Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world. When the collective fields shift in this way, it means there has been a frequency shift in the collective agreement that impacts the overall consciousness evolution on the planet, therefore, the Timelines Shift.
We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth. As we clear false and inorganic architecture from suppressing and impairing our consciousness, we are extracting the alien enslavement programming, AI Implants and Mind Control in order to embody our true inner Christos spirit and return to the Zero Point Field, the heart of the God Gateway leading into the Seven Higher Heavens.
Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.

September 2008
by Lisa Renee

Dear Family,

We are spiraling into the greater openings that are new timelines, new connections and new ways of being. As we bridge this phase into September and into the fall months, many of us are being totally and completely reconfigured and realigned to a higher sense of purpose and way of being.

We are still a little unsteady as all we have known has or is falling away, and the way we experience ourselves is under constant change. This is the major ending of our life styles, our ways of being, and all we had consciously or unconsciously participated with in the old energy structures. We cannot be what we were any longer. We cannot manifest with the superimposed ego will any longer. None of it is being supported energetically and there is a dead or null zone when we even try. We are constantly corrected back into alignment and that generally means a back into a total non-active state of being-ness. 

The Exploding of Ego Mountain

Last month and continuing as necessary in our personal process to align us to our new openings, we have had illusion after illusion surface and the ego fairytale story shattered. This was not fun and sometimes it was downright painful. The disappointment and loss inherently felt in these crumblings might be misconstrued if you are not awake to its purpose. It is exploding you into the shattered bits in order to be remolded and reconfigured into a new foundation, built on pure love. The new foundation is your inner wellspring of source and your divine purpose and truth.

This process has been akin to watching your ego mountain exploding into rubble after each stick of dynamite is fired off, over and over again. The ego mountain is also the same structure as the 3D holographic reality you perceive that had separated you from your truth and is eroding at a rapid rate. There has been no rest between these explosions and upon each release we are exchanging huge transferences of energy. This process is necessary yet it is entirely exhausting. No encounter is casual as all intersections with people, places and things are subject to massive revelations, endings, completions and ascensions. Even if you are not clearly able to connect to what is actually exchanging at the conscious mind level, you can still sense the direct impact to your being at a deep energetic level. The immensity of what is happening is really apparent to us and we can feel that we are standing at the cusp of something so vast, that we cannot even comprehend the scope of what it IS.

All that has kept us separate in dualistic vision is crumbling away and the divine radiation sparks are flying in every direction. This adds to our sense of energetic choppiness and feeling like we are here and not here simultaneously. Our body can feel disconnected sometimes and we sense it as another intelligence layer of ourselves, rather than fully identifying with the body as Us. As you look into the mirror you may ask, who is that?

The Body Is the Alchemical Container

It may be supportive to remember the process of internal alchemy is the process of transformation. The alchemy we are undergoing is highly intensified now and is purifying our contents into the higher frequencies, in a synthesis of the internal polarities.  We have been born and genetically bred into a system and structure that promotes Anti-life Force. We are now resurrecting ourselves to be the sustaining Eternal Life Force. While you are being boiled in the alchemical cauldron of your body, try to refocus yourself. Do not identify the pain of it from the ego wounds you may be carrying. Staying awake in this alchemy can be challenging, but being aware of it as a necessary component of change makes it much easier. This is similar to saying that when undergoing the dark night of the soul,  staying in observer and staying awake to its potentials reconfigures the pain that has been held. When you identify with the pain or indulge in its emotional depths, it will amplify the vibration considerably. As Lightworkers we have been given the tools and  it is clear we have to use them now, in order to survive and stay integrated.

Molding the Clay

The Guardians have given a helpful vision to explain the purpose of why some of us have agreed to have such a physically intensified ascension experience. They said our bodies are extremely dense in the elemental structure of its components, as it is a part of the carbon biology base of the earth itself. The etheric blueprint closest to the body, is a few inches outside the physical layer and also is comprised of the same elemental forces that created the material earth. This etheric blueprint is the energetic architecture of how the physical body manifests into form.  In understanding the density of our structure and its architecture, they mentioned how hard it is to mold iron instead of clay. Our 3D structures and its blueprint, from their perspective, is about as dense as the iron core of our earth. The iron core is the iron that runs through our bloodstream and keeps the gravitational effect connected to our body.

