Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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March 2022

3D Breakdown and Enlightened Contact

Lisa Renee

PLEASE NOTE: My body of work is offered to the public as Creative Commons with a Share-Alike Attribution license. My husband and I believe in a free information society and we do all we can to give as much free high-quality information to the public as possible. This also means that many good-hearted, benevolent people as well as those with malicious intentions, may take my newsletters, blogs or my Ascension Glossary information, run it through artificial intelligence and post it to their websites or social media. I have been open and transparent over the last 20 years of this mission, that we are targeted, censored and shadow banned. This is why I cannot have any social media presence. Our websites are run exclusively and entirely by my husband and myself. We are a hierogamic couple dedicated to God and the Christos mission and we do absolutely everything together, from building the websites with their energetic structure to every aspect of recording and broadcasting my content. We offer it with the intention of being in service and the hope that it will empower you. Thus, please discern the source of where you may find my body of work that is Energetic Synthesis and the Ascension Glossary. Our Newsletters are always available on our site. Every month, I record the Newsletter as a podcast which is also posted freely on Please pay attention to the quality of the external websites where you may find our information. Our detractors work hard on a daily basis to assassinate our character and damage our credibility. May you be with God and the spirits of Christ, and know that you are loved very much. Our Christos families are with us now helping to radically change human civilization.

Dear Ascending Family,

There are many very positive activations happening throughout the dimensional fields that will generate rapid 3D Breakdown and Enlightened Contact that greatly support collective humanity to be spiritually initiated towards choosing heart-based freedom, loving kindness and planetary liberation via the disclosure timeline. Simultaneously, the mainstream media distraction beats the war drums and transmits mind control signals to dampen this massive inpouring of solar plasma light, benevolent goodness and humanitarian support moving us rapidly towards a collective planetary event. The factions currently infighting within the Controller groups are desperate and using every resource at their disposal, in forcefully redirecting the collective consciousness to focus on the agents of chaos by provoking war and misdirection that further encourages compliance to tyranny, violence, separation and fear narratives. Sadly, the heavy burden most awakening people carry is the difficult realization that the majority of intelligent people around them will only glance superficially at some enormous disclosure event of great importance, disregarding any semblance of critical thinking, common sense and reason.

As the result of full spectrum mind control programming exposure, many still don’t seem to care to inquire any further into the crimes made against humanity. Instead, their situational awareness is compromised as they continue to ignore blaring red flags and reinforce the mainstream propaganda of satanic based ideological subversion and their controlled narratives. Rather than dig deeper to question what has happened to our civilization through an open dialogue or be willing to review critically important information that is available to those willing to look at it, they just shut down and ignore that situation entirely. Many of those awake and aware to current anti-human genocidal agendas see that many people around them insist on avoiding addressing anything that would disrupt their reality bubble or personal comfort zone. Those awakening to the controller deceptions and atrocious crimes of genocide will be facing more of these social and relational difficulties this year, as the 3D Breakdown continues to crumble the main pillars of society from within. 

This month we have reached another milestone of planetary shifting in which the massive gears that cause the forward momentum in the world of forces are bursting at the seams to push the collective consciousness of humanity towards another significant global bifurcation event. Many of us are aware of global changes and observing the accumulative effects of the bifurcation of time, in which the point of divergence grows between the reality perception of the two main groups. For the masses, there are spiritual opportunities to make life choices that move towards more love and truth which will herald wonderfully supported new beginnings in the ascension timeline. Or to remain in mental bondage to the 3D fear and tyranny which will be aligned with more unpleasant situations that are filled with the emotional despair of the end times and the grief of significant losses. Humanity will be somewhat co-existing in these two primary realties happening side by side, as the 3D Breakdown and Enlightened Contact is happening simultaneously, with the themes of consciousness experience being explored through the lens of human liberation or the lens of mental bondage. Yet for those spiritually awakening towards the Enlightened Contact experiences this will feel like a distinctly separate reality, in which the opposing fear-based timeline will feel far removed as if watching a horror movie that is happening in some other world.  

During this cycle, the extreme outer pressure caused by the planetary Emerald Cosmic Clock Initiation and the result of shifting timelines may cause an estrangement from certain social circles, including friends and family members that are deeply entrenched in the 3D narrative. Thus, many stuck in the mind control narrative are still harboring emotional conflicts of persecution and traumas that contribute to unresolved subconscious fears of facing the unknown. There are people that we love and care for that will choose to distance themselves even further away from truth and truth seekers. They may suddenly change their personality in such ways that they become unrecognizable and unreachable, seemingly shifting into someone else that you never knew.  

