Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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aoathumb1Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

December 2007

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Once again, we find ourselves stationed at an intersection point in time facing many possible openings that will lead us into completely new terrain over the next year. We are still hacking through the bush, creating a new path into the unknown, a process similar to 'chop wood and carry water'. Many of us are in a phase of learning new disciplines for our upcoming soul projects, which require both an inner directed focus on an objective and an outward structure to manifest.

We have our eye on the ball and there is no energy left for dispersal to anything outside of the disciplined focus of our soul's mission. This is not a time to drop the ball, as we can feel the celestial mandate giving us a time frame. There are so many things to route in a day's time we truly have no other way to be but fully present in the Now. We can feel that we are carrying an important template and energy that will impact our lives and the lives of many others in the longer term. With that comes a responsibility, which we are protecting until we can carry it over the finish line. As we endeavor to clear a new pathway over the next three months, the decisions we make will be life changing. We have been asking for a new way of life, a new energy system to emerge as we stand on the threshold of the old crumbling system. We are coming to the tipping point of what reality and what timelines will manifest in the external systems of our world at a global level. We can empower ourselves by consciously aligning and committing to our spiritual truth and its purposes to serve in the new reality. For most beings however, who are unaware of the power they have to change their reality it will be the overall vibratory nature, the emotional equilibrium and resulting light quotient that will be the deciding factor in the next chapter of their body's consciousness.

New Chapter

A New Chapter is currently being written into the processes of the Human and Planetary Ascension Projects. The next few months are a significant time for all human being's on this planet, as we have reached an important point in human evolutionary history. What happens from here on out holds great consequence in the progression and direction of the human soul. Humanity as a group soul, will be making critical decisions in how it continues to experience itself in the creational matrix, the hologram of the earth plane. The critical mass will indeed be the deciding factor in the frequency split through the different time zones and dimensions, which will allow more possible variations of experiential reality.

It is imperative to realize that this is not a time to allow the forces of Maya or the external material forces to exert control over your inner being. Stay inner directed through your own self-knowing and body wisdom. Learn to direct material forces through your spiritual-energetic nature rather than from your rational mind. We must master the comprehension as a daily practice, that energy follows thought and thought creates reality. The level of divine inspiration added to your thought forms is the degree to which your manifestations are aligned to your soul's purpose. In the new energy one must be aligned spiritually to what one is manifesting. When we learn to utilize the higher intelligence of our soul nature to direct the intention of our spiritual forces, we are then able to manifest miracles on a regular basis. Temper that knowledge with that which aligns to accept the nature of circumstances, yet knows all is connected to divine purpose. We cannot judge anything by labeling it good or bad any longer.

It is absolutely critical that you stay awake through this period of the Planet's initiation into the Dark Night of the Soul, and to see clearly why this is necessary to reveal the true light source. Understanding the cycles of transformation, the process of evolution and applying them both personally and at a global level, helps you to reframe circumstances that may seem rather harsh. This next year will begin a path of new energetic mastery in which we, the Lightworkers have been preparing for, for a very long time. In many ways our personal reality will be one of great rewards and achievements, yet we will be observing much chaos and personal dramas in the external environment. This will be the most challenging for us to bear witness to. Next year will be the most amplified polarization we will have experienced up to this point in our Ascension cycle. Our galactic core Milky Way alignment beginning to phase in Andromedan frequencies, is one reason for these amplified experiences. (See last month's Surreality article).

The Galactic Consciousness Cycle Begins

Stabilizing our core, finding balance within our bodies and connecting to our inner source or still point area, will be the most powerful tools we have. From this point of balance more spiritual current and more of our soul family, star families will join us to fortify our group intention. It is from this place of maintaining consistent inner balance or integrated ascension, that will assist us in creating new strategic alliances which build strength in numbers. Both on the inner and outer planes, our Star Family is now converging into a larger assembly. The time has come for the Galactic Group energy to create a laser purpose of implementation, to bring a powerful momentum forward into the next energy cycle. This cycle is transforming humans to expand much further beyond our planetary level of consciousness. It is now the New Era to initiate human beings into an awareness of Galactic consciousness, by introducing the existence of many other life forms. The Guardian Extraterrestrial races are beginning to implement a direct communication with humans in order to create alliances with our Ascension and evolutionary objectives. They are here to support us with many contingency plans, depending on the resulting outcomes over the coming months.

Ascension Community Projects

Recently those of us who have said yes to the New Energy leadership and to stewarding of internet Ascension projects, have been testing out new community or group type of assignments. Many of these newly forming internet groups are testing grounds for creating new energy templates and prototypes for building sustainable or intentional community. These are for creating both a new planetary NET or light gridwork, which acts as a broadcast beacon energetically to attract Starseeds, as well as possibly gathering a population looking to create a new way of living on the planet. Many are starting to connect with a global community on the internet linking those with similar energy resonances and interests. These Ascension internet hubs are being designed as information and communication portals to bridge human consciousness with that of our Galactic Light Community. These are prototypes to open up dialogue and more interaction with our Star Families in order for this process to be more physicalized, while minimizing human trauma. Since this is an existing reality system that still raises fears in a great many people, even those that are spiritual teachers and in the lightworker community, the Guardian ET Races have made it a primary directive to maintain strict protocols for human security and protection.

The Energetic Synthesis Community is one of the templates being formed to support the communication link between the Galactic Light families and the human race. 

