Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

September 2007

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

We have entered a time where most of us are sensing and observing the tangible outward manifestation of incredible movements of change within our bodies, our environment, our governments and our culture, within everything that defines our world.

I often take a hike on a beautiful trail in a canyon near my home and utilize this as a meditation and conversation with my guidance. Looking at this construction sign that reads Warning! All Structures are Unstable! as I pass by a bridge on the trail has often made me laugh. How appropriate this phrase has become for us during this evolutionary birthing process we are currently undergoing, which feels especially significant now.  This has been a very strange few months in that so many sensations of change and related experiences are not adequately expressed in available human terms. This is a completely new energy paradigm and way of existence that we are entering.

Newly Born

We are birthing anew and what were simple functions such as eating, sleeping and caring for our physical bodies have radically shifted. I am not sure how to care for my body anymore, I feel like a newborn rediscovering how to function in a new environment that I have just found myself in. Since July, this phase has necessitated significant retreat and recovery time. While looking to find nourishment, resonance and spiritual connection it has become clear it is not to be found in any of the old spaces we were in. This inability to connect or feel resonance to physical patterns that used to be part of our familiar daily schedule, is bewildering on some days. What is really important now is to override the comfort zone your mind places on its need for structure and to stay awake as you navigate yourself through the day. This can be through maintaining presence in the now moment and paying attention to your feeling body.

Refrain from being on auto pilot and going through the old motions that keep your mind in its comfort zone. You may notice your daily schedule has changed a lot and you need to be still, quiet or lying down much more. Do not resist these changes and allow yourself the additional rest, retreat and alone time. Being clear in your boundaries by allowing yourself the space to incubate your new self will serve you well and go a long way in the coming months.  Do not fall prey to others emotional pulling or feelings of obligation to others, because you cannot show up for them right now. Every so often you may feel the pull of an old emotional entanglement attempt to distract you from your real purpose. Your connections to others are shifting, ending or beginning and it may create some confusion or chaos. Do not engage or direct any energy to it. You may find being in group social functions is the last place on the planet you have any energy to contribute during this phase. This is definitely a time where you must protect yourself and take care of the new baby you are birthing.

It may feel like you are doing the bare minimum to function in the material physical world right now. This is temporary while you are incubating. Keep asking Spirit for what you need and the best place for your focus. Ask your Higher Self what you can do to heal each component of your being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you get no response, as I have many times, then remember its down time you need. You have to accept and surrender to the trust and faith of your spiritual process. Sometimes it is about doing absolutely nothing. My council is firmer with me than Ever about the retreat and down time that is required for my being right now. They have given me two focuses only and I am not to exert one ounce of energy on anything except these two main projects. The first and foremost project is my physical stabilization and recovery from the recent spiritual initiation. The dynamics of communication are so different with my guidance these days that I have had to make many adjustments in my schedule and lifestyle patterns. Know that a big reorganization is what we are undergoing together at this time, even if it feels to be your own solitary process.

Law of Conservation

It is important to bring increased awareness and to be exacting in where you place your energy resources now. You are being asked to walk the walk, with all of the spiritual training you have undergone over the past several years. All you have spiritually learned now must be applied in every area of your life. We are learning the Law of Conservation in that we must conserve our energy resources to be applied only in resonance with the exchange of our soul and its purposes. We have shifted into the full expression of divine order, following our soul blueprint, rather than following human order. There is no room for energy leakages, one way exchanges or parasitic codependent behaviors. It may feel as if a new laser focused quality of embodying a Spiritual Warrior of Truth, has appeared in your outward perceptions. This may be an adjustment emotionally so temper this with some compassion for your self. It may have a harder edge to it than you are used to. You are not losing your loving kindness towards others it is that your spiritual priorities are changing by soul mandate.

You are emerging into your new god consciousness where nothing else may infringe upon its self sovereignty to express in the world. You will protect this Light of Truth with every breath as you know its sacred place in serving the world.

Now it is important to remind you that the Ascension process will take you way outside of your comfort zone. If you know yourself to have challenges with being flexible and adaptable, really work on releasing these last remnants now. We need to carve a huge space within us for greater acceptance of what is transforming in our world. There is such powerful energy being released now that any held resistance to change or transformation will feel painful. We will witness others not aware of the planetary process that may have more accidents, illness or events that will dramatically bring this energetic resistance to the surface. This is by soul design and it is important to not judge, fear or worry about these developments.

