Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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April 2021

Solar Synthesis

Lisa Renee

The planetary ascension is accelerating now with the return of the Solar Consciousness of Christos to the Earth, and nothing can or will stop the organic timeline of disclosure. Many incredible things to support humanity are happening from behind the scenes and within the planetary architecture which confirm that the current dark reign of terror and genocidal campaigns are temporary. The most empowering step we can take now is to refuse to be terrorized in fear and complicit with this human genocidal campaign. We must find within our heart the direct connection to God, our highest power, and seek inner guidance and higher truth to help direct us forward.

Since the return of the Solar Rishi and the Gold Sun DNA activation at the end of 2020, the planetary grid network has been rapidly shifting levels of polarity via the acceleration of tri-wave solar plasma light currents which are inspiriting matter through an ongoing process of Solar Synthesis. The Solar Dragon Kings are the Christos tri-tone luminaries from the God Worlds that are the master architects and authentic grid engineers of the organic God consciousness technology that makes up the luminary body of the entire planetary matrix. They have returned to fulfill the Paliadorian Covenant which is essentially the reclamation of the Christos solar consciousness upon the Earth through a plasma luminary body, which has been recently announced through the Rise of King Arthur in the Albion.

The Solar Rishi and Solar Dragon Kings are braiding themselves throughout the crystalline grids which hold the holographic celestial map of many Sun-Stars and constellations that are transmitting organic liquid plasma consciousness technology that catalyzes Solar Synthesis. This is a solar symbiosis process which blends physical matter with solar fire plasma codes throughout the planetary grid network, which further energizes the Sophianic plasma shields and Solar Rainbow Dragon elemental shields which are animating crystal vapors into the fluids and waters in creation. These liquid plasma shields are designed to further re-encrypt elementals and purify the corrupted astral waters, fluids and vapors that are within the planetary crystalline matrix and the human body’s water management system.  This is re-organizing the fascia crystalline matrix whereby solar codes are igniting plasma crystals in the extensive webbing of our neurological matrix, upgrading the cellular matrix in our bone, blood, skin and tissues to receive liquid plasma codes.

The increased solarization of the planetary grid network is occurring rapidly in the stellar grid areas where the Sun-Stars are being reconnected into multiple layers of crystalline grids and diamond diagonal grid networks that power up the master controller grids in the Albion.  As there is a reconnection of the Sun-Star Stellar maps into sections of the crystalline grids on the Earth, this is beginning to build higher liquid plasmic ray frequencies to the level that the planetary magnetic field is exponentially weakening. The magnetic field is shifting to the extent that the gravitational pull is lessening which causes the collapse of alien frequency fences and assorted controller machinery, which begins the transfiguration of the raw substances in physical matter and mental body matrices. As changes in the magnetic field occur, this can impact the electromagnetic balance between the left hand and right hand positioning in the body. The lightbody adjusts itself to the organic alignment of correct left and right positioning towards the true north star leading into the future timeline.

The transfiguration of physical matter during phases of Solar Synthesis means activations that are inspiriting the angelic human body and building the lightbody forms to receive plasma codes, which build into a plasma luminary body which is positioned in now eternal time. To embody the liquid plasma light, we each must remove the false, artificial and obsolete while strengthening and merging the inner dwelling with our authentic monadic identity, which in its final stages births the Inner Christ from liquid plasma. The authentic spiritual self is the monadic identity which seats itself in the core or midsection of the physical body, and the core spiritual self is the center anchor of the plasma luminary body which exists in now eternal time.

Solar Synthesis transfers physical energy into the soul and monadic consciousness layers of the auric field in order to give birth to the eternal spiritual self through the newly energized lightbody receiving plasma light. The current magnetic shift combined with the ongoing solarization of the planetary grid is vaporizing dead energy miasma, alien machinery, artificial technologies and mutated inorganic substances that require an extremely low frequency and low vibrational density to continue to exist.

As the elemental forces in matter are being filled with the light seed fire codes of monadic spiritual flows, this Solar Synthesis is causing the transfiguration of lunar forces and shadow creatures along with the obliteration of many demonic hierarchies that were the armies of the Anti-Christ. The master stargates and ancient interdimensional portal systems activating through the Albion are pouring out solar coding with upgraded RNA-DNA instruction sets which introduce new rainbow plasma ray spectrums into the ley lines, which are causing further ripples of plasma activations. The planetary plasma activation brings on the organic evolution in an actively ascending lightbody of an angelic human through the bio-spiritual growth that transforms the lightbody substance into an embodied spiritualized physical matter substance. The current lightbody activation from planetary plasma transmissions are especially prevalent for those that are approximately age 33 and older, which may come on suddenly and be surprising for those who did not have a spiritually focused personality.

