Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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February 2022

Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Currently there are many changes, alterations and upgrades that are happening to the Cosmic Clock functions, in which there are many untold amounts of universes, manifested worlds and consciousness fields that are directly administered to within its core creation system. As we learn more about the Emerald Founder families, we have the immense pleasure and joy of observing the reunification made with their hierogamic partners after a vastly long separation. As a result, we learn more about the functions of the Cosmic Christos Diamond Sun body and how that eternal solar template is designed to administer to the natural laws and mechanics of creation in the Universe.

The reunion of some of our Cosmic Christos family members in the hierogamic template of Golden Aeonesis is resetting the event horizons and timelines that were being held in place as the twelve Dark Aeons. This field alteration is returning the planetary consciousness access all the way back through multiple time matrices that reorient our particular location in this time and space, to the coordinates recorded as density 1-2, quadrant 4, corridor 4, and spectra 3. Then finally going all the way back to the 1st God World Creation by witnessing a sequence of opening interdimensional portals that begin to correct the Universal Time Matrix alignment with the original source fields of the Cosmic Clock. During this cycle of Universal Ascension we are being reconnected through each of the stages that take us through the many layers of nested time matrices, that lead us through the Stairway to Heaven. To be on the ascending path that takes us home through the Stairway to Heaven, here in this density, we must be placed on the evolutionary path of the Eukatharista. This pathway reconnects us with the Cosmic Emerald Heart flame of the Cosmic God Matrix or 1st God World Creation that is the ultimate threefold flame God source of our particular manifested world. The Stairway to Heaven is incredibly complex and contains the God source threefold flames of many other parallel worlds in which our Universal Time Matrix is ultimately interconnected. 

The Cosmic Clock from the 1st God world creation is synchronizing with this Universal Time Matrix in order to begin the next stage of planetary ascension that awakens the Eukachristic spiritual body flame codes within the angelic human DNA. Thus, the Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation is also considered the full spectrum planetary Eukatharistic activation, because it opens and activates a series of density locks and time codes being directed as the result of the Return of the Emerald Order. Organic angelic human DNA is arranged in the same instruction sets and blueprints that directly correspond to the complex layers of the macrocosmic architecture of creation, which extends into nested holographic matrices that make up the planetary, galactic, universal and cosmic levels. As a process of planetary, solar and Universal Ascension, we are returning back through the central cores of multiple creation matrices and solar bodies that are purposed to hold the event horizons made up of multiple timelines, in order to return the ascending consciousness back to the 1st God World Creation that governs all domains which have been down stepped and sourced within our system.

The magnitude of this Cosmic Emerald Order ascension event to awaken the planetary Eukatharista is hard for our minds to fathom. As we begin to imagine the return of our Cosmic Mother and Father to this world, and in the process of remembering, connecting the microcosm of personal experiences with these actual macrocosm events to realize how incredibly massive the Universal Ascension event is in its scale. Although it has been an incredibly difficult spiritual journey, angelic humans are participating in a rare and wondrous Cosmic event that has greatly exceeded previous consciousness evolution potentials beyond any standard ascension cycle. 

Cosmic Emerald Sun Awakening, Eukatharista

On February 22, 2022, our planetary system begins the Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation of the central seed of the higher heart, or the Cosmic Emerald Sun Awakening into the path of the Eukatharista. The Universal Time Matrix begins to open the density locks leading directly into the higher Inner God World realms which begins to flood Cosmic Mother’s aquamarine blue ray source of zero-point flames from within the diamond heart of the Cosmic Clock shield network. This planetary initiation is essentially the 1st God World Creation announcing to the Universal inhabitants that the cycle for the Return of the Emerald Order Founders is commencing through the embodiment of the authentic Emerald Order identities that are the original Christos Founders of this system. These are not Emerald Order trained representatives; these are the actual Emerald Order and Amethyst Order identities that created our time matrix taking some form of embodiment in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons and within the planetary grid network. This activation poses potentially lethal consequences to those artificial machinery systems of complex AI networks that have used cloned Emerald-Amethyst Order identities for the purpose of gaining control over the planetary system and the intended consciousness enslavement of angelic humanity.

