Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

March 2007

Lisa Renee

This month, certain planetary events are to be quite important in catapulting us into the new directions of our Ascension soul plan. I refer to this as Show Time. Those of us that are on this Timeline of the Ascension plan, will resonate with the feeling that there is a new stage of our personal soul plan developing in our lives. We may still be experiencing the dissolving of structures around us, yet the crossroads of change affecting our future decisions is in our view. We are holding the inner feeling that a huge change is just about on the horizon. Now all we have to do is deeply trust that inner feeling and surrender to its timing. Know that when the timing of a decision is in your immediate view, in the the now moment, you will know exactly what you need to. It will be perfectly orchestrated.

Soul Missions Revealed

You are on a soul mission and on the brink of a creative breakthrough into a new reality. You've come to terms with your own perceived limitations, through old belief systems and emotional baggage. Moreover, you're beginning to see that you have a bigger impact than you ever could have imagined, now you are more influential to yourself than many of the people who had the power to influence you in the past. You are realizing that you are having a direct impact on the Unified Field as you more positively interact with your reality, and by choosing to commit your focus to your personal conscious evolution. 

It is important to outwardly verbalize and make the commitment to yourself and to the Universe that you are Declaring your Intention to serve and focus on your personal soul evolution. This opens many spiritual doors and communication links to allow guidance to assist you in new ways.

Utilizing what you have learned directly about participating in your personal conscious evolution, has prepared you for your new phase of creative collaboration with the Unified Field Divine Matrix. A new phase of Spiritual Collaboration and of Conscious Co-creation. This is the beginning of our species in its self awareness to comprehend that we are the creators of the Divine Matrix, and its results are manifested in our consciousness reality hologram as the mirrors of the human belief system. This hologram of our reality system, this hologram of our multidimensional bodies and of our Universal System runs infinitely through all realms connecting us to One Field of Energy, One Field of God Consciousness. How wonderful that we have reached the age that modern science is beginning to discover this as a Truth.

Many of us have had a greater sense that we have been preparing our whole 3D lives to reach this particular point in human evolution. Last year's theme of The Deployment was describing how we felt as we were being prepared for something that we did not yet have an understanding or grasp of. It was like an alarm clock went off in our energy field that said, 'Hey, It's that Time'. You signed up for this. However, when attempting to figure out what this actually was, we were drawing a mental blank. Now begins the cycle of human evolution where it is that time to share this next level of who we really are with the world. We are the Agents of Transformation, The Lightworkers, The Starseed Races. We are not confused by our role anymore. We are genetically coded and in soul agreement to wake up as the first wavers of consciousness to usher in the new multidimensional realities and their limitless possibilities. Each of us is coming into embodying a new level of our unique individual essence. It is just that unique essence, which is contributing to the evolution of the larger collective in a very big way.

At the planetary level we have been energetically accelerated in a myriad of ways and from this year forward, we will be experiencing more Ascension Waves. The Family of Light, Guardians have described some events that we will be witnessing more of this year. Critical mass is continually expanding exponentially into new levels of frequencies and opening the pathways and conduits to get these high energies into this reality system. By embodying our new multidimensional bodies (see last month's newsletter on the new MD Human Toroid fields), we are catalyzing other's awakenings as a part of our Agents of Transformation role. We are interacting with the Unified Field, the Divine Matrix in much more multidimensional ways as we are evolving. Such as the ability to maintain our consciousness as the impartial observer and as the personality program, in simultaneous time. This year will be a process of learning how to use our new knowledge of multidimensional anatomy and its translation into Conscious Co-creation.

Conscious Co-creation Rule #2

Rule # 2: It is the language of Feeling and not the language of Thinking that speaks to the Unified Fields of Creation. To Consciously Co-Create an accurate manifestation you must use feelings, that are without Ego and without Judgment.

Higher Human Emotion as experienced through our language of the Heart, is also the Key to accessing our new level of Conscious Co-Creation. This is the language of Spirit and the language that speaks to the Divine Matrix. This is Key to accessing the Law of Resonance and allowing its Magic to work Perfectly for You.

We have been dialoguing for the last few years exploring what it means to leave the language of the Mind and move into the language of the Heart. This has become clear to us as to how we are to interact with the new physics of creation as we accelerate into this next phase of the Ascension cycle during human evolution. The language of the Heart is the Genius Intelligence of the Creational Forces and its Mind matrix, the connection to our own Super-consciousness.

Another way to reiterate this is to say we have left the State of Doing, 3D Creational Physics and are getting comfortable with the State of Being, 5D Creational Physics. We have really learned what ego surrender means and how to trust our inner guidance and its light. Our Ego's ability to surrender has allowed access to new emotional cognition and the intelligence of our own Super-consciousness to reveal itself. We have learned that accessing our Super-consciousness is synonymous with manifesting our Divine Human Purpose. And your Divine Human Purpose all becomes real by the way it makes you feel. Only when in contact with your personal soul truth will your heart sing and further activate the language of the Heart within you. This is to say that the more passion you feel, the more joy you allow yourself to experience, the more you will activate your soul blueprint to manifest within the Laws of Resonance, magnetizing your Conscious Co-Creation into manifestation. It is all one big domino effect when the critical mass of light quotient is finally stabilized in your consciousness.