New ET Ambassadors

Over the last few weeks since the 11:11 Ascension Community Project was given to us by the Guardians, I have received two visitations from ET Ambassadors. This was a completely new experience for me personally. One of these Ambassadors represented themselves as from the Venusian Starfleets, that are very close in our planetary atmosphere and are a type of emergency intervention task force. They have informed us of their Guardian assigned presence on the West Coast, while stating their planetary mission and service is for ensuring the safety of all human beings. They went on to describe that at this point with the various conflicts impacting the planet and human evolution, that we are engaged in an energetic game of Chess, like that described in "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu: 

"In recognizing the importance of positioning in strategy and that position is affected both by objective conditions in the physical environment and the subjective opinions of competitive actors in that environment, linear planning is impossible. Strategy is not planning in the sense of working through a to-do list, instead it requires quickly responding appropriately to ever changing conditions. Planning will work in a controlled environment, but in a competitive environment, competing plans collide creating situations that no one plans."

Because of these conditions it is impossible to guarantee any particular outcome in the ascension process that we are undergoing at this time. And it is from this knowledge base that we are being asked to prepare ourselves through strengthening our core and being adaptable to anything that may appear to manifest unexpectedly. This interaction was very moving and a demonstration of how completely protected and cared for we are as human beings. From so many levels we can barely fathom, God Source has provided for us in ways we cannot possibly comprehend to assist us in our challenging evolutionary process. This is something I hope to impart to all of you, to know how much we are supported and can call upon this assistance in a myriad of ways.

Walk-In's from Cosmic Christ 12D

Because of some timelines that were coming into possibility in the old human hologram which contained some very undesirable consequences, plus other added new Ascension Agendas, 12th dimensional Avatar walk-ins are beginning the process of embodiment from November 22nd onward. This event will be very hushed as these Avatar walk-ins will not be publicly announced by identity. However, it is truly paramount that this level of consciousness has come here to be physically embodied. This is a Huge event and major progress for human evolution, which has Never happened before on this version of the Earth, or the 3D planet Earth. There has been little information given on this, except that this heralds a new age of the Cosmic Christ consciousness being able to demonstrate and embody physically on the Earth. This portends great support for the Light Families and is truly a blessing for all of us.

Divine Counterpart - Inner Marriage

Since late summer many lightworkers have been working on the Divine Union and Sacred Marriage piece through the new planetary Blue Diamond Grid and the Vesica Pisces geometries. Because of this mission work we have been largely successful in initiating the profound healing of the Universal Template between Twin Flame genders. Many of us are embodying more of the wellspring of these powerful creative forces, as well as the ecstasy vibration. In response to this I have observed a task force of negative entities inappropriately siphoning off these new energies.  These entities could be described as a "Succubus" or "Incubus" as they are primarily motivated to siphon energies from the sexual and creative energy center. This manipulates the sensory function in the brain to a pleasure stimulus and more sensations of sexual pleasure if you will. It is felt in your sexual organs not your heart space. I have observed several of them showing up and creating triangulation energies. If you are sensitive you may even feel that your partner is cheating on you, as you sense a different sexual chemistry coming from somewhere else. Those of us that are sensitive and involved in an intimate relationship can feel when different frequencies or sexual energies are suddenly present, and we sense them as a direct intrusion into our relationship.

What is important to understand here is that it is awesome, we are opening into new possibilities of creative sexual expression, while we transit and integrate these new energies in our sacral chakra. Honor and check-in with yourself to gain clarity on where these impulses are stemming from. They may be a new energy gift from your newly earned Ascension lightbody development. However, because manipulation of this kind is an odd phenomena I wish to share this in order to empower your own awareness and discernment. Greater awareness in maintaining your personal power by recognizing a manipulation of your sexual energies, is key to this understanding. This energy belongs to you for your personal growth and empowerment. Since our society is motivated largely by guilt and shame in relationship to human sexuality, it is important to clear yourself and stay out of those lower vibrating emotions if you are experiencing such phenomena. This is yet another opportunity being presented to walk into your Ascension Mastery. Stay in your center, stay in your power and take no guff. Maintain that inner strength and anchor it in your body like you own your own Universe. You do.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path. We are here as One.

Lisa Renee

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Enki DNA Overlays

October 2023

Enki DNA Overlays

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Last month’s astrological shift into Virgoan constellation alchemy (September 16-October 30) began the powerful sequence of trigger events igniting another intense stage of lunar transfiguration impacting the corrupted elementals and artificial red wave machinery that were used to encode Enki DNA Overlays into angelic humans. The spiritual magnum opus is rising for those ascending Christos Starseeds with divine missions that include working on the embodiment pieces for the Blue Rainbow Solar Reisha Dragon’s Sacred Sophianic Awakening of White Queens on the Earth, which is the lunar transmutation process of the shadow elements that have been running Enki coded red wave overlays into the planetary DNA. Last month’s Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire described the holy matrimony of the Cosmic Mother’s White Queen and Cosmic Father’s Red King at the Hill of Tara, returning the Emerald Diamond Sun template into the planetary grid. This planetary activation catalyzed subsequent tsunami waves of incredible dark resistance aimed at the Christos Guardians through the forces of chaos being generated by the NAA using the artificial red wave alien machinery as a weapon to control the artificial timelines, more specifically, the legions of Enki’s Army.

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