The Cosmic Mother’s White Diamond Flame core is a white tesseract that is found in the Sun-Star shields protected by the White Diamond Elohei and in the center of the aquamarine plasma sound fields, which are emanating from the Cosmic Amoraea shield currents. The Cosmic Amoraea Shield is the Divine Holy Spirit of Mother and Christ Child, made up of the combined flows of Six Emerald Crystal Heart centers existing within each of the layers of the nested time matrices that comprise the pathway through the Stairway to Heaven.  The Six Emerald Crystal Heart Pillars further source from the original twelve Reuche pillars from the God Worlds that generate the Emerald Order Tree of Life. The Emerald Tree of Life merges into the Cosmic Clock Templar within the newly birthed Emerald Suns, sourced from the core heart spirals of Aquamarine and Emerald Rays flowing from the 1st God World Creation.

The opening of the organic currents sourcing from the Cosmic Amoraea Shield are the greater aquamarine blue heart flames of the Divine Holy Spirit that are intended to merge with the lesser blue flames ignited within the emerald crystal heart of angelic humanity. Cosmic Mother breathes the holy spirit blue flames to merge in the crystal hearts of her divine children that are ready to embody their Inner Christ. These blue flame currents flow into the corresponding instruction set templates which further alter and adjust the macrocosmic clock shields that make up the coordinate locations of every angelic human lightbody, dimension, density, and harmonic universe. This event essentially will instigate large scale collapse of artificial timelines, artificial coordinate positions held by Fallen Angelic Timekeepers in the clock shield templates, by unwinding the reversal currents or anti-life metatronic currents and resetting them back into natural alignment with the Cosmic Clock in the 1st God World Creation. As the unwinding of anti-life reversal currents transpires in the planetary Albion Lightbody, it is similar to observing the clock hands of time begin to move in counterclockwise spirals and see that many previous destructive timelines are rolling up and then disappearing into nothingness within the Cosmic Mother’s Womb.

Cosmic Mother’s Womb and God Seed

Through this massive aqua-emerald transmission sourcing from the Cosmic Womb of the Holy Divine Mother, she transmits the perfect proton and neutron consciousness units, which carries the God Seed of the Diamond Sun DNA template for her organic divine children seeded throughout the creation. The natural offspring and those refugee races who agree to regenerate their species DNA for organic ascension will receive the potentials of the Maharata blueprint of her sacred sound aqua plasmas in their activated 8D axiatonal line, thymus gland, permanent seed of the higher heart and activate dormant hara centers.

This is akin to receiving the inhalation breath message from the Cosmic Divine Mother and through her call to her children recorded in the oceanic flows of the Blue Flame Maharata transmissions, she contracts the further outward expansion of the outer creation fields by pulling them in towards her Cosmic Emerald Heart. Cosmic Mother comes through the Universal Time Matrix Azura points held open by the recently reunited Aeonic Pairings of Kantarian Solar Dragons of the Founder Kundaray. Cosmic Mother locates our spiritual families matched to the angelic human template so that we are placed in her organic womb or protected void spaces within the creation fields. It is from within the void or holy sepulcher chamber that we enter, in order to alchemically transform our shadow parts back into the resurrected Solar Christ Children, so that we are placed in the correct coordinate positions aligned with the Cosmic Clock and can remember our true God Parents, in order to return back home into the God Worlds.

