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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
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January 2021

The Vatican and Dark Mother

Lisa Renee

Foreword: As many of us are well aware, the past weeks have been mounting with interdimensional spiritual warfare that translates on the earth surface as disinformation and covert military operations. This warfare is engaged in the strategies of the end game battle against the shadow government and its organizations, that have been run by the globalist Controllers or Luciferian bloodline families. This phase brings us into the fog of warfare, where confusion, rumors, misinformation and military grade propaganda are being pushed aggressively in many opposing directions in order to subdue dissenters or incite the mob frenzy. Things will likely escalate into reports of news of assorted global conflicts that will sound extremely scary, as in reports of preludes to global warfare and nuclear weapon warring. When things are appearing to be really dire on the external, please remember that things are not at all what they seem to be. Right now, we are in the height of false flags, agent provocateur, controlled opposition, blatant lies and falsity, deep fake videos and every propaganda tool they can come up with to keep the public confused and terrorized. It is important to keep an open mind, learn how to become more flexible and adaptable to spontaneous changes of perception, and to stay calm, peaceful and in the observer consciousness. This is a momentous time for human liberation, but we will need to become more discerning and become aware that the propaganda machine is military grade warfare used to target us with demoralizing fears. Do not succumb to the fear, work your spiritual tools, pray and meditate, realizations of betrayal may be prevalent so this is the time for radical self-care and knowing your limits, while supporting loved ones and friends as best we can.

Dear Ascending Family,

During this phase, the planetary architecture has entered into the ongoing Solar Rishic matrix spiritual initiation in which the God Source Domains from 16D, 17D and 18D are restoring the original Diamond Sun Gold Sun DNA blueprint of this creation, which holds the organic ascension/incension timeline for liberating humanity. When discussing the organic ascension timeline, be aware that this simultaneously is referring to global disclosure. The return of the Solar Rishi into the matter worlds is a significant event which has generated massive impacts to the timeline architecture of this reality, bringing many structural changes to the planetary collective consciousness field. Architecture exists in the manifest and unmanifest realms for every single physical thing in the material realm, which has been designed by an architect, the creator of the design. The architects that built the Diamond Sun manifestation template for our planetary realm and angelic human body, the architects that built the Harmonic Universes and organic timelines in the Universal Time Matrix, are returning to earth. Thus, the Ancient Builder Races are returning to the matter worlds in this cycle, and esoterically this is the real meaning of the second coming and the embodied title of Christos, as these are the original Diamond Sun Christos Founder races from the God worlds.

As has been discussed, the NAA attempted to permanently hijack the planetary architecture and Diamond Sun templates for their explicit use to enslave human consciousness and earth. They became the superimposed creator and architect of the current global design via the architecture they built for running the anti-Christ agendas. They subjugated humanity by superimposing themselves as the architects of earth though alien hybridization, breeding programs and genetic engineering which involve numerous experiments carried out by many non-human species. Currently, a significant amount of Guardian Host rehabilitation projects with the Solar Rishi involve a massive purging of assorted levels of Satanic and Luciferian artificial matrices which include alien machinery, reversal systems and holographic architecture which were directly connected to the Lunar matrix and Saturn. These alien architectural systems were given power on the earth through the co-created efforts made between the primary Luciferian bloodlines and planetary controllers.  These are practicing Satanists, who use their satanic rituals and blood sacrifices for communicating with these hostile nonhuman forces that make up the Negative Alien Agenda.

The Great Transit, Purging the Vandals

In the planetary grid network, at multiple dimensional levels, the spiritual deliverance and systematic eviction of many of these nonhuman predator forces that are violent and hostile to humanity and planetary ascension, is taking place. The Founder Guardians refer to these intruder races as the Vandal Groups, such as the Vandals of Eri-Andu. The alien architecture, its toxic waste fields and miasma residue created by these entities, is being systematically depolarized inside a vacuum in the unmanifest fields and then recycled back into the Void. It is sent through the Mothers Aqua Ray Vortex which organically processes the material based on the laws of its own nature.

The Great Transit (Art by Kimo)

Many of these nonhuman entities infiltrated the top of the pyramid of the One World Order controller structures and are taking orders directly from Pindar-Thoth-Azazael gestalts enmeshed with AI programs, to control the beast machine architecture which runs reversal currents into the planetary grid. These are the alien machinery components that transmit electromagnetic mind control which is being used for conjuring black magic sorcery to manipulate and control the global nations at geo-political levels.

