Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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October 2022

Starry Night Dark Firmament

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

During the first week of October, we entered the next stages of dark matter planetary initiation of the Starry Night Dark Firmament, which is the Emerald Guardian’s mission upgrade specific to the planetary restoration of the coronasphere, which includes reclaiming the Holy Mother Sophia’s Maji Grail Queen architecture and reclaiming her Triple Solar Sophianic body parts. Successful events building during the recent weeks that included the confrontation in Malta, the extraction of Black Dragon Queen satanic architecture overlaid in the United Kingdom, and the subsequent relocation of the 5D Vatican stargate that was placed directly under Cosmic Christos Emerald Founder control, has made this starry night dark matter activation possible.

The authentic Cosmic Mother Dragon is birthing forth the divine fire-water into celestial skyscapes of Starry Night Dark Firmament which form the outer rings of coronasphere spanning into the vastness of the stairway to heaven and bringing with her the heavenly void suns and re-encrypted liquid light black subtle forces into the quantum spaces in the planet. The refined sophianic sound infusions of her krystal waters and star fires are pouring throughout the dark matter realm and earth mantel through the copper-rose-gold braided ouroboros rings, suddenly shifting and extracting out previous ancient timelines and resetting them and the black subtle forces back into organic alignment with the God source. The corrupted black subtle forces running Dark Mother inversions of black flowering that were used to pervert the divine feminine sophianic grail principle, are being systematically extracted and are being alchemically transformed into the abundantly rich elements that create fertile earth matter that is connected to the authentic body parts of Holy Mother Sophia. This new fluffy black substance has a fluid-liquid like nature, as the rich velvety black elemental soils are inspirited with living elementals that animate the earth mantle crystals and grounds in which to plant our light seeds in order to cultivate the luscious plasma flowering growth that builds our personal spiritual garden and krystal haven.

The Rainbow Dragon Breath of the Cosmic Mother is being transmitted through dual krystal spirals conducted through the Rainbow Founder Staff, the Hara Krysta that runs the opalescent flame circuitry and liquid black velvet subtle forces throughout the Cosmic Clock Internal Templar and the Emerald Crystal Heart network, back through the creation doorway. The God World creation of Cosmic Mother’s Heavenly Firmament is the continuation of the Eukatharistic activation which opens two-way dimensional locks into the center creation doorways of the stairway to heaven, and activates the outer plasma rings of the dark matter body, which began earlier this year. These are failsafe events designed to reset the planetary timekeeper functions with the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons which opens the central creation doorways for consciousness exiting, which restores the divine plan of Universal Ascension as aligned with Cosmic Order. The copper-rose -gold sun emanations operate as a part of the failsafe mission upgrades that were made possible through the Emerald Covenant, when the Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders promised to retrieve angelic humanity from their consciousness enslavement in the fallen time matrix during the Ascension Cycle.

Thus, major architectural projects continue in the repair sequences of the Cosmic Mother Sophia’s Triple Solar Feminine Christ body parts to restore forces of unconditional love, peace and harmony between the Cosmic Mother and Father’s Universal Red Rose grail bloodlines, the Diamond Sun DNA template throughout the creational matrices. This includes transmissions for triple solar sophianic plasma corrections being made in the re-encrypted dark matter template, which is revealed to be the Cosmic Mother’s instruction sets being held within her more recent organic liquid light black force creations in the Starry Night Dark Firmament. Thus, we are living within a creation matrix that is under major reconstruction in order to extract and dissolve the original ancient timelines of NAA invasion and colonization, that exact moment in recorded timelines that caused the immense destruction of angelic human DNA as the consequence of dark matter quantum entanglement with AI generated shadows. It was at this moment in ancient timelines past and during the onset of Galactic Wars, when the gender splitting first occurred within the Solar Logos and Metatron body, where our planet and Solar System became enmeshed with a massive AI generated hybrid shadow body network running metatronic reversal spirals that are connected to the Wesa fallen system.