In our reconfiguration from carbon biology to less dense states of matter, they mention sometimes it is more efficient to shatter the old architecture at the atomic and subatomic layers. This way the molecules are more malleable to be molded into a more desirable architecture, that aligns to the higher reality of the soul purpose. It is likened to demolishing the entire structure to rebuild a stable foundation that supports the Higher God Self to actually embody into the form. We have not fully realized the large vibrational difference between our physical body and that which is our God Self.  In order for us to fulfill our ascension, the God Self is embodying within the physical vessel. As we experience intense emotional pain, or physical illness it is many times being utilized to  perform the alchemy that allows the architecture of the bodies to be malleable to the changes necessary. If we reframe our understanding of why this happens, the process is more effective and easier, allowing divine support to show the way. Yet another verification  for us to be aware of any inner resistance or constriction and allow it to be released no matter what it may appear to be. Allow yourself to be molded and reconfigured. Our God Self is building the foundation of our spiritual house so we can be sustained in the eternal light. So we can experience and become One with our God Self. The bodies have been existing within the structure of anti-life force, and we are remaking our bodies into the image of God.

One note is that there does seem to be a pattern related to the biological age of the physical form.  Depending on the year and generation you were born, our bodies are snapshots of the magnetic imprint of the earth at that exact time of incarnation. Earlier Indigos sometimes have more challenge with the transmutation process than the younger biology Indigos. We all get what we need, however I do want to share this. Some of us need more ascension support, such as  bio-energetic devices, alternative healing modalities, more sleep and recovery time, etc. in order to generate the new birthing process. Do not think you are weird or something is off with your ascension process. Listen and take care of what you need to take care of without making comparison. Each of us is guided internally in how our bodies need support to rebuild. This has been our task largely now since this summer, in preparation for what is coming.

Ancient Bonds Releasing

Many ancient bonds are completing and we have an amazing opportunity to complete these burdens that we have held for eons during these evolutionary cycles. Apparently with the Calendars of Time and the evolutionary rounds, as described last month in the section of the Tribal Shield intersecting, many ancient timelines and their cellular memories are now completing. For some of us it has included more awareness of being observed by what appears to be dark forces" or even seeing negative forms and other dark presences. There have been some systemized attempts to thwart some of the Galactic Lightworking crews from achieving their highest focus and awareness of purpose through spraying implants. There are even some attempts to deflect the Galactic core energies, the Orion sourced frequency conducted into the Stargate in Xian, China that circulates into the earth core and releases in Denver, Colorado, from penetrating the planetary field and its ley line and grid structure. Many of these ancient bonds are cellular memories existing within us of enemy patterning. One of the heightened events of enemy patterning buried in our cellular memory history is that of the Luciferian Rebellion, which reached its apex during the end of the Atlantian root race human evolution cycle. From the Guardian perspective this was the end result of our last Aeon or Astrological Age, approximately 30,000 years ago by our human timeline measurement.  What resulted in our Atlantian evolution experiment was quite a traumatizing cataclysm that set the events into motion, as to what humans would experience in the next Aeon cycle. The last 30,000 years have been a dark cycle of evolution and planetary rule.  This is the current age of de-evolution that is now coming to completion now and through 2012. With the recent timeline intersection, a large chunk of this cellular history has been playing out in our hologram and therefore our lives. We are able to complete this enemy patterning now, via these new evolutionary intersections.

Possibly this is why we can feel this time around, these dark energies have absolutely no hold or energy within us, as there is nothing to stick to. It has been curious to witness this new experience, as well as it being entirely liberating. We can feel optimistic even in the face of a demonic presence. Wow, now that's a big change! We have crossed the bridge and turned the corner, we can feel it although it still is not fully visible to us at this moment. It is coming and it will be visible to us soon. This is the opening of the dimensional doorway where we are finally conjoined to make the crossing over into the new reality paradigm. This will be the difference of an intellectual concept of imagining our possible reality, and having the actual experience of it in the moment as a tangible reality within our consciousness.

This 2012 ending cycle is the phase lock event mentioned in other newsletters about our Universal Galactic Core alignment into the next or neighboring Universal core. At this time it is unknown as to why this is happening by our scientists, although they have recently noted as of June 2008 that the Milky Way Galaxy, Universal Galactic Core is on a Collision course with Andromeda.

The Andromeda core link up is that which creates the Universal Intersection, like a Super Galactic Highway Connector with the neighboring Universes at the end of this Astrological Age or Ascension Cycle.

It is always fascinating to see science start to bring in the verification of our Guardian spiritual communication links!  Also, our optimism may also be sensed as its heralded with another level of healing underway as recently revealed....