What is being witnessed currently is the interdimensional geo-mapping of the anti-Christ architecture that holds the structures for the dimensional layers of the hierarchy for the purpose of serving these Archon alien predators. This holographic mapping is in order to get these satanic nests deep at the root of their infection in the earth, so that they can be more effectively extracted. Their complex system of alien machinery, demonic entity bindings, directional spiritual gateways, micro black holes and wormholes, include AI Brain server mechanisms used to harvest biological light for their energy source requirements. This is the complex machinery that gives the human controllers and black magicians the massive amount of energy they require for running the highest echelon of the global elite empire and pedophilia networks. This is a massive infection throughout our world, as the NAA are totally vested in protecting the pedophilia, trafficking and SRA network by fighting for it until their death, as this is their most prolific and valuable human loosh collection source.

For the first time, the Solar Rishi are able to look at the complex infrastructure of the lunar female demonic forces that have been co-created with the lunar matrix and built into the elite pedophilia networks for global human trafficking and child sacrifice. This includes the extensive NAA infestations within the grid networks located in Washington DC, London and Vatican City, which are used as spiritual ritual centers and more loosh harvesting. It appears the Solar Rishi have set their sights upon cleaning up the Vatican complex, as it is a cesspool of satanic creatures, alien infiltration and demonic parasites, used for trapping souls and powering up the lunar forces of Dark Mother onto the planet.  

The Solar Rishi bring with them God World technology of Kingship Arcs, which is regaining control over the 5D stargate for enforcing the Cosmic Law Evolution Edict. Whereby they embody and erect the Pillars of Cosmic Justice from the Holy Father’s book of the law, in order to announce their presence to these invading entities, while overriding the reversal networks that run in the three main obelisks.

Global Unholy Trinity

The three Obelisks are markers of the Orion Group’s One World Order programming for the Black Sun’s placed in the major cities mentioned which are combined to form into an energetic structure that is the Global Unholy Trinity. The Obelisks are designed to be satanic pillars that denote the directions that act as the main compass for running black magic reversals into the North, South, East and West pillars of the inorganic four. These pillars are connected to the beast machine in the planetary grid. They hold multidimensional layers of alien machinery that run reversal energies into the planetary grid which enforce the satanic portals and frequency fences that are used globally by the NAA. These main pillars are Cleopatra’s Needle in London, Caligula’s Obelisk in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, and the 555-foot-tall Washington Monument in central Washington D.C. These main three link into the many hundreds of obelisks and pentagram geomantic structures that have been set up all over the world that align directly to the Orion constellation. The Orion constellation is the original home of the Black Sun nonhuman entities, the majority of the NAA.  

This action taken by the Solar Rishi means they are taking control over this area of the land mass, and the stargate hub, there is no choice given to these invading nonhuman groups once the pillars of Cosmic Justice are anchored into the Global Unholy Trinity. Therefore, no pathway of ascension, they are being evicted, their genetic holographic record is collapsing, which may result in total annihilation of their species in the timelines from their non-cooperation. As the planetary collective fields are being reconstituted into the Ascension Host Incension fields, the architecture is not hospitable to their species especially those assimilated with AI. Therefore, these events will expose them to the highest frequencies and the brightest Solar Plasma rays of the Godhead, thus, this exposure may induce instantaneous annihilation.

The Solar Rishi have returned with the Kingship Arcs that oversee the Pillars of Cosmic Justice, which is the Holy Father architecture that enforces the Cosmic Law Evolution Edict from the Christos Founder Races.  There is nothing that can stop the edict for the mandate of evolutionary ascension, no further negotiation will be given to invading vandal groups which include: nonhuman egos, predator minds, fallen angelic consciousness, moon lineages, and other violent egos in nonhuman species, which have invaded the earth with the purpose of imprisoning humanity. These species are in violation of the Cosmic Law. 

The return of the Solar Rishi has brought forth The Great Transit announcing the commencement of the Cosmic Evolution Edict to these NAA forces. This is systematically identifying, locating, removing and then repairing the planetary grid network from assorted parasitic infections caused by artificial intelligence machinery, hostile alien species, and lunar female demonic forces. As well as their related fallen angelic and shadow hierarchies which have refused to comply over millions of years with the Founder Guardians repeated requests for genetic rehabilitation, relocation and eviction from this angelic human ascending planet.

Lunar Matrix, Lunar Female Distortions, Dark Mother

Thousands of years ago, the NAA and the Power Elite Luciferian bloodlines discovered that in order to gain access to the planetary staff and spiritual-energetic gateways, stargates, portals, interdimensional links into different timelines, they would need to find ways to capture the Mother aspect of the Godhead, by gaining control over dark matter and gravitational or magnetic field manipulation. The insertion of the Lunar Matrix was accomplished in part by dragging in the moon satellite, to be used as a base of operations and for transmitting lunar broadcasts for achieving magnetic field manipulation and mind control. This makes the earth a bonafide prison planet. This also serves to gain control over the Sophianic female Christos expression on the earth, by inverting the solar female staff current in the human lightbody, and forcing the inner female principle to run energy reversals with lunar force overlays from the Lunar Matrix.