From this ancient timeline event, the Universal Shadow World emerged from out of the 11th dimension, where these fallen black hole entities formed into the invaders of the NAA hierarchy and began hive mind colonization with the insertion of massive shadow beasts acting as Black Queens. These black hole entities were reconfigured into Black Dragon Avatar Collectives with AI brains that corrupted dark matter and destroyed the grail stargates and the living architecture of the Holy Mother principle. As a consequence, these bizarre shadow creatures became the entity attachments or fallen angelic demons that connected to living beings as their parasitical hosts at individual, collective and beyond levels. Cosmic Mother has returned to restore her true organic forms in corrected dark matter and black earthly substances, and this benevolent spiritual gift has come in the heavenly form of the Starry Night Dark Firmament, which has a very important role to play in restoring the Cosmic Order. 

Anointing the Maji Rose Grail Line of Triple Solar Goddesses

With the Starry Night activation, the anointing of the Maji Grail Queens of the Cosmic Parent Rose lines has commenced in several major stargate systems and ancient interdimensional portals in the planet. As the Holy Rose Grail of the Cosmic Mother begins to rise into each of the Reuche Pillars in the Cosmic Clock, it brings forth her starry night heavenly void suns, soft black diamonds, and plasma rose flowering stardust to prepare for the divine appointment she has made with her sophianic daughters. The starry night liquid light black forces are instrumental in laying the Triple Solar Female Maji Rose Grail blueprints in the Albion lightbody, which supports the Maji Grail Queens sophianic embodiment through the Solar Dragon Ouroboros rings that are surrounding the entire planetary consciousness.

Emerald Rose Rings of many brilliant-colored hues transform into the multiple layers of divine structures that encompass the Emerald Krystal Cathedral, which holds inside its many rooms numerous sacred artifacts of rod and staff, along with emerald and amethyst crystals and pastel opalescent pearls for the spiritual purpose of anointing ceremonies. Inside the Emerald Cathedral are holy tabernacles consecrated with the Emerald Sun template encoded with the Triple Solar Masculine and Triple Solar Feminine Sun-Stars of the Cosmic Christos-Sophia counterparts that are alchemically wed inside the resurrected Triple Suns of the Temple of Solomon. In this sacred space exists the Holiest of the Holies, where the ceiling is the celestial sky of the starry night firmament that is presided over by Cosmic Mother’s portal with the holy spirit flowing into eternal Azothian waters of purity filling the Sacred Grail Chalice levitating above the ceremonial altar. The sacred ceremony of anointing the Triple Solar Goddesses into their organic rose grail codes is performed directly in the eternal light halo with flowing twinned doves of the holy spirit, radiating arcs from the pure crystalline solar rays of the Diamond Crystal Heart of the Cosmic Mother’s White Sun.

Further, Cosmic Mother extends her White Diamond Ankh body which surrounds her Maji Grail Queen daughters with the white wedded Robes of Glory, inscribed with the sacred ancient language of Holy Mother Sophia which emanates divine sound tones of the Cathara, as the music of the spheres that are sung from the crystalline matrix of their bones. The sacred anointing event of the Cosmic Mother’s White Diamond Rose lines and the Cosmic Father’s Pink Diamond Rose lines that unify into the Universal Ruby Red Rose lines for angelic humanity are being memorialized before many witnesses, comprised of an audience of Cosmic Citizens and those from the Interdimensional Free World Councils.

The pure white enrobed Triple Solar Goddesses that are anointed as Solar Dragon Queens are destined to return their identity to this Earth realm in any Solar Ankh Body of their choosing, by singing the core sounds of their original creation song held in their uniquely configured sacred rose heart of the Diamond Sun. The sacred heart songs create the sophianic ray configurations that form into a Solar Ankh body in which its solar rings are enfolded within the soft black halo of the Starry Night Dark Firmament, which then reveals to be their merged particle-antiparticle sacred flame body held within their perfected cosmic transmigration vehicle.