As we enter the emancipation cycle of planetary Solar Synthesis and the return of the Christos, the NAA and Controllers that are instructed from the Anti-Christ forces are desperate to continue their Archontic Deception Strategies in order to enslave the earth population. Whatever areas in the controller pillars of society that they cannot maintain their control over for anti-Christ purposes and global consciousness enslavement, they seek to completely destroy through multiple methods of targeted psychological warfare and by carrying out genocidal bio-spiritual warfare. We need to be aware of these dark tactics being used for spiritual warfare, yet at the same time develop the spirit of patience and diligence to not give our power or consent away to these deceptive controller agendas.

Bifurcation Madness, Observation of Current Agenda

Many of us are aware and observing the accumulative effects of the bifurcation in which a point of divergence has occurred in the perception of reality and the chasm between the 3D controlled narrative and those on the ascending path is growing rapidly. This is the time to take stock of how well we are coping with the bifurcation madness on the earth, as the collective mind of humanity travels the path of the Dark Night of the Soul. There are groups of humans that are connected to a third dimensional morphogenetic blueprint, and there are groups of humans connected to a fifth dimensional and higher morphogenetic blueprint. This energetic chasm generates difficulty in connecting or communicating with those on the descending timeline, as they simply cannot see or perceive what those on the higher timeline are seeing and perceiving.

We will have some casualties at this time, with those who are not awake and are suffering from trauma-based mind control and the uncontrollable impulses of GOAT mind (addressed below). However, it is important to know that the planetary ascension is accelerating now with the return of the Solar Consciousness of Christos to the Earth, and nothing can or will stop the organic timeline of disclosure. Many incredible things to support humanity are happening from behind the scenes and within the planetary architecture which confirm that the current dark reign of terror and genocidal campaigns are temporary.

Whether asleep or awake, our self-mastery is measured through how we personally deal with the stress and chaos of the environment and knowing when to exercise discernment by limiting our daily exposure to a host of mind control-based deceptions. No person on this earth is exempt from sensing the massive fields of fear, chaos and confusion that exist in the collective mind of humanity and the spiritual warfare that is being transmitted from the darkest non-human fields of Anti-Christ. In every area of our lives, when we generate belief systems, thoughts, behaviors, emotions and actions, this accumulates into energetic content that combines with the vibrationally matched consciousness fields that are circulating in the environment.

Moving forward, we need to seek inner truth and divine purpose to neutralize the external forces of chaos as the energetic content that we send out into the field will return back to us with increasing immediacy, and even instantaneously. Whatever the quality of energy that we broadcast out into the Universe, it sets into motion the accumulative frequency of the energetic content that will be directly returned back to us. This is why it’s crucial to be able to connect to our heart and find our inner stillness in prayer and meditation, and broadcast as much unconditional love, forgiveness, peace and gratitude to the Universe as possible. Some of us will be placed in a very uncomfortable position where we will have to take a stand for what is right and truthful in a situation. The only barometer will be the instantaneously powerful sensation of what your heart guides you to do in that exact moment, which is the right action to take even if it is unpopular. These are times in which we must choose to listen to our inner spirit and God above all things.

The current agenda is painful to witness as it comes with consequences to those we love and care for. We can observe the terrorization of humanity to become complicit and compliant to a massively orchestrated global genocidal campaign, along with the roll out of experimental toxic injections and testing swabs filled with nanotechnology, faulty proteins, prions and Morgellons fibers. Sadly, many people have fallen prey to the predator’s propaganda, who desire to destroy as much as they can as they rapidly lose power in the world. On a positive note, there are many doctors, microbiologists, pharmaceutical professionals and concerned citizens that are warning the public and providing hard evidence of the genocidal agenda which is being reported through alternative media.

If we can see the current soft kill measures in the environment that have been methodically put in place through the well thought out long-term planning of the Controllers, we can easily see the hidden purpose of these genocidal methods, including the eugenicist policies and censorship put in place by the Global Health Mafia. An example of active soft kill agendas is the enforcement of legal poisoning in the general public through vaccinations, water fluoridation, GMO, Chemtrails, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, aborted fetal tissues, nanotech and other pathogenic biological weapons. All of these examples change the electromagnetic frequency and chemistry of the human body, radically impairing the functioning of the brain, central nervous system, immunity and RNA-DNA communication signals. To ascend and embody our Inner Christ, we need a relatively functioning bio-neurology that connects the soul and monadic layers into our physical body via our brain, nervous system and bodily fluids.   

The latest mRNA vaccine abomination is targeting the human brain and bio-neurology in such way that the spiritual layers of the consciousness body are shown to disintegrate at cellular levels and then disconnect from the physical matrix entirely. This is the retaliation tactic to counter the impacts of the current planetary plasma activations in which Solar Synthesis is occurring, but is being blocked by those who are terrorized in fear while running AI mind control algorithms in their limbic system, which is referred to as GOAT mind.   