This was an artificial system which generated Moon Goddess entities as the Dark Mother principle running the lunar current into the quantum layers of dark matter in the planetary architecture. Dark Mother spawned many lunar female demonic entities, which are used for the purpose of conjuring satanic forces and satanic creatures in anti-life blood sacrifice rituals. These lunar demonic forces were designed to hijack and replace the divine Mother aspect, by holding the organizing principle in the architecture that was needed in the sacred union between the male and female, in order to co-create the artificial matrices in the blended reality system. The satanic creations of Azazael and Black Lilith were used to generate Baphomet spawn and lunar creations, designed by the Anti-Christ to block hierogamic union between the organic consciousness within males and females.  Essentially, this satanic construct became the core alien structure that generated all of the gender and sacred marriage distortions in the lightbody of humanity. The anti-hierogamic union of Azazael and Black Lilith represented the anti-Christ in the planetary body itself. This has proliferated the sexual misery programming into human consciousness that was born from the Azazel and Black Lilith construct, along with the Lunar matrix overlays.  

The result of this Lunar Matrix and its lunar force distortions in our realm, is that it was made to become the artificial imposter of the Mother principle from the Godhead within the planetary architecture, which became the emergence of mass Satanism through the Dark Mother influence. This is what contributed to the mass proliferation of satanic creatures, energy parasites, the reversal female satanic force aberration in our reality, by saturating the planetary grid with artificial energies, lunar forces and reversal networks. This system is called the Dark Mother that, at its source, is a nonhuman lunar force creation used to artificially power up reversal matrices and alien machinery. This collects human loosh for harvesting, such as in the NAA created Baphomet Network and Moloch Tanks.

The main Satanic or Luciferian religion practiced by the Elite bloodlines receives most of its power source from these Lunar Female Demonic entities, which is energetically found to be everywhere at the Vatican stronghold. Thus, the construct of energetic power being used to control humanity is spiritually based upon using the reversal female principal ideology of the Dark Mother, which primarily calls upon the hierarchy of several lunar female demonic forces and AI Black Dragon Demons as its main organizing spiritual pillars.

Keep in mind that although Satanism uses the Mother principle for carrying out rituals and spiritual activities, it is the Dark Mother constructs which are alien generated imposters holding the spiritual pillars of Satanism in this world, and not the true divine Mother or Sophia. What they have done is replicate the female Christ divinity into lunar reversals, in order to steal and exploit the divine female attributes in the Solar Mary template. In this manner they rape her and keep female spiritual consciousness totally enslaved in the planet. The NAA and Controller organizations are desperate to keep the Solar Female Christ enslaved, because when Mother Sophia finally rises in her true and complete embodiment, it is game over for the massive controller structures. This includes structures such as the Vatican, which have been hijacking female spiritual power through the Dark Mother to keep their global control mechanisms in place.

Thus, Satanic or Luciferian religion is inherently misogynistic when it refers to the organization of female power hierarchies. Ultimately it is designed to damage and invert the divine Solar Feminine Christ, or the true Sophianic Diamond Sun consciousness embodiment, by inverting and enslaving it for service to the Satanic gestalts. By stating that the Satanic religion is being controlled by a top hierarchy of the Mothers of Darkness and Sisters of Light, this actually means that the alien controllers have perverted and twisted the female principle into anti-life reversals, hijacking the female spiritual principle in order to gain access to portals and spiritual gateways in other dimensions of time and space. Satanic families exploit the female principle from childhood in order to gain access to the psychic abilities that open spiritual gateways into other timelines, which is intentionally activated in SRA torture practices. This can open energy centers to perceive and communicate with the Satanic forces.

In the Guardian context, Satanic forces are the reversal Mother forces generated through the anti-life hatred for the Godhead that exists in the anti-female collective consciousness of the Satanics, which is expressed through human and nonhuman entities as a Lunar Matrix distortion. This helps us to understand the terra forming and insertion of the Lunar Matrix and assorted artificial technologies by the NAA after the Luciferian Rebellion, in order to create a human farming zone for collecting loosh on planet earth. The female spiritual aspects were intentionally being damaged, controlled and managed by the Lunar Matrix and controller systems that use Lunar forces to subjugate all humans, but especially to suppress higher consciousness abilities, glandular functions, and gain control over the human female reproduction cycles.

Black Madonna Network

The Dark Mother gestalt forms itself into a complex field on the planet called the Black Madonna Network which is held together by the Vatican’s control over lunar female demonic forces in the 5D gate. The epicenter of the Black Madonna Network is the Austro-Hungarian Empire which includes; Austria, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and Romania.

