Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

March 2008

Lisa Renee

Round and round we go in the Cosmic Rinse Cycle, whirling  out every last bit of extraneous debris and then some as we are getting pulled inside and out of the Cosmic Vacuum. No one told us when the Divine Feminine God Aspect returned to the planet she would be bringing with her Power Tools.

Clearly many of us need some levity at this time, as I am fully aware of just how incredibly severe this last month has been. The external environmental energies have been just brutal on some days, like fingernails scratching a chalkboard. This abrasive quality seems to heighten when we are attempting to dig up the mental discipline to just keep concentrating on the positivity that keeps us moving forward. Yet, we have realized a force-of-will to move us forward in any direction refuses to work anymore. Many times that means we just have to lay down and get out of the way. The Universe certainly has its own plans up its sleeve for us and its Divine Will or Bust.

We can feel great energetic momentum pushing us and yet there is no movement forward associated with it. Squished and expanded at the same time is not something we are used to feeling. This new energetic quality is totally perplexing to our minds as nothing makes sense anymore. How are we to own our multidimensionality and navigate ourselves and still function in this 3rd dimension? Maybe we are not even supposed to function in the ways that we thought we should. Every belief system or mental structure is up for review and getting reevaluated. Who am I? What am I to do? We cannot even feel what our next step is as it has not presented itself yet. The sensation of urgency, while stuck inside a Vacuum is an odd place to be indeed.

Our inner child, our physical bodies and our emotional self have been put through the wringer. Many of the types of surprises that show up these days are something we want to send back to the source. I found myself wanting to say, Hey Universe I didn't order That. Send it back I want a Refund. And put a Galactic Quarantine on it, I don't want it ever coming back.

The Ascension path and its curriculum of personal energetic and psycho-emotional mastery now have been greatly raised, due to some of the most momentous planetary events I have ever borne witness to on the inner planes. I will relay as best I can the inexpressible information into some kind of comprehension. One thing I am sure of is that it's bound to change the face of humankind. And this IS what we have been waiting for, waiting for what feels like Eons of time. Dear Family, I am so glad that you are here with me. The Guardians will continue on with a planetary update.

The Astral Reconfiguration

For a while now we have been mentioning the changes happening at each level of the dimensional scale, within this Universal Time Matrix. It has been described that the Ascension Plan B is an implementation of an aggressive movement forward in the evolutionary patterns of this system, largely out of necessity to retain its living light library coding and the Earth species memory. This could also be described as the immunity functions of the Universal and Planetary body, that have been systematically deployed to inoculate the God Seed Code in each layer of the Universal Planes. This Immune action is very much like an organism's survival mechanism, where the permanent seed atom which contains the Divine Blueprint and its record, is brought back online into the layers of the various grid systems. As these instruction sets are relayed through these grids, the cellular memory records open up within each sub-band of the 12 harmonic layers that exist within each dimensional plane. These 12 layers are methodically activated into a system override of the false matrices, as the divine blueprint instruction sets are dispatched. The divine blueprint transmits the fire letters, the coding of the cellular alphabet of our personal and planetary DNA, into the instructional grids once it is relayed through the opened and activated permanent seed atom. As every living thing has a permanent seed atom, the God Seed Code blueprint structure, so do the Living Universal Layers of the Time Matrix.

This is the phenomena which will initiate the dimensional and timeline collapse that we are experiencing now on this planet. Those on the Ascension B Timeline feel very much like we are existing within a void space and have no ability to sense directionally what is next, as these systems are collapsing. Even future identities and parallel possibilities are collapsing now as they can no longer be energized. The primary project of where this is underway during this phase is on the Astral Plane. As the record of the God Seed atom opens into each sub-harmonic layer across all space/time/dimension, it then feeds the Source energy. Feeds the Living Light Eternal Current or Zero Point Fields into each of these grid layers. In accordance to the Law of Harmonics, whatever structure does not resonate to its original blueprint pattern either self-corrects as it is overridden or it collapses. The collapse of the structure is due to distortions, to such degree the integrity of the blueprint has been corrupted. Therefore, the impact of the critical mass of Living Light Current that has been accumulated within a container of consciousness, may possibly destroy the container if it has become too distorted and corrupt, to its original blueprint nature. This level of applied Source Energy is now outpouring from our Universal Time Matrix System at the Galactic Core level, or the Center Point of All Union, the God Matrix. The Galactic Core, the Meta Galactic Core of Andromeda or the Luminaries from the Next Universe, and our Planetary Core are shifting to phase lock into a direct alignment. This will exchange a tremendous energetic force, which is unprecedented to the human race.