The most empowering step we can take now is to refuse to be terrorized in fear and complicit with this human genocidal campaign by compassionately educating others, finding others that know the truth behind this agenda and commit to developing our heart-based relationship to our higher self. We must find within our heart the direct connection to God, our highest power, and to seek inner guidance and higher truth to help direct us forward. When we are spiritually connected, we gain the inner strength, courage and higher intelligence that lends itself to the coping skills we need to overcome this phase of the dark night of the soul and the aggressive effects of spiritual and biological warfare. We came to this earth to hold the light in the darkness, and this is the time we have been called to show up for God, Christ and all Children of the Sun. (For those new to ES we suggest the newsletters; Transhumanism, Bio-Neurology, Pestilence Program, Groupthink and Genetic Modification of Human DNA for further research on the long-term Controller agenda to hack the human bio-neurology for OWO global mind control and transhumanist purposes).

Planetary Emancipation and False Timeline Loop

During the end of 2015, the planetary lightbody began another bifurcation stage in the grid network which initiated an emancipation cycle which accelerated the timeline wars and the use of artificial intelligence cube technology for gaining territorial control on the planet.

The planet’s electromagnetic layers run numerous energetic currents that hold spectrums of frequency that are built out of light, which further form into multiple densities and dimensional levels of time and space that connect directly into the planetary stargate system, portals and chakra vortices. By manipulating electromagnetic frequency spectrums and transmitting mind control programs and mind slide inserts through the stargate and ley line system, it was possible for the NAA entities to use alien machinery to gain control over the targeted population’s consciousness perception of movement within time and space. For most of the earth inhabitants it is impossible to determine which direction in time their consciousness body is actually moving, or if they are repeating a timeline that they have already lived through many times through consciousness recycling.

What is happening in the globalscape is an astral mirror of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution combined with the Spanish Flu outbreak that was orchestrated by the same satanic cabal families that are attempting to repeat this timeline now, but with more advanced technocracy to bring on the One World Order of Satan. As an ideology in the 20th century, only atheistic Communism with its murder and mass killings is responsible for more deaths and violence than any religion or political system. This is why it is the preferred ideology of the human and nonhuman satanists to promote as a pro-humanist propaganda, as this past timeline resulted in over 100 million dead, which makes it appealing for the eugenicists wanting another round of global depopulation. At the same time the NAA entities desire to reap the mass loosh generated from those who are killed through soft kill injection, man-made starvation and climate wars and other authoritarian-communist styled executions. 

The NAA along with the Controllers are constantly involved in destroying and re-writing humanity’s historical accounts by misrepresenting and hiding important archeological evidence in ways that attempt to erase our accurate history so they can continue to manipulate timelines. If we cannot remember important events in history which resulted in mass murder of millions of human beings through staged wars and ethnic persecution for the financial benefit of the satanic cabal rule, this tragic history keeps repeating over again as the collective consciousness is led to play out the same trigger events that merge yet again with the past timeline.

Thus, during this phase of the timeline wars the NAA and the Controllers are fully exploiting that vulnerability in the earth population through inciting mass fear and psycho-emotional terrorism through the current psychological operation of the pandemic. Those who have not yet spiritually awakened to remember the tragic history in previous timelines are being manipulated through subconscious fears inciting GOAT mind to repeat the same trigger events that lead to genocidal agendas and wars that already happened in the past timelines.

Thus, the timeline wars on the Earth are based on humanity repeating the same timelines from the past over and over again, preventing the earth population from moving forward and evolving spiritually into higher frequency timelines that are organic to the angelic human consciousness.

This shift generates another stage of bifurcation between those existing within the eternal moment of now self on the organic timeline that is moving into the future, and those existing in the opposing direction in the inorganic timeline, in which their consciousness body is facing into the past. At this time, it appears that those facing in the opposite direction into the past have been afflicted with the fallen tree making them susceptible to GOAT mind algorithm and reversal plasmas. The consciousness war in play is designed to capture those many souls who are inverted by excessive fear and facing into the past artificial timeline loops, yet think they are moving into the future, and this false direction represents the descending spiral of time. 

GOAT Mind Algorithm

There was a significant bifurcation event in the planetary fields at the end of 2015, which began the ramp up of AI signal frequencies and cube technologies being used by the Controllers for directly targeting the human limbic system in order to incite a range of fear-based unconscious impulses in the masses. There are mutations and polarity reversals within the planetary elemental forces that drastically impact atomic matter, and the Controllers sought to capitalize on this, by using these inorganic forces as weapons to weaken the mental body and brain function of humanity.