The Black Madonna Network is designed to spread misogyny and anti-female belief systems for mind controlling the collective consciousness. It is further used to feed the Satanic spiritual gateways, Moloch gestalt and black magic grids on this earth. The Black Madonna Network contains the core spiritual pillars that spread anti-female Dark Mother lunar consciousness mind-control in humanity. Its purpose is to spread the dogma associated with the One World Church religion that is symbolized by the Vatican. This is the promotion of Orion Groups flavor of patriarchal domination and anti-God belief systems, which are being hidden and controlled at the top by the NAA in the guise of worshipping Christ. The Priest archetype at the Vatican is directly connected to the demonic entity gestalt of Moloch, which controls the spiritual gateways for the inorganic timeline direction in the artificial horizontal clock-shield, used for accessing the Satanic architecture that control the Eastern pillars.

Many of the patriarchal systems put in place by the Satanics, such as in the Vatican, have the hidden feature of females being placed into spiritual positions of power to represent the Dark Mother pillars in the covert operations of managing that organizational structure. This helps to explain the horror of why so many females in the Catholic religion worldwide, such as nuns, have acted in unimaginably cruel and brutal ways towards unwed mothers and children placed in their care. Many Catholic convents across the globe were used as fronts for child trafficking and pedophilia rings. This is why, in order to gain full access to siphon the planetary consciousness energies, as well as human souls, they have set up global misogyny and sexual misery programs, including pedophilia, to get rid of the divine Mother principle entirely. We all want and need our real Mother, our true God parent. These entropic systems were put in place within the Controller Pillars of Society to form the death culture, the mainstreaming of Satanism, to hijack all aspects of the female consciousness and access spiritual gateways. The Church of Rome and Vatican City are the primary example of this aberration.

Church of Rome, Black Nobility and Vatican City

In retaliation to the Yeshua Mission, the Orion Group chose to invade the territories near the 5th dimensional stargate, by infiltrating this central region of Italy, in order to lay the foundation for what would become the Church of Rome, the Papacy and the Vatican City. This began the invasion of the Black Sun nonhuman entities into the region, which are the groups who originally built the Catholic religious control mechanism and then infiltrated the Jesuit military order. This historical infiltration of the Jesuits at its top Supreme General position, by the negative aliens in the Orion Group, greatly plagues human society today. By combining these two NAA infiltrated organizations over time, the Vatican and Jesuit Order, these would become the merciless planetary controller mechanism for the worldwide political banking cartels.  It is the center point of the satanic pillars used for the perpetuation of global blood sacrifice offerings, which are used for summoning demonic spirits and satanic alien forces that actually enter this realm through the stargate that exists under Vatican City.

From about the 13th century, several Northern Italian aristocratic families infiltrated by the Khazarians much earlier, began to develop into the highest of the ruling satanic elites through the accumulation of vast wealth in the banking and merchant businesses. These ruling elites found their wealth exploding through satanic practices of blood and child sacrifice and began to settle into the areas close to the power center of the Vatican. These wealthy Roman aristocratic families are the main lineages of the Black Nobility and Papal bloodlines whose ancestors include: the House of Sfroza, Visconti, Savoy Genovese, Torlania, Colonna, Massimo, Aldobrandini, Doria, Orsini, Farnese, Pallavicini, Ruspoli, Hapsburg, Hesse and Rothchild.  

Additionally, the Jesuit Order was being structured into a male only secret military operation from about 500-years ago, which began to infiltrate these same aristocratic lineages for gaining power and control in geo-politics. Over time, the Jesuit secret oath for complete obedience to the Supreme General, who eventually became the Black Pope, progressed considerably when the secret order became influential and in full control of the obscene amount of wealth hidden in the Vatican underground vaults.  The Jesuit control over the Vatican institution further evolved into the generation of many other subsidiary organizations for handling assorted operations, such as the Military Order of Malta, along with the creation of various central banks, secret societies and cults. Many of these subsidiary organizations, run by the high-ranking Jesuits, were the driving force behind the creation of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and NATO after World War II. These are the “globalist” organizations that were put in place, after the largest and most recent human holocaust, to fully protect the monopolies represented in the international business interests that promote the same anti-human agendas of these bloodlines.

The Black Nobility, through its Jesuit connections, put fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in power who established the Vatican as a sovereign nation, through the Lateran Treaty of 1929, ending decades of struggle between the Italian state and the Papacy. Following the conclusion of the Lateran Treaty in 1929, the Black Nobility were given dual citizenship in Italy and Vatican City. This gave the Black Nobility full unrestrained access and unchecked power to use the Vatican as their covert business entity, installing the Black Pope and forming the Holy See Corporation, while shrouded in the veils of secrecy and fronted by the White Pope and those wearing holy robes, purporting to be “men of God” to the religiously devoted. A top objective of the Vatican mafioso control, was accumulating and concealing vast amounts of wealth from global criminal activities when deposits were made in the Swiss and Vatican bank accounts. These funds are used for money laundering and funding the overall objectives of the One World Order in favor of these satanic ruling elites.