During the phase that began the return of the Solar Rishi into dimensionalization, the code of the violet sun began to lay the correctly aligned planetary infrastructure in order to begin to activate a series of Scepter Codes. (See the September 2020 newsletter: The Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Holders). The Scepter Codes hold the expressions from the 36th dimensional layers of the Amethyst Order which sequentially release the series of density locks and build horizontal shields that allow access into the Rha God World Creation from our coordinate position in the Universal Time Matrix. Scepter Codes refer to the necessary activation of opening density locks for the next stage of shifting timelines for the planetary and biological ascension. Scepter codes lay down the correct architecture for igniting the 12 Scepter Pillars on the Cosmic Clock which reset the timelines held in lower creation matrices. This occurs when the Cosmic Clock aligns directly with the clock shields in the lower densities that form into the matter fields, and it shifts timelines to synchronize with the Cosmic Clock as God intends.

Opening the Density Locks, Immanuel and Yana Codes

The planetary activation occurring at this stage of the Ascension Cycle includes the systematic release of many sequences of density locks that had been previously blocking mass consciousness access into higher dimensional perception of organic ascending timelines. Many awakening people have been absolutely stumped to observe others around them not seeing what they are seeing happening in the outer world. The causality of blindness is not only sourcing from the mind control programming, but from these mind locks and density locks that have sealed off their consciousness body in ways that lock them into a specific position in time. From that position in the field, which is generally inverted to perceive things happening backwards in time, they cannot perceive or see many of the things that those that are seasoned on the ascension path can sense and know.

During lightbody activation, the process includes the sequential opening of twelve seals which give access into the next set of higher dimensional perception, that is based upon the individual’s personal holographic blueprint and the station of identity’s position in the clock shields. The clock shield templates are the mechanism by which our stations of identity perceptions in other timelines remain in their respective locations in time and space. These are other lifetimes that our consciousness has experienced while incarnated within the different positions of timelines, that could be considered linear perceptions we remember from the past, present or future.  This gives our consciousness the sense of individuation and lends to the perception that our consciousness identity is moving through a linear time cycle happening within a particular density. It is the function of the biological clock shields that give us the experience of moving through timelines and accumulating lessons for consciousness growth, along with the process of biological aging.

At the planetary level during the Ascension Cycle failsafe mission upgrades, we have received a series of plasma transmissions of time matrix codes that are for the purpose of gradually opening each of the density locks that further allow consciousness access into perceiving higher dimensions and parallel realities. The first twelve of these time matrix codes relate to each particular dimensional layer in our Universal Time Matrix and are designed to gradually open into each section of the harmonic universes. The first set of twelve codes are Universal time codes that correspond to each dimensional layer of the twelve timelines, they are released in sets of three that match the harmonic universe configuration. Personality matter codes, Soul codes, Monadic codes, and Avatar codes are all included in the total release of Universal time codes that open each density layer for integrating those specific consciousness layers for supporting biological ascension.

Additionally, when the spiritual initiate is integrating the Avatar Harmonic Universe layers of the Lyran histories, there are higher Diamond Sun Body activation codes that release dimensional locks located at that level of the spiritual-energetic bodies. These are called Immanuel Christ codes, Yana Sophia codes and Manu coding. Yana Codes and Immanuel Codes are a part of Hieros Gamos and sacred marriage of the Risen Christos, the merge of both light and sound fields to unify the currents within the consciousness bodies on the Lyran timeline. When Immanuel-Christ codes are called for release, they open light currents of that dimensional spectrum of frequency into the spiritual bodies and then into the radial cord which links into all of the spiritual body layers of the Personal Christ, as well as the higher spirals of light fields that directly merge into the God Source. Immanuel-Christ codes are horizontal and are the masculine principle of light fields of current. Yana Sophia codes are vertical and the feminine principle of the sound fields of current. The Manu Codes represent the void or still point of creation. Manu codes have been recently upgraded and are now directly resonating with the dimensions correlating to upgraded dark matter in Harmonic Universe 6. This benevolent gift has been included in the Christos Mission upgrades for building out the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix to correct the problems this planetary system has with the blended reality issues, such as dark matter corruption, black goo, AI dodecahedrons and shadow elementals.