As you commit to your soul development and expansion daily, you will note this will allow you to interact with these new energies much easier. Remember you can heal anything when applying the proper knowledge of your soul. We have a choice to move through this the easy way and there is no need to resist and create suffering. As you are able, when you are asked to minister to people attempt to share this understanding with them. Simple breathing to expand your body’s ability to receive and integrate more of the light forces will go a long way now. Constriction is caused by running on the auto-pilot treadmill and attempting to keep up with the never ending external chaos and perceived obligation that is mounting daily. Do everything you can to discipline your mind to stay awake. You will be protected, connected and hear or feel everything you need to receive, by maintaining your inner presence.

Non-Negotiable Spirituality

Now we are stretching outside of any perceived limitation or belief that we had relied upon to reinforce our identity. Our stability and security do not come from the material world, it comes from the spiritual world. We now must invest in all that is permanent, our spiritual selves, rather than the impermanent ego.  In order for us to expand beyond what we know we will be stretched beyond the parameters of what we thought were our limits. This process will clear us of our attachments to the need for external validation of our inner experiences. This is extremely key in your adaptability right now, to surfing the intensifying energetic changes. The level of your development in trusting your inner intuition and its discernment, will be your only navigational tool. Clear fear and limitation by seeing what it is in truth, an illusion your mind has believed to be real, along with the masses that also have been led in a deceptive hypnosis.

I want to drive this point home as I have observed many lightworkers affirming to grow only through the process of joy and ease. I think this is a wonderful affirmation, however, if it is not utilized from an integrated ego standpoint it can create a large blind spot in moving forward in your evolution. Sometimes in order to give birth you will have some pain, address some shadow and it is important to not be in denial or judgment of this fact. You will continue to have old patterns if you do not address them. In a dualistic system the Alchemy of the Soul evolution is the union of opposites by fusing the integration point to neutral. You will need to go beyond intellectualizing the process, and experience it to be fully soul realized. This is the Integrity of being that results from Knowing Your True Self, which has an incorruptible strength when held in its purpose. The harmony of this knowing builds the congruency of your energy field that exudes the One Truth as a resonant field from your physical body.

We are not in a time where we can bargain our soul evolutionary blueprint by giving it ego based conditions. We are standing at the All or Nothing point of human evolution.

It is the time to commit to your soul growth and spiritual development, higher self communication as the top priority of living your life. This is a time where it will be clear who has done their spiritual-emotional homework and who has not. There is no way to transcend your responsibilities to your self, your evolution and the choices you make now in where you spend your precious time and energy. The ball is entirely in your court and will be directed by where you place your energetic intentions. Keep focusing your mind to be back in connection with the wisdom of your body, even if it does not make any logical linear sense to you. This is a time where mental focus takes more discipline, until we get the hang of it by training our nervous system to effectively handle all these new stimuli of frequency broadcast.

Monadic Integration

We have been integrating a huge piece of our divinity and for some of us that meant we were ready to undergo our monadic identity embodiment, into physicalization.  Some of us learned we were prototype walk-ins or were planted as hidden Sleeper Ascended Masters, while others learned of their Higher Spiritual identities. It has been a mind blowing time of reveal where our spiritual names, lineage or identity has been given. This Ascension timeline is bigger and more vast than any of us could imagine in its Global, Galactic and Universal impact. It is best to keep this personal revelation private for now as this information is specifically for you and your special operation, or mission that is getting activated now. Many of us are becoming reacquainted with these Higher Self Identities to gain knowledge, tools, and resources from that particular identity, to apply into our current soul mission.  The Ascension time cycle is about collecting all the fragments of our simultaneous time soul identities, to be physically embodied in the current timeline of the Planetary Ascension. We have heard many times that the end of that time cycle is approximately December 21, 2012. Apparently, we have met some markers ahead of schedule and are embarking into completely new frontiers. We are truly on an amazing adventure into complete mystery! The Guardians have mentioned we have never been this far in human evolution while embodying this level of physical consciousness, Ever. Over the past weeks new energy sensations and bodily openings have been occurring in a variety of ways with this monadic integration. Brain neural net upgrades, more Heart chamber expansion, and diamond grids appearing, some as capstones around our chakras. Blue diamond communication jewel in the 6th Chakra, Twin Soul-Ray Merge of your other Gender Fin, that is a palpable identity that you can either embody or engage separately in conversation. Still point expansion and the moving upwards of the solar plexus. A new center called the Pillar of Power and the Aurora Ray, Milky white with Aurora Borealis colors appearing regularly in our auric field.