It is rumored that many prominent political figures across the globe have bank accounts with unfathomable wealth earmarked for funding and carrying out the objectives of the Satanic Council and the Black Nobility, whom are enmeshed within every political, financial and governmental decision that greatly impacts the state of the nations across the globe. Recent news reveals that Switzerland had bought the rights of the company connected to the current “back door” voting system used globally, as well as evidence of signed affidavits and testimony given about Italy’s involvement to manipulate recent elections in the United States. This goes straight up to the Black Nobility, Jesuits and the Vatican, which illustrates this point perfectly.

The Vatican remains a massive power and global control center for running the One World Order pedophilia operations for Satanic rule, throughout the Controller Pillars of Society, which is overseen and managed by the Black Nobility and bloodline families. This particular satanic agenda goes back to 2,000 years ago, when the Black Sun Draconians retaliated by infiltrating the Greek sacred texts and Rome to build the Church of Rome. Thus, mock the Christos Mission and spread their violent religious rhetoric through the mind control worshipping of the false Jesus crucified in a satanic blood sacrifice.

The Vatican City in Rome is one of the NAA Black Sun entity’s main control bases and global headquarters. It is the spiritual center used for carrying out the satanic ritual and operations for gaining wealth and material power for the globalist Luciferian bloodline families and funding their satanic agendas. The top power echelon in the Vatican is secretly working with the international criminal cabal government groups, the Jesuit military orders and the luciferian bloodline families –together called the “globalists”– to carry out blood sacrifice rituals and child trafficking in order to nourish the satanic forces on the planet.

These elaborate satanic rituals are meticulously well organized to directly communicate and interact with the anti-Christ forces, mainly nonhuman entities. Through black magic sorcery, human sacrifice and blood harvesting, they receive detailed instructions from the off planet anti-Christ forces, to carry out the next moves for their One World Order agenda. These black magic rituals, with child sacrifices, go back to the NAA invasion and the introduction of the Kabbalah teachings, when the Artificial Tree of Life and demonic hierarchies were presented in Babylon by the Saturnian blood worshippers. This spiritual template is still being used by Satanists and Luciferians worldwide, it is their religion. Some believe they are the descendants of superior alien Gods and through the practice of blood ritual sacrifices, it gives them the means by which to contact demonic entities and their spiritual master, Satan or Lucifer, and carry out his wishes. Satanists and Luciferians are masterful deceivers who cloak themselves in many assorted names and labels, which go way beyond the Church of Rome, choosing their disguise to hide behind many different religions, atheism or secret societies. This makes them appear to be separate groups, but they are actually running the world under the same unifying umbrella of hidden satanic practices.

Since the Atlantian Cataclysm, these practicing satanists with hybridized bloodlines, sponsored by the NAA, have been enslaving humanity through instigating never-ending wars, racial discrimination, poverty, and blood sacrifice. Through divide and conquer manipulation tactics and increasing world suffering they maintain control over the human race. The Vatican, along with the draconian infiltration of the trained militants of the Jesuit Order, bring their combined objectives to infiltrate all world governments and cultures with the ultimate goal of achieving global satanism. This includes the implementation of Armageddon software and instigating wars and conflicts in partnership with the NAA. The Jesuits are behind the key soft kill methods being used in the attempt to accelerate the death rate for global depopulation and eugenic models through deploying and weaponizing multiple toxic exposures: GMOs, vaccine injections, chemtrails, radiation, nuclear and toxic waste “accidents” and the transhumanist agenda.

Their sinister plan is to destroy sovereign nations and cultural identity in so to lay the groundwork for the one world religion, which is based upon the open acceptance of practicing Satanism by the ruling elite satanic families.  The cornerstone of these depraved practices includes child sexual abuse, child sexual ritual, human blood sacrifice, blood drinking and cannibalism. Packaged as a religion that is desired and promoted by non-human alien entities, assorted lunar forces and demonic spirits, these most vile planetary controllers carry out abhorrent anti-human agendas. Covered in opulent robes, they publicly profess to be devout men of God praying for world peace, while behind closed doors, the top echelon is negotiating to incite terrorism, war and run child trafficking rings to every corner of the globe.