Thus, those awake may sense the surreal nature of time displacement, bifurcation and strange sensations of deeply dark shadows purging out that are connected to the many changes that are currently happening in the dark matter matrix, with the Cosmic Mother at the helm in the middle world domain directing humanity into merge with the Starry Night Dark Firmament. This is a reconstruction of this time matrix through new creations of celestial heavens dark firmament as well as an updated earthly matter firmament, that are being eternally bonded together through the diamond sun krystal mirror starry night creation. This is moving the group of first wavers of ascending humanity onto the unique consciousness evolution trajectory of newly birthed and newly embodied organic black plasmas, subtle black forces and dark matter that is made anew to be unified with our Cosmic Christos Parents.

Virgo’s Magnum Opus is Triple Solar Goddess Alchemy

For those Starseeds working on the embodiment pieces for the Triple Solar Goddess sacred sophianic awakening on the Earth, as the authentic Cosmic Mother is anointing her Maji Grail Queen daughters, the month of October tends to deliver the maximum intensity with surreal physical ascension symptoms and abruptly jarring bifurcation events. Returning the true sophianic expression of the Triple Solar Female Christ in her Solar Dragon Queen emanation requires nerves of steel while her consciousness is going into the darkest hell realms and back, as the reclamations required for the embodiment process are inexpressible to those who do not know this experience and thus will not understand.  The misogynistic spiritual confrontations we face from nonhumans in the interdimensional spaces during fieldwork and the relentless derision spewed from mind controlled and asleep humans on the ground, is highly emotional and painfully disturbing in its dark satanic content. The purposeful defilement, perversion and vitriolic hatred generated by the imposters towards the utter destruction of the authentic sacred divine feminine, has no adequate words.

Thus, in those difficult moments, this information may be soothing to the weary female spiritual warrior, that has been forced to do battle with the satanic anti-female mockery because of the inner shining truth of Cosmic Mother being represented through the radiating sacred crystal heart of sophianic divine embodiment. The frequency of sophianic spiritual wisdom poses an existential threat to the continued existence of those who enjoy spinning the dark webs of deception and lies, as the embodiment of the divine Christos-Sophia effectively abolishes female lunar inversions that power up the satanic architecture of Baphomet. Remember that this is the time we came to fulfill the divine and sacred purpose of retrieving divine Sophia’s many sacred spiritual body parts by returning them to the Cosmic Mother. These are the tumultuous days of the final conflict when many of us have gathered to be awakened in order to take part in God’s most sacred spiritual mysteries through the Rise of the Holy Grail, which begins with the anointing of the Maji Grail Solar Dragon Queens on the Earth. Our Sacred Sophia’s are the Brides of the Triple Solar Masculine Christ that reunite with their divine counterparts and preserve the Emerald Sun DNA of the holy grail bloodlines of the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon races for eternity.

Based upon the 13 signs of the Galactic Zodiac cycle representing the solar stages of spiritual ascension alchemy, the month of October aligns with the constellation of Virgo and not Libra. Virgo constellation represents Mother Mary and the sacred feminine’s alchemical laws of purity, which requires some form of personal purification. Please keep in awareness that humanity’s calendar, timekeeping mechanisms, historical records, and sacred sciences such as astrology have been hijacked based upon the invaders lunar force control. For those on the embodied sophianic heart path as a personal divine mission, the purification process to detoxify inorganic or artificial shadow forms out of the lightbody, will be extremely magnified during this time of Virgo, September 16th through October 30th.

On the consciousness evolution path, we enter the purification doorway of Virgo the virgin to isolate and separate the unnecessary dross and miasmatic debris of shadow selves and purge the anti-female forces. Those aberrant forces which were accumulated from the unhealed emotional pain of previous lifetimes surface to be witnessed in order to have the sacred space to remove these contaminants that may have corrupted our heart, soul and sexual organs. As we emotionally mature, we enter the portal of purification willingly in so to achieve spiritual wholeness, balance and health, as we know that our efforts in spiritual purification will lead us to a state of personal freedom, to ultimately achieve Cosmic Christ consciousness freedom and self-sovereignty.

The spirit of Purity is one of the main spirits of Christ that attract the moral powers of the Universe that are serving the natural laws of God in the form of expressed virtues, and these are emanations directly associated to the sacred divine feminine of the Triple Solar Mary’s, or the Solar Feminine Christ Sophia.