Some people may double down by digging their heels even deeper into the controlled narrative by staunchly denying any evidence that is contrary to their 3D belief system doctrine, which are usually based in similar thoughtforms being reinforced by their immediate social circle. As the 3D Breakdown is occurring, this may incite tremendous amounts of subconscious fear and denial of these events as they are happening. Rather than evolve beyond the status quo, they will instead choose to protect the very social control system that enslaves them with trauma-based mind control deceptions, because they find it more convenient for maintaining the beliefs in their current lifestyle. Sadly, they may unexpectedly consider those family or friends awakening to greater truth and Enlightened Contact to be the main threat to their current reality perception and thus, angrily turn on them. Further, they may transfer their fears and project their shadow wounding upon you as a truth seeker or truth teller, seeking punishment for those choosing personal beliefs different than theirs.  When you are opening dialogue and asking them uncomfortable questions, they may consider you to actually be the source of all their problems. Thus, they may abruptly abandon your relationship or friendship, betraying your trust without any warning or explanation, even going on a campaign to discredit or defame your character.

This energetic chasm generates tremendous difficulty in connecting or communicating with those groups that are on the polar opposite or descending timeline, as they simply cannot see or perceive what those on the higher timeline are seeing and perceiving. The ongoing fear propaganda has fed the negative ego in such ways that many people are being consumed by its shadows and remain disconnected from their hearts and inner spirit which renders them unable to see, feel or discern truth frequencies.

Breakdown of Mental Faculties

Additionally, there are the harmful effects of the toxic substances being put in some of the injection lots along with the inorganic and artificial magnetic nanotech frequencies that are digressing mental faculties through a gradual deterioration over time that is similar to sponge brain symptomology. The bio-weapon was designed with many experimental mind control nanotech elements which were intended to degrade the human target’s bio-neurology during real time mental and emotional body processing which can suddenly reach startling levels of incoherence, mental fracturing, memory problems and confusion happening mid dialogue. Observing the breakdown of mental faculties and vaccine related accidents happening around us is something that those awakened to this harsh reality must prepare for in coming months. The outer environment is shifting with the increased onset of strange or unusual behaviors linked to social situations which surface sudden physical, mental or emotional impairment.  

In these trying moments, we will need a very tough skin to remain neutral within the great changes happening in our lives brought on by ongoing disclosure related events, in witnessing the contrast of vaccine injured people. And with a loving and compassionate heart that is wrapped in the spiritual armor of God, to know that we must remain committed to a state of unconditional love throughout very difficult circumstances. Love must be the inner-directed and primary guiding force in order to remember that we are spiritual warriors for serving truth and light, thus we cannot control others choices or take another’s unkind words with false accusations personally. Even when we are calm, loving, neutral and speaking with compassion within an intentionally respectful mutual dialogue, the loved one, friend or acquaintance may not be able to process the fear they feel when triggered or understand what it is that you are even saying. Instead, they may begin to incessantly accuse you of something as a scapegoat or use mental distraction, such as verbal attacking against your character to quickly derail any conversation around unapproved topics. This dynamic can be emotionally painful and breaks down open communication and trust between people and in groups very quickly. The only thing we can take control over is ourselves in consciously choosing how we will best respond to difficult situations that may include mental impairment and an increase of estranged relationships.

Thus, the chasm continues to grow between those believing the mainstream controlled narrative which feeds into the Armageddon pestilence war programming and those that are breaking through the mind control frequency fence, to align with the forces of love powering world humanism that exists on the other side in this ascending trajectory. As a result of the highly pressurized outer terrain, we will need to find healthy ways to redirect our personal stress in order to protect our mental health and sanity and that of our children. This is especially important when observing others around us fracture and descend into a level of bifurcation madness, demonstrating unstable behaviors and cognitive dissonance that can border on a range of negative ego pathologies and seriously delusional states.

Many people will be unable to reconcile the truth as the clear evidence is revealing to them or will be unable to grapple with the realization of the magnitude of these planetary shifts into disclosure that will change human civilization forever. Sadly, as a result the bifurcation madness will become increasingly apparent with those minds that are unequipped to handle the total collapse of the 3D narrative when they learn that all they ever were taught in school, which was being reinforced by society and by those they trusted, was actually filled with gross deceptions and lies designed to exploit us all.  

It will be painful when we realize that no matter what clear and credible disclosure evidence is being shown to an individual suffering from extreme brainwashing, even when it has been proven as factual events in black and white, that the post-traumatic stress may have pushed them past the point of no return.  All we will have to help is silent prayer and giving it to God. Many people are completely unaware that humanity has been engaged in an active spiritual war on multiple fronts. Thus, in the future we will have to face that there is a segment of society that qualify as mentally ill and severely traumatized whom are unable to cope with the stark realization of the many unpleasant truths that will surface about human civilization.

As we enter phases of the breakdown in society, many people are losing trust in the rules and regulations of the establishment and are seeking to reorganize into parallel structures with those that have similar values or like-mindedness. These are the Starseed groups of ascending angelic humans that choose to self-lead from the immense love guiding them from within their hearts, in order to form cooperative alliances with others in which to remove dependence upon this corrupted system that has fueled the death culture of war and division.  From within this place of choosing love over fear, many of us are fully guided by our hearts and we will be ushered into a new beginning of co-creation which offers protection, support and meaningful connections. Embarking on these humanitarian and service oriented projects are subjected to divine timing and spiritual guidance, as timing is everything in such matters and many of us will receive more clarity during this year.