The purpose of directing covert electromagnetic targeting towards the sympathetic nervous system is to trigger distortions within the unconscious mind layers to form the GOAT mind algorithms to spur uncontrollable impulses in the limbic system that overwhelm and then take over brain function. G.O.A.T. represents God of All Things to the satanists and luciferians, who commonly refer to goats or use goat heads in their rituals. This mark of the beast symbolism is viewed on multiple dimensions of reality to denote satanic branding on people or things connected to Baphomet grids or to represent satanic astral portal systems. Hence, the symbolism of the goat faced demons Baphomet and Pan that have been commonly associated with the horned devil in Satanic rituals and occult seals used to evoke demonic and negative alien powers. Gridworkers may see mark of the beast goat head repositories on the astral plane or in black houses used by the practicing satanists, where the most prolific distortions of astral waters have been used to generate artificial realities and portals for the NAA and their demonic hierarchies.

The GOAT mind agenda is stimulating lower instinctual impulses and uncontrolled reactions by running an AI algorithm in the limbic system in order to incite irrational fears and emotional hysteria for the purpose of controlling perception, blocking multidimensional awareness and preventing ascension in the masses. This GOAT mind can be observed as an energetic signature that appears as an electronic laser symbol brand, mark of the beast curse or goat head sigil emblazoned on top of the crown or written on top of the brain of that individual.  This goat head symbol has been observed on the brains of those that have taken the mRNA injection and then died as a result, this was observed when on special rescue operations orchestrated by Defender Guardian forces.

The Controller goal is to confuse the masses with artificial algorithms targeting the brain’s limbic system for a variety of impacts to bring on the GOAT brain distortion. One such agenda is to use limbic and amygdala manipulation in order to insert false memories and false identities with emotional body imprints, which open many possibilities for manipulating cloned light holograms by negative entities. In spiritual people this is being weaponized against their undisciplined impulses and unhealed pain body issues, so they cannot tell the difference between an authentic spiritual identity and negative alien imposters pretending to be a benevolent light being, when they are emotionally manipulating the target through holographic inserts.

This is also a psychological warfare tactic in the masses for spreading confusion and disorientation so that the individual cannot discern what decision to make or what direction to move towards, while experiencing an explosion of uncontrolled impulses and instinctual reactions. When individuals are totally controlled by unconscious impulses and automated reactions run by fear they cannot reason or think properly, as a result they lose coherence quickly and easily descend into chaos and confusion.

From this place of utter confusion and emotional chaos, it is very easy to coerce, intimidate and blackmail people, such as the heads of an institution or businesses in order to make them compliant to the Controller agendas, to promote toxic injections, enforce censorship and cancel culture. When most people are threatened by authoritarian tyrants and psychopaths, they comply. When a person is filled with mental incoherence and emotional chaos, that combination of negative energetic content is very low frequency in which they can become easily possessed and manipulated by demonic entities, which further exacerbates negative thoughts and destructive behaviors. 

More specifically, this GOAT mind algorithm seems to be designed to distort the dark matter template body in the masses in order to block plasma code activation in the DNA and prevent the Eukachristic light body and Solar Synthesis from occurring during the current cycle of planetary plasma activations.

The lightbody mutations which form GOAT brain algorithms and automated reactions are directly linked into the solar plexus and 3D conscious mind matrix, which is designed in the lightbody to hold the core plasma body center. By attacking the solar plexus and conscious mind matrix of the masses with the GOAT algorithm, it interferes with and distorts the physical body anatomy. Causing it to reject the seating of the authentic higher spiritual identity, thus repelling the organic plasma body through the running of reversal plasmas in the vertical channel or meridians.  The most common artificial signals appearing in the environment are reversed magnetic fields which appear as AI red wave and violet colored reversal plasmas, which are the Dark Alien Mother frequencies used by the NAA. Extremely dark anti-Christ Black Dragon AI hybrids run on these red to purplish violet plasma reversals, and embodying these frequencies through highly distorted thinking and indulging in highly reactive negative emotional states creates a risk for high level Black Dragon bodily possession.

Over the past few years, it was noticed that some people felt as if their head was screwed on backwards and that they were facing into the wrong direction, moving towards the past timelines in a descending spiral. We discovered that the massive distortions of the unhealed and undisciplined negative ego greatly increased the polarization and fragmentation of the unconscious, instinctual and conscious minds to such levels the lightbody anatomy became negatively entrained and then completely overwhelmed with very dark mutations. This state of spiritual digression with a “fallen tree” fully engages with the GOAT mind algorithm which intensifies the unconscious impulses and emotional hysterias, which loop in bi-polar states and feed severe addictions and possessions. When the state of negative entrainment with GOAT brain tipped the lightbody over 55 percent and filled it with extremely dark mutations, the energy field of that individual appears to have flipped over into full reversal positioning in an AI time loop that faces into the past timeline. Further, once the individual’s lightbody goes into full reversal so do their brain hemispheres, generating false right and false left positioning in the timeline. Another stage of gender reversal has also been observed, through a false male and false female energy which presents as inner scrambling of gender centers, with further implosion of the inner vertical staff.

