shorter wavelengths via higher dimensional frequency arrangements. This means that the lower atmosphere planes of the physical earth are shifting, and that these shifts are impacting physical matter particles. At the microcosm level our physical bodies and some matter is becoming less dense and moving up the wavelength scale, therefore the frequency scale. One cause of this planetary shift is through the ionization of the upper atmosphere through unprecedented solar radiation activity, as well as other cosmological events. Solar emissions such as in Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) create radiation, which in effect ionize the upper atmosphere layers in the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere.

Ionization is the process of converting an atom or molecule into an ion by adding or removing charged particles, such as electrons or ions. An ion is an atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving the atom a net positive or negative electrical charge. (Source: Wikipedia) 

When the upper atmosphere, the Ionosphere to Magnetosphere is undergoing heavy ionization, therefore changing portions of the field's particle charge, the lower atmosphere on the surface of the earth will be impacted through exposure to the changed electron-proton ratios. This Solar activity is a key to Human DNA activation. The attempt to control the rate of the charged particles created through the ionization field as it enters the lower atmosphere and the planetary surface, is one of reasons for the negative agenda to spray Chemtrails. This is an attempt to block the natural connection that exchanges between the Upper Atmosphere and Lower Atmosphere of the Earth, as these are N.A.A. attempts to maintain their frequency fences. These fences have specific electron ratios that will be compromised if those ratios change. The N.A.A. manipulated the magnetosphere in the upper atmospheric layer to invade the planetary brain thousands of years ago, by using technology to control the magnetic field. When the magnetic field is controlled, the mind control begins hence this is the power source of mind control programming and enslavement on the earth.

The Magnetosphere is similar to understanding the functions of the spiritual-energetic body that power the entire planetary brain. The Magnetosphere is the power source of the planetary brain, which is the area where the magnetic field lines impulse information instruction sets to the collective consciousness. What impulses the collective consciousness of humanity, then manifests at the microcosm level through the impact of the individual human being’s thought process and autonomic functions. These planetary impulses impact a person’s thoughts, behaviors, perception of belief, and some bodily functions and choices they make as a result of this new parameter of information. Therefore, many people as well as other life forms are having a reality shift, body changes, and major changes of perception in their world. This depends on many variables, but is especially dependent on an individual’s neurological and brain capacity, which determine how these shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies will impact the individual.

When we are soul embodied, we carry more neurological receiver potential and are less prone to mind control impulses. One function of the soul is to embody the etheric nadis and expand the nerve plexus of the entire central nervous system (CNS). This increases the function of the brains neural net and synapse firing, thus generating much higher potentials for higher sensory perception, which increase the rates of energy transmission and frequency reception.

Control of the Optical Window

The higher the spectrum of frequency that exists within an electromagnetic wave, the shorter the actual waveform becomes. We may better understand this through the chart of the visible light spectrum that show the color waves that humans can see with their 3D eyes. The color wave spectrums at the base dimensions, such as the red (1D) and orange colors (2D) exist at much longer electromagnetic wavelengths than the higher frequencies that exist in the blue and indigo spectrum wavelengths. There are many electromagnetic waves that create colors that we cannot see with our human eyes, as they exist outside of the human eye visible light spectrum.

The visible light spectrum for human beings on the Earth is being controlled.

Much of this is governed through the N.A.A. abuse of hidden technologies. They use artificial technology in the upper Earth atmosphere to control the electromagnetic spectrums so that humans do not see the colors, wave forms and shapes including entities, that exist beyond our visible light spectrum in the higher or parallel dimensions. This is known as controlling the optical window. The optical window is that which controls the electromagnetic spectrum and the visible light that is allowed to penetrate into our lower surface atmosphere. Through controlling the higher atmosphere with technology, the area such as the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere are manipulated artificially to reduce or prevent the optical window from allowing the organic higher frequencies, therefore shorter wave forms and many other frequency colors, from entering into the lower atmosphere. This prevents many humans on the surface of the Earth from being able to observe these new frequencies in their visible light spectrum. This is an additional purpose for Chemtrails. Chemtrails are used to control the optical window which allows the entrance of certain frequency spectrums. When there is heavy ionization occurring in the higher atmosphere levels, by spraying the skies with chemicals it heavily densifies the frequencies or destroys them before they can enter the earth surface. 

Clearly this cannot be totally controlled and concealed as these recent lower atmospheric shifts are related to the ability of these higher frequencies finding conductive points to ground on the earth. Many times, it is our body that serves as conductive points or acupuncture points for these frequencies and their intelligence to get into the planetary body, thus becoming available for all humanity. Many heartfelt blessings of gratitude to our entire gridworking light family across the globe.