Why Those Chosen are Contacted, Defining Enlightened Contact

As the density locks open throughout the dimensions due to recent planetary activations, this means that the potential communication with an assortment of extradimensional enlightened beings will commence, ushering in the next stages of our planetary liberation. The Guardian Host holds concern for angelic humans that have not been properly briefed on the necessity of clearing negative ego and developing emotional competence, as well as the degree of spiritual maturity required in the proper handling of such contact made by their direct spiritual family lineages.

The following information contains suggested guidelines for Starseeds, Indigos and awakening humans to become aware of the personal responsibility needed to comprehend that no otherworldly enlightened being or extraterrestrial race should ever be perceived as greater than or of higher value then yourself. It is highly suggested to practice the Law of One guidelines as a lifestyle and know that this is a pre-requisite for preparing for enlightened contact.

Thus, it is critical that those Earthly humans that will be contacted by their star family or related lineages in the future, have some basic understanding of Guardian protocols along with the mental and emotional maturity needed to remain stable and personally competent to engage in productive mutual communication. To prepare to interact or communicate with a range of benevolent non-human beings from other worlds, we need to be grounded with a practical awareness of embodied self-love, self-acceptance and the commitment to personal responsibility that is required for maintaining personal sovereignty.

We should have some practical understanding of what it takes to manifest in this reality with principles of ethical conduct, responsible co-creation and have gleaned some wisdom and maturity from direct life experiences. To be an acting Guardian representative, would encompass a loving, stable and competent person that has self-assessment skills of emotional self-regulation. Such individuals avoid displays of delusions of grandeur, messiah complex, superior-elitist thoughtforms, and addiction tendencies while knowing the dangers that hero-savior and self-delusions pose to rapidly digress mental and emotional health. Acting in the role as ambassador or liaison to interstellar communications and being available for direct enlightened contact requires some self-mastery with psychological and emotional competence to remain coherent and clear in the presence of beings that appear very differently to ourselves. Thus, this is not a game of fantasy to be trifled with.

The return of the Emerald Order correlates to the fulfillment of the Emerald Covenant which is specifically for the purpose of freeing humanity and liberating the planet from her oppressors, which are comprised of interdimensional non-human and humanoid invaders and those that serve the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA). Humanity is caught unaware in the midst of a strategic war game for control over Earth in which those opposing the Emerald Covenant’s promise to guide us to fully free humanity, are using everything they have available to take control with AI machinery, attempting to thwart the Emerald Order by inciting distractions via false flags and World War.  

Thus, the return of Emerald Order is the primary directive of the Guardian Host and they are returning to educate humanity about the ancient knowledge of our stellar histories and the alien hybridization conflicts our race has been involved in, but were subsequently blank slated into amnesiac mind-controlled slaves in order to forget and be exploited by these invaders. Angelic humans were originally designed to be the Guardians that protected the planetary templar complex of Earth-Tara-Gaia network which includes time travel through interdimensional stargates, portals, and access to natural methods of accessing abundant forms of clean and sustainable free energy.

Controller Families Have Been Collaborating with Invaders

It is important to realize the invading species with anti-human agendas were already on the planet and had formed into multiple factions of secret society satanic ritual-based allegiances, deeply infiltrated and covertly integrated to run every area of human civilization. The Controller hierarchies are vast as they exist on and off planet, but Guardian Host tends to identify them through their main objectives and from their source anti-Christ origins which are Black Sun and Belial Sun groups. These are the key themes of the upcoming disclosure timeline which will be incredibly shocking for the human population to register and process, and thus the world will need benevolent and caring humanitarians in every industry or specialty to be of service in helping to rebuild our world.

Since early 2020, sequential layers of these interdimensional realities that were interconnected with these anti-human agendas run by these Controller families giving orders to compartmentalized military intelligence groups that were protecting these NAA projects are being sequentially identified, red pilled, and then evicted and eliminated. Systematically these Controller family hierarchies are being identified and removed from gaining access into their massive accumulation of power, wealth and resources which have been used for maintaining vast underground utopian cities, trafficking tunnels, cloning centers and genetic bio-tech laboratories servicing secret operations all paid for on the backs of hardworking human beings on the Earth surface.

