Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

October 2007

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

This latest Planetary Initiation through the month of September and ongoing, has been one of the biggest events that I have ever physically experienced or witnessed in others. There is an awareness that something is opening now in our world that is beyond any human description.

The New Physicalization Begins

As a Genetic Pathcutter and as a Sirian soul Walk-In, I have been deeply aware that the biological codes for the Christ consciousness race, the new seeding of Cosmic Christ Consciousness into form was to be fully physicalized into the human body as a part of the Ascension plan. With the level of carbon based density and dark cellular memory embedded in the human being’s physical elemental vehicles, this was to be quite a task. As we are being sequentially activated with increasing solar and photonic frequencies, we are becoming progressively less dense in our carbon based 3D forms. These frequency activations are serving to transmute the human race into a new model of silica based biology.

This process also allows a whole new set of neurological plexus and energy receiver matrices to be activated, for our new bodies to perceive multidimensional layers of consciousness awareness. It has been mentioned several times by the Guardians that we have an unprecedented opportunity to access a level of Ascended Mastery in these new forms, that has not been possible before in human evolution. There are some smaller groups of us that are evolving into the new prototype templates for the human species during this time. The goal is to physicalize the Cosmic Christ energies, the Trinitized Form or Zero Point Fields into the human body, thus anchoring the instruction sets into the planetary grids. This created the necessity of an intense initiation period that I refer to as the Patriarchal Exorcism, as the total alchemy of shadow had to be purged at a molecular and subatomic level. This Galactic pathcutter group may have felt they descended into hell, and my darling ones if you are not done with this physical transformation it will be completed soon. Be diligent, stay the course and take care of your body. This does pass. 

Right now however, the larger group of Lightworkers on the Ascension timeline are going through the initiation of their Monadic integration, which is when the Oversoul Identity begins to merge with your personality and physical identity. The Oversoul is stationed in the 7th-8th-9th Dimensional levels and this shift can feel strange. It can be experienced very forcefully in its strength as it is merging with your body, producing great energetic surging and the need for long hours of sleep or napping. This process also brings to the surface a deep purging of many items all at once, that were embedded in your cellular energetic matrix that need repair work and re-templating. Holographic memory bits may start to play out in your consciousness and it may bring a strange feeling like sleepwalking while in 3D or watching your life as if it’s on a movie screen. This is common while your consciousness identity stations are getting used to their new broadcast and are in the process of merging with several identities into One. I have been referring to this state as the Newly Born Ascended as you may feel like a newly born being in certain ways. What do I need to eat? How much do I need to sleep? What do I do during the day? What is my next level of creation or assignment? How am I being supported in all of this Change?

Bon Voyage to Old Energy

We have crossed a major frequency split and intersection in the time zone fields. This is the convergence point of our multidimensionality that we have not yet experienced before in a 3D body. This convergence creates many more synchronous events manifesting as the time zone fields collapse. We are getting major consciousness upgrades so that we can graduate, to exist and navigate ourselves smoothly in multiple time/spaces simultaneously. This has brought up many people, places and scenarios from the past to resurface into an energetic resolution. Any unfinished business or exchanges were resurrected to bring completion and in some cases to say bon voyage, as we move into our new energetic reality.

With the 9/9/9 energies of September this was a great doorway of energetic completion of the ancient past. The recent influx of frequencies combined with the global brain upgrades, (see last month’s newsletter), have been confusing our brain and chemistry. Feeling less mental acuity and more brain fog, while we are acclimating to this new brain wave state is quite common. Some days it feels as if we exist within a dream state, even while we are moving around physically in total wakefulness. The vibration of the fields have drastically shifted so that many times we are consistently experiencing the Theta brain wave state, while awake. It is a state where tasks become so automatic that you can mentally disengage at the ego levels from them. The thought patterns that can take place during the theta state are often free flowing and occur without censorship or guilt. Theta is a brain wave state of flow, moving meditation and consciousness stimulation. The Alpha or Beta brain wave state is what our brain had originally recognized as wakefulness. As we receive these new neurological entrainments our brain is reformatting itself to this new frequency range to fully function in an awake and alert state of being. For now, we may feel a little nappy, forgetful or fuzzy.