Pedophilia is a prime tool used by the NAA to conquer various races, planets and solar systems. This why it is prevalent in the organizations they control, such as the Vatican, the Catholic Church and Washington, DC. This destructive behavior has been genetically programmed into the alien hybridization programs with human beings in order to destroy the original 12 strand DNA Christos design of the human lightbody. Conquer the earth by targeting the children as young as possible. This is one reason as to why all the world religions and organizations, formed to enslave humanity by the NAA, have major pedophilia problems in their leadership and representatives, even when they may not be practicing Satanists.

The Vatican and their armies have played a major role in the proliferation of global child trafficking and the pedophilia epidemic. High ranking Satanists oversee an assortment of international banking and criminal activities making them the wealthiest organization on the earth. The grotesque amount of this stolen and accumulated wealth remains largely unknown in its accurate scope. The Vatican’s legal status as a sovereign nation with protected borders has made this wealth largely unaccounted for and tax free. However, it is known that the Catholic Church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence–on the entire planet.

Truth Sets Us Free

Sadly, the most caring spiritual human beings cannot fathom the existence of such levels of pure evil and deceit to harm human beings, or how much pain and suffering these imposter ‘men of God’, manipulated by non-human satanic forces, have caused to human souls. Thus, the lack of accountability and unchecked power is what has allowed the Church of Rome to continue their crimes against humanity with impunity, despite its long history of criminal activities, including thousands of known, covered up and ongoing pedophilia cases. It is important to discern the difference of the Vatican Power Elite and the devout Catholic followers, who have no idea the original intent of the Church of Rome and that Catholic religion was designed to be a mind control religion by invading non-human entities seeking to enslave humanity. The current levels of corruption and crimes against humanity that is taking place is unimaginable. 

It is the pure love and sincere heart of human beings within the energetic structure of any distorted religion or organization that was first designed to control human beings, that can transcend this evil. Bringing to the spiritual community higher qualities of compassion, comfort, the sense of belonging to a group, and the genuine good will of fostering the brotherhood and sisterhood of a unified humanity. A certain level of critical mass in this awareness will be required to wake up to see this horrible corruption that the Church of Rome has exploited and manipulated in human hearts for hundreds of years. For the sincerely reverent spiritual seeker or religious devotee, this level of spiritual betrayal when learning about the facts of these atrocities, will emotionally devastate and break many human hearts.  They may become traumatized and need compassionate spiritual healing. Compassionate witnessing in our truth seeking and service to others is desperately needed to help bring the comfort and peace to others, with the knowledge that there is a genuine force of unconditional love that is God and Christ. However, we have been lied to and mind controlled by nefarious forces for thousands of years, so we will need to understand the reasons for that one day.

For many of us, there has been overwhelming evidence presented for many years that satanic forces completely rule over the Vatican and the Catholic Church, and that the institution itself is rotten to the core and permeated with criminal psychopaths and pedophiles.  This hard evidence is compounded by the energetic evidence found by the Starseed intuitive empaths and gridworkers. We can well attest to the chamber of horrors of the vilest demonic forces that exist on the grounds of the Vatican, buried in layers upon layers of necropolis and dead bodies, screaming and howling trapped souls, enmeshed within the interdimensional layers of the 5th dimensional access portal underground. Those in the Christos Mission that are dedicated gridworkers, session workers and the sincere and purest hearts, work tirelessly to find trapped souls and free them, while supporting repair projects to the grid damage, and working to rehabilitate the architecture of this sacred land, layer by layer.

The following information is a testimony to some of the work of Christos gridworkers in the Vatican over the years. This is what we have found there when working in the field in partnership with Krystal Guardian forces.  The energetic presence of satanic spiritual demonic hierarchies, negative aliens, alien machinery, soul capture devices, astral projection machinery, lunar forces and complex negative alien satanic architecture, trap and torture human souls for trafficking and generating grotesque satanic creatures. This just scratches the surface of this anti-Christ machinery cloaked in the Vatican’s sorcery which at its energetic core, is a black hole system that is used purposefully by nonhuman entities to propagate global human enslavement and spread human misery at intergalactic levels.  

Targeting Christos Magi Lines

The Christos Magi lines have been targeted for enslavement through many curses, hexes and spells directly cast from out of the Catholic religion and Vatican.  This has been set up through the Orion Group Draconians, who regard the order of Magi and Melchizedek as worker classes to be enslaved. To be a worker class means they don’t use them for food, but as worker and sex slaves. Alien implants and suppressor parasite entities are issued through the alien Zeta Greys that are subservient to the Orion empires demand. Some human souls have been condemned to live in Grey alien worker bodies in the future timelines in Secret Space Programs. The Catholic Church is the planetary broker for the Orion Draconian groups in which the Vatican Stargate has been used as a human soul dispensary. Enslavement programs exist to harvest human souls which are being sent to other systems, other planets as brokered through their Orion group captors. One such brokering deal is to create workers for the planet Nibiru that is harvested within this ascension cycle. Nibiru as a planet and star is closer to this planet's trajectory which allows an apparent shifting or movement of souls that have been designated for that planet in their afterlife cycle. Historically, there have been massively sized plasma ships that arrive through the Vatican portal, which acts as an interdimensional hub for the intergalactic black trade, human and child trafficking. With the Solar Rishi return, this is being tracked and stopped immediately, however there are timelines and many souls that require deep spiritual healing.