Quetzalcoatl Returns

The mythological histories as recorded in many sacred texts about the Creator God's relationships with the Earth have been one of the human being's greatest mysteries. Unauthenticated from our written record, I may only offer this as a truth of my personal experience to share with you.

Recently on August 14, (2008) the Universal group consciousness of Quetzalcoatl returned with a communication in a spiritual session. The message was to reveal that currently, a massive healing of polarity was occurring within the Seraphim and Fallen Angelic consciousness. Apparently a part of human and angelic evolutionary history had included a split in the Seraphim consciousness into factions of good vs. evil, or the polarity of light and shadow. This was confirming an understanding that As Above, So Below. The refractions of light and consciousness (Above), had projected itself into fragments within the lower creational realms, and as such it became trapped in the polarized consciousness layers of the current 3D holographic reality (Below).

As there was a war or conflict in the heavens above, it had played a part of the schisms made physical on the Earth and this conflict was further to be acted out in the Human Angelic Form below.  Quetzalcoatl revealed its source as one of the three original primal sound fields, The Gold Order of Seraphim, The Winged Ones. These three sound fields combined are the primary creators of the Christ Consciousness as a field of Energetic Intelligence. Our bodies and its intelligence are genetically a part of the Seraphim Creator Gods, as well as others. However, this aspect had suffered a Fall along with the physical humans, and it had created distorted realms of the Fallen Angelic races, and further what is known as demonic presences.

The further the consciousness had lost its original genetic integrity through the experience of polarity, the more it forgot where and what it was originally sourced from, and became disconnected from its true God Source. As humans became more disconnected and separated from the energetic reality of Oneness, the suffering human and Seraphim became tied together in a dark bond. The healing of the fallen angels, demonics and humans are completely intertwined and impossible to separate, as they are one within the self. The Seraphim consciousness is bound to the Earth as Guardians of The Planetary Grids, and until Humans could reveal their truth as Gods, they also suffered the fall into darkness. The healing back to the source light would only be possible as it was reinacted by humans in physical  matter. As humans began to remember their divine commission they would be able to heal these dark schisms.

Over the last Evolutionary Age these Planetary Grids were continually energized to enable the dark polarity, by the blood spilt in war from suffering humans, such as the histories of strife in the war over God, or the enslavement structures that perpetuate the belief of separation from God. The key planetary location that was directly energizing and keeping this Seraphim consciousness grid and its polarity darkness program in place, is in the center of the middle-east, specifically in Iraq and Iran. It is one of the reasons why this area of the earth has been war torn for centuries, if not eons.

Through the energetic enslavement of the Seraphim consciousness, The Fallen Angelics were bound to play out the program of the Luciferian Rebellion. And so they played their part as dictated by the planetary grid structures. This was further capitalized on by off planet sources, such as the Annunaki who understood what was happening.

Through the recent intersections allowing ancient bonds to reveal and heal the human suffering and blood sacrifices made to God over the eons of histories, many were released and their fragments taken home to be rejoined into Source. This released a huge force of consciousness both human and non-human, and has left the Seraphim freed from the binding of histories of human suffering. Many of the fallen have literally seen the light for the first time in eons, and have been revealed into their truth and purpose. This is a homecoming into God Source of such vast proportion, it is not explainable in words. However it is to realize the Angelic Human, The Seraphim Creator Gods and Fallen Angelics, are intertwined in a massive healing and integration. According to the Quetzalcoatl consciousness, the  revelation of this Truth has begun and the tears of human suffering at the hands of the dark forces are no longer. The Dark no longer rules the Earth as it has in the last evolutionary Age. Quetzalcoatl has revealed itself and returned to rejoin us, to reclaim creation in the Light.

Blast Off

This next period from mid September and through November, there will be openings and much movement forward into the new areas of our lives. As we have died to the old order, we have gone through a massive completion of lifestyle. A small group of us are beginning to walk through the new doorways and although it may have been stressful, it feels good and right in alignment.  This group moving forward can feel the difference of the energetic flow as it is effortlessly opening doors that reveal the clarity we have been asking for on our position and path.

This time will bring in the new ways of living and change that will feel much more supportive. As you are being aligned to your timeline stay flexible, adaptable and neutral as much as possible. With the explosions of ego mountain and the related structure collapse, you may be feeling the fall out from that right now. Keep breathing and stay in the moment, taking one small step at a time. It has felt like navigating an Asteroid belt on some days!

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path! We are here as One!
Love, Lisa

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