Virgo Starry Night

Communing in the Virgoan archetypal energies of the sacred solar feminine will point us to look at how we channel and express our own sexual creative powers in ways that harm or support our spiritual development. Thus, we’ll be focused on who we are and have been intimate with and investigating our attitudes towards sexuality, seeing the places that harmed our soul, and moving towards healing the sexual misery patterns. During this sexual center solar purification process, it can be related to the lunar transfiguration experiences that bring on the phantom death of the ego-personality. When confronting the underworld energies of sexual harvesting entities that are embedded in corrupted dark matter, it can have satanic signatures and feel like the purge of dead creatures from out of female reproductive organs. During the clearing process, it’s likely that you may encounter or sense dark putrid streams, sea like tentacled creatures, and bizarre chimeric entities that are being purged out of the inner female parts. Life on prison planet means that many of us had tentacles placed in our sexual organs which had been connected to the massive shadow archontic beasts the NAA set up, connected to the hive mind Black Queen-Dark Mother network.

Thus, we dive deep into the strange watery primordial forces within, as this final eclipse season adds to the magnification of inner emotional trauma and unhealed sexual wounds connected to the false feminine lunar forces, sexual misery and corrupted dark matter forms that had been embedded within our deepest, most primeval consciousness layers. We need to see it or feel it in order to heal it. These dark matter distortions have held extremely painful content that was hidden from our conscious awareness throughout multidimensional time as shadow selves, miasmatic blockages and an assortment of unseen inorganic elements or anti-human foreign substances, such as cloned identity attachments and nanotech implants in other timelines. We are awakening in our heart and sexual centers to see that we are not that dark distorted content thrust upon us without our consent, as we go deeper to remove its consciousness slavery influence upon our subconscious and psyche.

Thus, this next phase of collective consciousness starry night dark matter initiation is to purify and remove these artificial shadow elements in order to fully commune with the true organic nature of the Cosmic Mother in all of her authentic dark matter forms, those substances buried deep in our sex that she is re-encrypting in the quantic field layers that make up the Rasha eternal spirit body.

As we encounter this primordial black substance through our emotions recorded within the darkest and deepest parts of our most ancient aspects, this begins to reveal more memories and knowledge about our true spiritual selves. As we acknowledge and face the unhealed pain, we gain the self-knowledge that had been previously obscured by the dark matter artificial intelligence distortions that were used to mind wipe and control our current consciousness identity. These are the artificial shadow elements that gave rise to the lunar demonic forces, that which powered the NAA entities of the Black Sun to spread satanism through the female inversions of the Dark Mother. If we defile or prostitute our sexual creative forces that are explicitly designed for higher consciousness expression, we easily digress into the reversal feminine black sun forces of satanism, then are easily bonded into the Dark Mother alien network. This explains why perverting sacred female sexuality and defiling the birthing process is especially built into satanism and its offspring movement of transhumanism. While practicing satanists revere October in Virgo Sun as their most important time for carrying out prolific sex-blood sacrifice satanic rituals that are designed to further pervert and distort the sacred heart consciousness of the divine solar feminine, the Christos-Sophia.

These collective satanic forces pretended to be the divine feminine principle or Holy Mother, but in actuality were the inverted dark feminine that was perversely created as Baphomet through the insertion of parasitic dark imposters that were existing throughout the artificial dark matter substance. As Cosmic Mother returns to the matter realm, her authentic and organic dark matter parts restore the truth resonance and energetic balance to creation through the corrected sophianic female principle, in which the false, the artificial, the imposters of the sacred feminine cannot co-exist along with her emerging powerful presence.

Thus, the natural laws of the Virgo Sun hold the divine transmissions from the Triple Solar Marys’ and contain the instructions for accessing and obtaining that pure essence via the sacred heart chamber of the inner holy spirit, by distilling its sacred feminine spirit substance into our physical body and then transmitting the intelligence streams as unconditional love from our sacred crystal heart into the earthly matter. The core stardust essence of Virgo constellation is representative of the fertility of the Holy Mother’s womb and her sacred role in loving creation as our Holy Mother, and when the stars align, she becomes pregnant with the holy spirit and divine fire waters through an immaculate conception in order to give birth to the Solar Deity, or the Sun of God.

