Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

February 2007

Lisa Renee

So much is happening at this incredible time. This newsletter is more lengthy as I wanted to encapsulate many of the important dynamics that we are experiencing from our recent rewiring upgrades. This is quite a year, a phase in which we have been accelerated in order to reach a certain set of conditions, in cyclic patterns that govern the movement and transition of all life forms within our Universal Time Matrix in its Ascension Cycle. This is a time where we are discovering the Universal Science of our own spirituality, the mechanics of consciousness as the true essence of our Universe and all life forms. A key note of this year's experience is the theme of Conscious Co-Creation.  This is supported by the huge acceleration of our evolutionary blueprint, as we experience higher emotion as a function in our newly formed Multidimensional (MD) Anatomy structure. 

Conscious Co-creation Rule Numero Uno

Rule # 1: You will know if it is Real, by the Way it makes you Feel. The discernment of personal truth.

Human Emotion, as experienced through our Higher Sensory Perception is the Key to our Liberation. This is the Key to accessing and embodying our Evolutionary Blueprint.

Now, we must learn how to use our analytical filter like it has an On and Off switch, as we will be using our analytical faculty much less from now on. You may not want to announce this to everyone around you yet, as you will have many still shaking their head at the new you, this new person who seems wildly illogical in running their own life. The language of the Heart is here.

We will experience much less to none of the analysis paralysis mental states we have had over the past few years. This is also a function of our new reconnection upgrade to activate Higher Sensory Perceptions (HSP) as discussed below. In the past couple years when we were engaged in making decisions we were still using our mental faculties. Much of the time it felt like we were in some bottlenecked or deadlocked energy that thwarted us from moving forward. Or our decision that looked quite good on the surface was then completely dismantled out from under us later. It was quite confusing to figure out what direction we were moving in. Now with our new reconnection the flow is so much easier. We are reaching into new levels of Co-creation and it is all governed by your Higher Sensory Perceptions (HSP). This faculty IS the language of the Heart and is identified as your inner feeling, your intuition, your direct cognition as in, The Way It Makes You Feel.

Our New Higher Sensory Perception faculties are a function of our expanded Multidimensional (MD) Anatomy. As we embody this it activates the language of the Heart within our spiritualized emotional body, which is directly designed to catalyze our soul purpose into action. We have undergone a major upgrade process as a part of the Ascension mechanics, to reinstate the attunement to our divine blueprint as the natural dynamic to further our species evolution. As we learn to utilize this new tool, it will translate our soul realization and higher purpose through our bodies and into our awareness effortlessly.

It is through these perceptual filters of the higher emotional faculty that Truth can be directly discerned. We have been reconnected to activate energy impulsed from the soul to set into motion coding that translates higher frequency information from our divine blueprint.

Previously, much of this higher frequency information and light codes fell through the gaps within the nerve synapses, which were unable to translate this information. We have received many new impulse receivers to our neurological structures that allow the nerve fibers to carry much larger loads of electrical impulse and light codes. This was the major reconnection upgrade we have been experiencing since late last year.


Our new bioenergetic upgrades have been integrated, rewiring our meridian structure to calibrate and thus connect at the New Energetic Frequency Spectrum. Many groups of us have arrived and are reconnected to these New Energy spaces within this particular frequency spectrum and its new timeline and dimensional attributes. Remember that each dimensional space and its frequency spectrum have different physics governing its movement in time and space. This reconnection upgrade has developed and will continue to develop our emotional faculties, in a new expanded version of our HSP.  We will be using our seven human senses existing at a higher frequency, while cultivating new sensory perceptions we have not experienced yet. This is a part of what it means to move into our evolution as a species as we become a Multidimensional (MD) Human.

This reconnection will happen in group waves this year as a part of your Ascension process. If you are not feeling this change yet, where you seem to be existing within a New Energy World, you will rather soon. We are learning completely new ways to utilize the new operating instructions of our MD Anatomy. This is a phase of personal exploration and discovery of these new HSP's and their capacities, that we are not yet utilizing fully.

Currently there are energetic buffer fields in place, which allow our brain's neurochemistry to perceive the solid structures around us to appear the same in their manifest form. However, the energetic dynamic holding it up, behind its form is completely different. This makes the 3D world interactions appear to be more surreal as we are attuning our consciousness back and forth between these realities. These various reality possibilities are splitting off into a multitude of MD frequency stations. We have discovered a new radio station to tune into and the static noise in between those stations has now started to be deciphered much more clearly, by our newly developed inner senses. These are the HSP's of a MD Human.

