Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world. When the collective fields shift in this way, it means there has been a frequency shift in the collective agreement that impacts the overall consciousness evolution on the planet, therefore, the Timelines Shift.
We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth. As we clear false and inorganic architecture from suppressing and impairing our consciousness, we are extracting the alien enslavement programming, AI Implants and Mind Control in order to embody our true inner Christos spirit and return to the Zero Point Field, the heart of the God Gateway leading into the Seven Higher Heavens.
Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.

August 2007

Lifting Your Veil Newsletter

The energies of July set us off into an entirely new direction, an uncharted course to further embody the next stages of our spiritual development and personal evolution. As written last month we continue in this phase of growth with an enormous amount of personal reorganization, the effects of which are reassigning us into new pathways. We have been witnessing many in our Lightworker family shifting direction and forming into groups that are more mutually supportive and in resonance with their current implementation of the divine plan. Another demarcation point in our soul growth’s discernment has arrived and it has become very clear, what choices appearing in your life are resonant and appropriate for you and which are not.  

For some of us this was not an easy experience as we observed more and more groups of people strongly polarize into taking sides or having opinions.  Not always done gracefully or with diplomacy, some of this polarization transpired within our inner circles and friends and some harsh energy exchanges sent many sensitives reeling. Intending to develop a more mutually beneficial dialogue with engaged detachment, loving compassion and a dose of inner fortitude and strength is very much needed in these times. 

We have noticed that we are leaving and ending some relationships that no longer serve a mutual evolutionary purpose. How do we honor each others mutual purposes and still acknowledge the value, interconnection and interdependence of all components of our reality and the One source living within all things? 

This is a beginning dialogue that we may desire to participate in, as we embody greater levels of spiritual integrity, spiritual maturity and spiritual wisdom as a species. With the grid events of last month many of us bore witness to a gamut of human ego behaviors that emerged for us to view up close and personal. This is the time to commit to the development of your own personal soul truth, its purpose and begin to comprehend greater levels of energetic discernment. Does it feel aligned to you, does it feel good or not? Will you take responsibility for your own choices without needing to control others? 

We have been propelled rapidly forward into the unknown territories, which have necessitated a final acceptance of deeply acknowledging our own unraveling personal revelation. No matter how it has been revealed to us, no matter how unpopular or scary it may seem, we must accept our own truth. At this point we cannot deny what the lifting veil has shown to us, which had once resided in our hidden inner sanctum. 

We are beginning to see and know ourselves with greater clarity by comprehending the larger role that has emerged for us. It is your own unique role and soul purpose, which is not exactly like anyone else’s around you. There can be no comparison or verification made from others, as it is between You and God alone. Honoring and appreciating yourself for your unique role while attempting to share and live your interconnectedness to all life forms, has become the imperative in the way that you live your daily life. The inner impulses drawing you to make the changes so that you can Walk the Walk, while you Talk the Talk have become ceaseless. A life of energetic harmony and coherency, a life of congruency and integrity emanating from within your being is All you dream of living every day. 

Our self sustainability and self reliance has been challenged greatly these last months, especially as many identity reinforcements were stripped away as circumstances ended. At times we felt very isolated in this process, yet this forced us to look deep within for the answer. We had to create the safe haven for ourselves to grow. We have succeeded in our ability to maintain our center and connection in the midst of some great challenges, which have allowed for a new level of inner confidence to blossom. A core strength that you had not quite experienced before has birthed inside of you, and you can feel it! Even when the external view appears quite chaotic or emotionally dramatic there is a new level of trust within you that has formed. The emotional neutrality that you’ve newly associated to the external perception of events, has finally freed you. This has begun a course for you to live a whole new way of life. 

We are not encumbered by the old images and hats we once wore for others. Although we still have some residue in letting this old identity go completely, we know we have no choice. And we finally understand why without feeling pain. It is not about you anymore, this self consciousness that had diminished your light, which you now know from deep within your heart. You have come here to contribute to a greater evolutionary whole and within every fiber of your being, you have wholeheartedly committed to its unseen purpose. Onlookers are mystified at your new sense of mission orientation and life purpose, your new way of being that they had once thought quite strange, has now instigated a new curiosity in them. What HAS happened to you? 

It is your new found wisdom that will know exactly how to answer that internal question in order to embody this truth and fully anchor it within yourself. And it is ONLY YOU that will need to understand it completely, as you have left the reliance on the external validation you once needed from others. Your self-approval and self-love has supercede the old ways of needing to externally justify who you are and how you may appear to the world. This right relationship to God-Self through hard won ego integration, your personal power and passion, is driving you to fulfill who you really are and is all you will ever need. No explanations needed, no defenses given, no excuses to anything or anyone.  You cannot be offended any longer by others criticisms. You have no need to control or persuade others into action by shaming them. 

You are able to discern what is in alignment for you personally and it does not matter what others may think of your choices. As you allow yourself to be who you really are as an embodiment of soul purposed truth, you will allow all others to be exactly who they need to be period. At this level of spiritual growth your inner serenity will upset or baffle many, stay serene anyway. 

First we will need the commitment, courage and strength to stand in our personal soul truth and its purpose, no matter what. Your soul fulfillment is the mirror for other’s soul fulfillment and is the highest contribution you can make to the world.  After we have made the commitment, we will need to learn how to be energetically impeccable with our soul truth and discernment as we move forward.  Having a committed personal spiritual framework to help you develop discipline over negative ego programming or limiting behaviors, will support you immensely. It need not be an elaborate framework, the simple principles of “All is One”, “Do unto others as you would Do unto yourself”, “Always Speak Compassion” or “What would Jesus DO?” are all such an approach, which you may want to utilize for your example. Choose a spiritual framework that has personal meaning and relevance for you. You may find you decide to gather small pearls of wisdom from many different spiritual philosophies to create your own personal framework, or necklace of truth. 