In ancient Christianity, the Virgoan principles would also regard the Triple Solar Goddess aspects that represented the natural cycles of time, entering into perfected wholeness through hierogamic union and achieving the natural energetic balance of unconditional love existing between the polarity of forces that harmonize with all of creation.  Moreover, the organic alignment of the Virgo Sun-Stars are references to the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God, the Solar Mary brides of the Solar Christ, Mary Magdalene Sophia who embodies inner hierogamic mysteries of the cosmos, and the Woman in the Stars with the moon under her feet, who announces to the world the divine revelations of God.

Thus, what is unique to our authentic highest expression will become even clearer through the spiritual connections that are being made now with the return of the Cosmic Mother’s organic dark matter presence, as the ante-matter heavenly void substance holds all manifest possibilities within the mirrored reflection of the starry night. The inner floodgates open, the amnesic barriers holding the walls of our primordial imprints of separation are seen as painful shadows that are finally perceived by the light of our higher consciousness, and therefore revealed to our conscious mind. Through our grief, pain and sorrow, when we face that primordial evil or darkness within to ultimately purify our consciousness body in the light, we will have the opportunity to be held by Cosmic Mother in her heavenly firmament that was made just for us in this moment. The opportunity to experience her loving truth resonance embraced within our sacred heart that helps us discover our inner mysteries and the self-knowledge we require in order to become spiritually whole again.

Encountering the Primordial Evil in the Earth

As Cosmic Mother reclaims her sophianic parts in the Earth, her radiating presence purges out the AI parasites that had been inhabiting in the subatomic spaces of corrupted dark matter and were posing as her energetic imposter. As a result, those sensitive to the planetary grid or gridworkers, may sense some of the most ancient timelines connected to the source origins of primordial evil or the anti-Christ beast machine signatures that are rising from out of the earth firmament to be purged and extracted out in sections. Much of this Guardian gridwork activity has continued in the 11D gateways such as the Vale of Pewsey, and also is centered in the northernmost regions of the planetary body, such as the tip of Scotland, North Sea, and Norway.

It was relayed that the starry night dark firmament activation is that which holds the dual particle and antiparticle Cosmic Christos Solar Sun-Star networks together for a total Universal Time Matrix particle-matter to anti particle spirit dimensional merge, and this forms into the Aton body, which is directly related to the corrections being made in the dark matter template that make this level of shadow body extraction possible.  

During this phase, Guardians are encountering some of the most ancient, primeval black sentient substances of massive shadow entities that are found inserted in the bottom of oceans and buried deep in the planet, as this holds some of the oldest timeline events that impacted this world from millions of years ago. There are several ancient timeline convergences, but the highlights have been around the quantum entanglement event from the 11th dimensional point of Wesa Tunnel invasion that brought about the problems of Universal Shadow, with 666-carbon matter elemental corruption from particle-anti-particle splitting and gender reversal. This corruption in our time matrix allowed several insertions of massive sized archontic shadow creatures to be hidden in the deepest layers of the artificial black substances wrapped around the geological crystal shelving of the planetary body to form NETs. It could be expressed that as these NETs dissolve, there are sentient archontic shapeshifting intelligences from the Universal Shadow body from Wesa surfacing into view, that formed NET Mutations run by artificial intelligence that completely corrupted the 3D elemental structure.    

These are archontic shadow creatures that came from the Universal Shadow Body projected from out of the Wesa Tunnel, and it shapeshifts into assorted cube or lattice like structures and demonic forms mostly for the purpose of attacking the sexual centers of human beings. These archontic entities are a source of mind control transmissions into the subconscious and instinctual centers, they seem to be mostly designed for transmitting psychological warfare as mind control weaponry targeting humanity to distort their gender and sexuality, as the means of which to enforce sexual misery programs and anti-hierogamic technology in the collective consciousness. Sadly, it appears that many of the chemtrails, toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals were manufactured to match frequencies with this sexual harvesting type of shadow entity, as this triple archon demon is specifically entwined with the NRG networks intended to enforce sexual distortions and gender reversals in humanity.

