Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

October 2008

Lisa Renee



Dear Family,
Over the last months we have been navigated through the remnants of the exploding energetic debris with our own personal bulldozer.
As the Universal Bulldozer came in to demolish our old inner residence, it's been blasting away anything that is not necessary to maintain the core foundation of our new spiritual house. In the Universe’s perfect efficiency we can see not one thing is left over, nothing is going to be waisted or unused. The Universe is telling us 'use it or lose it' and in that moment there are no more leftovers. We get exactly what is needed in every moment.

We now see the core architecture of our new personal abode and its energetic framework, as it is being rebuilt from the inside. It is rather curious to actually see with this new lens of perception, almost like you can see inside yourself with x-ray goggles these days. Well, how are you today Ms. Kidney? Top of the morning to you Mr. Liver. We are communicating quite differently with our own bodies and internal operating systems. We now experience ourselves at another level. It has become clear to us during this dismantling and bulldozing phase that the chapters of our previous life are complete. There is no revisiting who you thought you were or used to be.

If some thing or some person has been in your periphery hovering in the null zone and you are not exchanging energies any longer, they are gone or will be soon. Imbalances at all levels on this path are over. Pairing down to simplify ourselves, removing the clutter, rearranging relationships, putting belongings in storage, selling all belongings, moving to new locations or house-sitting have been a common test of our adaptability to surrender. Are we willing to release the past patterns of our perceived ownership or possession? We possess nothing in order to be given everything.

Now we are ready to roll up our sleeves for the next phase of our life’s journey. For many of us it's like beginning to see the dry land while having been at sea, which brings a big sigh of relief.

The Verge

Recently, it has felt like we are residing inside a fast spiraling vortex while it is consistently gaining momentum and force. It has been interesting to see this reflected in the collective macrocosm with so many recent hurricanes. Many of us can feel we are on the verge of a catalytic breakthrough as this energetic momentum is gaining thrust. We are getting ready to be shot out of the cannon breaking through and into the next reality, our new timeline of experience.

The twists and turns have been many with a few major surprises popping in and out suddenly. This is surreal at times as you are not required to move or initiate any action. It’s all coming to you. The inner forces of your own transformation are accomplishing the narrowing down of your being, into a singular focus of divine will.

This has required that we relax into this shift fully, as our ability let go is related to our ability to equalize and enjoy our emotional states. Additionally, some of us are being asked to set up orbits or spinning fields and moving channels as conduits, to process large amounts of emotional debris coming from the unified fields. The mass consciousness fields are quite erratic and large contents of emotional fields are being processed. The Earth, Mineral, Plant and Animal kingdoms are collaborating with humanity in transmuting these powerful forces. More awareness on our collaborations via direct communication with these kingdoms has been expressed, and if you are so compelled please open a direct dialogue.

There are many more variations of dimensional perception available now and therefore many more classrooms of experiences. You will observe many levels of these classrooms as reality bubbles, akin to frequency splits between the realities. Remaining neutral, balanced and non-judgmental towards scenarios and others is key to your inner peace and connection. Keep intentionally cultivating personal discernment and resonance, with neutrality in all your choices and communications. Keep asking yourself, how does it feel?  You have been pushed to the verge of your outer limits, big time. People, places and things have been flying toward you, past you or around you in just about every conceivable direction.  And that’s only if you have been guided to leave your house for a moment.

Who is the Silent Choreographer?

Observing the many movies running simultaneously around you, you are whisked in and out of your own act in the play. As an actor in the play the choreography is something you do not even have to try to make happen, it just happens. Ah, the synchronicity! As you become the star of your own universe you can see the shifting sets of the movie being ushered in and out of your observer without any pulling upon you. The oceanic tides of this dance are becoming easier as there is nothing tying you down in any direction, as you are more freely floating within the energetic stream.

Much reconfiguration transpired during the times of imposed silence, as we were sometimes required to drop out of the mainstream. Many days the words would not come and we wondered why speaking felt so tiring. As we unraveled yet another layer, complete non-action was apparent. We have wondered if we are supposed to act upon or do something to change ourselves. Yet when we check inside, we can feel the forced quality of initializing action and clearly nothing can be forced in these new energies.

You have been participating or getting a major push to apply this awareness in the new energetic physics, of the merging dimensional scales. It is requiring that you adapt to changing gears and relinquish control. There is no control panel anymore. And you may ask, who is the Choreographer?