The Wall in Time

By the Guardians best estimation in the human system of thought around time and space, this planet has not had access to these levels of energetic exchange in the neighborhood of 250,000 years. This was partly because there was something called a Wall in Time that placed us in a One Way Portal System, which made our reality system very much like an encased Fish Bowl. We had no way of leaving this reality system until we reached the end of the Ascension Cycle, where these grids would phase align into the Ancient Portal systems and then would open up doorways to access the other dimensions. These Portal systems also allow our one way portal, where souls come in but cannot go out beyond the Wall in Time, to access the new communication links needed to become a dual communication exchange. This allows a communication portal to be established with the Luminaries of the Next Universe, as well as many of the Cosmic Intelligences in this Universal Matrix. Many of the Galactic and Planetary Grid Workers have been setting up communication links that act as Hub Handshake Fields, to help the Guardian Races with this Purpose. These are spinning vortexes moving into Toroidal Fields with a neutral core. An example is our 12D Hub, which is designed for multiple purposes. One purpose is to step down zero point and cosmic Christ intelligences, into larger field matrices that act as a buffer to stabilize the earth surface. This concept is described more in the last newsletter, which includes an understanding of the energetic dynamics commencing in the System Override. This IS the process underway in the Astral Layers at this time, which is by far one of the most distorted and damaged of all of the dimensional time spaces. Due to the dimensional sound wave bleed-through from these current events, humans will be feeling incredible pulsing and momentum caused from the grids shifting through these magnetic storms.

The Portal Project

Earthquakes have increased since we secured the Astral Portal Project, which became aligned on February 17th. More Earth surface changes are suspected to reverberate through the 3D system, as the astral layers shifting will impact our reality. There are extremely powerful intersection points that exchange massive frequencies coming in at the March Equinox, the middle of May and through August. However, much is being done to circumvent these magnetic shift impacts during those more high risk times. Using the 12D energies of platinum to protect your energy field and to stabilize your environments, is highly suggested.

This recent portal project is creating a Triad Anchor Grid or the Cosmic Trinity between Melchizedek, Andromedan-Aurora and Sirius, that has an opening through the astral layers. The portal access then moves through to Sirius 6D - Arcturus 7D - Orion 8D Galactic Core, and Finally out of this system entirely. These are the Meta Galactic Layers aligned to the Luminaries of the Next Universe through the upcoming Andromeda Activations. This was purposed to rehabilitate and relocate the Lost Souls and Fragments in the 4D Astral, and to emancipate the consciousness lost in the astral illusions and false matrices.

There are the beautiful Galactic Warriors in service, repairing wormholes and portals in the 2nd Density, and the Harmonic Universe comprising 4-5-6 Dimensions. This has been intense work especially since the landing of the 12D Avatars on this plane late November 2007, as this event changed all the timelines. Many of the members of this Galactic crew have been the brave ones that accepted this massive role, and to whom we want to send our acknowledgment, appreciation and deepest loving support. Much has been accomplished, allowing the energetic physics exchange between White Hole and Black Hole Systems to activate their purpose as a literal vacuum, that sucks out all that has been spread out into these lower astral spaces. We have been very successful thus far with this ascension project.

Much of what has been recollected to rehabilitate and heal, are the soul fragments that experienced an explosion in the various timelines of Atlantis and Maldek. These exploded bits are sentient units, even though they have no self awareness of identity, they are similar to the plant kingdom and they do experience pain. The psychic pain and suffering held in these spaces are immense and many whose role is to collect these fragments, have been feeling and healing this pain. The release and reclamation of these sentient units to their true home, their source identity, is more profound than words. We extend profound gratitude to these Galactic Warriors with immense love, appreciation and the energetic signature of forgiveness and forgetfulness.