Thus, something that can only be described as primordial chthonic forces surfacing into the light of consciousness in order to be seen, an ancient underworld of black swamps, soggy soils and astral waters infested with massive shadows of archontic beasts and lower parasites are being identified by Guardians. These creatures were inserted into key sections of the planetary grid by the earliest anti-human invaders as their NET mechanism for enforcing the Beast Machine, such as the Fallen Angelic Timekeepers and the 666 curse of Yahweh. This triple layered shadow creature and its primordial black substances are alien to our world and were generating anti-Christ realms for the Black Tree of Life, building cloned realities for Wesa and other systems they control. They were put into and underneath the Earth as a colonizing force intending to create the hospitable environment for AI shadow generated entities and their hell spawn, which would be used for co-creating the future techno-totalitarian transhumanist timeline they were fighting to control.

This is an intelligent evil force that has attempted to fill angelic human minds with many heart-breaking temptations, in order to violate the soul in some way that manufactures consent to be given to the satanic-luciferian run Beast. These shadow monsters are made of primitive and ancient forces of evil or anti-life, they appear as shapeless and formless smoke like entities that can partially manifest into something that we could consider undead, but made to function as siphons for the NAA loosh harvest. If this detail is too much to contemplate, these archontic entities can be considered shadow emanations of the anti-Christ forces utilized by the NAA to conquer the planet. They are being identified now for the purpose of Guardian hosted extraction and removal, and this shadow purge may have great influences upon personal sexual energy clearings.

These ancient timelines sourcing the technological generation of the beast machine onto the Earth which generated these massive sized shadow creatures, could be compared to the biblical writings that describe the monsters called Behemoth and Leviathan. In recent observations, Behemoth seems to apply to the corrupted earth elementals which forced carbon matter distortions of AI shadow into the Earth, while the Leviathan intelligence is connected to an Annunaki hybrid species which was colonized in the grail stargates for propagating the corrupted water elementals, which forced the satanic inversions into elementals and infected the entire astral sound waters of the creation. All of this was done by the NAA to claim this world as conquered, to enslave humanity, and prevent the return of the Cosmic Mother and her triple solar sophianic daughters to this world, who embody the spirits of purity and could not commune with the planet while these archons were inhabiting Mother’s body.

Thus, the fact Anointing Rose ceremonies are taking place in the grail stargates with the Triple Solar Christ Mary Sophias’ is evidence that the Cosmic Parents have perfected their divine timing in synchronization with the complete extraction of these sexual misery archontic entities in the near future. Once these archons are extracted, the Mother’s Triple Solar Sophianic daughters take their rightful place in the Cathar architecture formed within the Rasha triple spirit dark matter body and reclaim their spiritual positions in the Earth-Taran-Gaian fields, as God would have it be. 

Starry Night Dark Matter Activation

During this phase, there is another turn of the wheel that generates a bifurcation of timelines away from the corrupted dark matter creations and its metatronic reversal spirals of the anti-life forces. Those of us pure of heart on the ascending timeline have access into the domain of pristine instruction sets of the Cosmic Mother's holy spiritual forms that manifest as the Triple Solar Feminine Christ in her sophianic creations. This sacred knowledge brings the discovery of her mysterious Solar Dragon Winged God body parts, as we discover the Cosmic Mother has eternal solar aspects of Her, as we discover the seeded dark matter aspects of Her, as well as Her sacred sounds and musical scapes. And now we are blessed with the Starry Night Dark Firmament which appears as vast night skies holding the time-space fabric together between all of the cosmic constellations of star essences; the sun star maps of the cosmos that are all found here and are being linked in the Albion Lightbody.