Skin Symptoms

There have been some tangible manifestations that we feel, as our skin changes as we slough off old elementals. They describe to me the New Elementals are at work with the new encryption coding into our physical body and its effect is Enzymatic. (See definition below). These new elemental enzymes literally are chemically converting our molecular structure. We are starting to feel its affects on our skin. Remember that our physical body is our elemental vehicle and comprised of the four elements; earth, water, fire, air, which create the chemical processes comprising our DNA strands.  It was mentioned earlier this year that these new encryption codes from the New Elemental command would begin, so here we go! Some of these sensations include, Skin buzzing, skin itching, skin feeling like bugs are moving on it, skin detoxing like rashes or other releases. It reminds me of the action Hydrogen Peroxide has when you apply it to a cut, it gets all foamy and expands inside the cut. To describe that sensation is how I am experiencing my whole body and skin right now!  I admit this is really a bizarre feeling.

Brain Neural Net Upgrade

Recently the coding has been released into the Unified field matrix that has to do with Brain neurological net upgrades. Those ready for the coding pick it up from the morph fields, creating the instruction set. The global brain of the earth is representative of the planetary grid or meridian system.  The Quadrants of our Cranium and Lamboidal Sutures of our skull are representative of tectonic plates of the shifting Earth’s crust. This large movement of the Global Brain or planet grid system of collective human consciousness, has created movement in our own craniums. Increasing intracranial pressure creating headaches, migraines, eye ball burning and vision related symptoms. They have discussed the difference with me between biological neural net networks and artificial neural networks. Which is a way to help us understand the different grid systems and which mirror our simultaneous brain changes and changing neural networks. This is akin to beginning to comprehend the discernment between dead technology and alive technology. Alive technology is what your god given 12D blueprint is, the eternal life current of your soul self sovereignty. It is inside you and all you really need.

One purpose of this new brain Neural Net upgrade is to allow us to be freed of the manipulation by the forces we have yet to understand. We are still like cosmic babies in our true awareness. Much of the evolutionary blockages have sourced from bio-neurological mind control, pumped into the mass collective consciousness or the Global Brain.  This upgrade will support us to be aware and feel the various uses of mind control manipulation in our world here. Such as the frequency fences and artificial matrices, and to see the expansive view beyond this artificial reality system. This will assist those ready to move to the next reality experience to get beyond illusion and view the truth behind the structures that we can perceive with only our 3D lenses or our 5 senses. We are certainly embarking into new spaces and we may need some humor along with our adaptability.

Know how much you are loved and appreciated, and are a part of larger family who gets it as you read these words.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path. We are here as One.

Love, Lisa

Enzymes are proteins that catalyze (i.e. accelerate) chemical reactions.[1] In enzymatic reactions, the molecules at the beginning of the process are called substrates, and the enzyme converts them into different molecules, the products. Almost all processes in a biological cell need enzymes in order to occur at significant rates. Since enzymes are extremely selective for their substrates and speed up only a few reactions from among many possibilities, the set of enzymes made in a cell determines which metabolic pathways occur in that cell. Like all catalysts, enzymes work by lowering the activation energy (Ea or ΔG‡) for a reaction, thus dramatically accelerating the rate of the reaction. Most enzyme reaction rates are millions of times faster than those of comparable uncatalyzed reactions. As with all catalysts, enzymes are not consumed by the reactions they catalyze, nor do they alter the equilibrium of these reactions. However, enzymes do differ from most other catalysts by being much more specific. Enzymes are known to catalyze about 4,000 biochemical reactions.[2] Although all enzymes are proteins, not all biochemical catalysts are enzymes, since some RNA molecules called ribozymes also catalyze reactions.[3] Synthetic molecules called artificial enzymes also display enzyme-like catalysis.[4]Enzyme activity can be affected by other molecules. Inhibitors are molecules that decrease enzyme activity; activators are molecules that increase activity. Many drugs and poisons are enzyme inhibitors. Activity is also affected by temperature, chemical environment (e.g. pH), and the concentration of substrate. Some enzymes are used commercially, for example, in the synthesis of antibiotics. In addition, some household products use enzymes to speed up biochemical reactions (e.g., enzymes in biological washing powders break down protein or fat stains on clothes; enzymes in meat tenderizers break down proteins, making the meat easier to chew).

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