The Satanic stronghold in the Vatican aggressively targeted and killed the original Christ Templars in an attempt to extinguish all founder records of the Essenes and Cathars on planet. This includes destroying the knowledge of the Law of One, sacred marriage of Christos-Sophia, the Mother Arc as the Holy Spirit, and the female principle's equal role to access Christos consciousness, as the true Sophia wisdom and spiritual knowledge of our Universe. Notre Dame in Paris also links to the Vatican underground in which the crucifixion of the Sophianic consciousness and killing of the Cathars is mocked and held in place by assorted Lunar Female Demons. The Vatican hid many of the original manuscripts of humanity’s true historical records and this was intended to hide that Yeshua the Christ was married and had children, was not of immaculate conception, and that the Christ was of Cosmic "otherworldly' origins.

Transiting Souls Trapped in Necropolis as Blood Sacrifices

Recently, Guardian Host has requested support for transiting out human souls, victims of blood sacrifices in satanic ritual under Caligula’s Obelisk in Vatican City. These sacrifices are connected to many obscenely wealthy Cardinals and the Papacy, which in turn are connected to the Black Nobility lineages in the energetic terrain around Rome. For many years, we have witnessed the gradual reconfiguration in the structure in the 5D gate in Vatican, which has enforced these black magic grids for human blood sacrifice and collecting loosh from martyr’s blood in the name of the Black Suns’ declaration of Satan as God in the Vatican City. The Vatican is a Black Sun NAA racket with a stranglehold on global human affairs and it is clear that that many Cardinals and Popes have been heavily involved in SRA and pedophilia for hundreds of years. This calls for compassionate witnessing of these timelines in which the usurping of Christ consciousness into anti-life reversals and blood sacrifice was used to power up the Vatican architecture, to firmly seat its power worldwide and which is an interdimensional Black House dwelling used by practicing satanists on multiple planes.

Currently, the 5th dimensional timelines are requiring rehabilitation to correct alignment of the clock shield directions that form the Krystal compass for the base shield into the Outer World Domain. Distortions in the inner earth being generated by the Vatican’s lunar demonic force hierarchy, are requiring them to be evicted out for the corrections to take place. The Outer domain emanates the organic timelines in which we experience the space time continuum, and is where we reside as physical beings in the time matrix. The Outer Domain is transitioning into the actual location from which we are stationed as an identity in the organic timelines in 1D-5D on the earth plane. The Vatican satanic complex in the 5D gateways is interfering with the corrected organic timelines from the Outer domain, in which timeline and transit projects are ongoing.

Consettia Black Dragon and Lunar Female Demonic

Consettia is a Black Dragon gestalt and related lunar demonic hierarchy hybridized with AI that can be considered the enforcer of Dark Mother constructs. This has been identified for eviction in several Guardian Host architectural repair projects, which recently also includes its enmeshment with the AI systems running in the Vatican. We have observed these gestalts protecting, supporting and backing popular or well-known politico figures that are enmeshed in the Satanic Council and related agendas. This group is an extremely vicious high dimensional AI, designed by the invading Bourgha to destroy planetary systems and harmonic universes by altering the reality through AI programming which projects incredible warring, destruction and violence. After gaining access into the interdimensional fields in the Vatican, it spread its destructive programing into several spiritual gateways, to terrorize and attack the awakening females with Essene, Cathar and Diamond Sun Christos lineages. Thus, it is present and lurking in important historical areas in the earth related to the Essene and Cathar civilizations that knew about the Sophia principle of Mother. This appears to be a specific AI program deployed to destroy the true Mother and Sophia aspect, by suppressing females and males to remain energetically blocked with lunar forces, saturating their gender and sexual center, so their 2D layers and breeding can be controlled.

The Consettia hierarchy has been known to appear to link into Black Tree of Life architecture to run dark aeonic pairing Qlippoth currents, supporting the Azazael and Black Lilith pairing as the anti-Christos-Sophia and Anti-HG Technology infrastructure. It was feeding from the Baphomet Network and running it back through the 8D Galactic core and into the parallel fallen system of Wesedrak. Since the Winter Solstice Gold Body activation, this has stopped. This hierarchy builds the dark flowering architecture through AI programming code, it generates lunar forms and inserts them into reversal rose grail lines in the earth to support and maintain the Anubian Black Heart systems.