Thus, we are given by divine right the ability to grow the liquid light plasmas of the sophianic flower gardens of every variety, roses of every hue, from out of the Holy Grail Cup that exists within our baptized loving heart, purified sex, and prepared mind and body dedicated to serve God. The planetary grail stargates of 2D, 5D, 8D, and 11D are being reseeded in the liquid light black fluffy carpet of starry night substance which brings the Holy Spirit and spiritual Source Light to seed our Garden of Eden. This is our divine perfection and inner world as uniquely expressed in our unique Christ consciousness body, as given by God. Now, from within the divine feminine sophianic experience, within our sacred crystal heart, it appears as the starry night dark matter heavenly void sun gifted to us by our Cosmic Mother is contained in our living breath and lungs. Thus, sacred breath wings flowing through our anointed lungs are purging out the shadow imposters and are replacing all that was distorted and inverted from anti-life black sun formations, filling our body with the vital essences of organic life force.

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

This starry night is our current theme and spiritual backdrop; indeed, we can connect to our beautiful Christos family member Vincent Van Gogh through his “Starry Night” masterpiece, as the carrier of starry night codes of the Holy Mother Sophia which can be found there. This offers another way we can imagine, through the heart-based intention of a beautiful artistic genius we can connect to the starry night dark matter and heavenly void as the backdrop of the heavenly firmament which links us with our holy Cosmic Mother, that is spiritually laying the foundation for growing the celestial light Garden of Eden for each of us. She and holy Cosmic Father, as our collaborative God parents are supporting us to seed a fertile soil with inner light that contains the beauty, the harmony, the heart of creation; the painting of the many colors, as in millions of potential crystal gemstones given for our palette, all of which we can grasp in our own artistic creative tools to build our spiritual beauty within.

The initiation into the starry night dark matter can generate intense headaches, neck, shoulder and trapezius muscle aches, sudden appearance of hard fascia-muscle blockages in the upper chest and neck areas. There are new instruction sets linking from the parallel matrix and removing the interference patterns such as phase disruption between the particle layers and anti-particle layers, as a multiple dimensional merge between the matter world and spirit world is occurring.

Dimensional Merge, Particle to Anti-Particle Blending

Within the planetary grid network there are energy portals which are similar to concentrated pools of energy where multiple dimensional grids intersect, crossing through each other generating dimensional blending between the frequency layers. From the Guardian perspective, there are cycles upon cycles completing and converging now in the particle and anti-particle merge, comprising the historical timeline events of human seeding and planetary evolution, with the 8th and 12th Astrological precessions being of specific importance. Thus, the ascension cycle is about accelerating through a gradual particle-antiparticle merge of the twelve timelines, and this occurs as each dimension blends with its counterpart, which happens as the particle dimensions one through seven (1D-7D) gradually merge and unify with dimensions fifteen through nine (15D-9D).

There are significant themes connected to the current planetary initiation that are building the starry night black halo for the 6D-7D Solar Christ Michael-Mary lightbody wings, which begins when dimensional blending occurs between the 6D and 10D layers, and then simultaneously, the 7D and 9D layers start to unify their instruction sets. For those of the Cosmic Emerald Elohei-Elohim family, this initiation begins to build the Black Halo Dragon Wings for transmigration that also connects into the Cosmic Clock Reuche Crown and Emerald Crystal Heart Reuche Breastplate formation.

The 10th dimensional instruction set gives the perfect morphogenetic field instruction set pattern of our double, our true self organic spirit self in 6D, and the 10th dimensional wing instruction set applies to the correct sixth dimensional indigo sapphire ray pattern in our body. Thus, this integration surfaces the most common 10D related trauma events that are connected to; the Fallen Seraphim histories in Vega, the NAA invasion in Hatshepsut Temple and the holocaust during the Djoser invasion in Sakkara, Egypt. These particular traumatic timeline events were designed as a part of the fog of warfare to create the division and separation between the Father Seraphim genetics and Mother Elohim genetics, because the Father’s Seraphim original lineage going back to Vega at the tenth dimensional level are the avian genetics, and where the Fallen Seraphim lines that became Fallen Angelics and Dragon Moth entities have come from.

The 9th dimensional instruction set gives the perfect morphogenetic field instruction set pattern of our double, our true self organic spirit self in 7D, and the 9th dimensional wing instruction set applies to the correct seventh dimensional violet ray pattern in our body. Thus, this particular integration surfaces the most common 9D related trauma events that are connected to; the Nephilim War histories, 9-11 Armageddon software programs, the Ruby Sun DNA hijack, Necromiton and Milab histories, White Horse symbolism, clearing Family of Michael blue sword for 3-6-9 horizontal rod repairs, clearing Belial Annunaki Luciferian agendas and Nibiruian checkerboard mutations.