Those non-human entities can appear to be inhabiting a human-like body, and have been overseeing and implementing anti-human agendas by working directly with these same factions of human controllers. These controllers infiltrated the military, sciences, medical research, academia and bio-technology through assorted covert methods assuring this information remains hidden, while their controlled media sources pump out aggressive mainstream mind control propaganda.  Human scientists and a variety of extraterrestrial species have been working together covertly since the 1930’s, carrying out a range of genetic and technological experiments in the secret bio-laboratories buried behind billion-dollar military complex funded corporate storefronts that have been kept hidden from the public. Obscene amounts of taxpayer funded government run institutions and non-governmental organizations are directing immense networks of galactic human trafficking, as well as capturing the wealth accumulation and planetary resources for genetic cataloguing of the human race and all planetary species in collaboration with the same non-human entities and their minions.

Experiments are conducted in these high security bio-labs for assorted scientific testing in connection with merging biological forms with different types of genetics with nanotechnologies, such as self-sensing materials like carbon nano tubes that can conduct electricity and be programmed remotely from quantum supercomputers. They discovered that through nano-biosensors which are very tiny antennas brought down into the nano scale, that they can manipulate and bend light into different wave lengths for creating holographic technology. This is being hidden behind a cloak of invisibility on an atomic scale where they are exploring entirely new ways of controlling behaviors in manifested things. One can imagine this nanotechnology in partnership with globally mandated injections being forced into the bloodstream of every man, woman and child on the planet, and then reflect upon their real objectives and desired end results.

Thus, we should be aware that the NAA controlling power elite groups captured the military-science-academic-medical institutions long ago, to suppress the knowledge that our planet is being run by extraterrestrial visitors that have come from a variety of different interdimensional levels that exist within the Universal Time Matrix. Therefore, Earth humans have been egregiously exploited, mind controlled and enslaved with false and incorrect information given in academic institutions about many subjects, falsifying all data connected to our ancient human origins and accurate historical timelines. All the while the non-human entities are methodically tracing organic human genetics and their related solar factored bloodlines for extensive genetic cataloguing, while carrying out a highly organized global human trafficking and abduction scheme.

It is critical to know that the war against humanity is based in alien hybridization agendas that extend into several Galactic Wars throughout our hidden stellar history, and in the last round of wars it is clear that humanity lost. The invaders in the Black Sun and Belial groups seek to completely destroy the angelic human diamond sun DNA in its original seeded form, and for this reason seek to genetically splice and dice angelic human DNA for consciousness slavery, along with assorted cloning, alien hybrid and transhumanist purposes.

All current mainstream sciences have been twisted with untruths while the real advanced technological sciences were hidden away from the public in vast underground cities, tunnels, bio-labs and in off planet civilizations. This is so humans do not discover the elitist Controller families are working in direct collaboration with other non-human species as the fruits of human labor, wealth, resources and technologies are being stolen and siphoned from under us in order to pay for our own genocide. The accurate sciences comprising quantum mechanics integration with multidimensional physics reveal the plausible existence of a cosmic order of consciousness, as well as explain interdimensional and extradimensional entities from other worlds. These interdimensional entities or visitors are not advanced at higher consciousness levels but have access to more advanced technology that includes extensive AI networks and related machinery, which gives them capabilities that include consciousness transport and astral projection of their subtle energetic body moving through multiple dimensions of reality interacting with the Earth.

Successful scientists and academics are mouthpieces for the controller establishment conditioned to mock the existence of extraterrestrial life and keep us focused on the 3D material plane of physical reality. Such multidimensional energetic phenomenon can be explained and traced at the quantum levels and outside of 3D upon many of the interdimensional planes that coexist separately alongside our own. The mainstream disciplines of science, academia and the medical system have deeply betrayed and devastated all of humanity at this juncture in history. At the core of that same agenda are those which sought to destroy humanity with grotesque deceptions designed to divide and conquer through labels and classifications. We must learn our lessons as we rebuild our humanitarian civilization by helping each other to know the primary cause of the current dismal state of world suffering is from the extensive mind control targeting of all humans that was devised by the invaders. It should be made clear that all humans have been deceived and have suffered greatly in this warfare because surface humans were sold out as consciousness slaves on a prison planet that was being controlled by these elite families, which were further being controlled or possessed by NAA entities.

Three Main Agendas, One Serves Human Freedom

Every human being that has been contacted by interdimensional entities or has suffered through abduction scenarios should be well aware that the Earth holds great interest for these non-human entities that want to access the entirety of the planetary genetic library without restrictions. On planet, the history of the human genetic race line and tribal affiliation is key coded to interdimensional stargate mechanics in the grid network, which is held in the DNA record of the incarnated human being even when its potentials remain dormant and inactive. The high majority of those that are contacted or abducted are directly related to the genetic affiliation that the human being has had with one out of three primary interdimensional stellar agendas that are connected to that particular star family located in higher dimensional realities.

Those that serve the Emerald Order Covenant uphold the Cosmic Sovereign Law for achieving human freedom and planetary liberation, which extends beyond this Universe into the Cosmic Source Domains and go all the way back to the 1st God World Creation. The other two, Belial Group and Black Sun alien AI hybrids originally source from a fallen parallel matrix called Wesa, which serve the One World Order government with the current transhumanist slavery agenda for implementing the Great Reset. The AI networks and massive Thothian Leviathan Rod and Staff inversion networks using the solar system planetary cores are currently being dismantled, which has stopped their off-planet AI power sources.