New Astral Body

This recent Astral Project was a task force brought forth to intercept and create a smoother transition for us with what is incoming this year. It became clear that as the immense energetic force began to exchange from the Galactic Core into the Astral Plane Layers, that mass bedlam and destruction was possible. As the Astral is getting reconfigured this means our Astral Bodies will also get upgrades and go through changes. One of the purposes is healing the 2D-4D split in our emotional body that created a schism between the 2nd and 4th Chakras in our human holographic template. The second chakra became a repository of discordant unreleased energies that were unexpressed and suppressed in the emotional body of the human being. This began to damage the emotional body of the human being, further impairing or damaging the genetic integrity. These discordant creations accumulated into larger negative fields and were deposited into the astral planes. This buildup of accumulated distortions from the human's lower emotions were then harnessed into larger fields of energetic nets. These Nets are the structures that were used to create the frequency fences and false matrices in the human's perception of reality in 3D. Further these reality perceptions could be influenced or shaped by holographic projections sourcing from the Astral. The controllers were very adept at using this technology of holographic inserts projected from the Astral Plane to influence group human behavior.

Eventually, through harnessing negative emotions this Net was powerful enough to cut off many human beings from accessing their soul matrix on the Astral Plane. Remember the 4th Chakra leads into the Astral Body, our Soul Body on the 4th dimension. The majority of the humans incarnating were then experiencing all of their emotions out of the 2nd chakra. This built up more disease and miasmas that were passed down generationally into the physical body and its cellular memory. The Ancestral karmic burden of this was accumulating at a more rapid rate than any being could realistically clear from their energy field.

The heart chakra, the 4th Center and our Astral Body are an intuitive intelligence and the synthesizer or center of our creator source energy. Through the active heart center the human feels its emotional expression and connects to divine love as a force. Cut off from the heart the personality/ego would not be able to heal or evolve through its connection to higher guidance through the soul matrix. The heart is considered the first spiritual layer and is the first layer of the soul matrix that is able to be connected to the personality layers, the ego system and physical body. Without this connection the physical body and the aspect of the soul in the body can do nothing but dissipate and fragment its consciousness with every reincarnational identity. Ultimately this path leads to digression, DNA damage and eventual destruction of the species.

At this time, we are undergoing the healing of our Astral Body, to be merged and healed with what was previously our distorted astral layers existing in our 2nd chakra. As the Astral body is reconfigured, we will have many sensations of change in our heart chakra, its chambers and energetic tributary system. This is a beautiful gift to reunite us with our true emotional expression and return to that, which is connected to our soul. However, this also relates to a bloodline clearing and changes in the heart pulsations and rhythms. Focusing on aligning yourself with this astral healing and heart healing process is beneficial at this time.

Accurate Assessment

Needless to say, this is a time where it is beyond any verbal expression as to what is happening to the human race and this planet. As the first Ascension Groups we are holding the codes to be the human acupuncture points and to hold these energetic spaces and frequencies for this planet. Our experience with this role will create more susceptibility to energetic burn out, anxiety and nervous exhaustion. We may feel frustrated with those walking around with seemingly no awareness of what's happening on the planet. Finding a way to make your life easier and more relaxed may be a necessary part of your personal reorganization.

Energetic mastery is also about performing an accurate assessment by honestly looking at the circumstances we are all facing in our lives. We may need to simplify, pare down our lifestyle and do some things we do not want to do, at least in the beginning part of this transitional process. We are reaching a difficult area in our energetic self-mastery, where we cannot be fooled by anything out of integrity with the divine will and our soul agreement. This means that our spiritual illusions will be dispelled and we may have moments where we feel forsaken by our creator when we feel forced to do something we do not want to do. We are at the crossroads of standing between a rock and a hard place. There is no wiggle room for anything else, fantasies, projections or false illusions of what our life should be or look like.