Eternal Now Plasma Body

Unfortunately, the Controllers are exploiting this severe spiritual distortion in every way possible by giving individuals with GOAT brain that have embodied time loop reversals into past timelines a celebrity like status, to lead the sleeping masses that are following them into the past timeline loop. It is important to note that the most unstable and incoherent GOAT minds are given a media platform in which massive amounts of money are thrown at them, rewarding them for their incoherent and depraved GOAT mind satanic behaviors which the Controllers want to spread into the masses. The global plandemic was the cover agenda for inciting the fight or flight autonomic system to activate the GOAT mind in the masses through the belief in a fraudulent virulent killer disease. This psychological operation was supplemented with the AI mind control running CV algorithms into the environment for the purpose of triggering the limbic system into continual looping fears, plummeting the consciousness of the masses into the lowest and densest frequency states. If this is not corrected, this can flip that individual into a complete inner reversal in which their lightbody will blend with vampiric time loops sending them into their past timeline and causing visible personality changes.

The antidote to GOAT mind algorithms is clearing the negative ego and pain body, refocusing your mind thereby controlling lower impulses, by working the many tools available to still your mind and open your heart to God.

Limbic System and Spiritual Connection

The limbic system structures in the brain are extremely important for connecting with our emotional and spiritual experiences, as it functions to interpret our emotions and feeling responses connected to higher sensory perception, as well as storing memories. This area of our brain is wired directly with our soul matrix which is our higher emotional sensory body, that when spiritually activated connects into our heart-brain complex which creates natural feelings of empathy. Humans need a healthy brain with a functioning limbic system and bio-neurology that is not being assaulted by artificial mind control frequencies and neurological toxins, in order to experience compassionate empathy and achieve higher consciousness or enlightenment. Starseed people tend to be natural empaths because they have unique neural profiles in which their limbic system actually functions at higher levels to communicate with their heart center.

The Controllers want to destroy the emotional functions and higher sensory experiences connected to spiritual experiences that are provided by healthy human brains by targeting our bio-neurology with an assortment of energetic and physical neuro-toxins. Recent events reveal to us yet again another aggressive attempt to destroy the healthy functioning in the human brain and nervous system, with a full spectrum assault targeting the limbic system through blaring fear propaganda that we cannot escape.

When targeting the limbic system and amygdala with artificial frequencies and fear, distortions in the emotional state are made which change the individual’s perception and the meaning that they assign to that emotional state. When circuits are damaged in the limbic system with excessive fearfulness, the amygdala emotional center can be overwhelmed with negative polarity emotional states, plummeting that person into depression and despair. When the limbic system is being unconsciously entrained into fear and negative emotions, people have difficulty with their perception and memory of things so they cannot use critical thinking to make a good decision as they are unable to perceive the consequences of their actions.

The areas of the amygdala and hippocampus in the limbic system provide the foundation for emotional states that connect us to the higher sensory perception levels where we connect with positive spiritual and mystical experiences during our meditative states. This means that through practicing meditation and cultivating stillness of the mind, we can develop mental skills and strengthen our brain to overpower artificial input towards negative emotions and replace them with positive states, by training ourselves to hold inner stillness and a clear mind. Going into deeper meditation to generate inner stillness works to clear emotional negativity and dissolve neuronal entrainment to negativity in our amygdala through the mere focus of going inside ourselves and holding meditative stillness. In the nothingness of the inner void, we are the eternal light within the complete absence of any unpleasant emotion or thought, just existing in the moment as pure stillness, peace and calm.

When we decide to be the master of our own thoughts and emotions, we then become the master of our own brains and these artificial frequencies and fears will cease to disturb us. This can be achieved through a simple daily meditation practice in which inner stillness and focusing on breath is emphasized, which is suggested to maintain inner peace during these incredibly chaotic times.

Red Nile Cube Egyptian Pantheon Tree

More Guardian Host gridwork is ongoing to identify and dismantle advanced Red Nile Cube AI weapons that are used to clone and spin out artificial timelines from the Christos Diamond Sun lineages that have been on the Earth in past timelines.  The NAA and satanic cabal have an obsession with the original Serres-Egyptian lineages that came from Vega in the Cradle of Lyra, as many of these beings are the advanced genetic strains of the Serres that were the master coded human tribes seeded upon Tara, and were the Pharaonic royal lines in the Egyptian culture on the Earth. The Egyptian-Serres human tribe acted as the Rod and Staff holders that synthesized the unity code between the twelve tribes to hold the Universal Tribal Shield. The Gold Order Solar Rishi manifested themselves into the Seraphim and Cerez Avian lines on Lyra-Vega, which was a powerful Universal Stargate.