Essentially this situation breaks down into two main opposing agendas that can be easily identified when GSF boundary tested by awakening benevolent humans being contacted by interdimensional entities. There are those invading entities that are working to enslave humanity and thus are manipulating and stealing the planetary resources for their selfish agendas. Or those enlightened benevolent entities that truly oppose any level of deception and manipulation of humanity and only tell the truth. The Guardian groups are supporting truth tellers, free thinking individualism, personal autonomy, and personal sovereignty concepts which ultimately protect human freedom and planetary liberation. Thus, Guardians are working tirelessly in the removal of artificial alien mind control systems embedded in the planetary templar complex, in order to help humanity know the truth of our reality by bringing on the global awakening and the Full Disclosure Event.

Those Starseed groups that are doing their best to serve human liberation or the Christos Mission are ultimately in service to the Emerald Covenant, and are working to free the planet from the invaders alien hybridization agendas, which are designed to destroy the original angelic human diamond sun DNA. The current push for mass mandated vaccination programs is directly tied to the final conflict and war over humanity in which the Belial and Black Sun controllers are doing all they can to damage human bio-neurology and DNA assembly.  Further, to destroy organic human diamond sun DNA by implementing assorted genetic experiments by introducing AI organisms being combined with foreign DNA programmed with gain of function nanotechnology enhancements that are designed for a range of future alien-human AI hybridization potentials.

Thus, it is critical to know that alien hybridization has been accomplished through the medical brainwashing of accepting pharmaceuticals and the injection of foreign DNA and related programmed instruction sets into the human bloodstream. From inception, Big Pharma and vaccination campaigns were designed by Black Sun entities to be a genetic hybridization program that makes humans more susceptible to these NAA entities influences with various methods of mind control and compliance to serve their agendas, culminating in total amygdala control via GOAT Brain waves. The more humanity is being hybridized with genetic modification of foreign DNA designed to repel organic human diamond sun DNA signals, the more susceptible they are made to become automatons used as pawns and dark portal sleepers by these same NAA invading groups working on achieving their ultimate transhumanist goals.

Emerald Covenant and Oraphim Lineages

The original angelic human design from planet Tara emerged from out of the double diamond sun Oraphim, as such the Oraphim are parents to the Indigos and the authentic grail lineage that services the Christos Mission. Guardian Yeshua and team returned the diamond sun DNA template back to the Earth while he was incarnated. Christos Starseeds came from this same grail lineage in order to keep the diamond sun DNA alive in the planetary gene pool during the Dark Aeon that began after the Luciferian Rebellion and into the current final conflict over Earth happening during the Ascension Cycle. The Oraphim and Indigo lineages have a genetic ascendancy back to the original Emerald Order Founders, and during this phase of planetary Eukatharista activation this group will be radically upgraded to embody the highest diamond sun template they can handle at this density to activate their potentials. Emerald Order Guardians are helping their direct lineages to rapidly upgrade, heal and align their personal lightbody systems with the congruent consciousness frequencies of their Star family diamond sun lineages. Thus, they will be guarding and protecting these lineages from artificial frequency weaponry. 

The key theme during this phase will be how well the integrated, stable, coherent and competent ascending individual will be able to maintain themselves during that rapid upgrade and ascending process, to stay reasonably energetically balanced. The pitfall at this time is the necessity to avoid being exploited by nefarious entities who desire to derail and manipulate that individual into acting out nested subconscious complexes and negative ego pathology, such as the dreaded Hero-Savior-Messiah complex that destroys the people tricked into embodying its victimizer archetypal forces.  

The Christos Mission serves the Emerald Covenant which has the main objective to support humanity’s evolution towards reclaiming their personal sovereignty and spiritual freedom through the knowledge of their lightbody, which supports embodiment of their original 12 strand diamond sun DNA. The Emerald Covenant includes the promise made to Tarans, now Earth Humans, that they would be given the divine right in natural law to fulfill their true design in creation, as God source intended. The divine purpose for angelic humanity was to embody as an Avatar Christos race line in which they would be the Guardian protectors of the Earth-Tara-Gaia templar and stargate system, which are open source and free energy systems. Emerald Order Guardians return during the Ascension cycle to serve and protect this directive on behalf of ascending humanity in alignment to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, and welcome other races to become involved once they are made aware of their existence and choose to serve the same objectives. Guardians are assisting in all ways for offering safe passage, in which humans are supported when they drop their physical body to evolve into their highest reality expression, so they can continue their consciousness journey in a free and open reality system that exists in future time.