Ascension Waves - 2007

Goodness, it looks like we have quite a divine plan in regard to this year and ongoing for spontaneous awakenings. The Guardians have described four different scenarios for the Ascension Plan in its group waves for this year:

Ascension One-Ness: This would be similar to a spontaneous kundalini or Samadhi moment, where within the glimpse of nature a communion with all life forms takes place. A simultaneous conscious realization that the being is One with all things in instantaneous time. The realization, the feeling, the consciousness and experience of At-One-Ment are all simultaneous and instant. The catalyst of the being is from holding a light accretion level that supports the critical mass in the personal auric field, that spontaneously activates the DNA required to hold this level of consciousness.

Ascension Twin Flame: Soul agreements through Twin Flames or Divine Unions are to be united, and the unit of consciousness or the light packets being held in mutual soul agreement between two beings, are to catalyze the awakening process. This is the power of transformation and transmutation as experienced within the True force of Love as an energy signature. This spiritual template may also be for Divine Union Couples to embody the proverbial Rod and Staff, and combine soul missions to accomplish greater world service with their mutual strengths to serve. This creates a trinity of Ascension Creational Energy as the embodied Ascended male and Ascended female combine their energies to birth a new world paradigm through service. Some of these Divine Union agreements will include one of the souls actually walk-in to establish this soul agreement. There is more progress on what is referred to as Twin Flame rifts and the schism that delayed these Twin Flame agreements from happening in prior cycles. We will be guided in this area with more information in the coming months.

Ascension Star Family Contact: Many more Souls with Star Family genetics and ET lineage connections, will be first impulsed and then contacted for communication and collaboration. Many of those in this group have soul agreements in place for this method of spiritual advancement. Light packets of data, Star Language and its coding have direct frequency implications, along with DNA activation sequencing. This is the path of the download and many beings receiving huge downloads of various data, ascension or evolution information,  are being directly impulsed and contacted by their Star family Lineage. The Star Family in many cases will employ etheric surgery, upgrading the consciousness manifestation template and its programs so the being is more comfortable and able to have direct cognition and functioning, to learn the Language of Light or Star Language. Many beings are being recruited and have agreements to be in Galactic Emissary roles for the human species.

Ascension Walk In: This will have some different variations from a traditional walk in scenario. Most Walk Ins are considered to be that of a 3D incarnated soul that has stepped out of its bodies at a certain point of time, usually in a Near Death Experience. And a new aspect of soul essence has stepped into the bodies and taken responsibility for the original soul's karma, its ancestral and other issues upon walking into the body. Generally there is a Monadic soul braid connection when this occurs, to allow the soul its same connection to its Monad or Oversoul. The new Ascension Walk In can be a variation of merging multidimensional consciousness with its higher identity, where the higher identity takes over, or a sharing of soul essences in the same body to get certain objectives completed in this incarnational round. This scenario I have the least grasp of comprehending, but suffice to say some unusual configurations and surprises are in store for us in this regard. It is possible as an example, that the very last being who you may think is so asleep to its ego and that it would never demonstrate enlightenment in this lifetime, may show up God-realized in a split second. 

New Earth Elements

Another interesting development is that many of us since late December are being introduced to a New Order of Beings from a higher dimensional Earth space. In our reconnections from the Multidimensional human field upgrades that we have integrated, this has allowed a new access to communicate and establish connection with the New Reality Fields of the New Earth. Many of these communications have been established by a new Elemental Command that exists in the new reality fields of the New Earth. A way to explain this is the Four Pillars of Elemental Consciousness which our physical bodies are all composed; Earth, Water, Fire and Air, are contacting Divine Humans that are upgraded to perceive them. Their message to the human species is to support us and to re-encrypt our elemental bodies with the resurrection codes that will allow and support biological ascension to occur. It would appear by this message from the Elemental Command, that a focus for us now will be on activating the chemical process of our DNA to be established and anchored physically, in order for our physical bodies to complete the biological ascension process. This is rather new information for me at this time and I will share my communications as they continue over the coming months. However, this has been a profound and loving connection, another manifestation of the amazing support that we have available to us from an array of consciousness at every dimensional level.

For many of us this month of March will be Show Time for our New Soul Missions. For those still stabilizing their learning process through surrender, have patience and focus on your commitment to your evolution process. Remember by being present to the now moment of awareness, magic and miracles can appear at any time. We are in amazing times.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path.
We are here as One.

2007 Lisa Renee,

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10th Stargate Network

April 2023

10th Stargate Network

Lisa Renee

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