This was a literal process for many, as over the last months we experienced an influx of new tones in our inner ear, ringing, beeping and tinnitus like symptoms. I had a strange fluid sensation and exudate released out of both of my inner ears. These are in many cases the Ascension symptoms we experience as we are getting outfitted with our new radio dial, to tune into the Multidimensional Frequency Stations.

MD Human Toroid Fields

Since last year I have begun to witness incredible shifts in the Human Energy Field, our Auric Field, as we are blossoming into our expanded level of Multidimensionality. I am observing new energy centers, such as new chakras, that commonly activate thus creating new directional movements in how the Auric Field functions energetically. Prior to last year, I observed the 3D human auric field as moving outward in a stair step fashion, like a large oval pancake. When the new layers of the frequency field became activated it then merged into and within the human aura's layered structure. It appeared like oscillating patterns of energy within a matrixed field or blueprint holding form, within each layer of the aura.

Now I am observing more and more humans with a MD anatomy as a moving field of directional energy in a geometric toroid shape. This has been extremely exciting to witness. These new MD Auric Fields seem to have a greater ability to be more contained and thus insulated from external energetic influencers. The incredible discomfort that many empaths experience from energetic hypersensitivity and auric clogging, resulting from astral and etheric debris filtering through the auric system, seem to be much less of an issue. These MD fields have abilities to induct incredibly high and powerful frequencies with less physical pain, discomfort or ramifications.

This means that previously when I had exposure to high frequency activation or kundalini spurts I would experience a physical ramification. It could have me down for the count for several days. I would require much more physical care and sleep to handle these activations. Possibly kundalini flu and glandular fevers would have me in prickly sweats and nauseous. Now, when conducting and working in these energies, it feels much easier on my physical body.

Manifestation PhD in 5D

Just how comfortable have you been with your new state of Surrendered Being?

A surrendered being is one that follows the path of authenticity, integrity and light in full alignment, surrender and devotion, to the highest spiritual purpose. As mentioned, we are now accessing the New Energy physics that govern instant manifestation within these new MD timelines. Some of us are still learning to be in a state of Surrendered Being that seems imposed upon you from the external world. I describe this state as one of suspended animation, where no independent outward action from you will change the externally manifest. If you find yourself being made stationary, secluded or chronically ill, if you have looked up and suddenly found everyone around you has left the building, Spirit has a very specific purpose and message for you here.

The Universe is attempting to get you to pass your test so you can move to the next classroom. You are being tested and graded to pass the course on Manifestation 101, in 5D Creational Physics. Your comfort level and ease to pass this class will be directly related to the comfort you have in just letting yourself be in surrender.

Relax into this new way of being and ask yourself some questions about old 3D programming:

  • What does it feel like every day to be in your own natural rhythm
    where you are true to your own essential nature?
  • Are you anxious from perceived obligation or inadequacy?
  • What feels Good for you?
  • Does your being like to sleep in late?
  • Does your being like to eat meat?
  • Do you allow yourself to Be in the experience of your life,
    without analyzing if you are productive or not?
  • What thought patterns are limiting you? Get rid of them.

Leader and Stewardship Roles

I want to address this particular Ascension group of Guardian beings that are feeling they are being recruited to hold more energy, a greater sphere of influence and agreement to facilitate energy for other beings. We will see more group assignments as directives in our spiritual mission in 2007. As mentioned in a previous newsletter we began a Deployment in 2006, to separate the wheat from the chaff and get as clear as possible in our capacity to be instruments of divine will. This was intense and at times excruciating. This is largely the extra training required to master teaching and healing principles as we endeavor to adopt more visible roles in the world, mainly to serve others. We had to drop and resolve any incongruence in our energy field from all source causation. Many of us had to complete the mechanics of the Ascension process in our biological form. This meant we had some experiences that were totally beyond logical comprehension and description, requiring that layer of in depth unraveling. We were in a new frontier with these levels and for many of us we did it alone. I want to personally hold heartfelt gratitude towards this extension of my family.