The Alchemy of Shadow

Since the July 17th commencement of the Sirian Activations that lead us into the momentum of the Lionsgate 8/8 Energy and then completing within the 9/9/9 energies through 9/27/2007, the Family of Galactic Warriors for the Light have been greatly accelerated and are acting in the role as the Alchemical Shape Shifters for humanity. We have been aggressively working to transmute the energetic records from eons of time resulting from the accumulated patriarchal creeds, enslavement dominions and there resulting masculine polarized energetic imbalances. What has been purging and is representative of the Grand Daddy of all releases, is the current phase of our human species and planetary Ancestral and Patriarchal Exorcism.

These patterns exemplify the patriarchal imbalances that crucified the female attributes of God Source from her ability to be fully creatively expressed in the physical realms. This latest planetary clearing has been the crux of the abuse patterns created from the corrupted power structures of the imbalanced masculine forces, that sought to suppress the power that emanates from within the female bodies, which also prevented the male body from its ability to balance into wholeness within. This was an enslavement of both genders by suppressing the possibility of sacred union within and with God directly. It was the ultimate manipulation tool to experience separation from God source and thus it holds much pain for humanity. These enslavement programs were designed to suppress consciousness and exist at every possible level in our form, permeating through all energetic templates at the planetary hologram level. These vast schisms of our perceived separation created karmic distortions in the way the light of our consciousness refracts within the energy template of our personal hologram. This distortion in our energy template then created a distorted view of perception, in how we actually perceived ourselves in the external world. We then became asleep to our Oneness with all Life, as a group soul at war with itself.

The long history of our species living at war with itself has created thick iron veils of dark painful memories, embedded within our cells and that of the planetary body. Many of these iron veils came to a shattering crescendo with the collapse of many shadow dimensions or underworlds during the period of 9/9/9 through 9/27/2007. Recently I have been made aware that there are new Galactic Starseed groups coming together, forming or contributing to accomplish these related Ascension tasks.

Personally I have been given an approximate date that by late 2009, much of the Galactic Starseed cleanup crew that is on the Earth must have their personal clean up mission completed by that time.  This group is helping to cross over or transit huge amounts of wounded souls, soul fragments and those that have been stuck in lower dimensional realms for eons of time. These spaces are referred to as the Underworld or Netherworld regions.  Apparently with the recent 9/9/9 ancient doorways opening there has been a big push to get this collective cleanup moving quickly, especially as dimensional spaces are rapidly collapsing into simultaneous time/space. As these hidden dark records surface they appear as tarry black goo, energetic or physical parasites, soul fragments, astral debris, with repellent death and phantom energetic recordings. Some of this will be purged within our own body's energetic templates and throughout our soul extensions. There is much psychic pain attached to these consciousness units and as they are revealed to us at every level of our awareness, whether conscious or unconscious of this event, we are experiencing a sympathetic response.

Many of us can feel this purging as an amplified intensity in the mass negative consciousness fields now. Intensified anger, frustration, anxiety and victim-victimizer belief patterns are rip-roaring in the larger unconscious environments. This phantom death energy is very present and is influencing the masses to create a belief in death, rather than the correct view that the human species is rebirthing. If met with energetic resistance this latest round of amplified energy will constrict the bodies greatly and will increase molecular compaction. This compaction of our cells, when partnered with imbalanced belief systems creates intense fear and may then manifest as illness or a disease pattern in the physical body very quickly.

It is extremely important now that you understand how to care for your physical-energetic body and not fall asleep to the truth of who you really are. This phase is not for the faint of heart. These times will test your ability to surrender fully and trust in your process as released into the hands of God Source. There is nothing to fear, however you will need to be armed with an deeper understanding and framework to comprehend that this is a necessary process of the human shadow’s alchemical transformation into its pure light source. Stay steady in your Light and discipline your mind to remain in stillness no matter what appears in the external. You can change and shift anything in the light of pure consciousness.