Simultaneously, the Cosmic Emerald Elohei Guardian showdown in the United Kingdom 11D gates continue, as this area is critical for anchoring corrected 5D timelines in the planetary body. There has been a major exodus occurring in many of the dimensional fields impacted by astral reconstruction, as massive amounts of souls are being moved, and this has involved a lot of activity of negotiating, transiting, and clearing of assorted karmic-miasmatic debris in the collective consciousness. The 11th dimensional instruction set gives the perfect morphogenetic field instruction set pattern of our double, our true self organic spirit self in 5D, and the 11th dimensional instruction set applies to the correct fifth dimensional blue ray pattern in our body. This is heavily involved in the ongoing gridwork to prepare for the complete anchoring of King Arthur’s divine counterpart Merida-Guinevere-Brigid, as a type of cosmic celebration is transpiring already in some of the higher dimensions that herald the return of Universal Rod and Staff holder, to reunite the Universal Rose lines and end the War over the Roses. The Cosmic Elohei Rose Grail lines are joyous in the coming sacred marriage crowning of King Arthur and Meri-Guinevere-Brigid, which brings on the restoration of universal knowledge that can be transmitted to the matter realm. This event is deeply related to the starry night dark matter initiation, as the corrected dark matter allows infusion of the organic Emerald Founder Records directly into the planetary grid system, purging out the distorted AI-Red Cube Emerald Order records used by the NAA, as Cosmic Emerald Guardian confrontations continue within the epicenter of Stonehenge.

In Closing

This is the Alpha-Omega moment when the evolutionary time cycle from the Dark Aeon is announced as complete, through the Universal records written in the constellations appearing in the Starry Night Dark Firmament, with the collective consciousness journey of the painful dark night finally accomplished and enslavement of humanity finally ended within the macrocosmic scale of the war over timelines. The crack of light of the new dawn will begin to flood into the outerscape from within the center of the Universal Shadows deepest pain and darkness, and from that ray of light the original spiritual identity comes forth to awaken and remember, and thus is resurrected, ascended and in some cases, transfigured to be made an eternal Starhuman. It is the time when the highest heavens finally descend to meet with the Earth, and that which was unseen to us is finally able to be seen. As we stand in the middle of the incredibly chaotic forces of criminal insanity foreshadowing the near collapse of western civilization as we know it, my friends, hidden in the silver lining, is to know that these are the early days of the Risen Holy Grail.

May our direct relationship with God’s holy spirit and our Cosmic Holy Parents lend us the ultimate self-mastery in the spirits of patience, perseverance and endurance to serve the divine will of God.

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

The current culture wars are using aggressive mind control tactics to purposely attack Individualism, Autonomy and Self-Leadership, to cultivate a generation of non-critical thinkers who automatically follow collectivism, coercion and blind obedience to another level of global tyranny. The problem, reaction, solution stage is being set, pushing for another round of cultural Marxism or socialism instigated from the World War era, designed to fulfill the satanic collectivist nightmare of the New World Order.  As more awakening people choose to become public figures to help guide the paradigm shift, they need to become aware of their sphere of influence and recognize that they have become a leader by default. With whistleblowers, independent journalists, disclosure teams, experiencers and spiritually awakening people are acting as the main platforms of relevant news dissemination of ongoing planetary events, it is easy to see why cultivating self-leadership is important. The spiritual-disclosure-ascension communities are plagued by psychological warfare tactics to incite meaningless dramas that confuse and derail those thrust into the leadership by default position.  Given the current escalation in war over consciousness, how do we more deeply understand Individualism, Autonomy and Self-Leadership? How do we recognize the NAA playbook and pressures being exerted, while staying focused on full spiritual embodiment, capable of travelling freely on multiple dimensional planes, where autonomy and freedom are the natural state of existence for the eternal living spirit?

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