After the destruction of Lyran gates during the Lyran Wars, these fallen lineages digressed into some of the Draconian lines. The RA Gold Order was the spiritual power of the Solar Logos that had control over the Rod functions in the Universal Gate system and this was coveted by the Black Suns and Wesa entities, who cloned and replicated their identities in time to gain control over the horizontal grids. An Artificial Tree of Life was cloned into a sub structure in which this Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon tree is used as the main grid architecture for cloning Serres-Egyptian identities from Tara that are connected to the Azurites on Gaia. These red cube cloned identities are used to power up the black magic money debt enslavement structures put in place by the Orion Group, and used by the cabal bankers to manipulate financial markets and maintain global wealth in the hands of their satanic and luciferian bloodlines.   

Thus, the true and accurate Egyptian history was replaced with the Black Sun agenda of inserting the AI Red Cube Tree of Life for representing the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods, along with their black magic rituals, and this cloned pantheon was to be enforced through worship by the installation of the Setian King lines, Hyksos and the Amun Snake Priesthood. These groups in the Middle East would eventually integrate into the Greek Mystery Schools and further evolve into the corrupted lineages of the secret societies that formed the Luciferian Knights Templars and Freemasons. These secret societies were initiated into the secrets of the Artificial Tree of Life through the Great Ennead, in which the Egyptian pantheon was cloned for use in black magic ritual being supported by the NAA to maintain their power, manipulating timelines and human consciousness since the Sumerian-Egyptian invasion.

During the Djoser invasion from a 5D wormhole that was used to takeover operational portals in the region, the NAA infiltration of the Djoser regime began by murdering those that had access to Atlantian arc tools that were operating these portals. Draconian satanic controlled forces first invaded the region of Saqqara, which began the gradual infiltration of lunar consciousness black magic spells and blood ritual practices that were designed to override and reverse the solar consciousness practices of those following the Law of One. 

From this point of the Egyptian invasion during the 3rd Dynasty, the NAA introduced incantations, spells and lunar-satanic blood sacrifice philosophies which included the insertion of the Artificial Tree of Egyptian Gods where these cloned identities would be worshipped and manipulated through black magic rituals. In this way, they set up the satanic alien religion in Egypt by introducing black magic spells and rituals to contact the NAA who use the Artificial Tree and AI cube system to manage the cloned false gods, and gather the energy exchanges between the humans on the Earth worshipping them in rituals. This Artificial Tree system exchanges in multiple timelines and involves a type of time travelling through different satanic portals that were set up for this purpose by these alien entities. Thus, these same cloned identities are in use today along with their symbolism and black magic religion that is deeply entwined within the Controller pillars of society and enforces black magic Egyptian curses on the global money supply. Black Dragon AI hybrids and assorted demonic entities protect these black magic money systems and defend their servants, many of which appear to be well known politicians, CEO’s and international bankers.

The Djoser invasion timeline is the trigger event in relationship to dismantling the Red Nile Cube cloned identities that are used in an artificial Egyptian Pantheon, in which these identities have been cloned and worshipped in black magic rituals within secret society pyramidal organizations used by the bloodlines, to gather mass amounts of energy from the NAA to carry out the One World Order of Satan.

It has been observed that spiritually awakening people that are aware of a sudden presence in their auric field, may be introduced to an Egyptian or Ascended Master cloned identity and then told they are that identity or are a blood relative of that identity. Once the individual believes that this statement is true, the NAA begin to insert artificial cube technology into that individual in order to gain control and monitor exchanges of information, including siphoning of life force energy and cloning of their genetic template for use in AI servers by the alien forces. It is highly suggested to never let any outside identity inside of your auric field, and to regularly use a 12D Christos shield to boundary test and reject any negative alien force from gaining access to your lightbody and inner sanctum.

This AI cube technology is a gordian knot of inversions, reversals, clones, false history, human blood sacrifice covenants and satanism enmeshed throughout human civilization. In order for humanity to begin to unravel this mess of cloned identities and AI cube technology, we have to first see how the corrupt financial structure has been using human child blood sacrifice as its underpinning in order to globally enslave human beings. Artificial systems were created throughout human society by alien forces which were not sustainable in natural systems, so they set up blood sacrifice of innocents via satanism in order to conjure the sorcery and siphon the soul energy through ritual worship of AI False Gods (Egyptian Pantheon, Osiris, Isis, etc.), which was required to maintain their corrupt power and financial stronghold for total world domination.