Current Planetary Gridwork

The time of the bi-wave geometric harness is ending. The Christos family of planetary gridworkers is learning how to create the energy architecture of the trinitized forms, which allow the feedback loop to exchange directly into the source field energies. When the life force energy is drawn back into the source field through the trinitized geometries, the feedback loop of reciprocal source light is generated and expanded. Our goal during these new beginnings is to create the tri-tone neutral field that draws the composite energy back into the zero point as a feedback loop, back into the source of all creation. These patterns on the grid are called Chalice Configurations, which are in effect the life giving nourishment of the Cosmic Mother principle we have missed so much. This trinity field creates an eternal and perpetual supply of life force that regenerates the bodies. This eternal supply of life force is the Cosmic Christos light lattice, which is only manifested through the Trinity principle and when used in matter the pattern is called a Trinitized Form.

Our ES Community as well as grid-workers across the globe are being called to continue the rehabilitation of the planetary networks in major cities and major hubs. Some of us are training to learn how to rehabilitate the human aura and many other life forms that will be exposed to our planet in the future, to learn how to rehabilitate their bodies. At this time, we are learning to be reeducators and rehabilitators for our planet and potentially for many other planets that will require this support at some point in the future.

As of May 5th, we embarked on a community grid work project to support our planet with the following objectives:

  • Utilizing Krystal Star Consciousness Templates of trinity wave open source formats to reconfigure and override bi-wave influences and reversal distortions impacting planetary genetic digression.
  • Open operating functions of dormant, stagnant or reversal systems used in these planet networks throughout all timelines to be reconnected, then accessed and linked into the Krystal Star Spires and related Krystal Host communication and operation networks.
  • Re-circuit the use of the black heart networks and reversal energies into potential chalice configurations that are accessed through the Krystal Host, therefore repairing or stopping additional crystal heart damage and molecular compaction.

For the extended public of our ES family, if you feel drawn to support this project with your prayers of peace, please see the weekly Time Shift Blog on the ES website.

Note to ES Community: clearly with the inner earth time merge and the necessity to clear out ancestral records and related miasma, we have been given this window of time where we can be most productive in these areas of the planet! Thank you to all of our beloved community members for participating in our PEG project! 

Spiritual Housekeeping

During this parallel time merge there are many more types of ethereal beings or confused beings that have an access into the planet and our environment. Where there was a membrane separating realities there is not a membrane existing anymore. What this means is that shadow creatures, astral distortions, hungry ghosts, and disincarnates are standing in the same physical space we are, even if we cannot see them. Yet many of us can sense or FEEL them. There is an increased issue where the Ley-lines and energy spaces on the land of the earth are heavily polarizing into extremes. This extreme imbalance of energies attracts strange events or sticks many types of astral or dark creatures in these areas. This quality of energy feels slimy, sticky and tarry.

For these reasons it is highly suggested to learn how to do some kind of spiritual housekeeping and energetic cleansing. Energetic cleansing of personal spaces will benefit everyone, as when heavy dense and dark energies hang around a house or personal space it can make you or your family feel sick or weak.

In your personal home in addition to the 12D shield, it is suggested to place a Shadow Vortex, to create an exit point from your home for all dark creatures or shadow energies. In becoming acquainted with the energetic laws that govern spaces here are some basic guidelines to practice along with the tool for opening a Shadow Vortex.

1. Command Your Personal Space: Where one resides and sleeps, within the parameters of one’s working space or desk, even when you have an employer is defined as the location where one’s body is breathing and existing. This is defined as your personal space. As a natural person your energetic right is defined by spiritual law, the Law of One, that which governs natural energy.  You, your body, your complete energetic being have the right to exist, breath and be in that space if it is claimed by you and not harming another or stealing that space from another person. Every living being has this right to have a presence on this earth and breathe, as it exists in its own natural space freely. When one understands this is a divine right, it is important to command and claim one’s personal space as defined by Gods Natural Laws, and to define oneself in the authority of God as a natural person. You have been born here and therefore have the right to existence in your personal space. This freedom has been stolen and forfeited through entrapment and manipulation by those who usurp these rights from a natural born person on the earth. The N.A.A. has invaded this planet to hide this fact, that these rights belong to each being born on this earth. Like the first amendment of the American Constitution, one’s personal rights to freedom and to command the space is forfeited when one directly causes harm, steals, or abuses others. This is an energetic causation of directing harm and is easy for most of us to clearly identify. Superimposing personal will, sending negative energy to cause damage or applying force upon another being to stop them from natural existence creates harm and is unnatural to the Law. Defending one’s right to exist on the earth is Natural to the Law. (Note: To learn to command your personal space, and set GSF boundaries the use of the 12D shield is suggested.)