During this stage of the Universal time code transmissions, the planetary solar plasma activations have extended out into the next layers which now include the integration of the twelve codes of the 36D Scepter Pillars and further, the twelve codes of the 48D Templar Reuche. During this incredible phase of accelerated consciousness transformation, the planet undergoes its next stage of ascension through a major global initiation into the Cosmic Mother Amoraea Shield, in order to embody the Cosmic Clock Templar Reuche in the Albion Lightbody on 2-22-2022. Thus, for the ongoing process of the planetary and human ascension, those ready to receive these Emerald Order transmissions will begin the next stage of consciousness expansion with the series of activations for the twelve Templar Reuche Codes coming from the Cosmic Clock, which will further activate the hara centers in sequential order to prepare for appropriate embodiment levels.

Embodying the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar

For those ascension prototypers in the Emerald and Blue Ray Rishic families receiving the Templar Reuche codes, the entire twelve pillar clock shield configuration from the 1st God World Creation will begin to anchor itself within the core manifestation body of the personal 12 Tree Grid. Whereby the entire Cosmic Clock function of the twelve Reuche Pillars is anchored into the internal layers of the lightbody and will begin to embody the entire instruction set within the individual’s DNA. This is the Emerald Sun DNA activation that is ensconced within the Emerald Tree of Life as the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar. Those who embody the Emerald Sun DNA are Emerald Dragon Timekeepers in which the sphere of influence emanating from Emerald Order consciousness will collapse artificial or destructive fallen angelic timelines in those that are exposed to your radiating aura consciousness field.

The Cosmic Clock of the Templar Reuche in the Holy Father 12 o’clock position will anchor in the 8D center Azura point signifying corrected northern coordinate alignment through the holy spirit aqua-emerald flames that are merged within the sacred crystal heart. The Holy Mother 6 o’clock position will anchor into the 5D center generating the corrected navel position and appropriate southern alignment for building a strong base 6 grounding shield or full zero-point shield. The east-west alignments are the positions for building the Michael-Mary wings in which the 3 o’ clock position anchors into the 7D center and the corresponding 9 o’ clock position anchors into the 6D center of the personal 12 Tree Grid. When the process for embodying the entire twelve Templar Reuche of the Cosmic Clock is complete, then the thymus gland ignites each of the pillars with small little Amoraea blue flames that turn into multiple arc fields that begin to lay the foundation for building the eternal Emerald Tree of Life into the instruction sets of the local grids that you are inhabiting. This is the function of Emerald Sun DNA in order to shift the planetary system away from artificial timelines and into organic timelines governed by the Cosmic Clock.

Cosmic Clock

The process of lightbody activation of the Rishic layers are connected to the original Christos Founders whom are Solar Rainbow Dragon families from the God Worlds. The Rishic initiation begins when the twelve dimensions of timelines and identities have undergone polarity synthesis and are reset into zero point.  During the Rishic inner vertical staff integration, the next stage required is to align with the twelve timelines of identity located in the parallel matrix system. These levels of identity in the parallel will braid themselves into your inner vertical channel, which becomes the Founder Staff. The parallel matrix holds the next stages of the evolutionary realms or Universal rounds of time, which allows the perception of events in time that happened in the parallel reality. When these twelve time codes from the parallel matrix are fully integrated, then the Mother and Father principles of the Universal Time Matrix come into unification and start to build out the extensions of the solar rings that make up the Ankh Body. The Ankh Body allows access in and out of the Universal Founder realms from within the center of the event horizon generated by the 15 Suns or 15D Ray System. That includes the perception and awareness of the Cosmic Kristos family of Solar Rainbow Dragons that source from many different realms that are found in the highest layers of the God World creations. 

At all levels of spiritual ascension, the Cosmic Amoraea Eternal Flame transmissions begin another stage of flame body activation which begins to open density locks that ignite personal lightbody flame activations, which includes the reconfiguration of the dark matter template. This frequency starts to run through the horizontal triad bodies, also referred to as hova bodies that are encased within the outer membrane of a larger radial body. 