The Emerald Order goals are to support the unification and healing of all race lines revealing that the Law of One practices foster consciousness freedom and support the multidimensional healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of angelic humans. Those humans and race lines that practice the Law of One as a lifestyle and are committed to uphold human freedom and planetary liberation beyond their own personal agendas, can be admitted to the Interdimensional Free World Associations and are the primary candidates that are chosen for enlightened contact and communication.

Guardian Host initiates direct contact only in those people that are direct lineages or hybrids from their original race line, many have pre-incarnation agreements for enlightened contact for the purpose of serving the Christos Mission. Guardian Host will engage in contact with any human being who requests their support by wanting to learn to live in accordance with the Law of One and is interested to put forth the effort in pursuing personal spiritual healing and consciousness growth during the Ascension cycle. 

The Guardian Host will never initiate contact through urgency, coercion, demands, manipulation or use force. They will never accept involvement in any mind control agenda or that which violates natural laws, or violates the rights of any human being or life form, and consistently emanate the highest Krystic ethics conducting themselves within the Law of One principles and the scientific laws that govern the mechanics of creation. Authentic Guardian races will assist any sincere spiritual seeker that addresses them through principles of the Law of One, whereby they are committed to the expression of unconditional love, truth, respect and reverence for life.

It is important that contactees realize they are being chosen for their genetic relationship and unique station of identities through multiple timelines, which can also surface memories of pre-incarnation agreements to engage in collaborative missions. When we have an awareness of the bigger picture of spiritual warfare against humanity related to alien hybridization agendas and the ongoing war over access to the planetary genetic catalogue, then we can make more informed choices and discern which agendas we want to align with and serve, and know that will have a greater impact upon our personal lives. By discerning what forces are benevolent and serving pro-human freedom versus those that are pro-human slavery through forced alien hybridization and transhumanism, we can observe who is actually using control, manipulation, deception and trickery in order to achieve its objectives. We can learn how to generate immunity from mind control manipulation and repel electronic harassment, AI targeting and other genocidal technologies that are being used to weaken our immunity, biology and minds.

Those that have been contacted or will be contacted in the future are being tested for personal integrity in ways that they may be asked to become ambassadors or representatives acting as liaisons between visiting off planet benevolent groups and the human race. When we can see this bigger picture, it makes it clear why we have been continually warned by the Guardian Host to be focused upon discernment of psychological warfare tactics, so that we can maintain core stability and energetic integrity to discern who is who in the extradimensional visitor groups that use manipulation and deception to get humans to be their slave work force.

Extraterrestrial visitation with the purpose of alien hybridization has been going on throughout hidden human history, and this knowledge and the wars being fought over genetics have been purposely hidden through the invention of world religions by the invaders. Every person that comes to access this knowledge of the bigger picture of alien hybridization and genetic warfare is faced with an important choice of deciding how much they are willing to know about our history and origins, which is relative to how much consciousness growth and truth we can handle. If we seek to know truth in service to God’s divine will, we will be given a tremendous amount of knowledge, but with that growth comes great responsibility to maintain personal integrity, spiritual ethics, accurate assessment of reality through the Law of One practices. This builds the foundation for empowerment during visitation, contact or even abduction, to know how to reclaim your personal power and refuse to give it away to another entity.   

Empowerment During Visitation

First to reclaim your spiritual power, you must know that you have spiritual power in the natural laws of God, which are based in the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One. When you know yourself as a multidimensional spiritual being, and know that you have an eternal soul, spirit and Christos identity that is connected or at one with God source, then you are on the way to knowing that you have spiritual power in which you have the free will and divine right to choose where to direct that power.

Learning about the multidimensional human anatomy and how that corresponds to human consciousness perception arranged in the layers of the mind matrices, begins to re-awaken the spiritual body parts that were dormant. When connecting with mind matrices for the purpose of awakening consciousness, you choose each layer to reclaim your spiritual power as an embodied eternal consciousness that is one with God and the natural laws.

In any visitation or contact, hold the perspective that you are equal to any entity or visitor, knowing that you have the same potentials to be as advanced and evolved as they may appear to be. Every individual has the opportunity to consciously grow and integrate higher aspects of spiritual identity and activate dormant DNA to achieve advanced consciousness growth.

Take personal responsibility for your own consciousness evolution journey and do not project or expect that others are supposed to direct your personal evolution on your behalf. Becoming spiritually mature means that you are learning how to be responsible for yourself and the direction of personal energies, and that learning about your multidimensional aspects and how your consciousness works is a part of becoming a spiritual adult.

It is suggested that your first priority be connecting and remembering your spiritual aspects through meditation and prayer. It is important to work to overcome fear, embody love and surrender all to serve your highest expression or God source. Whereby consciously choosing intent, consent and authority to serve God source, while knowing that you do not need another person, or formal religion to achieve spiritual actualization.