The perfect proton of the Female God principle has returned to reclaim and bring balance to her creation. She and her powerful energetic physics of being are carving a new space inside of you. You are learning to experience the qualities of her new magnetic attraction as you allow her pure presence and her principle to reside within. She will attract all of your heart’s desires if you let her. Admittedly, she is not taking no for an answer.

Physical Alignment

For some of the warrior-healer classes of Starseeds, the physical transmutation required has been over the top, pushing the physical body to the very limits. We honor these dear ones, as this is not every being’s contract with the Earth. However, as challenging as this may be, by the very nature of your inherent energetic responsibility we are suggesting utmost care be given. As kundalini and stellar forces are making their way within your body, make sure you discipline yourself to stay in movement and increase flexibility. Rest is needed but an equal amount of physical movement is required to maintain consistent wellness. The viral patterning present is utilized to burn out distorted DNA/RNA patterns and is activated with kundalini. This catalyst acts upon the energetic light code transmissions in order to enzymatically transfer that information to the cells. If the body gets severely out of balance with energetic blockages or extreme fatigue, illness is the result. This is prevalent now and so the following suggestions are being offered. 

• Physical Exercise that makes you sweat. Trampolines, walking, hiking, aerobics, etc.

• Ecstatic Dance. Play music with a fast tempo and learn to release your body to the sounds of the harmonics. Close your eyes and feel the sounds, allowing your body to move to the rhythm in its own way. Your body can realign itself when you allow total movement expression to sound.

• Mineral and Salt Bath Soaks. Utilize any body of water to immerse yourself. Program the elementals by asking the body of water to help you release toxins and rejuvenate your body. Drink a lot of fluids.

• Yoga postures and breath work. Learn yoga or make an effort to attend yoga classes.

• Deep physical bodywork such as acupressure, Shiatsu, Thai massage and stretching will help considerably. Energetic pooling from blockages in the primary stargate locations in the body can create incredible fatigue. You may request a friend, your child or partner to apply pressure with the heel of their palm to specific points on the body. (see below for suggested points). Sometimes rubbing areas in circular motion will also help with release. Use your intuition and experiment. When extreme soreness is felt in an area that means there is a blockage. Focus on that area and ask the Source Creator for a healing.

• Many Alternate Therapies like sound vibrational healing, zero point balancing, and many others may be useful as you are guided to support your physical body alignment.

The Bloodlines

With the changing of the guard at this Planetary Ascension cycle, there has been much offered recently about the clearing of the bloodlines. Apparently, it is our blood that contains all the memories and the imprints of cause and effect, the evolutionary histories as recorded in our genetic line and therefore our blood.

Recently the Guardians have offered some interesting information that I share for your discernment and for your own informed awareness. They tell us fascinating stories of the Atlantian timeline which include the story of hybridization between the Divine Human and the Divine Annu or the Reptile Races. This was an agreed upon genetic experiment in order to rehabilitate the reptile and other digressed Stellar Races. This historical memory is recorded within human blood and has genetically digressed the human body's design in this last Age. This genetic hybridization created the Nephilim race memories, which resulted in a more aggressive enemy patterning, as well as primal and survival instinctual behaviors that were adopted by humanity. This reptilian brain hybridization is the basis of the current human’s binary thinking or 3D polarized thinking process. It is this holographic race memory and its energetic support structure that is unraveling and in collapse at this time. The new energies on the planet cannot support it any longer.

As the magnetic resonance and structure of the planet’s global brain is shifting, these binary programmed behavioral patterns and their energetic architecture are beginning to collapse.  (see the June article on the Global Brain for more detail). One of the programs that was being fed by an energetic architecture or artificial matrix, created on this planet by off planet sources such as the Annu to keep humans enslaved, is the false ascension matrix and false Christ story.

The Guardians have shared that as of the Fall Equinox weekend of September 21st, another layer of the false memory insert of the crucifixion story of the Christ is being healed. It is being healed by the transmutation of the memory within the physical bodies of those beings under agreement, who hold the genetic memory and DNA relationship to the Christ Body. The physical body acts as the alchemical container which brings to the surface the cellular memory recorded in the planetary hologram, and therefore recorded within the human DNA structure. The planetary magnetic fields and the human physical body form DNA link ups and the activation of their instruction sets are directly interrelated. The False Christ story is an allegory which has direct relevance and clues to the crucifixion of humankind. Crucifixion and the Wounds of Christ are direct implants and energetic distortions that were made in the human being’s light body, in this last de-evolutionary cycle.