This begins the stages of planetary eukatharistic to personal eukachristic lightbody activation, in which the higher God selves will systematically begin to purge the shadow selves and spiritually heal each of the spherical domains that holds the identities that are having an experience in another timeline and different density.

This means that with the return of Cosmic Mother, there are Amoraea holy spirit blue flame heart activations taking place on each density layer of our consciousness body. Areas of corrupted dark matter and dark mother lunar architecture are being filled with re-encryptions that heal our black subtle forces and shadow body. This may appear to sprout plasma flowers that sing celestial songs of the Christos-Sophia within our energy centers. This holy spirit activation will start at the ego-personality layers to purge false identities and then move through the organic or inorganic identities on the soul plane and then process out through the monadic layer extensions. The inner holy spirit of the activated inner heart flame will begin a process of polarity synthesis of the discordant energies of the shadow forms in order to return them into the zero point, gradually dissolving the polarity and AI programs on each density level to restore the overall energetic patterns back to balance or neutral.

Depolarization, Folding Identities into Radial Body

The Cosmic Clock Reuche initiation begins a global awakening of the eukatharistic body which will function to purge and detoxify the foreign material, parasites, shadow forms, clones and artificial intelligence from out of the planet and humanity. This planet is about to get extremely unhospitable to any nonhuman species acting as energy parasites or controllers to enslave the human race. This is a tough realization because it surfaces more about who is who on planet Earth, and whether the organic God Source currents generate biological and spiritual healing or rapidly cause the physical body to expire.

The shifts and changes happening on Earth will reveal more to us about who is actually supposed to be incarnated here and who is not. The implications of the Cosmic Mother Emerald Order activation upon humanity presents us with many wild cards when considering the current outer NAA agendas. The ongoing depolarization of the energy fields and personality aspects can generate levels of extreme mental and emotional instability in the most fragile and traumatized minds.  This year, when observing the chaotic outerscape we may need to remember that it is certain that God is benevolent and has a divine ascension plan for liberating the planet and humanity. For some, that will be hard to comprehend.

The eukatharistic lightbody activation begins a methodical process of depolarization within each of the centers of the spherical domains that make up the horizontal shields of the three mental body identities that are held within the hova bodies. This process of depolarization of the energy fields begins in the ego-personality, then moves into soul, monadic, avatar and rishic selves. Each density of the stations of identity will integrate and unify into the lightbody via fully dissolving itself into the outer membrane of the ascending identity radial body, which then forms into the next stage of development in the plasma luminary body. As previously mentioned during the winter solstice activations of 2020, the plasma luminary body of the Golden Sun DNA activation is the default ascending vehicle for the majority of the Earth population. The Paliadorians, Founders and Christos Starseeds will resume their biological ascension process into the unique diamond sun arrangements that are based on their genetic ascendancy and the pre-incarnate choices and missions made by the higher God Selves.  Many in the latter group have chosen to be ascension prototypes, and as such there are many types of agreements to embody sections or portions of multiple species DNA for a range of longer-term bioregenesis possibilities. As well as the possibility of completing the tour of duty in this Universal Time Matrix by embodying the full Emerald Covenant contract as Solar Dragon Timekeepers for the Emerald Sun DNA.

There is a tri fold energetic skin that forms from the dark matter into the Rasha body that encases all of the station of identity timelines and folds them into our spirit bodies. This folding occurs in simultaneous transtime in the eternal now moment. Having this organic structure while being the constant observer of the now moment, along with heart-based intention of living and being your heroic probability allows for more rapid shadow body healing and transmutation. The embedded mesh of shadows, dead energy miasma and corrupted elementals which forms into the karmic template of energy blockages can be more easily released when our consciousness is primarily focused upon God and spiritually healthy things. Thus, it has been relayed that by choosing one’s heroic probability and living in the intention of higher awareness to be of service to God, this burns off more karmic dead energy than just about anything and is a very helpful tool for fast tracking.