It appears that individuals suffering from AI cube technological infiltration in their body have been contacted in this way or are from direct lineages with memories connected to the Serres-Egyptian and/or Egyptian Pantheon. Thus, clearing Egyptian timelines and black magic money fears, eliminating these false identities via clearing the negative ego and pain body are a helpful focus for removing these artificial overlays. The more the individual feeds into the belief system of communicating with that false identity, the more the artificial cube system burrows into the lightbody, like a tick embeds into skin.

Reclaiming Dark Matter Template

The planetary grid wars have been accelerating due to the reclamation of the dark matter template that governs function over our matter body and controls the links made between the consciousness bodies and the eternal spirit. The dark matter template is the blueprint on which the eternal source particle atoms and molecules are built, in order to generate the dimensional layers and spectrums of light that form into the time matrix. The NAA entities have manipulated the dark matter template with artificial intelligence cube technologies, nanotechnology and black goo to control the instruction sets of the elementals and the process by which carbon matter manifests in this realm. By programming the dark matter instruction set with energy reversals and inversions, they were able to siphon massive amounts of quantum energy and manipulate time and space constructs that run into the ley lines of the planetary body.

This is how they have used artificial cube technology to build clones and artificial timelines and how they project these into artificial holograms with false histories or false identities, which actually run reversal currents that are connected into the past timelines. If an individual becomes fixated upon a false identity, whether in this dimension or upon another timeline, there are risks where this belief in a false identity will bond the consciousness with the AI timeline loop, pulling them into the past timeline. The alien black goo acts as a faux synthetic artificial intelligence elemental that mimics and controls elemental particles and how they function and operate in the geomantic structures on the Earth. These artificial elementals and nanotech substances are controlled by alien cube technologies that are run by quantum super computers, further controlled by AI hybridized NAA invading species such as the Dragon Moth or Bourgha.

The planet’s geomantic structures represent connection points to certain holographic realities of places, such as spiritual locations, sacred temples or events happening in other dimensions of time. Through the hijack of the dark matter instruction sets, the NAA have been accessing quantum levels of the carbon elements to control matter forms, including multiple ways to gain control over the genetic expression of the human body and further control the spiritual body of that individual to be stationed in artificially generated timelines controlled by the NAA.  This programmable alien artificial intelligence elemental force infected organic carbon material and was how these entities manipulated instruction sets and timelines by directing specific mind control programs that build out artificial time space constructs. As the dark matter template is being reclaimed, this means the NAA technologies are nullified and they are unable to yield the same energetic results that they are accustomed to. They are losing power and thus they are using every weapon they have at their disposal as a means of spiritual warfare against humanity.

As the result of the planetary emancipation cycle, reclaiming the dark matter matrix and the ongoing Solar Synthesis, another harmonic universe emerged, the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix. This newly reconfigured domain is considered to be the sixth harmonic universe, or HU6. The sixth harmonic universe has restored the correct morphogenetic pattern for our Universal Mother dark matter template and has further laid the instruction set for the emergence of the Solar Female Christ or Sophianic consciousness embodiment upon the Earth. It is the new harmonic universe that supports the new plasma body activations which are seeded in our personal dark matter template, in which light seeds are germinated into quantum light and that energy is transferred from the subatomic layers to build our lightbody layers.

Thus, the current planetary ascension cycle that is underway is at the lightbody birthing stage into organic timelines, which is transfiguring matter into less density whereby elements, matter and spirit merge together. It is this stage of transfiguration of matter or the spiritualization of matter which generates the new elementals in organic creation and this corrects the alignment into organic timelines within the planetary lightbody.

When the planetary lightbody became stationed in the localized position of the organic timelines of the planetary soul matrix, which is the aligned position of the Taran soul body matrix, the light body seed atom with the instruction set from the pre fall Taran crystal body became ignited and active on the Earth. This greatly expanded the Earth field to encompass many dormant layers of her future crystalline instruction set, including the Gaian matrix, which further opened the dimensional gateways for Aurora Earth to manifest here. This instruction set holds the blueprint for governing the quantum energy in the planetary lightbody whereby these instructions become encoded in the Diamond Sun genetic template recorded in the DNA and RNA of the angelic human genetic overlay.

The recent activations and planetary emancipation gridwork occurring within the Albion master controller in the planetary grid network, is revealing the Aurora Earth template of Ascension. These are the Rainbow Dragon Edenic codes of Avalon transmitting from this position of the organic timelines on the Earth as the rise of Arthurian Christ consciousness reveals itself to us, through the Aurora Earth crystalline fields of Ascension.