2. Land, Building or Structure Agreements: The energetic law of Commanding Personal Space allows that when entering an agreement with Land, Building or any other Structure, even when it may have ownership rights as belonging to another entity, if one has entered an agreement to be in that space, that the Land, Building or Structure, it is a part of your Personal Space during the time that exchange was made in agreement to all of the parties involved. No matter what the exchange is as a currency. It could be a bedroom in a house owned by others or a conference room rented out for an event. Therefore, it is one’s right to command that specific space and to set the parameters of who may visit, what activities may be carried out as the purpose of that particular space. The space holder has every right to refuse entry to harmful beings, harmful actions or deceptive motivations made by any being, human or non-human that tries to enter that space. This applies to both physical or energetic, and the internet community is an energetic container subject to this agreement. When a person who is in charge of that space does not set this agreement or field, it generally creates weakness and vulnerability that will be taken advantage by energy interlopers. Interlopers can be incarnate humans with possessions, or disincarnate astral entities. They will parasitize the environmental weakness and consume quickly the life force energy that exists in that container or space. This phenomenon is what destroys the quality of many organizations and group activities. It is highly suggested with any activity or group purpose to set the agreement as clearly as possible to the purpose for which the space has been occupied. When you occupy a space or join in a space, be clear as to your intentions within the space and to be cognizant and aware of others. When agreements are complete, they should be nullified and acknowledged as they are completed. This can be physically or energetically demonstrated.

3. Setting the Terms: This is akin to understanding one’s personal mission statement. For every activity, exchange, relationship or exercise one engages with there is a clear purpose required for that energetic exchange. With that purpose clarified into divine will one is aligned to the Law of Energetic Exchanges, which means all exchanges are to be energetically balanced. Perpetrating imbalanced energies such as lies, deception, bad will, and manipulation cause karmic imbalances, even if you have been attacked first. Thus, it will manifest obstacles and problems that will be capitalized upon by dark entities. This results in parasitism, vampirism, abuse and loser-winner strategies. Our terms are set as win-win exchanges, yet with the right to exist As Is practicing harm to none. If one's existence is to harm another there is no right to be As Is. This is why we have the right to change the terms on the earth, if the existence of the terms is designed to harm us. This action is not superimposition it is the right to have the freedom to live harmlessly. The clearer one is in one’s spiritual purpose and true authority the more clear and pristine the energetic exchange or nature of the activity. By setting the terms of one’s space with work, exchanges, or agreements, the energies within that space will be in congruent alignment to the setting of the terms, which one has brought forth as a clear purpose of the energetic exchange. Spiritual energies will support those terms based on Natural Law. 

4. Return to Rightful Owner: As a right to claim personal space, additionally, that which truly belongs to one’s natural person such as one’s soul energies or body parts, must be returned when one claims return to rightful owner. This is not applied to material things from a position of self-entitlement, as in return money to me, or that house to my family, but applies to the real matters of one’s spiritual-energetic person. When one is spiritually wealthy one becomes abundant in the external worlds and personal needs are met, although often in the very last moment, abundance is assured. True wealth is the spiritual-energetic protection that forms from a deep relationship and peaceful connection with God-Spirit. See the Return to Rightful Owner command.

5. Opening the Shadow Vortex: “I claim this Space and the Beings in my care as Sovereign and Free in the Light of God, now and always. Please seal these blessings into permanent installation here. Designate a space for a Shadowy Elements Vortex to clear debris and exit your home. I request your assistance in creating an exit portal, in the corner of my room to be used by transitioning Shadow Elements and dark entities. I have complete and total intention and state that all Shadow Elements within myself, within others around me and within all plants, all animals, all other entities, clear and transition through this exit point and doorway exclusively now. I appreciate and acknowledge all Elements for using this vortex to exit. Thank you.”

May these times bring peace to reside deeply in your heart. Stay in the luminosity of your Krystal heart path.

Love, Lisa

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May 2022

Astral Reconstruction

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

During the annual May alignments of Taurus, the planet undergoes what is called its electrical peak cycle which is generally during mid-May. This is the pinnacle wave of electrical force field transmission in the annual cycle of moving through the path of the Sun's annual motion relative to the constellations of stars. As such, this time is the annual period of the most potent Ascension wave during which many people will experience kundalini activation, spiritual awakening or a rapid consciousness expansion of their perception, as they are being exposed to increased electromagnetism and solar transmissions conducted throughout the planetary grid network. Recent events are revealing that the planetary architecture is enduring a massive Astral Reconstruction which has impacts on dissolving the veils of 3D reality, while the controlling forces are doing all they can to block or destroy these solar elements from awakening the masses.

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