Hold your own personal power of decision making and make sure that you are in control of your spiritual evolution and destiny to fulfill your own unique divine purpose for incarnating on the planet. Do not ever allow any other entity to generate a wedge or stand between you and your direct connection with God source. We do not need intermediaries and one should choose to make a direct God connection with the intention to integrate your personal higher dimensional identity levels as divinely sourced and inspired.

When you empower yourself through dedicated self-reflection and acceleration of inner potentials, by refusing to allow others to gain control over you by choosing consciously to direct your own life, you become a living example which helps others to empower themselves and do the same. As you learn about the war against humanity and its ancient origins in genetic hybridization, we help others to awaken to the anti-human agenda and stop complying to be experimented upon.

Be willing to learn about the Law of One which are the natural laws in such ways that you can become competent in manifesting from the pure intentions of loving kindness, non-judgement, unified cooperation and respect for other living forms.  This neutralizes miasmatic and karmic based manifestations that can bring on great challenges from entwinement with controlling or negative ego based desires. When we give our manifestations to God, and we ask to be in service to the divine plan when praying for spiritual guidance, we are given the intuitive breadcrumbs which take us through the process of karmic-less manifesting. Karmic-less manifestations are based in synchronistic divine alignment which allows the best options to be made available from absolute harmlessness and thus manifestations are freed from the impacts and influences of shadows and dark manipulation.

When you make the commitment of spiritual awakening as priority, and sincerely grow towards implementing principles of spiritual maturity and negative ego clearing, it is highly possible that you will experience enlightened contact with benevolent Guardian forces and other pro-human freedom visitor races in the future. If you can hold this responsibility with the maturity and emotional stability required to receive this level of truth about our reality, it may be that you can assist the Guardian races to make themselves known to the surface human population in a benevolent manner. The more of us that are capable to act in alignment with authentic Law of One principles, means that each individual has an important role that can greatly help to support the global awakening and human evolution towards unpacking the disclosure timeline.

Cautionary Guidelines

Do not believe that all visitor contact is benevolent and beneficial, or place any entities on a pedestal deeming them as Gods or Saviors. It is important to not be dazzled by astral glamours, crafts or abilities that the visitor may use for manipulation purposes which may seem advanced to most humans. We must realize that just because they may reveal certain advanced abilities, that they are not necessarily ethical, moral or have the same spiritual objectives of being in service to the Law of One and supporting the restoration of Cosmic Order.

Do your best to not succumb to fear and feel overwhelmed or powerless in the situation. In most cases, Guardians will not visit a person who is filled in fear, but unscrupulous entities may manipulate such persons for as long as they are able. The dimensional locks are opening and thus a vast array of other life forms are now potentially able to contact humans during this phase of time.

Sadly, we have many visitor groups manipulating well-meaning humans on the white, gray and black hat spectrum with complex AI technologies while this space drama war continues to unfold on the planetary surface. Do not believe that these white hat groups are necessarily saving humanity when most of them in the ranks do not have high clearance, have little to no knowledge about this alien hybridization agenda and the complexities of the Controller family factions warring over Earth territories. Our civilization has serious problems connected to artificial intelligence networks and their complex systems are being run to war game strategic moves with multiple military factions from those Controller groups that give them orders to serve their personal interests.

The best option at this time is to compassionately witness and observe these outer agendas as they all have a bigger role to play in the war game strategy playing out, but realize that most people would be severely disheartened to know of the corruption involved even in those that claim to be the white hats-good guys. Be discerning, be careful and do not give your trust to those who have not earned it. Be cautious and do not over rely on those white hat groups that have groomed popular pundits to persist in giving disinformation to their loyal public audiences in order to string them along. Patriots should demand more from their group movement leaders and demand that they should be told the truth and not continually deceived and groomed with misinformation, being paid by sponsorships or agreements made with certain factions.

That means human beings have to be ready to know the actual truth and be ready to commit to truth seeking about our reality which has difficult otherworldly histories and can be extremely unpleasant to uncover. Nonetheless we cannot evolve out of this satanic generated mess leading us to co-create hell realms by perpetuating the ball of lies by persisting in propping up the 3D controlled narrative which is filled with horrific deceptions designed to enslave humanity. More humans are required to stand up for truth by demanding they are being told the truth by their leaders and stop allowing pundits or other figureheads to manipulate many good-hearted humans with continual use of funded disinformation tactics. We do not approve of deliberate disinformation and propaganda lies being used to deceive the public in any form, as in order for humanity to heal they need and require someone in leadership to tell them the truth.

Emerald Order Contact Guideline

Emerald Order Guardians will initiate enlightened contact with loving kindness, respect and honoring personal sovereignty, in which they will expect the same reciprocal expression in return. Guardians will require that you as a human being are willing to be self-responsible and put in the personal effort in your own learning, growth and personal healing. It is suggested to work with the 12D Christos shielding process, GSF boundary testing and Unity Vow in the morning and before bedtime, which helps to attune your energy field to the Guardian Christos frequency. When enlightened contact is happening, it can be very subtle in order to test out field occurrences and your specific reactions to such energetic contact.