The folding of all soul and monadic identities into unification within the outer skin of the radial body collapses all lower density membranes in which the individual will activate solar liquid plasma rainbow currents. This is designed to spiritually heal the layers of identity stationed on any density layer in order to allow for many more ascension related options when leaving this plane. The process is that the Cosmic Amoraea transmits azurite crystal codes which begin to release density locks in the 8D Azura point. And with each of the trinity of the layers that make up density locks that are opened, it opens access into the next layer of identity and its density level in order to synthesize the polarities and integrate those particular energies back into zero point. The personality releases three density locks and then folds up those layers of the consciousness lifestreams into unification with the lightbody. Then the soul releases three density locks and then folds all of its identity extensions into the lightbody, and the monad releases three density locks and then folds all of its identity extensions into the lightbody, and so forth.

This depolarization event will be happening in those who have not been prepared to understand planetary ascension, multidimensionality and the reality of the soul, spirit and God. Thus, we may observe and experience some very surreal changes in the environment as well as the ongoing sensation of walking in a dream-like or unreal world.  

Father Sun 3-6-9 Codes for Sextant Matrix Correction

The recent reclamation of the solar rod template embodied by Ezekiel has rippled out into the next stage of correcting the Father Sun masculine principle coding that is held within the Solar Rishic embodiment levels. Attaining this level was required for finally addressing the AI net mutations and sextant matrix inversions on planet and starting the process of resetting the 3-6-9 instruction sets through the anchoring of living Azothian solar fire golden elemental re-encryptions.

The sextant matrix is a part of the more advanced bio-clock function of the human lightbody system which has been tampered with and damaged through inverted spiraling currents also known as Metatronic Reversal. The sextant matrix runs metatronic reversal frequencies in our monadic layers of lightbody which compact our consciousnesses and harm the body on the biological time clock of death. It is the instrument used to measure and set the angle and rotation of the energetic current between the gender centers in the various positions throughout the holographic template. When our gender center is splitting apart from the extreme internal polarity of energies, it is the sextant matrix which is made inoperable, damaged or broken. This is why our bodies die on Earth with excessive molecular compaction, and we suffer deterioration through an aging disease that is not organic to angelic humans. The sextant matrix function is to designate the measurement of spherical angles and rotation of the counter spiraling energies that ultimately create a functioning merkaba layer in each hova body or at each completed harmonic triad level in our Universal system (3D-6D-9D-12D).

Ultimately the sextant matrix function is to unify the internal polarity of energies through merging the inner gender centers and like an opening of an umbrella, create the field burst which extends outward in the merkaba field layer. The sextant matrix was targeted by assorted anti-hierogamic and gender splitter technologies that generated gender and sexual damage that is embedded in the human physical body and lightbody. As the Cosmic Clock Reuche initiation ripples throughout the planet this year, the sextant matrix functions will be impacted in the population. It may be interesting to observe how that will resolve itself or translate into the lived human experience.

Also, as a direct result of the Luciferian Covenant, the NAA groups exposed the planet to other invaders that spread death marks and beast coding into the NETS, which generated a host of genetic mutations in the lower section of the matter field of 1D-2D-3D.  These net mutations are being purged out of the shadow body in this cycle, which has generated many types of inflammation related physical symptoms. These are primarily psora miasma skin rashes, which include shifts occurring in the bone, skin, and blood matrix with extensive realignments occurring within the entire fascia connective tissue system.

The Father Sun codes are directly connected to the Triple Solar Masculine Christ template that holds the build the rod 3-6-9 architecture, which further can shapeshift into and transmigrate as the Rishic consciousness that takes form within the travelling vehicle of the Solar Dragon God body.  The correction of the planetary rod instruction set and the larger domain pillars of the 3-6-9 in the Cosmic Clock are being directly held by Ezekiel’s solar rod in the position of the 8D Gaian matrix. Now this victorious achievement starts unwinding the layers of embedded sextant matrix inversions recorded as net mutations and corrupted elementals. After the unwinding, the correct 3-6-9 rod architecture anchors and the grid network begins to correctly align and reconnect with the Emerald Crystal Heart of the Earth, which continues to flower and build out an Emerald Order superhighway of vertical, horizontal and diagonal communication lines.