We are at a catalytic breakthrough and the resistance always contracts right before we are about to expand into the next level. In the last months many of us holding storefronts like healer, bodyworker, or "I am Here to Transform the World", were experiencing a deep tiredness or achy exhaustion, like being slimed by very dense or attacking energy. Generally, it is the frontline that are the most vulnerable to energetic resistance attacks, as the soul group ready to bust out into the next expansion of their soul mission in the world. During this time we have a ton of support and Light energy to fuel our expansion. Simultaneously we are experiencing what it really means to be a Warrior of the Light in order to embody the Oneness, in this physical reality in contemporary society. It takes incredible strength, focus, discipline, integrity and self responsibility. We learn more about the paradoxes we face as One relative to the physical part of us that inhabits this time and space. We must be cleared of any delusions we may have as they are brought up for us to face. This has created pockets of self doubt about our new identities emerging and shaken up the faith we had worked so hard to deeply instill in ourselves. We began to question if we had the strength, power and conviction to get the job that we have been assigned done. Do we have what it takes? Here is one perspective I would like to share on these events.

At the end of 2006 the Old Energy Field Overlays and their Grids collapsed. This Field Memory Overlay which is quite a Dark Record of human history, resurfaced and its matrix field shattered or dissolved into other Planetary Field Memory Overlays. One of which includes the Indigo Family Light Network. This is like having dark cellular memory dissolved vibrationally into the current timelines which we inhabit.

As Lightworkers or Indigos we are connected to this Indigo Network or energetic field and have felt its effects rather harshly. What is noted is that the Guardians, Healers, Energetic Facilitators and Genetic Pathcutter Indigos that are activated in their role, appear to take on the most noticeable effects in their physical, mental, and emotional selves. This dissolution of dark shadowy records helped to create a toxic like feeling of physical illness or unusual discomforts. These Entities that were connected to this particular lineage and power struggle have been agitated, aggressive and well, pissed off. They have lost a large part of the Field memory that allowed the control and manipulation of many humans and their ability to harness that power has dramatically lessened.

Entity Attacks, Power Sucking from the solar plexus, and Audio Inserts of self doubt dialogues have been more problematic. Primarily, what I observed is many of us in the Lightworker Indigo family were feeling inadequate, ineffective, unsupported and not strong or courageous enough to carry on with our Spiritual Aspirations of World or Healing Service. Last month we were being fed messages to increase our self doubt, which possibly led to more feelings of confusion, as we evaluate our strengths in service and how that is to be best implemented in the world.

Conversely those Indigos not psychologically or emotionally integrated, not having a developed Negative Ego Detection System, were more subject to ego corruption. They were given the flip side of that with more flattery, messages of elitism, supremacy or being able to converse with masked dark entities stroking their ego to manipulate power, or utilize them to harness a group to give their power away. I have mentioned this pattern emerging recently of the false prophet or guru having root downfalls, and for those in this group please know you are not losing it. Refocus your energetic dial to the Magnificent Beings you are. Pay acute attention and be vigilant in clearing yourself of any low emotional states or inner dialogues if you find yourself exhausted, tired, depressed or feeling heavy.

We are moving into this next level of our mission over the next two months or so. This is our administrative period to take care of the things that may be on your to do list and to prepare for this upcoming time period. Listen, listen and listen more to the inner prompting and directions to complete certain things now. When you find yourself in quiet and everyone around you has departed to let you be in your own energy, ask your guides and Higher Self why has this quiet time been presented to you? What is the task being requested? When you find yourself in periods of inactivity, it is usually a time to be aware of what messages are being relayed to you. You have been placed in seclusion or given space so you have a greater listening capacity without distraction.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path. We are here as One.

Love, Lisa

Toroid: A toroid is a doughnut-shaped object whose surface is a torus. Its annular shape is generated by revolving a circle around an axis external to the circle. A coil of insulated wire, usually around a core of iron or similar metal, in a doughnut or pretzel shape is an example of a toroidal object. These are used as inductors in circuits such as low frequency transmitters and receivers because they possess higher inductance and carry greater current than similarly constructed solenoids. They are also used as transformers in main power supplies. Toroidal coils reduce resistance, due to the larger diameter and smaller number of turns in the winding. The magnetic flux in a toroid is confined to the core, preventing its energy from being absorbed by nearby objects. In the geometry of torus-shaped magnetic fields, the poloidal flux direction threads the donut hole in the center of the torus, while the toroidal flux direction is parallel to the core of the torus.

2007 Lisa Renee,

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