Now that we have instilled a greater clarity in our own personal evolutionary matters, the bar has been raised quite considerably in how we energetically impact our outward manifestations. As we gain spiritual maturity it increases awareness of our need to be self accountable for our every action, thought and emotion. We will start to see our responsibility to the greater whole when we act upon or choose to direct our energies in certain ways. Are we allowing all others the self sovereign right to choose and be in their own personal truth? How can we create personal freedom without violating the spiritual rights of others, or without allowing others to violate our spiritual rights of being? 

When we find ourselves uncomfortable with the actions of others, we can relieve ourselves by remembering to cultivate the right attitude towards self. The Law of One is the Universal Truth that All Is One. Thus, one who practices this understanding of the Law of One acts and makes decisions based upon his or her awareness that every action has a consequence. Furthermore, one who exemplifies the Law of One understands that when one person suffers, all people suffer, whether they realize it or not. As One-Self God-Self, to be Compassion in Action towards others is to be in harmony and right relationship to Self. 

The Law of Compassion is the first basic truth of One-Self God-Self. 

Within the human heart is found the fact that Love is the true nature of God-Self. When you develop this basic truth of actively expressing Love, Compassion in Action, you will achieve higher states of light body or enlightenment. Higher Light Body integration allows one access to successively greater levels of intelligence forces, therefore each level comes with greater abilities of energetic sensing and discernment. 

The Law of Compassion 

This is the truth of right relationship, of loving understanding, of actively expressed Love. It is the foundation of brotherhood and the expression of the inner unity. 

This basic truth never changes because it is related to the nature of God Itself and has become apparent to mankind through revelation, as evolution has proceeded and man has developed the need for perceptive faculties and the required persistence of searching, plus the unfolding of the inner light of the soul. These truths inherent in the divine nature reveal the soul of God.  

As we exude this sense of love and altruism to all beings and life forms, we will naturally express Compassion in Action as a by-product of our spiritual bodies development. Mahayana Buddism suggests to cultivate enlightenment by seeking better integration of our heart center by seeking more ways to express and develop love in our lives. The folowing four expressions of Compassion in Action are suggested to meditate upon, to cultivate expression and to develop an Awakened Heart. 

The Four Expressions of Compassion in Action

  1. Loving kindness
  2. Compassion
  3. Sympathetic Joy
  4. Equanimity

Suggested exercise: What do these four expressions mean to you? In your Spiritual Journal express your thoughts on what these descriptions mean for you and how you can put these into practice, in order to give and receive more of these heart based qualities in your Life. 

Additionally, learning how to develop energetic discernment with energy Sensing and tracking techniques, is vital in order to recognize your personal truth and align with your soul purpose. By exercising greater discernment at every level of your personal spiritual evolution you will advance considerably, by recognizing energies either in or out of alignment to you. Also your auric field’s light body quotient is a measurement of your spiritual evolution and by learning about your Lightbody and working with it, you can learn how to maximize your higher sensory perceptions.  How do you recognize when a person, circumstance or energy is using a manipulation signature to keep you distracted from your purpose? This level of discernment will guide you on how to better use and direct your personal energies. It will be important to discipline where we focus our attention and to  employ personal energetic discernment in this next phase of Ascension.


Suggested exercise: Basic Energy Scan


Prepare with your 12 D Shielding process. 

Now call to mind a White Ball of Energy and visualize or intend this White Ball of your consciousness to rest in your 3rd Eye, your sixth Chakra. Breathe and focus on the White Ball in your 3rd eye, focus on the sensation of it. With your mind focused on the White Ball Symbol, program the White Ball with the command “I intend this White Ball Symbol to be in Alignment, Wholeness and Purity with my Highest Soul Purpose”.

Now exhale and move the White Ball Symbol down from your 3rd eye and into your Heart center or 4th Chakra. Breathe naturally while you connect with the symbol, and sense this aspect of your conscious energy field residing in your heart. 

Now call to mind a person, place, event or object that you are intending to scan. Visualize or intend that the object of your scan or boundary test, is standing in front of you or within your view.  

Focusing on your heart center, exhale a small white cord to connect to the object of the scan and then send out your White Ball Symbol through the cord to overlay the object of your energy scan. 

As you inhale into your heart, allow yourself to receive some impressions of the object’s energy signature, as well as pay attention to what color your White Ball Symbol starts to turn. 

You may start to Feel a range of perceptions or emotions around the object.

Does it feel in alignment with you? Notice the White Ball Symbol and look at its color. If it remains white it is in alignment with you. Depending on its shape or shade of gray to dark, will reflect its level of purity to your being.

Practice using this technique and it will become entrained into your neurological system. You will  be able to begin to read basic energy signatures very quickly. This will give you another level of energy discernment when presented with a choice or decision. As you become more advanced you will start to see the color wave spectrum of the object and it will discern what frequency and dimension this Information or energy is sourcing from.

And just for clarification, this is not intended for voyeuristic scanning of others, based on curiosity.  This is intended as a tool to help you discern energetic signatures you are in contact with.  We want to have integrity in how we use our higher sense perceptions, and not violate the boundaries of others, with out permission.

I hope this has provided you with some insight and tools to better align to your personal truth and inner discernment. Be fearless in shining your Truth in the world! 

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path!

We are here as One!

2007 Lisa Renee,

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