The clearing of our own bodies clears the distorted patterns for many soul groups, planetary and otherwise. You may find many parallels of this in your own recent experiences of clearing or facing your father, or patriarchal issues that sought to enslave you and suppress you from your true knowing. It is not personal to you, as it is part of the circumstance which we are in agreement to heal in this creation. However, you will find the personification of this in all areas of your life in the form of symbolism. Many Starseeds with these specific healing niches have had this mirror of corrupt masculine energy in our own fathers or male relationships. This is being met at a huge crossroads of change which we are undergoing now through a drastic purging.

At this time our physical bodies have not quite caught up with all of this intense internal shifting. I look at my skin and keep dreaming that it should be appearing in another color. We are working out the literal energy transference of these time zone convergences into our bodies. I have seen the timelines and the energy template matrices of our field converging into a tiny space of One within our bellies, around the Female cervix/Male prostate area about two inches below the navel.

My personal experience during the last month was that I was witnessing the Primordial Soup of All Creation converging into my lower belly in some kind of process of Alchemical transformation. There have been some rather disturbing things embedded in there and yet I witnessed them in total neutrality. All is returning back to the light source whether its distorted, crawling and slithering its way back to salvation. It's been rather odd to bear witness to spaces that seem to have never seen the light or have had no exposure to it for eons of time. The inner relief as I experienced this was like the sensation of having been waiting in this dark isolation for eternity to finally get to this point of time, to finally be touched by the Light source. How long have we waited to come home?

During the last month I was cleared of an energetic prostate that had been nested inside my uterus, which was being used to siphon my life force to energize my own enslavement program. A dark presence had programmed my female organs to be a possession and in ownership by the patriarchal/male forces of dominion, at some point in my incarnation. It was the seed implant of the manipulation forces used to drain my body. This latest clearing was a symbol of the return of my divine inheritance, my birthright and the reclamation of the female God within me to restore all of her power and to Finally be made right in the physical manifest.

During this phase we are witnessing more imbalances or disease patterns manifesting in our physical bodies around our reproductive organs. The source causation is a direct energetic and deep psycho-emotional wound embedded throughout our mass consciousness belief systems and programming around our perceived gender roles, our interpersonal relationships and sexuality. Our creative forces that empower our sexual and sacred union with God Source, have been harnessed for energetic control and manipulation. As we are working to free our own creative intelligence forces to be directed for our personal spiritual liberation, we will encounter blockages in this area.

Remember to maintain your equanimity when and if you come to face this as an energetic blockage that has manifested physically. It is Not exactly what it appears to be at the physical level and you may need to address it aggressively and from a multidimensional perspective. Take ownership of your multidimensional being by stating your command and intention to do so. Call upon all of the evolution teams to support and direct you to the most effective ways to cleanse this from your body with full confidence and take immediate action. Know that many of us are now going into the phantom death energy to emerge renewed and reborn. This is the process of the human species Alchemy of transforming the Shadow into the new frequency reality of the Newly Born Ascended. Do not fall prey emotionally to how things may appear on the surface and maintain your inner connection and spiritual practice.

This is an extremely powerful time that we are witnessing through all of its symbolism, as the return of the Female Principle of God Force is happening now. For this reason, we are undergoing an intensified process of patriarchal exorcism from the planetary fields at this time. The balance of power is energetically being restored.

The Universe will not tolerate distortions in the return to the patterns of living light perfection. The One True Living Light Source is here to reclaim its creation into its original blueprints of perfection, saturating us in the eternal life currents of full resurrection. The false identity, the false prophet, the false and illusory are being revealed and as the veils are rapidly disintegrating, there will be a time when nothing can hide in shadow any longer.

Now as we are reflecting on these recent events it actually does make some sense. As we are leaving the old identities, plus thousands of years of accumulation, we must undergo the molecular exorcism of all that is false or corrupt. This old stuff is just not coming with us in the new space that we are going.

Every part of me resonates with these cellular changes that are creating our new reality, new identity, and that which feels like it is coming to be experienced very quickly.

Since you are the Ascension Forerunners, the Agents of Transformation and Healing, I want to extend my heartfelt acknowledgment and gratitude for your personal and planetary service.

We are in this together. Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path. We are here as One.

Lisa Renee

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