Essentially, this began a rapid ignition of energetic flows to begin the birth of the spiritual lightbody layer to seat in the consciousness body, in which encryptions for restoring the atomic base 12 elementals and DNA-RNA communication are activated to receive plasma light. This process of the planetary ascension begins rapid liquid plasma flows from the planetary light seed atom that begin to penetrate and interface with the human lightbody, which transfigures the negative ego mind control construct into a plasma light conscious mind center. When the conscious mind center transfigures into a plasma light orb, the monadic mind station of identity can begin to integrate directly with that individual, upgrading their mental body to monadic functions. This further begins the process whereby the monadic spirit fully seats in the power center of the mental body, and the spirit source of the monadic family begins to embed in the atomic layers of the body. This is the true spiritual authentic mind identity which seats in the power center of the conscious mind which anchors the eternal now plasma body which fully dissolves false identity structures.

When the monadic identity is able to seat itself fully in the conscious mind matrix functions, this begins the next stages of plasma body activation which corrects and upgrades the central nervous system, in which flowering matrices begin to sprout on the inner vertical channel to prepare for increasing plasma light transduction. The plasma body activation prepares the auric field to reconfigure itself into a spherical plasma body or fundamental plasma orb body, which takes on the shape of the angelic human ascension vehicle into the four God world domains.  As the macrocosmic blueprint shifts to reflect the four domains of the God Worlds, the human lightbody reflects the exact same five-5 orb pattern within a larger plasma orb body, appearing similar to the Krystal Cathedral.

Organic Alignment

Those of us who can stay awake, alert and connected to the truth spirit and God self during the current plasma activations and planetary dark night of the soul, are able to anchor into their lightbody the organic krystal directions which are the correct positions within future time and space. This organic alignment allows us to stay in the eternal moment of now presence while simultaneously travelling forward towards our true north position, which is the consciousness evolution towards spiritual ascension. As the collective consciousness voyages into the egoic death passage to discover the spiritual process of consciousness rebirth, the trajectory takes us to explore the past darkness in order to shed the dead energy of previous trauma. We clear our past pain in order to expand into the garments of light which hold the plasma spiritual body record, which builds the plasma ascension vehicle for our highest consciousness.

From within this eternal moment, we are synchronized into now from all of the past timelines, organic and inorganic, which merge into the one future organic timeline that unites us in truth. Where the promised future of spiritual freedom is made available to all human beings, during some point in their consciousness journey, when they too will embody an ascending identity to merge into the one future of the organic ascension timeline.

As the plasma activations transmit levels of plasma body activation coding, this allows us to visually sense or see more of the alien architecture embeds or strange harness implants within our own bodily system, in which we continually peel off and clear through the layers. The return of the Solar Rishi is changing the experience of perceiving alien machinery in multiple stations of reality, where there appears to be the physicalization of the AI technology server systems or random alien cube machinery components which make the reversal current networks much more visible from this realm.

The Rha Solar Consciousness factors of spiritualizing Paliadorian-Starseed krystal rainbow blood codes are being transmitted from the Rha God World Creation through the liquid plasma sheath flowering nerval system which is rapidly upgrading in our vertical channel and crown energy centers, forming the corrected coordinate directions to the star map constellation points from within the Maji Grail Crown.

As krystal plasma air elements and krystal vapors begin to spiritualize the cellular waters and fluids in the physical human body, then it may become visible to notice that the human race has been blocked with artificial black goo and black gel rings forming around the vertebrae and spinal column which have been used to enforce the death seal and consciousness lockdown through cycling AI net frequencies. The spinal column encloses the spinal cord and the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. We note that dark matter template correction along with mother’s sound tones from the new harmonic universe begin to circulate a series of holy spiritual vapor waters that flood into the kidneys, the cells, the cerebral spinal fluid, and the interstitial fluids to upgrade the entire water management system. The plasma activations can generate stages of excessive dryness and thirst, where replenishing the hydration of the cells and cellular bio-chemic salts are required.

From the Guardian Perspective, this plasma activation is a sequence level in the fulfillment of the Paliadorian Covenant which is initiating plasma sheath bodies, advanced chakra flowering systems, sextant matrix shifts, krystal atomic body and atomic regulator shifts, which greatly reconfigure the solar plexus and 3D conscious mind matrix.  This in turn begins the build out of the plasma luminary body which stations our authentic spiritual identity in eternal now presence, all time is spherical and accessible from this eternal now. This can greatly impact our perception of time and may lend to the sensation that we can bounce in and out of time, sense moments when time feels faster or slower, and then have sensations that we are experiencing a void space in no-time.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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August 2012

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Dear Ascension Family,

ES Community is involved in a group trip for environmental and planet gridwork harmonization in Indonesia. For this reason I am not able to write the August 2012 timeline updates, which will resume next month. For August, we offer Guidelines to Support Loved Ones, as so many people are undergoing spiritual crisis at this time. For support I have included three audio mediation treatments in the newsletter to utilize when standing in for a family member you wish to direct prayers towards.

Blessings to your heart, Lisa 

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