Many times when we feel adversity through a challenge we get angry or frustrated. We ask why this has come into our energy field and why we created it. During this time, know it is going to challenge you. Know that you have the resources to transcend these challenges and cultivate the inner strength and resources necessary to achieve your highest purposes. Perform an assessment of what is distracting or disempowering you in any way and make adjustments. Assess if you are currently in the lesson of Divine Will before My Will, as you will note all your creative projects and desires seemed to come to a STOP when the Universe is correcting you. With this awareness, know that the Universe knows better than you do, and you must relax yourself and get out of the way. You may have to do some things you do not want to do, do them anyway. Something better is coming, however you have to learn to truly get your ego out of the driver's seat and let your divine spirit handle the details. You will note how fast things change from moment to moment, which can bring spontaneous surprises. However, you must learn to master the art of Learning to Let Go.

With that being said, I want to share with you some tools on simple key points to help you let go during these challenging times. The original author is unknown or I would give direct credit. I have edited some of the content. However, I feel these are key points to share with you during these times.

Key Point # 1 - Learn to Let Go

Our stories are deep-rooted and until we begin the journey of awakening our stories define us. The ego identifies purely with the story. Holding onto the ego story, especially those laced with our inner demons, are the stories that have caused us emotional pain and are the major causes of fear-based reactions in the body. They result in that tight, knotted or sick feeling inside our gut that signals stress. Our solar plexus is the main contributor when we feel in conflict over personal power. While these emotions certainly feel real while they last, they are in fact triggered by the thoughts and beliefs, by the memory of a prior situation stimulated in the mind. Seeing the unreality of those memories from the perspective of consciousness, our wholeness being in the now is the perceptual shift that frees us. Then letting go of the past happens naturally and we experience true emotional harmony.

Key Point # 2 - Face Your Fear

Get centered then look at the situation whether real or imagined and what is triggering the fear and affirm to yourself: I welcome this as a gift. It is showing me where I am not yet free. Then you simply picture in your mind the worst thing happening. You visualize experiencing the loss or failure, or whatever it is you're afraid of over and over again, until it begins to lose its charge. Until you realize that no matter what happens, you as the lucid ever-present consciousness which witnesses everything will always be okay. Like the samurai warrior you learn to die before you die. Dying to the images and concepts of I and Me, and thus you are free. Also using the Core Fear Matrix Removal is greatly supportive to releasing emotional charge in facing your fear.

Key Point # 3 - Open Your Heart

Stress and fear close the heart down. We become judgmental and critical and life starts to feel empty, joyless and meaningless. As you become more present, more sensitive to your own and others' feelings and to the underlying concerns, worries and fears that most people have, your natural kindness, compassion and generosity are liberated and with them deep inner strength and courage. An open heart balanced with common sense and good judgment makes you the kind of person others want to be around.

Key Point # 4 - Releasing Blame

Blaming those who have hurt, wronged or betrayed us causes our heart to harden, makes us feel like a victim and just perpetuates our own suffering. People do hurtful things because they do not feel loved and they are not at peace within themselves. Understanding that, focus on being fully conscious and present in your own life and it will be easier to let go of blame, resentment and anything else that interferes with your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. This is the essence of forgiveness.

Key Point # 5 - Speak the Truth

Be present without any agenda, one of the signs of being awake is self-honesty. You have got to be willing to look within and examine the stories that you are still believing, whether stories of self-doubt, guilt, resentment, judgment, arrogance or whatever. As you face them breathe into them and see through their unsubstantiality. After all, you can't actually find a thought or belief anywhere and they start to drop away. Then it becomes easy to speak the truth because you're no longer caught up in trying to defend or justify your ego, which is itself also just a storyline.

Key Point # 6 - Be A Listener

The best way to invite honesty and to attract people to you is to be interested in them. If you are present with them, you will establish the level of trust that makes them want to open up and share themselves with you. Listening is one of the most important keys to being present. Listen to others, listen to the sounds in your environment and especially listen to the sound of your own thoughts. Listen to the silence beyond thoughts, to the silence that you are. Listening in turn opens you to the experience of yourself as a living, feeling, vibrating, conscious human being.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path.

We are here as One.


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