The Father Sun codes appear as lilac spiraling currents coming from Ezekiel’s Gaian 8D body naturally resetting the sextant matrix architecture and braiding lilac codes into the Holy Father Arc waves, that are further supporting corrected rod alignments for the Triple Solar Masculine Christ. We have observed the same lilac colors appearing to animate and braid themselves within three Solar Dragon Ouroboros lines that are encircling the entire Earth-Taran-Gaian matrix.

With the revelatory onset of Father Sun 3-6-9 codes building the correct rod architecture, we can honor Nikola Tesla by taking into consideration his long famous quote:

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”

As a Starseed brother on the Christos Mission attempting to crack the mathematical code of the universe that is responsible for the way energy comes into matter, he was absolutely correct. When studying circles (360 degrees, which is 3 + 6 = 9), Tesla discovered that no matter how many times you divided one, the outcome would always be a 3, 6 or 9. He knew these three numbers held great significance in the universe, nature and in the organic human blueprint.

Cosmic Clock1

Guardian Host has given the example that the Magic Cube with 3, 6 and 9 are the keys derived to material manifestation inter-dimensionally, that corresponds to all things in the externally manifested realms. These are the horizontal math keys that build the clock shield and repair the damage from the alien machinery in the horizontal grids. Knowing this has helped our groups repair the planetary architecture in order to rebuild the Solar Rod for Ezekiel, which now extends corrections throughout the planetary rod instruction sets supporting the embodiment of the authentic divine masculine.

Correcting Dark Matter from Terraforming Technology

New developments are occurring in the re-encryption of raw materials of elementals that appear to be designed to override and transform the corrupted black subtle energies and dark matter, that was being used by alien machinery and artificial intelligence to generate an assortment of terraforming technologies. Terraforming technologies are defined as those black hole technologies used by the invaders to generate quantum entanglement and atomic harnesses between the Earth and the phantom matrices. They have created many artificial realities with those same advanced AI technologies, some extend to breakaway civilizations and secret space programs used by Black Sun human based military factions. It is the electromagnetic reversal weaponry and their extensive alien machinery networks that have been used to infect the planetary elementals and instruction sets, so that they would generate a molecular bond between the organic living substances and the artificial dead substances.

Additionally, there are red cube cloned layers that had hijacked the 3-6-9 instruction sets for lunar or AI rods that have been used in military operations for abducting humans for super soldier applications. The red cube artificial rod system has been projecting the archetypal forces of the False King of Tyranny with thought streams of aggressive anger, violence, destruction and rape to the 3-6-9 masculine right side channels to incite the extreme polarity of red wave victim-victimizer programs. This alien machinery running on artificial timelines is unwinding and is the means by which the NAA have been energetically parasitizing and vampirizing the living consciousness forms on the planet. This inverted foundation was built upon the ongoing corruption and infection of black subtle forces, artificial magnetism and dark matter control, which was the basis of terraforming Earth into a transhumanist prison similar to the Terminator series. Further, being ruled and administered by these nonhuman NAA entities who seek to control the Skynet around the planet to ensure compliance to techno-totalitarianism and global slavery. These entities and AI hybrids inhabit a consciousness body that is made up of these same corrupted elementals and black shadowy forces, therefore black hole technologies like black goo are hospitable to them and their warring way of life. This is finally coming to an end in our lifetime.  