They generally will not give proof of their contact initially, because like any situation where building trust is required in a mutual relationship, they will test your integrity for building a trustworthy bond for the purpose of communication exchanges. Once this bond is present, it is possible to ask them for help in ways that biologically regenerate your original diamond sun template and reclaim unique spiritual heritage. The communication bond can be severed if the individual’s fundamental frequency plummets and exceptional negative behaviors take over the individual no matter what the reason. One must remember that to ask for this enlightened contact connection will take some effort. This means that spiritual acceleration will happen rapidly and that your life may not remain the same, and thus you must consider consequences and choose wisely.

Again, before choosing to intentionally ask for positive Guardian contact you should have already developed a daily personal shielding process with the 12D Christos shield, Unity Vow and GSF Boundary testing. Then, when it feels guided in right aligned timing, set aside a sleep state process at bedtime in which the main focus is holding prayerful intention to connect with Emerald Order Guardians that serve the Cosmic Sovereign law, in the power and authority of God and Christos.  For approximately 21 days, before sleep offer a prayer of goodwill in service to God, and request connection and contact with Emerald Order Guardians serving the One in the most authentic and heartfelt loving way, as you are expressing a genuine commitment to personal spiritual healing and being in service to others.

During the fourth week, then add in the following exercise before sleep. Be sure to have a writing journal and pen at bedside to capture your impressions and help to remember your experiences as you wake up in the morning. Keep track over the time you are working with this sleep state exercise, and pay attention to subtle energy shifts or different sensory perception awareness in the day to day.  

Before sleep, power up your 12D and above frequency and focus intently on the inner vertical channel from tailbone to the base of the skull, intending to strengthen your inner core self and be very confident in your direct relationship with God. Now intend to command your personal space in service to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One and then create GSF blessings for your sacred space for sleep for the purpose of communing with God and loving truth spirits of Christos.

Focus on your heart, feel and intend to see an aqua blue mist form into a perfect teardrop of the aquamarine heart flame inside your emerald crystal heart. Now intend to create an entire orbital circuit with the teardrop of aquamarine heart current or run the Amoraea flame.  Intend to run the teardrop aquamarine heart flame throughout the microcosmic orbit channel, pushing the aquamarine teardrop from your heart down into your tailbone. Then run the teardrop aquamarine flame from the tailbone and up your spine across the top of your skull and down the front channel seeing that your front and back channel are filled with a complete circuit of aquamarine to emerald flame current. With an exhaling breath, intend to push the aquamarine-emerald flame beyond the top of your crown and into your 10th Chakra Solar Star that is about six inches above your head.

Now see the 10D Solar Star project out an aquamarine-emerald flame into a horizontal sphere which acts as an aqua-emerald platform in which to initiate positive contact. For some, this Solar Star platform may also project out or evolve into other dimensional colors such as sapphire diamond or lilac-lavender tones, when in contact with Amethyst Order Rha Kristos Collectives such as Amethyst Order Ramyanas.

Now intend to see yourself in a smaller physical image sitting on top and within this platform area, with the intention you are preparing this space for the purpose to initiate higher frequencies through which to secure positive contact with God or Emerald Order Guardians. Practice imagining and seeing your physical self in this platform space you have created inside your 10D Solar Star and focus upon intentions of loving kindness, compassion and meaningful connection with authentic spiritual family.

Formulate your intentional request that is personal and meaningful to you. If you are not feeling connected to the term Emerald Order Guardians, then use the term that makes your heart feel open, loving and expansive. Such as you may ask your Krystal Star Guardians or Personal Christ to meet you, expressing that you’d like to meet them and feel the energetic signature of your spiritual family when it is in the highest alignment for serving your divine purpose.

Once you have worked with this to prepare the foundation, set the space, formulate a clear intention and then practice seeing yourself sitting in the platform you created for contact, then subtle forms of energetic contact will occur. What forms that enlightened contact takes will vary with each individual.

This is happening now and this year begins our spiritual journey to seek truth and finally begin to heal from what has happened to humanity.

As you focus upon your heart feeling the sacred inner marriage within send your gratitude to God. Send your gratitude to Christ. Send your gratitude to Christ Sophia.

It is with great joy and reverence I am home in the solar light of Christos and Christos-Sophia!

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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Code of the Blue Nile

Lisa Renee

Dear Family,

Another level of critical mass has been reached, with Galactic Source frequency and its connection that opens various vortexes into the planetary grid structure itself.

This allows for more in depth revelation of the problems existing within the structural integrity of the planetary body and therefore the human body. Once we and Guardian consciousness can see where the problem exists, we are then able to reconcile the problem through the healing of the template or giving that consciousness a choice directly to rehabilitate that damaged portion of itself. The choice must be made by each being on its own cognizance. All choices with intention have a consequence and these consequences are amplified at this time.

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