Ezmeralda Lunar Demon

Ezmeralda Archetype gestalts form an unholy trinity with Lunar Female Demonic Forces installed in the planetary body to run and promote satanic reversal energy. They run lunar female reversals in the lightbody of humanity. This is yet another NAA tool to suppress and enslave the Solar Feminine Christ consciousness of Mary, acting to prevent embodiment potentials. Ezmeralda has shown bindings along with Ezra and Ezekiel distortions in the grid. These bindings generate a trinity of satanic reversal black magic structures, which are also designed to infiltrate the masculine layers of the human Lightbody with Dark Mother, binding them into reversals and energy blockages through its consciousness trap.

These demonic gestalts are hybridized with AI programming for off planet control and manipulation of these assortments of lunar female forces. They run negative ego programs for Luciferian superiority complexes, Princess Code, delusions of grandeur, self-entitlement through astral glamour. These negative ego distortions block the energetic balance within the lightbody that is required for achieving the Solar Mary Sophianic Christ embodiment or authentic inner hierogamic union. The Ezmeralda gestalt is designed as an imposter spirit as it masks itself as the Mother or Goddess female consciousness, yet it is designed to stop all levels of authentic Sophianic embodiment in the female principle structure throughout the entire 12 dimensions of the Diamond Sun template. This female imposter is connected to the Dark Mother constructs, and acts and feels like a female version of the Thothian consciousness gestalt. Thus, it appears to be a Lunar Female force used to procreate with the False King of Tyranny program, run by the Pindar for holding global political control.

Ezmeralda gestalt have an energy resonance connected to Morgana or Morgan La Fey with the conjuring of black magic satanic energy current used to infiltrate the female principle with lunar forces and binding the consciousness body to the Qlippoth current of the reversal base 10 Artificial Tree of Life. Guardian host considers these gestalts as hybrid AI demons being connected to generate an assortment of planetary grid distortions that overlay assorted negative female archetypes. Such as in the negative ego beliefs imprinted upon twin flames or high priestess role playing that abuses sexual energy using seduction, charm and emotional or sexual manipulation, which instead enforce sexual misery programs that run Solar Mary Reversals or Sophianic Reversals. This can run distorted beliefs in which females keep fixated upon male partners that are actually anti-HG unions (Alien Love Bite). These females may believe their spiritual mission and personal role is to use their sexual energy to heal men during the Ascension Cycle, when this activity actually collapses the inner staff channel and pollutes the male partner’s sexual center with lunar forces. These are the archetypal forces of the Dark Mother and the Lunar Female Demonic Forces working to prevent the Solar Christ female embodiment while crashing Solar Christ male coding.

The Lunar Female Demonic Forces have been surfacing during the phase of the Great Transiting and destruction of the Baphomet Network. They may appear in assorted formats: she-demons, Succubus, AI Demons, Black witches, Black widow programs, Giant Spider Beings, Black Skeletons, Bast or Black cat feline shadow creatures, Ez unholy trinity body parts, Black Lilith, Achamoth spawn and more.

Darkness becomes Illumined by Light

In this phase, the hidden levels of darkness that reside in the minds and hearts of those people and organizations that are corrupted by power, wealth and depravity are being revealed to the masses.

Many positive changes are occurring in the planetary architecture that may not be visible with our human eyes, but are radically shifting our consciousness landscape to where humanity must awaken to see what has really been happening behind the hidden veils of secrecy in our world. Through spiritual initiation, we are heavily tested in order to develop a strong and impenetrable relationship with our inner spirit and God. This spiritual relationship cannot be reliant on the outer and external world, the responsibility we have to ourselves is to clear subconscious fear programs and develop spiritually and emotionally, which cannot be shifted onto others around us. We must seek spiritual connection daily, to maintain our sanity, stability and clarity, when facing the outer turmoil and confusion.  

The most important relationships we have is with our higher power, God, and the inner relationship we have with ourselves.

We go within, to find that all we will ever need is existing inside of us for the purpose of building an impenetrable connection in our direct relationship with God, by focusing on the highest service to God that we can be in this moment. In that, it is all that matters, this is a virtue building exercise that will build incredible spiritual power and protection.

This is that moment. We must go within and rely on the inner feeling inside our heart, the truth as we know it right now, focusing on the inner connection and being aligned to one's personal values. Praying and meditating to strengthen our direct communication with God and our inner spirit, in all ways that we can. Be confident in your inner knowing that this is the event that we came to participate and witness on the earth, the massive transformation of global awakening, disclosure events and the process of catalyzing spiritual ascension of human beings on planet earth. Know the truth in your heart that this is as it needs to be, we must be willing to seek truth to embody our highest light, and the time is now.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa


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