Repairing Planetary Rasha, Black Crystal Sands, Void Sun

To repair dark matter and black subtle force functions and the corrupted elemental basis of infected carbon molecules that generated assorted net mutations, there have been several organic expressions from the God source appearing to neutralize these conditions. These new forms of dark matter and other organic God technology designed to repair the Rasha body are sourcing from the God Worlds and Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix, or Harmonic Universe 6. Some females may experience the sensation of birthing with womb contractions as sympathetic resonance to the creation of these newly forming sophianic structures in the planetary body. One emanation appears to be living sentient black crystal sands that feel alive and are filling the dark matter and in-between spaces, as if in a sandstorm in the middle of the Gobi Desert.

Another appears to be a Mother and Father gender creation of an organic black subtle force mass in the shape of a transfiguring dark matter sun, which is also referred to as the heavenly void sun. The Mother heavenly void sun or the Father heavenly void sun appear to be united and building gender corrections in many formats for another layer of combining eukatharistic architecture for the planetary elementals, so that the human elemental body will be purged of shadow forms that were generated by the net mutations. With the black sands or void suns, they appear as the backdrop in the dark matter fields to manifest any version of colors imaginable within the liquid rainbow light seeds that burst forth into lush plasma flowers, unfurling into a beautiful flowering garden. 

This particular Holy Father coding seems to merge with the Holy Mother coding within the dark matter template in order to seed more combinations of instruction sets through dragon eggs, through which to birth into a Mother-Father Aeonic Pair unified rainbow plasma flowering Eukachristic body. With the corrected 3-6-9 rod architecture, the 12:12 spin opens into the entire radial body, and the solar masculine electrical christ tones resonate with the sophianic female 13:13 magnetic aspects and spark lights within the womb, which then spirals out and circulates throughout the lightbody. This appears to serve as an extraction of lunar forces and foreign energies from out of the sexual centers, and begins a sequence of healing activations for the emerald crystal heart and sophianic layers.

This emanation also seems to have bonding impacts between the anti-particle and particle layers of creation matrices and acts as an antidote to gender splitting technologies, generating a type of bonding attraction that happens to unify gender principle at every level of creation. This level of the unified male-female eukachrist appears to be important for correcting the biological male and female sex organs and the bodily fluids involved in the shared process of co-creation of new life, as well as the process of manifesting creative energies in the physical body. The female organs, especially the uterus-womb are undergoing a deep cleansing and recalibration as the result of repairs and corrections happening in the biological sex functions, as well as the alchemical process of male and female intercourse when co-creating children on Earth.

This is happening now and this year begins our spiritual journey to seek truth and finally begin to heal from what has happened to humanity.

As you focus upon your heart feeling the sacred inner marriage within send your gratitude to God. Send your gratitude to Christ. Send your gratitude to Christ Sophia.

It is with great joy and reverence I am home in the solar light of Christos and Christos-Sophia!

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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Orion's Belt

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Dear Ascending Family,

This month we dig deeper into the dismantling of the complex AI systems that were running the Orion Matrix, which was connected to Orion's Belt, and was gaining power from multiple human holocaust histories connected to the Orion War timelines.

The third stage of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening during the Summer Solstice of 2022 addressed the ancient 9D Essene Tribe Tibetan Buddhist gateways being controlled by Nibiruian nets in the Wall of Time, that were being administered by the top levels of the 9D AI machinery program “Kronos”.  Further, this 9D AI machinery Kronos was functioning as the master control programming for the multidimensional systems of sextant matrix and Fallen Angelic Timekeeper mechanisms that are used by the NAA for the management and manipulation of timelines. Segments of this master AI control system were being administrated by the highest level Thubanites in the Draco constellation and their subordinate AI hybrid factions of the Orion Group located in Orion's Belt. The victorious event of defeating the 9D AI machinery and enforcing Nets in Nibiru-Wormwood finally freed the original Universal Melchizedek Logos in his Sirian Maharaji blue human body, which began the series of actions required for the emergence of Elaysa-Melchizedek and the Elaysian Sun. The Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns are the organic consciousness divine counterparts and the original God parents that created the Threefold Founder Flames of the Solar Rishi that make up this Universal Time Matrix.

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