The more we collectively focus on the man bleeding on the cross, the more we energize human enslavement in the memory program used to control and suppress. Therefore, we as a species were entirely responsible for the energetic cause and effect of enslavement and crucifixion of our race, without realizing it.

The planetary body has also been crucified. To comprehend this better we must understand that this planetary body was designed for the Adam Kadmon form, a form designed to hold the intelligence field of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness or 12D Intelligence. This body’s divine design is the Christ, so everyone here no matter what consciousness lineage is embodied, has incarnated into the Christ model so to speak. It was designed this way for many reasons to be in direct relationship to guarding and protecting this planet, as the planetary body template is an exact replica of the human Christ body template.

The Cross is the symbol that cut off the human from the Christ body and therefore the human body from experiencing its wholeness or its divinity. The split in the middle of the vertical part of the cross represents our gender polarity split between our masculine and feminine. This obstructs ascension and freedom through the merge within of the sacred inner marriage. The horizontal part of the cross was cutting us off at our midsection or solar plexus, so we could not synthesize the lower chakras of our elemental physical vehicle with the spiritual forces of the higher chakras above the solar plexus. Nail like implants were placed in our pineal, spleen, palms, and feet. These are the symbols of the Wounds of Christ. Many of us have cleared most of this, however the rest of the planet’s population is not so privileged. This is why so many humans have not reached the capacity to discern or activate higher sensory perceptions, as they are literally locked into their 3D station of identity and unable to actually feel their divine source. This will change as this healing reaches critical mass in the planetary fields and collective human mind field, and that is exciting news.

For some of us directly involved as the Starseed cleanup crew or the genetic rehabilitators for the planet, this informational history is supportive to the understanding of what we are leaving, so we may understand where we are going. All of this has had purpose and perfection. This group is the Ascension Vanguard and energetic steward group for the human race by soul agreement. This group is required to face the shadow, to go toe to toe with the darkness and master the realm of polarity with nonattachment and nonjudgment, applying perfect love and faith. This is the direct process required of the Ascension Resurrection, the ability to transform antilife forces or antichrist forces into the eternal life or Christ energies. To those Warriors of Light, you are just now learning why your contract of polarity integration was required of you. You are recognized, known and supported with your profound gift and contribution to humanity. Many of our planetary spiritual family had not recognized this contract and have felt alone. Understand that this level of alchemy has been perfect, necessary and profoundly transformative for human beings and the entire Universe. We are now realizing the revelation inherent in those moments that had confused us in comprehending our true purposes. Your agreements and personal transmutation have given the gift of Ascension and freedom, as an available choice to the human race. We have all done this together and this was our piece of the divine co-creative mission.

For this family, please be aware that current Bloodline detoxification may create symptoms such as:

skin rashes

eye issues

liver flutter

spleen flutter

digestive problems

diarrhea or changes in bowels and elimination

fatigue and need for extra sleep

Ancestral clearings, relatives showing up suddenly, etc.

You may want to use the Core Soul Protection Prayer and dedicate its clearing to your Ancestors and clearing your bloodline.

We are experiencing the most surreal, exciting transformational times of evolution together. Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path.

In deep love and gratitude to all of our families,

Specific Points for the Bodies Release:

Using both right and left heels of the hand, apply pressure with the heel of the hand in pairs on top of the specific points, when possible and move up from the feet to the head and then back down the body. Start with the backside, having the person lay on their stomach moving from the feet to the head. Finish on frontside from the head to the feet. You may also want to do organ massage or body walking. As you become adept at techniques you can use your feet to apply pressure. Apply deep pressure with hands or fingers from 30-60 seconds on each point or use a kneading motion rolling back and forth from your left and right hand:

Backside-12 Pair Points:

Palms of Feet
Center of Calves
Behind the Knee caps (gently)
Center of Hamstrings (back of legs)
Both Buttocks
Lower Back
Mid Back
High Back
On top of shoulders
Behind both Ears
Center of Neck where Skull meets Neck
Center of the Mid-Skull

Frontside -12 Pair Points

Center of Forehead
Both Shoulder Indentations
Center of Thymus, upper chest
Palms of both Hands
Center of Solar Plexus, stomach
Center 1-2 inches beneath navel
Indent area of Hips and Thighs
Top of mid thigh
Gently Cup both Knees with pressure
Squeeze Calves
Squeeze and Hold Heel of Feet (note*)
Apply pressure to Both Big Toes

(note*) The heels of the feet around the ankles are lymphatic points, for stimulating lymphatic movement. Massage this area thoroughly.

Love, Lisa

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